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Air University Innovations and Integrations Division (Air Force)

Education Technology Integration Branch

 Reading List
  • Communities of Practice, Etienne Wenger, Cambridge, ISBN 0-521-66363-6
  • Understanding by Design, Jay McTighe & Grant Wiggings, ASCD, ISBN 0-87120-855-5
  • Knowing what Students Know, National Research Council, NAP, ISBN 0-309-07272-7
  • Educative Assessment, Grant Wiggins, Jossey-Bass, ISBN 0-7879-0848-7
  • How to Build a Winning Team, Peter Land, Skyward Publishing, ISBN 1-881554-14-7
  • Customer-Centered Products, I. Hooks & Kristin Farry, Amacom, ISBN 13: 978-0-8144-0568-0
  • Process Consultation Revisited, Edgar Schein, AddisonWesleyLongman, ISBN 0-201-34596-X
  • IT & Organizational Learning, Arthur Langer, Routledge, ISBN 0-415-94837-1
  • How People Learn, National Research Council, NAP, ISBN 0-309-07036-8
  • Moving Teaching & Learning to the Web, Judith Boettcher & Rita-Marie Conrad, League for Innovation in the CC, ISBN 1-931300-41-0
  • The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell
  • The History of Innovation by Steven Johnson
  • Learning in 3D: Adding a New Dimension to Enterprise Learning and Collaboration (Essential Knowledge Resource (Pfeiffer)) [Hardcover] Karl M. Kapp, Karl M. Kapp (Author)
  • Learner-Centered Assessment on College Campuses, M. Huba & J. Freed, Allyn & Bacon, ISBN 0-205-28738-7
  • The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education, Karl Kapp, ISBN
  • Creating Your World: The Official Guide to Advanced Content Creation for Second Life by Aimee Weber, Kimberly Rufer-Bach, and Richard Platel (Paperback - Oct 22, 2007)

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