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Q: How does a civilian apply to attend ACSC in-residence?

Air Force Civilians apply through their personnel office to attend ACSC in residence. Other agencies must request quotas through HQ Air Force. Currently other agencies that have quotas are Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, State Department, and National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Here is some other info that might be helpful. All GS-12 or GS-13 employees, including career program registrants and non-career program registrants, can be considered for AF wide competition to attend Air Command and Staff College in residence. There is an annual Civilian Competitive Development Program call for nominations. The application process for civilians to attend ACSC's resident program (with start date in August) begins in the spring of the previous year, (about 18 months ahead).
Visit the web site for more information.)

Q: How does a member of the National Guard or Reserve apply to attend ACSC in-residence?

A: There is a separate application process for Reservists and members of the Air National Guard.

Reservists (IMA, traditional reservist or AGR) apply via ARPC's Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board at the following link::

ANG: See your Military Personnel Flight.

Q: How does a graduate of ACSC request an official transcript from Air University?

A: Transcripts must be requested in writing. Use the transcript request form which may be accessed at: The form should be printed, signed and faxed to Comm. 334-953-8127or mailed to AU/CFRR, 60 Shumacher Ave, Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6337.

For additional information or questions regarding diplomas or transcripts contact:

Air University Registrar's Office (AU/CFRR)
E-mail address: Air University Registrar Customer Service

Q: Do ACSC in-resident graduates receive a degree?

A: Yes. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000, signed by President Clinton on 5 October 1999, gave the Air University Commander the authority, upon the recommendation of the Air Command and Staff College faculty, to confer the degree of Master of Military Operational Art and Science upon the graduates of the Air Command and Staff College who fulfill the requirements for that degree. The degree was subsequently fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 2004.

Q: When were degrees first awarded and are previous in-residence graduates eligible to receive the master's degree?

A: The AY-1999 class was the first to receive the degree. The rationale for starting with the AY-1999 class is the US Department's review and recommendation to Congress was based on the AY-1999 course. Based on this approval process the granting of degrees before that date was deemed inappropriate

Q: Can I earn a masters degree through any of the ACSC nonresident programs?

A: Yes. The ACSC Online Master’s Degree program provides the opportunity for eligible officers to complete a master’s degree while also earning credit for completing Air Force intermediate-level PME and Joint PME Phase I. For more information, please see our informational web site at:

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