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Welcome to the
Air Command and Staff College

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All active duty Air Force officers must have a Narrative Only PRF accomplished by their losing senior rater

Your selection to attend ACSC in residence means you are about to embark on an exciting year of study. If there are any special needs for you or your family, please contact us for assistance.



Class Reporting Dates

NOTE: The dates below are correct. Please click PSDM 13-111 for the release message.



First Fifty

All other USAF

Report Not Earlier Than

8 July 2014

25 July 2014

Report Not Later Than

14 July 2014

1 August 2014

In Processing

15 July 2014

4 August 2014

Class Start Date

5 August 2014

5 August 2014

Class Graduation Date

8 June 2015

8 June 2015

Magnet Schools/Housing

Magnet Schools - The Montgomery County School District has opened a spring application window for their magnet schools, elementary through high school. The website below provides access to applications and information regarding the process.

Please see the school contact information listed on the webpage, under therespective school, for POC contact and questions.

Please see the school contact information listed on the webpage, under therespective school, for POC contact and questions.
Hunt Contract Base Housing (334) 262-1630
Off-Base Housing - To see Houses for Rent or Sale in the local area, please visit the Automated Housing Referral Network (

If you have further questions about the magnet school program, please contact Ms. Gibral White (334) 223-6830.



Air Command and Staff College

225 Chennault Circle

Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6426

Comm: 334-953-xxxx

DSN: 493-xxxx

Fax: (334) 953-6917


Air Force Students: In-Residence ACSC/Student Services,
(334) 953-6605/2574

Air Force Students: Distance Learning ACSC/Student Services,
(334) 953-7901/7032

Army Advisor: (334) 953-2226

Navy Advisor: (334) 953-6153

Marine Advisor: (334) 953-6592

Civilian Advisor: (334) 953-2566

ARC Advisor: (334) 953-9832

ANG Advisor: (334) 953-9820

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Top Secret/SCI Access Clearance Required:

1. You are required to have a Top Secret clearance based on a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI). If this is over 5 years, a Periodic Reinvestigation must be submitted.

2. Ensure your security manager annotates the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) that you have signed an SF 312, Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Verbal Attestation.

3. If you currently are cleared for TS/SCI, please have your SSO send a Transfer in Status (TIS) message to SSO AU. Their PLA is SSO AU. Your SSO can also email them at Their number is (334) 953-6715. Direct all security questions to ACSC/CVS , 225 Chennault Circle, Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6426, (334) 953-2712.

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1. Air Force Active Duty and Active Reserve Component (ARC) Students: All Air Force Active Duty and ARC Personnel must have a current, passing AF Fitness test prior to arriving to Maxwell AFB and in-processing with ACSC. The passing fitness test must include the cardiovascular component (i.e. 1.5 mile run/1 mile walk) and the abdominal circumference measurement. Additionally, all students will be required to take the AF fitness test per AFI 36-2905 while assigned to ACSC during the student year.

2. Sister Service, Civilian and International Officer Personnel: Army, Navy, and Marine Corps personnel assigned to ACSC are not subject to Air Force Instruction 36-2905 Fitness Program. Instead, they must meet the standards of their respective services. The respective service advisors monitor maintenance of these standards. IOs and civilian personnel are not subject to AFI 36-2905 weight and fitness standards.

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ALL students inbound to ACSC must personally sign-in to ACSC bldg 1402, Rm 2226 upon arrival. You do not have to be in military uniform for this. Your leave status will stop once you sign in.


NOTE: Only those whose PCS orders reflect “EARLY REPORTING AUTHORIZED” (ERA) can report before the Report Not Earlier Than Date (RNETD) of 25 Jul 14 All others reporting week 4 Aug 14.

The early reporting approval authority is the 21st Student Squadron Commander (21 STUS/CC). Send E-mail requests, with requested ERA date desired along with full justification, i.e., medical reasons, align with overseas DEROS etc., to ACSC/Student Services.

Requests for early reporting for strictly personal reasons cannot be approved, ie., to avoid “burning leave.” If approved, your MPF must annotate your orders accordingly. Officers with approved ERA should sign in at Bldg 1402 Room 2226 . You will be placed in duty status and utilized in various capacities throughout ACSC or elsewhere on Maxwell AFB.

e-Mail ACSC/Student Services

If you arrive before 25 July 2014 and your orders do not indicate ERA, you must take leave until that date.


Once you sign a rental agreement or purchase a home, you are not authorized PTDY any longer. If you show up to ACSC with either of these conditions applicable to you, do NOT expect to take PTDY. If you did not take PTDY for house hunting prior to departing PCS from your current duty station, and have not found a place to live, you may request up to 8 days PTDY for this purpose. If applicable, you may arrive up to 8 days earlier than 25 July 2014. This must be approved in advance and your RNETD changed. (See above paragraph on requesting ERA.) When you arrive in the Montgomery area, report to ACSC, Bldg 1402 Room 2226, and complete an AF Form 988, Leave Request/Authorization, requesting PTDY for this purpose. PTDY for house hunting will not be approved retroactively. Again, you must come and sign-in upon arriving in the local area.

REPORTING WEEK 25 July - 1 August 2014

During this week you are considered “available for duty.” This week is YOUR time to settle into the local area, and should be used for such things as finalizing housing/TMO related issues, school registration for dependents, base/area familiarization, etc. This week is not charged as leave. Again, you must physically sign-in at the ACSC, room 2226 when you arrive for accounting purposes.

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Mass inprocessing is scheduled for 4 August 2014 at the Maxwell Officer’s Club. Uniform is ABU/BDUs and flight suits.

After completing processing at the club, you will then process through the ACSC facilities and supply office for individual laptop computer issue. About 400 officers are processed on that date, so please adhere to the schedule posted below Do not report to the Officer's Club or to ACSC for in-processing before your scheduled time.

In-processing is your only scheduled activity on 4 Aug 2014. It should take less than 2 hours if you completed the required paperwork in advance. Applicable Maxwell AFB agencies such as the MPF, Accounting and Finance staff, and others will participate.







A, B


C, D, E, F


G, H, I, J


K, L


M, N, O


P, Q, R


S, T


U, V, W, X, Y, Z



MPF, Personnel Employment, (334) 953-5919

Ensure the following documents are in your possession:

  • 20 Copies of PCS orders (and amendments, if applicable).
  • UPRG/Personnel Folder with signed PCS travel order.
  • Health Record Group (Medical).
  • Cardiovascular fitness assessment results (if completed).
  • Shot Record.
  • Individual Flight Record, if applicable.
  • Two copies of non availability statement.
  • Two copies of TLE lodging receipts.

NOTE: All school age children are required to have an Alabama Blue Card (Verification of Immunizations) by Alabama law. During the initial in-processing the Immunization Clinic will have a station to assist ACSC students with completing the Alabama Blue Card form.  Students must bring an immunization record for each family member registering for school to obtain a Blue Card.  Another option is to accomplish this as a walk-in to the Immunization Clinic. If you have any questions please call the Maxwell AFB Immunization Clinic at 334-953-5731.

Current, passing Service specific Fitness Test/Assessment results. This can be obtained from your Unit Fitness Program Manager (UFPM) or from the Air Force Fitness Management System (AFFMS) located on the AF Portal (link in the TOP VIEWED: FITNESS window).

**Highly recommend that you also complete the DD Form 1351-2, Travel Voucher** A copy machine will be available at the O’Club on in-processing day. If you have any questions about in-processing, please direct them to MPF, Personnel Employment, (334) 953-6340/5940 (DSN: 493-)

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Leave/Pass Periods AY15

  September  -- Labor Day (pass)

  October  -- Columbus Day (pass)

  November   -- Veterans Day (pass)

  November  -- Thanksgiving Break (pass)

Dates TBD  -- Winter Break (leave if out of area)

  January  -- Martin Luther King Day (pass)

  February   -- President's Day (pass)

  May   -- Memorial Day (pass)








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Guide For Uniforms








Mess Dress

Army Mess Dress (Blue or White) Optional: Dress Blue or Dress White with Black Bow Tie

Seasonal Dinner Dress Blue Dinner Dress White

Evening Dress or
Dress Blue
and/or Blue/
White A

Tuxedo (Black Tie) Ladies Formal


Service Dress

Class A Army Green Service Uniform with Coat and Four-in-Hand Tie

Seasonal Service Dress Blue Service Dress White Summer White

Service A

Business Suit Long Skirt/ Blouse Cocktail Dress


Normally short sleeve blue shirt, open collar

Class B Army Green Service Uniform (w/o coat and tie)

Service Khaki Alternate: Summer White Winter Blue Aviation Working Green

Service “B” or “C” uniform

Dress Shirt Dress Slacks

Duty Uniform

Mon: refer to Informal uniform above

Tue-Fri: ABU/BDUs ** Flight Suit**



Mon: refer to Informal uniform above

Tue-Fri: ABU/BDUs** Flight Suit**

Mon: refer to Informal uniform above

Tue- Fri: Comouflage Utility Uniform** Flight Suit Service Khaki Shipboard Overalls

Mon: refer to Informal uniform above

Tue-Fri: Utilities** Flight Suit

Mon: refer to Informal Uniform above

Tue-Fri: Casual

*NOTE: The weather dictates the need for an outer garment when these uniforms are worn.
**NOTE: Desert BDUs/Desert Flight Suits are not authorized for wear at ACSC.

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If you desire a Bit A waiver you are required to apply through your Military Personnel Flight prior to receiving Permanent Change of Station orders.
Personnel must meet the criteria outlined in SAF/MR's policy letter dated 4 Mar 02: 1) Must be departing PCS for 12 months or less to attend PME, Technical Training, or Career Education Program; and 2) Must agree to limited PCS entitlements to include only personal/professional shipment equivalent to unaccompanied hold baggage and without-dependent rate dislocation allowance, temporary lodging expense, and per diem.
MPFs are required to verify member's eligibility and assist member in filling out the required waiver statement. The rationale behind this policy waiver is to provide the family stability for the duration of the short PCS assignment; therefore, the member must not relocate their family.
If the member will receive a higher BAH rate at his/her gaining location, he/she does not need to apply for a BAH waiver. They will automatically receive the higher BAH rate established for their new duty location.

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Outprocessing From Home Unit

  • Ensure you have points of contact within the personnel and finance sections at home station (for unit guard and reservists and at ARPC and your reserve pay office for IMAs) prior to departing. This will ease working any personnel or pay issues while attending school.
  • All attempts should be made to complete your security classification prior to departing home station.
  • A Top Secret/SCI Access Clearance is required of all US military members and should be obtained prior to leaving your home station.


  • Air Reserve Component (ARC) personnel selected for school who decide to bring their families should ensure the following information is included in the Remarks section of your PCS orders to be properly reimbursed for dependent travel upon arriving at Maxwell. Failure to do so will result in delays for reimbursement while awaiting amendments to your orders from your home unit or ARPC.
  • Spouse’s name and date of marriage (DOM)
  • Children’s name(s) and date of birth (DOB)
  • Ensure that your orders indicate that Dislocation Allowance (DLA) is authorized. Check with your servicing Military Pay Office prior to departing for Maxwell to determine if you will receive the entitlement.
  • Reserve regulations state you may report to a formal school up to 5 working days (7 if a weekend is included) prior to class date. Since ACSC normally starts midweek, the latter applies. Your orders should properly identify this along with the appropriate travel time to Maxwell from your home station.
  • Check with the ACSC Guard or Reserve POC to determine if there will be a separate orientation for Guard or Reserve that begins before ACSC starts so that your orders are properly prepared.
  • For Reserve members, your orders "Release Date" (Block 15) should include all the leave time you will accumulate during the academic year. You will not have time to take much leave during the school year and will probably want to use your leave after graduation. For Guard personnel, check with AU/CCG on this issue.


  • An OPR (or LOE, if applicable) must be completed at home station before departing for ACSC. This OPR or LOE must have a closeout date prior to the start date of ACSC. This will prevent performance dates from overlapping on the Training Report that is completed, at the end of the school year, on each Reservist.


  • The only records Unit Reservists should hand carry to ACSC are Medical and Dental records
  • For IMAs: All your paperwork is handled through ARPC, to include Personnel and Medical Records. It is a good idea to bring a copy of your medical and dental records with you. If you will be applying for a job after ACSC, it may require a current physical and bringing your old physical can speed things along.
  • Everyone should bring:
  • SGLI Paperwork (or copies of current info)
  • Copy of Form 93 (Emergency Data Locator)
  • Copy of latest OPR (see note above)
  • Copy of current, passing AF Fitness Test results from your UFPM or off the AF Portal (AFFMS site)

Do not bring:

  • Flight Records Flight Evaluation Folders. Double check your Aviation Service Code, it should be an “L.” This waives all flying requirements except the annual flight physical while attending school. Flight Evaluation Folders should also remain at home station. Do not bring flight gear to school.
  • Ancillary records are not required while attending ACSC.


  • As stated above, ARC personnel are required to meet all active duty physical standards in accordance with AFI 36-2905 while attending ACSC. Bring a copy of your current, passing AF Fitness Test paperwork provided by your UFPM or printed off AFFMS linked from the AF Portal.


  • Identifying yourself as Guard or Reserve will speed your in-processing as many of the stops will not pertain to you. Your first stop will be the Reserve/Guard check-in. Bring all items mentioned in the In-Processing Checklist shown in this booklet, minus the records previously mentioned.
  • Air Reserve Technicians (ARTs)—If you are an ART and attending ACSC in civilian status, do not process through the line in military uniform. This will only confuse the MPF folks. Process through the line in civilian clothes to avoid any confusion. AU/RP will send additional, detailed instructions to incoming Reserve Component students.


  • Guard and Reserve personnel are encouraged to apply for SAASS.
  • Reserve personnel should consult the Reserve Developmental Education Review Board page on the ARPC website for the current procedures and submission timeline:
  • If you are interested in applying for SAASS let your commander know before you leave to help speed things along.

For Reserve questions about orders, contact ACSC/CAG at commercial (334) 953-9820 (DSN prefix 493). For Guard questions contact AU/CAR at commercial (334) 953-9832 (DSN prefix 493).

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Links With Additional Information

ACSC In-Residence Application Process for Air Force Personnel

Active Duty: AFPC will send out a message requesting candidates for the Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) Designation Board in the February timeframe. This message will filter down through the Chain of Command at each installation. If interested in applying, please check with your chain of command or call your AFPC Developmental Team.

AFRES: The Air Force Reserve Developmental Education Designation Board (RDEDB) convenes in November of each year to select eligible reservists to attend ACSC in-residence. Interested reservists much submit a package via vPC-GR to be considered for this board. The endorsed packages are usually due to ARPC during September prior to the board. For information, process and dedlines consult the ARPC link:

For ACSC-specific information, please contact: Lt Col Bridget McNamara, Comm: 334-953-3277 (DSN prefix 493)

ANG: Air National Guardsman who wish to attend ACSC in residence can obtain the announcement for ACSC each year from their Wing Base Education Training Office and follow the specific application procedures listed in that announcement. That announcement comes from the Air National Guard Personnel Airman Development Division Education Branch (NGB/A1FP), and is usually released in July/August timeframe in preparation for the following school year. For more information about the process contact NGB/A1FP, at Comm (703) 607-1455 (DSN prefix 327).

For any ACSC-specific information, please contact Lt Col Rasmussen, Comm: 334-953-9820 (DSN prefix: 493)


If you have other questions please contact Student Services at 334-953-2574/6605
Send Student Services an eMail

OPR: ACSC Web Maintainer
(334) 953-3375
Send Me an eMail

For questions about Distance Learning Program: (334) 953-7901

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