Volume 29, Issue 6, November-December  2015

Senior Leader Perspective

An Airman's Story 

General John E. Hyten, USAF

The vision of using space capabilities to enhance military operations is an Airman's story. Charged with organizing, training, and equipping space and cyberspace forces, the question becomes: "Will Air Force Space Command make cyberspace an Airman's...

Feature Article

A Call to Action: Aid Geostationary Space Situational Awareness with Commerical Telescopes

Capt Daniel Moomey, USAF

As Earth orbits become more congested, contested, and competitive, the resources necessary to maintain a complete and accurate space picture continue to increase. This article proposes a notional augmentation to the Space Surveillance Network...


How to Make Disaggregation Work 

Dr. Peter Wegner
Dr. Thomas C. Adang
Maureen Rhemann

Space is rapidly becoming congested, contested, competitive, and commercialized. Trends point to a commercial market capable of providing 80 percent of future requirements. A thoughtful approach could include a three-layered space architecture....

Personnel Recovery in Space 

Lt Col Mari Manifold, USAF

Because of the incredible physical and ethical challenges of personnel recovery in space, the United States needs to take action now to codify recovery methods and expectations for future space travelers. Department of Defense (DOD) Directive...


Purposeful Development of the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance for Space Cadre 

SMSgt Mitchell R. Overton, USAF

This article recommends improvements that the Air Force’s space and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) communities can make in force development of the nearly 2,192 intelligence Airmen assigned to Air Force Space Command....

Space-Policy Education: Contexts and Constraints, Content and Methodology

Dwight Rauhala

National space policies provide guidance and serve as strategic-messaging tools for the departments of the executive government, Congress, and other domestic and international audiences. To operate effectively within the realm of national-security...

Schriever Essay Winners

Preparing for the Cyber Battleground of the Future 

2nd Lt Chris Babcock, USAF

For space and cyber Airmen, tomorrow’s fight will be determined largely by the concept of cyberspace dependency. That term, as defined by the author, is the degree to which a military capability relies on supremacy over a portion of the cyberspace...

Defending Our Satellites: The Need for Electronic Warfare Education and Training

Lt Col E. Lincoln Bonner, USAF

The US military enjoys tremendous advantages over any potential adversary because of its exploitation of space capabilities. It is of paramount importance that Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) position its Airmen to defend and protect America’s space...

Developing Tomorrow's Space War Fighter: The Argument for Contracting Out Satellite Operations

Maj Sean C. Temple, USAF

To date, space has been a fairly unchallenged environment to work in. The threat, however, is growing. As General Hyten stated, the priority of Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) is to continue to provide operational capability, even in a threatened...

From The Editor

Dr. Daniel R. Mortensen, PhD, 1938-2015 

John L. Conway III

It is with a great sadness that we announce the passing on 15 October 2015 of Dr. Daniel R. Mortensen, retired dean of research at the Air Force Research Institute. "Dr. Dan"--rarely was he ever called "Dr. Mortensen"--began his 35-year Air Force...

Selected Air University Research

DoD Acquisitions Reform: Embracing and Implementing Agile

Capt Amber R. Oar, USAF
Capt John P. Fitzsimmons, USAF
Capt James P. Guthrie, USAF
Capt Raymond A.Hoffman, USAF
Capt Andrew J. Metzger, USAF
Capt Carl J. Nelson, USAF
Capt Taylor J. Olson, USAF
Capt Matthew J. Postupack, USAF

Over the last decade, the President and Congress have tasked the Department of Defense (DoD) with reducing expenditures and finding areas for cost savings. DoD officials have responded with initiatives such as Better Buying Power, Should Cost and...

Integrating Stealth 

Capt Todd Fisk, USAF
Capt Reiss Oltman, USAF
Capt Fleming Thompson, USAF
Capt Andrew Ward, USAF
Capt Carter Kunz, USAF
Capt Rebecca Scott, USAF
Capt Bret Laxton, USAF
Capt Heinrich Bornhorst, USAF

Throughout the history of air power, the technological advancements in the offensive weapon systems that are built and introduced onto the battlefield have consistently evolved at a significant pace. One may argue that when you compare these very...

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