Volume 29, Issue 5, Sept - Oct  2015

Senior Leader Perspective

SEADE: Countering the Futility of Network Security

Mr. Frank Konieczny
Lt Col Eric Trias, PhD, USAF
Col Nevin J. Taylor, USAFR

Today's media is flooded with stories of cyber attacks prompting a loss of public confidence, resignations by senior officials, and a significant near- and long-term impact on our nation. Defense in depth, heavily dependent upon network perimeter...

Feature Articles

Dark Horizon: Airpower Revolution on a Razor's Edge--Part Two of the "Nightfall" Series 

Capt Michael W. Byrnes, USAF

In this follow-on discussion to "Nightfall: Machine Autonomy in Air-to-Air Combat"ť (Air and Space Power Journal, May-June 2014), the author introduces the beginnings of remote and autonomous airpower theory, expanding John Boyd's...

Any Time, Every Place: The Networked Societies of War Fighters in a Battlespace of Flows

Maj Dave Blair, USAF

The much-debated rise of the remotely piloted aircraft is only one aspect of a larger trend away from spatially organized conflict and toward relationally organized conflict. In his book Rise of the Network Society, Manuel Castells...

Nightfall and the Cloud: Examining the Future of Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles and Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Maj Michael P. Kreuzer, USAF

This article argues that the transformation of airpower to a force centered on remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) is a more difficult proposition than simply a technical hurdle to overcome. Significant...


The Limits of Tactical Aviation Technology 

Lt Col Thomas R. McCabe, USAFR, Retired

This article examines two possible options for improving the capabilities of existing tactical combat aircraft: longer-range air-to-air missiles and improved fuels. Since the end of the Cold War, our aviation technology for tactical combat aircraft...

Col John Boyd's Innovative DNA 

Col Houston R. Cantwell, USAF

This article recognizes John Boyd's innovative spirit and identifies skills that arguably helped him succeed as a disruptive innovator. Drawing on five traits identified in The Innovator's DNA by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton...


Twenty-First-Century Air Warfare and the Invisible War: Strategic Agility

Maj Michael W. Benitez, USAF

The Air Force's strategic agility is limited by organizational inflexibility cast in a structure that is several decades old. For airpower to remain relevant and viable in the twenty-first century, technological advantages alone are not enough....

Changing the Tooth-to-Tail Ratio Using Robotics and Automation to Beat Sequestration 

Capt Rachael L. Nussbaum, USAF

The Air Force leads the way in war-fighting automation and robotics. However, it has paid little programmatic attention to applying our knowledge of automation to agile combat support, which arguably consumes most of the service's financial...

Selected Air University Research

Officer Professional Military Education: A New Distance Learning Evolution

SOS Class 15D Think Tank Group 2

Socrates famously wrote, "Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." As military officers, we must continue to hone our craft through career-long learning. This means having a meaningful, relevant, dynamic, and accessible...

Project ArchimedeZ 

SOS Class 15D Think Tank Group 1

Lt Gen Steven Kwast challenged the Squadron Officer School 15D Think Tank to develop a career-long, non-resident Professional Military Education (PME) approach that fosters creative/critical thinking, motivates Total Force Airmen to participate and...

Book Reviews