Volume 28, Issue 4, July - August  2014

Senior Leader Perspective

A New Era for Command and Control of Aerospace Operations 

Lt Gen David A. Deptula, USAF, Retired

Control of the aerospace environment is a fundamental prerequisite to successful operations in the physical domains of air, sea, land, and space. Once established, such control facilitates the freedom of action and movement for all joint forces....


Describing the Elephant:  Framing a Discussion on Command and Control

Col Henry Cyr, USAF

"Describing the Elephant" serves as a capstone article to frame a discussion about our continued need for on-scene tactical command and control (C2). Twelve years of counterinsurgency and counterterror operations in the Middle East, coupled with...

Feature Articles

C2 Rising: A Historical View of Our Critical Advantage

Lt Col Paul J. Maykish, USAF

America's greatest advantage in war fighting lies not in the quality of its people, ideas, weapons, or planes but in the systematic integration of those elements via command and control (C2). Theorists such as Napoleon, Field Marshal Helmuth von...

The Rest of the C2 Iceberg 

Lt Col Dave Lyle, USAF

When we talk about the command and control (C2) of joint airpower, we tend to emphasize the tangible elements that execute the plan (akin to the “tip of the C2 iceberg”) rather than the organizational activities that component headquarters...

The Imperative to Integrate Air Force Command and Control Systems into Maritime Plans 

Maj Gerrit H. Dalman, USAF
Capt Daniel M. Kopp, USAF
LT Gary A. Redman Jr., USN

Future maritime missions will likely include significant demand for airpower—a prospect that will drive command and control (C2) requirements best filled by airborne platforms. The Air Force's fighters, bombers, and other aircraft now train to...


Command and Control in Africa: Three Case Studies before and after Tactical C2

Maj Damon Matlock, USAF
Maj Jonathan Gaustad, USAF
Maj Jason Scott, Georgia ANG
Capt Danielle J. Bales, USAF

Africa offers a unique context to study the requirement for the United States' role in coalition command and control (C2) systems. Air Force tactical C2 is not well understood outside the platforms that provide the capability despite its...

Examining the Importance of the Tactical Air Coordinator (Airborne) 

Maj Gregory M. Blom, USAF
Capt Matthew B. Chapman, USAF

"Examining the Importance of the Tactical Air Coordinator (Airborne)" addresses how this doctrinal role is typically underutilized because it is not understood. TAC(A) is more than a communications relay platform. It is a battle management command...


Crossing the Streams: Integrating Stovepipes with Command and Control

Maj Matt "Radar" Gaetke, USAF

Airmen have a culture of integrating capabilities across platforms to achieve desired effects, but it is crumbling. The epicenter of the fracture is the operational level of war. The growth in number and capability of multirole aircraft has...

Historical Highlights

A Concept for Directing Combat Air Operations 

Major General Sam J. Byerley

As early as 1946, Lieutenant General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, speaking of the capabilities which modern tactical air forces had demonstrated during the European air war, observed that flexibility in the application of air forces was necessary in order to...

Selected Air University Research

A Revitalized USAF Culture of Innovation 

Capt Vito Bussmann, USAF
Capt Gabriel Gassie, USAF
Capt Colin Hartwell, USAF
Capt Jared Kleiman, USAF
Capt Keith Manry, USAF
Capt Ashley Vincent, USAF
Capt Tyler Weeks, USAF

From its inception, the United States Air Force (USAF) has always been on the leading edge of technological innovation in the military and has consistently challenged the status quo in order to maintain global dominance throughout the 20th century....

Connecting United States Air Force Core Values to Mission Accomplishment 

Capt Brad DeWees, USAF
Capt Trevor Hitt, USAF
Capt Sarah Lindsay, USAF
Capt Jeremy Martin, USAF
Capt Jordan Matthews, USAF
Capt Dan Moates, USAF
Capt Mark Noakes, USAF
Capt James Nolan, USAF

Recent violations of the Air Force Core Values by Airmen at all grades have caused some observers to question the ethical and moral health of the US Air Force. By introducing the Core Values, the US Air Force established an ethical foundation for...

Book Reviews