Volume 30, Issue 4, Winter  2017

Feature Articles

Mission Assurance through Integrated Cyber Defense 

Col William D. Bryant, USAF

The best way to defend cyber physical and information technology systems is through a combination of defense in depth, resiliency, and active defense. We rely on our systems to accomplish our missions, but we generally design them for a...

Operational Assessment: So How Are We Doing?

Lt Col James S. Welshans, EdD, USAF, Retired
Lt Col Charles Owen, PhD, USAF, Retired
Dr. Alice M. Mulvehill
Col Calvin W. Hickey, USAF, Retired
Robert J. Farrell Jr., DAF, DR-III

Planning without assessing is like shooting in the dark with your eyes closed. The commander who cannot assess ongoing operations and relevant nonoperational events accurately and rapidly is a commander who cannot make good resource-allocation and...

Suborbital Strike! The Use of Commerical Suborbital Spacecraft for Strike Missions

Capt Daniel J. House, USAF
Dr. John Tiller
Dr. John Rushing

The five aspects of aircraft survivability are speed, altitude, emissions control, battle damage absorption, and connectivity. In recent years, the US Air Force has concentrated wholly on emissions control and connectivity as the means for...

Selecting Qualified Airmen for the Cyber Mission Force: The Pitfalls of Hiring Operational

Maj David J. Ortiz, USAFR

The Air Force and other services are having difficulty manning cyber operations and intelligence professionals for US Cyber Command’s Cyber Mission Force (CMF) teams trained within the National Security Agency (NSA). The problem of finding qualified...


The Fifth-Generation Fighter Pilot Force 

Col John D. Jogerst, USAF, Retired

The high cost of new weapons systems limits the number the United States can afford and constrains combat capability. The article looks at the cost and impact of regaining this capability by increasing fighter crew ratios. This plan will generate...


The Trilateral Strategic Initiative: A Primer for Developing Future Airpower Cooperation

Col Peter Goldfein, USAF
Wing Cdr André Adamson, RAF, PhD

Air operations are increasingly executed by coalition forces. In “The Trilateral Strategic Initiative: A Primer for Developing Future Airpower Cooperation,” Col Peter Goldfein and Wing Cdr André Adamson present the concept of the Trilateral...

C4ISR via Dark Webs: An Alternative Concept for Protecting Critical Information in Contested Cyberspace Environments

Capt Kyle L. Bingman, USAF

The Air Force is perhaps the service most reliant on networked technology and information sharing for mission success, yet its current method of cyber defense consistently fails to reliably protect critical information. “Defense in depth,” as it...

Schriever Essay Winners

Forging Tomorrow's Air, Space, and Cyber War Fighters: Recommendations for Integration and Development

Lt Col Mark Reith, USAF

Today's Airmen operate in contested environments, and years of technical-data spillage, coupled with policies emphasizing commercial-off-the-shelf acquisition, ensure that the immediate future will remain contested as our
adversaries seek to...

The Changing Face of the War Fighter 

Capt Justin Ryan Thornton, USAF

After the Chinese antisatellite missile test in 2007 and Russia's successful flight test of an antisatellite missile in May 2016, space no longer remains an uncontested mission area for any spacefaring nation. Similarly, the attack on the Pentagon's...

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