Volume 31, Issue 2, Summer  2017

The Rest of the C2 Iceberg

When we talk about the command and control (C2) of joint airpower, we tend to emphasize the tangible elements that execute the plan (akin to the “tip of the C2 iceberg”) rather than the organizational activities that component headquarters accomplish to ensure that the tactical plan has operational and strategic coherence. This article discusses what happens in the “rest of the C2 iceberg,” how our competencies in component headquarters C2 are currently at risk, and what we can do to fix the problem.


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Dave 7/12/2014 1:43:41 AM

Interesting article that is, unfortunately, based on several fallacies. The author contends officers that do "attain senior rank usually do so through a succession of mostly tactical assignments or staff assignments other than those in CHQ C2." A cursory review of the bios of twelve current WG/CCs in ACC and AFGSC show nine completed an assignment that the author would classify as CHQ. The author makes sweeping and absolute generalizations about perceived AOC training, but fails to discuss the in-house training scenarios each AOC completes or the C2 training conducted at Nellis.

Dave Lyle 9/8/2014 8:26:54 PM

Happy to discuss it here. It is indeed encouraging that we''re getting more senior leaders through the CFACC course who do have prior CHQ experience, but I''d challenge you to establish that it has historically been the case. As for the local training, it''s good to get what you can from it, but CHQ is inherently a systemic interaction between large HHQs, which can''t be simulated realistically in local scenarios or heavily scripted tactical events tied to firm flight schedules (i.e. Red Flag). RF is great for the Tip, but gives little realism for training the Rest like BLUE FLAG... Cheers - DJL