Volume 29, Issue 3, May - June  2015

Senior Leader Perspective

A Call to the Future: The New Air Force Strategic Framework

Gen Mark A. Welsh III, USAF

America's Airmen are amazing. Even after more than two decades of nonstop combat operations, they continue to rise to every challenge put before them. I wish I could say that things are about to get easier, but I cannot because
the dominant...

De Plein Fouet: Is Strategy Dead?

Robert Cardillo
Richard Szafranski

The authors discuss the contemporary and future role of strategy and strategic planning in organizations, beginning with a hypothesis that "strategy is dead" but concluding otherwise....

Untethered Operations: Rapid Mobility and Forward Basing Are Keys to Airpower's Success in the Antiaccess/Area-Denial Environment

Maj Gen Charles Q. Brown, Jr., USAF
Brig Gen Bradley D. Spacy, USAF
Capt Charles G. Glover III, USAF

This scenario is fictional, but it depicts the high end of a new concept called untethered operations (UTO), which leverages robust basing and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)/partner interoperability to complicate Russian targeting and...


Strategic Reform: A Battle of Assumptions

Maj Jeremy L. Renken, USAF

This article proposes that the fundamental assumptions underpinning the Department of Defense's (DOD) national security strategy should be reassessed in order to reinterpret "uncertainty"ť and prepare for predictable archetypes of adversaries. It...

Tribal Warfare: The Society of Modern Airmen

Col Mark K. Wells, PhD, USAF

The cultural hierarchy of air forces is undergoing stress occasioned by technological changes. Pilots of manned aircraft, who have traditionally held preeminent positions in terms of rank, privilege, and authority, must now compete with unmanned...

Feature Article

The Quest for a New Airpower Strategy: Systemic Paralysis and Systemic Empowerment

Col John Andreas Olsen, Royal Norwegian Air Force

Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should develop military-strategic concepts that better link the application of force in general—and airpower specifically—to the endgame objective of NATO-led interventions: fostering...


Airpower in Modern War 

Col Merrick E. Krause, USAF, Retired

American leaders and Western democratic governments have used airpower as the "go to"ť means to employ the military instrument of national power. Most conventional military actions since 1991 have begun with, or were entirely comprised of, airpower...

Aviation and Health: A Key Nexus for the US Air Force's Regional Security-Building Efforts

Col James A. Chambers, USAF, MC, SFS
Lt Col Peter A. Garretson, USAF
Mr. Mort M. Rolleston
Col Jeffrey R. Alder, USAF, BSC
COL Peter J. Podbielski, USA, Retired

National strategic guidance consistently calls for a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to enhance regional security through building partner-nation capacity. This approach also maintains access and influence to support those nations after a...

Selected Air University Research

Air University Research 

Squadron Officer School Think Tank, Class 15C

Lt Gen Steven Kwast challenged Think Tank (SOS class 15-C) to consider ways in which Air University (AU) can build partnerships with sister services, academia and industry while still developing military leaders and building prestige for the...

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