Volume 28, Issue 2, March-April  2014

Senior Leader Perspective

Global Vigilance, Global Reach, Global Power for America: The World's Greatest Air Force—Powered by Airmen, Fueled by Innovation

Gen Mark A. Welsh III, USAF

This past year, the United States Air Force released a vision statement that focuses on “Airmen, Mission, and Innovation.” It recognizes Airmen as the power behind the Air Force and acknowledges the importance of innovation to our story. I encourage...

Joint Force Multipliers: America's Airmen Transition to the Resolute Support Mission

Maj Gen Jake Polumbo, USAF
Mr. Wesley Long, USAF

A nonstandard force of Airmen, both individual augmentees (IA) filling positions on joint manning documents and joint expeditionary tasked (JET) Airmen, is deployed to Afghanistan, helping transition the nation from current combat operations to the...

Direct Access: Air Force Lessons Learned

Dr. Jacqueline R. Henningsen, SES, A9 Director

Since 2006, the Air Force Lessons Learned (LL) Directorate under AF/A9 has worked diligently to explore interest items, publish reports and implementation of lessons learned regarding critical Air Force issues that correlate to designated CSAF...

Feature Articles

Peeling the Onion: Why Centralized Control/Decentralized Execution Works

Lt Col Alan Docauer, USAF

This article discusses the issue of centralized control / decentralized execution as it relates to tying strategy to task in the context of joint-air command and control (C2) in future conflicts that include antiaccess / area denial. It defines and...

The Joint Strike Fighter/F-35 Program: A Canadian Technology Policy Perspective

Dr. Danny Lam
Dr. Brian Paul Cozzarin

The Canadian F-35 procurement represents the largest peacetime acquisition of new aircraft for Canadian forces since the Korean War. Securing industrial benefits from military procurement is essential for advanced industrialized nations, and it has...

Ricochets and Replies

A Different Air Force Tiger 

Brig Gen Buck Elton, USAF

I commend Lt Col Brian “Bingo” McLean, USAF, retired, on his article “Who’s in Charge? Commander, Air Force Forces or Air Force Commander?” (November–December 2013). Bingo does an excellent job of explaining the role of Air Force commanders and of...


How LeMay Transformed Strategic Air Command 

Col Phillip S. Meilinger, USAF, Retired

Gen Curtis LeMay was one of the greatest Airmen in American history. Too often he has been characterized as an unthinking and unemotional brawler; however, he was far more complex than those caricatures—although he was certainly tough. A courageous...

Nuclear Deterrence and Cyber: The Quest for Concept

Dr. Stephen J. Cimbala

Nuclear weapons in the twenty-first century will be tasked with military and policy support missions in a technology environment of digital preeminence. The relationship between nuclear and cyber realms for the purpose of deterrence and other...

Book Reviews