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Air Force Leadership Study

On 23 November 2010, the Air Force chief of staff tasked the Air Force Research Institute (AFRI) to review current Air Force leader development, focusing on the preparation of Airmen for the evolving security challenges in the joint and service environments. This study identifies the characteristics desired for successful senior leaders over the next generation, reviews current Air Force office...Read Full Article

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Deterrence in the Twenty-first Century

Sponsored by the Air Force Research Institute (AFRI) and the Royal United Services Institute, the conference was held in London on 18–19 May 2009 and focused on deterrence “to help understand and begin to develop policy frameworks that fit the current and emerging security context.” Assembling some of the best minds on deterrence, the conference afforded speakers an opportunit...Read Full Article

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Air Force Personnel Recovery—Global Structure for Global Success

Issue. With a proud heritage and an impressive list of achievements since the beginning of operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, the Air Force rescue community has yet to reach its full potential because of significant shortfalls in a number of areas. While the desire for stability is laudable for a community that has moved between commands twice in recent years, maint...Read Full Article

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Femme Fatale 2010

In this Air & Space Power Journal article Lt Col Alfonso briefly examines the role of women in combat.  She takes you through a facinating exploration of whether current US laws and policies excluding women from combat remain valid or need amending.  Lt Col Alfonso reviews three case studies that demonstrate the variety of ways women have participated in modern...Read Full Article

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Designed to Win: An Agile Approach to Air Force Command and Control of Cyberspace

This study analyzes the need for the Air Force to design a cyberspace command and control approach that can survive and respond to the demands of a high-level conflict against a near-peer opponent. The conclusion is that the cyberspace domain is subject to the same challenges of the other war-fighting domains and command and control approaches that attempt to achieve perfect situational awarene...Read Full Article

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Air Diplomacy: Protecting American National Interests

Air diplomacy is a proactive approach to preventing conflict by employing airpower in nonkinetic operations as an instrument of national power. It can be critical in supporting US foreign policy in the years to come. For the Air Force to remain relevant in a dynamic international environment, it must turn away from using an ad hoc and often disparate approach and move toward conducting delibera...Read Full Article

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Desert Shield and Desert Storm: 20 Years in Retrospect

This editoral from Lt Col Berg, Chief, Professional Journals at the Air Force Research Institute, goes back in time with issues and concerns of 20 years after Desert Shield and Desert Storm.     For more on Air, Space and Cyberspace, visit the Air & Space Power Journal...Read Full Article

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Air & Space Power Journal Africa and Francophonie - summer 2010 -The New Children of War

In the midst of the fighting, a young boy scrambled from an alleyway. An American machine gunner saw that the boy, later found to be 10 years old, was carrying an RPG. In a nanosecond, in the midst of bullets flying at him, the 21-year-old Soldier had to make what would surely be the toughest decision of his life. “ ‘I took him out,’ [he later] said. ‘I laid...Read Full Article

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U.S. Interagency Regional Foreign Policy Implementation: A Survey of Current Practice and an Analysis of Options for Improvement

This study examines current interagency structures, focused particularly on the regional and sub-regional levels, describes several current or recent shortfalls in interagency unity of effort, and surveys the interagency reform literature. This study then suggests a typology of interagency reform proposals, analyzes the potential reforms, and recommends a new model: a State Department-led regio...Read Full Article

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