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Africa - Foreign Relations
Africa - Foreign Relations - U.S. 


Africa - Foreign Relations


Inclusion of a link to a web site does not imply endorsement by the Air University Library or the United States Air Force. All sites last accessed 25 November 2001.

Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Africa Contemporary Record, edited by Colin Legum. New York, Africana Publishing, 2000. 1 vol.
Articles about British, French, USSR, Japan, Europe, and the Commonwealth policy in Africa.
Book call no.: 960 A2584 v.24 1992/94

Berman, Eric G. and Sams, Katie E. Peacekeeping in Africa: Capabilities and Culpabilities.  Geneva, Switzerland, United Nations Institute for Disarmanment Research, 2000. 540p.
    France, pp 291-315.
    United Kingdom, pp 317-331.
Book Call no.: 341.584096 B516

Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion, edited by Marina Ottawy and Thomas Carothers. Washington, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2000. 339 p.
Social Movements, Professionalization of Reform, and Democracy in Africa by Marina Ottaway, pp 77-104.
Book call no.: 327.111 F981

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Africa: From Independence to Dependency, pp 410-427.
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Undue Pressure: International Mediation in African Civil Wars by Laurie Nathan, pp 184-198.
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The Political Economy of Tourism Development in Africa, edited by Peter U.C. Dieke. New York, Cognizant Communication, 2000. 355 p.
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Includes information about development in Africa.
Book call no.: 338.90091724 S827w


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Doc. call no.: M-U 42764-413

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Doc. call no.: M-U 41026-147 no.00-99 [T]


Africa/France II: How High the Summit. Africa Confidential 42:2-3 February 9, 2001.
"The English-speakers stayed away and the meeting was cozy but bland."

Akosah-Sarpong, Kofi. Ottawa's Aid, Trade and Debt Relief. West Africa No.4278:23-24 June 4, 2001.
Interviews Canada's Secretary of State for Africa and Latin America, David Kilgour.

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"The international community is at last taking action to end the illegal trade in diamonds that finances some of Africa's most vicious conflicts."

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"The continued mass repatriation of black Africans from Libya is seen as a huge embarrassment to Colonel Muammar Qaddafi."

Ankomah, Baffour. Power in Numbers. New African No.389:11 October 2000.
President of Taiwan visits Africa.

Arnold, Guy. Aid: Who Calls the Shots? West Africa No.4282:11-13 July 2, 2001.

Arnold, Guy. British Aid to Africa. West Africa No.4282:13-15 July 2, 2001.

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Bald, Margaret. Xenophobia in Libya. World Press Review 47:28 December 2000.
Libyans attack Black Africans many from Nigeria and Ghana.

Begg, David. A View from Ireland. New African No.388:25-26 September 2000.
"Africa's acute problems cannot be resolved by Africa alone, nor on a 'shoestring' level of resource transfer from the West. Europe was saved by a Marshall Plan, why not Africa?"

Blair, Tony. Call for a Commitment to Africa. Presidents & Prime Ministers 9:16 September-October 2000.

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Peacekeeping in Africa.

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China Takes Lead in Debt Cancellation. New African No.390:13 November 2000.

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Debt Relief for African Countries. Beijing Review 43:4 October 23, 2000.
"China has decided to reduce or cancel the debts of some heavily indebted and underdeveloped African countries."

Deen, Thalif. Rich Nations Renege on Aid. West Africa No.4274:32-33 May 7, 2001.

A Developed Africa Will Be a More Reliable Partner. Beijing Review 43:23-24 October 9, 2000.
Lists African countries with diplomatic ties to the People's Republic of China.

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Forum to Usher in New Phase of Sino-African Cooperation. Beijing Review 43:11-13 October 9, 2000.
Interviews two African diplomats, A. Amine Kherbi from Algeria and Eleih Elle Etian from Cameroon who will be attending the Sino-African Cooperative Forum.

France/Africa: Hunting Lobby. Africa Confidential 42:6-7 July 27, 2001.
Discusses the relationship between France and Africa.

France/Africa: Not Franc. Africa Confidential 42:8 January 26, 2001.
Economic considerations in Western Africa.

France/Africa: Recamping out. Africa Confidential 42:8 May 4, 2001.
France holds exercises in its peacekeeping programs for Africa.

France/Africa: The New Foreign Legion. Africa Confidential 42:1-2 May 18, 2001.
French initiative Recamp for peacekeeping in Africa.

France in Africa. West Africa No.4261:9-15 February 5, 2001.
Several articles about the decline of French influence in Africa.

Fu Zhibin. Promoting China-Africa Cultural Exchanges in the 21st Century. China Today 50:55-56 January 2001.

Gregory, Shaun. The French Military in Africa: Past and Present. African Affairs 99:435-448 July 2000.

Hakata, Michelle. At Last, the Obelisk Is Coming Home. New African No.393:13 February 2001.
The Axum obelisk is being returned to Ethiopia from Italy.

Hakata, Michelle. Home Truths by European Journalists. New African No.398:36-37 July 2001.
Journalists discuss the western media's coverage of Africa.

Hakata, Michelle. When the IMF Visited. New African No.395:11 April 2001.
Joint meeting of the IMF and World Bank in Africa.

Helmer, John. Moscow Moving Back into Africa. West Africa No.4284:33 July 16, 2001.
The Russian government is canceling the debt of Ethiopia and Mozambique.

Huliaras, Asteris. Qadhafi's Comeback: Libya and Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1990s. African Affairs 100:5-25 January 2001.

IMF/World Bank: Economic Battlefield. Africa Confidential 41:1-3 September 29, 2000.
The International Monetary Fund meeting in Prague and debt relief.

Jere-Malanda, Regina. The Economic Gains of Debt. New African No.390:21 November 2000.
Wonders how the Western economies would be affected by a debt free Africa.

Jing Zi. Fifty Years of Friendly Sino-African Cooperation. Beijing Review 43:15-18 October 9, 2000.

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Lokongo, Antoine. Peter Hain at His Evasive Best. New African No.392:35-36 January 2001.
Provides Peter Hain's, the British Foreign Office Minister for Africa, written responses to questions posed by the author.

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Martin, Josh. GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Plays the African Card. Middle East No.305:25-26 October 2000.

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Africa attempts to develop economic ties with Asia.

Michaud, Paul. France Finally Owns up. New African No.398:23 July 2001.
The French government admits its participation in slavery.

Moonga, Choongo. The Union Takes Shape. New African No.395:10 April 2001.
Africa heads towards an African Union.

Moyela, Muyiwa. The Colonel's Weird Ways. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 7:22-25 April 2001.
"Examines the background to Muammar Qaddafi's aborted visit to Nigeria and at his plans for an African union."

The New African Agenda. West Africa No.4264:10 February 26, 2001.
At the Summit for the Organization of African Unity leaders discussed an African union.

Nkiwane, Tandeka. The Future of Peacekeeping in Africa. Africa Insight 30:26-32 December 2000.
Questions the credibility of UN peacekeeping in Africa.

O'Brien, David. The Search for Subsidiarity: The UN, African Regional Organizations and Humanitarian Action. International Peacekeeping 7:57-83 Autumn 2000.

Obadina, Tunde. Between Survival and Prosperity. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 7:32-33 May 2001.
The author gives his opinion about the change in World Bank and IMF policies.

Ofili, Maureen. What Can the U.N. Do? West Africa No.4263:18-20 February 19, 2001.
Lecture by Professor Ibrahim Gambari about how the U.N. can't help Africa.

Oghoghorie, Igho B. Matters Arising. West Africa No.4264:11-14 February 26, 2001.
"Looks at issues African leaders will have to consider as the attempt to forge the African Union."

Oghoghorie, Igho B. Unity and Diversity. West Africa No.4283:22-23 July 9, 2001.
Africa's move toward an African Union.

Omolo, Leo O. UNHCR Milking Refugees. New African No.395:10 April 2001.
UN investigates claims that its "officials in Kenya were extorting thousands of dollars from refugees in exchange for resettling them in America and Western Europe."

Orakwue, Stelle. Africa-the World's Comfort Zone. New African No.398:38-39 July 2001.
Opinion that Africa is portrayed as a dying continent by the western media.

Otabil, Bernard. Africa's Dilemma: Aid or FDI. West Africa No.4282:17-18 July 2, 2001.
Aid versus foreign direct investment.

Over the Sea to Spain. Economist 356:40 August 12, 2000.
"The short stretch of water between Morocco and Europe is an irresistible lure to many Sub-Saharan Africans as well to the Moroccans themselves."

Pan-Africanism: The Compelling Dream. West Africa No.4259:13-20 January 22, 2001.
Several articles about Pan-Africanism.

Parris, Matthew. Here Are Some Thoughts for Mr. Blair to Consider before He Takes up the White Man's Burden. Spectator 285:10 December 9, 2000.

Pearce, Fred. Gotta Catch Them All: Europe Wants a License to Kill off One of the World's Last Great Fisheries. New Scientist 169:19 March 31, 2001.
"The European Union is demanding an increase of up to 60 percent in the amount of fish its trawlers are allowed to catch off West Africa."

Pogrom. Economist 357:56 October 14, 2000.
Libyans attack and kill other African living within Libya.

Posthumus, Bram. Guilty As Charged? New African No.398:32-34 July 2001.
Dutch reaction to their participation in slavery.

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The Romance Blossoms. New African No.393:14 February 2001.
Prime Minister Mori visits South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria.

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Sino-African Cooperation: For Mutual Economic Development. Beijing Review 43:10-11 October 9, 2000.
"On the eve of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Shi Guangsheng, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, accepted an interview from a Beijing Review correspondent."

Tanzanite: French Support for African Bases: There Support Exercises. African Armed Forces, p 9, May 2001, 
"Tanzanite will be the third in a series of military exercises designed to develop abilities regarding peace-support operations."

UK/Africa: Peace Budget. Africa Confidential 42:8 February 23, 2001.
Examines the relationship between the UK and Africa.

UK/Africa: The Blair Mission. Africa Confidential 42:3-5 June 15, 2001.
"After a second landslide, Britain's PM. promises more time for Africa this term."

Verheye, Willy H. Food Production or Food Aid? An African Challenge. Finance & Development 37:38-41 December 2000.

Wang Zhe. Classes, a Good Method to Develop Sino-African Cooperation. Beijing Review 43:32-33 October 9, 2000.
Discusses the Sino-African Economic Management classes.

Wareham, Roger. Cooking the Draft. New African No.396:13 May 2001.
Anticipates a UN conference on racism and reparations to be held August 30th in South Africa.

Yakpo, E. K. M. Is Globalisation Working for Africa? West Africa No.4284:19-21 July 16, 2001.

Yao Bin and Wang Zhe. A Developed Africa Will Be a More Reliable Partner. Beijing Review 43:13-14 October 9, 2000.
Interviews Lucas P. Tavaya, Zimbabwean Ambassador to China.

Africa - Foreign Relations - U.S. 


Inclusion of a link to a web site does not imply endorsement by the Air University Library or the United States Air Force.  All sites last accessed 25 November 2001.

Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Africa Contemporary Record, edited by Colin Legum. New York, Africana Publishing, 2000. 1 vol.
Continuity and Change in U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Africa: Comparing the Bush and Clinton Administrations by Peter J. Schraeder, pp A80-A97.
Book call no.: 960 A2584 v.24 1992/94

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Excerpts of testimony, speeches, and remarks by Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright on Africa.
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The United States and Africa: Starting Points for a New Policy Framework by William Minter, pp 255-281.
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Includes information about development in Africa.
Book call no.: 338.90091724 S827w

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The United States and the Decolonization of Black Africa, 1945-63 by John Kent, pp 168-187
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The AIDS Crisis in Africa, pp 264-281.
Also available online at:
Book call no.: 353.13273 U581t

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See table of contents for sections on Somalia, Rwanda, and Liberia.
Book call no.: 341.584096 U58m


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African-U.S. economic relations.

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Global fund to fight HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

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"The Organization of African Unity is asking the U.S. government to restore to its UN mission in New York certain diplomatic privileges and immunities which were withdrawn five years ago by the Clinton administration."

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The African African-American Summit has been postponed.

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Inspects the Clinton administration's relationship with Africa.

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Chastises former U.S. ambassador to the UN Holbrooke for his statements about the Non-Aligned Movement within the UN.

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African countries express their dismay over the statements by U.S. Ambassador Holbrook over their membership in the Non-Aligned Movement.

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Egypt has a plan for the U.S. to follow in talks with the Sudan National Islamic Front.

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The United States Air Force provides services to African nations.

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C-130s reconfigured to ally fears of spying on Africa when engaged in humanitarian missions.

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Group Urges Colin Powell to Lead U.S. Delegation to Racism Confab in Africa. Jet 100:46 July 30, 2001.

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Discusses the African Growth and Opportunity Act signed by the U.S. president in May 2000.

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"Why do Americans treat us so badly? This is one angry Kenyan who says he is really fed up with being pushed around."

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The U.S. trains soldiers in Senegal and Nigeria.

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"African governments are paying millions of dollars to lobbyists in hopes of influencing Washington's policy."

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It appears that Colin Powell has chosen Walter Kansteiner as chief African adviser.

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Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney states why she believes that Mr. Kansteiner is not a good choice for Assistant Secretary of State for Africa.

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Interviews Rebecca Enonchong, co-founder of the Africa Technology Forum, about business opportunities in Africa.

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Speculates that the AIDS pandemic in Africa will dominate U.S. foreign policy toward Africa.

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Interviews Congresswoman McKinney from Georgia.

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U.S. Supreme Court rules that families of the Ogoni eight can sue for human rights abuses.

Plum Opportunities in Service. African Agenda 4,no.1&2:32-33 2001.
African-U.S. economic relations.

Political Coup in Washington: Will Africa Gain? West Africa 4279:27 June 11, 2001.
Discusses the implications of the Democratic Party taking control of the Senate.

Powell Undertakes Four-Nation Africa Assessment Tour. West Africa No.4277:25 May 28, 2001.

President Announces October Summit to Develop African Trade. Jet 99:6 June 4, 2001.
"Representatives of more than 35 Sub-Saharan African nations are expected to meet in Washington this October to discuss ways in which the U.S. can stimulate trade with them."

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"Thousands of delegates will gather in Abjua for the Sixth African-African American Summit to promote social and business links between Africa and the U.S.

A Two Legged Trojan Horse. African Agenda 4,no.1&2:31-32 2001.
Discusses the effect of the African Growth and Opportunity Act on Africa.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Pledges Support to IITA. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 6:42 September 2000.
U.S. support for the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in its pursuit to alleviate hunger.

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"Expect a more commercial and less sentimental foreign policy under George Bush."

USA/Africa: In the Lobbies. Africa Confidential 42:6-7 May 18, 2001.
Examines the scene for new lobbyists in Washington with the Bush administration. Chart lists lobbyists for 12 African nations.

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