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Somalia - Operation Restore Hope 
South Africa - Economic Conditions

Somalia - Operation Restore Hope 

Audio Tapes

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Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

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Ambush in Mogadishu. Boston, MA, PBS Home Video, 1998. 1 videocassette, 90 min.
Video call no.: 967.73053 A497

South Africa - Economic Conditions

 Internet Resources

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Available online at:
South African web site.

Government Communication and Information System (South Africa).
Available online at:
Includes documents, speeches, media releases, and a link to information about South Africa.

Michigan State University. Center for International Business Education and Research.  
 International Business Resources on the WWW (Africa).
Available online at:

South African Government Online.
Available online at:
Detailed information about the government.


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Africa 2001, edited by Charles H. Cutter. 36th ed. Harpers Ferry, WV, Stryker-Post Publications, 2001. 273 p.
General information about each country including history.
Book call no.: R 916 D724a 36th ed 2001

Africa South of the Sahara 2001. 30th ed. London, Europa Publications, 2001. 1279 p.
For most countries includes: physical and social geography, history, economy, statistical survey, directory and bibliography.
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Poverty, Inequality, and Security in South Africa, by Stephan Klasen and Fani Zulu, pp 42-63.
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Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion, edited by Marina Ottawy and Thomas Carothers. Washington, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2000. 339 p.
Voicing the Voiceless: Foreign Political Aid to Civil Society in South Africa by Christopher Landsberg, pp 105-131.
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For each country includes information about political framework, economic framework, and forecasts.
Book call no.: R 956.05 P769 2001

South Africa Yearbook 2000/2001, edited by Delien Burger. 7th ed. Pretoria, South Africa, Government Communication and Information System, 2000. 576 p.
Also available online at:
Book call no.: R 916.8 S7264 2000/2001

Southern Africa Profiled: Essential Facts on Society, Business and Politics in Southern Africa, edited by Barry Turner. New York, St. Martin's Press, 2000. 306 p.
South Africa, pp 1-170.
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Akintunde, Muyiwa. Invasion from the South. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 7:34-36 July 2001.
"South Africa's involvement in Nigeria's new mobile phone services is only the most high-profile example off one African giant's inroads into the other's economy."

Akpata-Ohohe, Bunmi. Changing Perceptions. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 7:36-37 July 2001.
President Mbeki's visit to Britain brings strong support from businesses to South Africa.

Bailey, Stewart. Strategic Decision. Flight International 158:47 August 29, 2000.
"South Africa is set to announce a foreign partner for Denel Aerospace as part of its industry rationalisation."

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Eskom-Africa's Power House. New African No.393:23-25+ February 2001.
Several articles about this utility provider.

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Considers the Blacks needs for compensation versus property rights in South African mines.

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"A rapid expansion in the trade and business relationship between Africa's economic giants is in part being driven by the rapport established by the two countries' vice presidents."

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"South African President Thabo Mbeki's recent visit to Nigeria highlighted the growing trade links between the two African giants."

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Describes a large telescope to be built in South Africa.

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Telescope to be built in South Africa.

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De Beers will end its monopoly on diamonds.

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South Africa: Calling Labour's Bluff. Africa Confidential 41:3-5 September 1, 2000.
"Black union militants are planning new clashes with the African National Congress government over jobs and labour reform."

South Africa: Market Failure. Africa Confidential 42:4-6 March 9, 2001.
"Liberal economies aren't producing jobs or growth."

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