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South Africa - Military Aspects 

South Africa - Military Aspects 


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Burgess, Stephen and Purkeitt, Helen. The Rollback of South Africa's Biological Warfare Program. Colorado Springs, CO, USAF Institute for National Security Studies. U.S. Air Force Academy, 2001. 119 p. (INSS Occasional Paper, no. 37)
The same title with the addition of a chronolgy has been issued by the USAF Counterproliferation Center. Call number 358.30968 B955ra.
Book call no.: 358.30968 B955r

Feinstein, Anthony. In Conflict. Windhoek, Namibia, New Namibia Books, 1998. 156 p.
The diary of Anthony Feinstein who served as a medical officer in the South African Defence Force in northern Namibia in 1983.
Book call no.: 968.8103 F299i

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Book call no.: 322.5096809049 F829s

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Book call no.: 355.8251190968 H8230

Jane's Sentinel: Security Assessment: Southern Africa 2001. Alexandria, VA, Jane's Information Group, 2000. 567 p.
Has general information about each country and detailed information about each country's defense.
Book call no.: R 968 J33 2001 Jan-Jun

The Military Balance 2000-2001. London, Oxford University Press for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2000. 320 p.
South Africa, pp 282-283.
Book call no.: R 355 L847m 2000/2001

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Book call no.: R 355 A734w 1998


Boeder, Robert B. Dancing with Death: PSYOP Aspects of the AIDS Epidemic in South Africa. Fort Bragg, NC, Strategic Studies Detachment/EUCOM 4th Psychological Operation Group (Airborne), April 2000. 13 p.
Doc. call no.: M-U 43151-247

Nkomo, Pax D. T. The Military and Nation Building: A Comparative Study of Nigerian and South African Military As Instruments of National Integration. Monterey, CA, Naval Postgraduate School, June 1999. 110 p.
Doc. call no.: M-U 42525 N738m


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South African teams perform well at the South African Army's Airborne Africa 2001.

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African Aerospace and Defense 2000 show September 2000.

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Interviews the chairman of Armscor, Ron Haywood.

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 "Twenty-four-5-man teams from 24 defence forces have been invited to participate in the Airborne Africa Operational Readiness Competition, which will be held in South Africa from March 22 to April 3, 2001."

Considering the Environment. SALUT 7:26-47 October 2000.
Several articles about the military and the environment.

Dealing with HIV/AIDS in the Department of Defense. SALUT 7:20-21 September 2000.

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The Overberg Test Range (OTB) is near an ecologically sensitive area.

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"The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) faces a financial crisis that may further erode its remaining operational capability over the next few years."

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Part 2: September 2000 pages 28-29.

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Conference discusses the role of women in DoD.

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Air Force protection team.

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Ministerial Inquiry Submits Its Interim Report. SALUT 7:5-6 November 2000.
Lists problems and achievements found in the SA Defence review.

More Protection Plan for South Africa's Fishing Rights: For Vessels to Be Taken into Service. African Armed Forces, p 15, May 2001.
South Africa prepares to protect itself from poachers in its waters.

A NATO Force: The Belgian Air Force: F-16 Flight to Visit RSA. African Armed Forces, pp 15-17, July 2000. 
Belgian Air Force will participate in the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2000 exhibition in September 2000.

"The Need for the SANDF Is Strongly Supported in Parliament..." Military Technology 24,no.8:67-68+ 2000.
"Interview with His Excellency Mosiuoa Gerard Patrick Lekota, Minister of Defence of South Africa."

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Discusses coalition warfare and its implications for South Africa.

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OTB Test Range Receives ISO 14001 Certification Developing the "Game." African Armed Forces, pp 25-26, February 2001. 
The Overberg Test Range (OTB) is near an ecologically sensitive area.

OTS Keeping up with Demand. African Armed Forces, pp 15+, August 2000. Upgrading instrumentation at the Denel's missile test range in the Western Cape.

Owen, Ken. The waBenzi Rule-OK? Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 7:25-26 May 2001.
"Allegations about links between the award of huge weapons contracts and the sudden acquisition of expensive new cars by political figures."

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"As the SAAF celebrates its 80th anniversary with new procurements, it faces a major recruitment challenge."

People's Liberation Army Visit. SALUT 7:7 November 2000.

People's Republic of China Navy Visits. SALUT 7:19 September 2000.

The Present and the Future: Armscor of South Africa. African Armed Forces, pp 17-18, February 2001. 
Interviews Sipho Thomo, CEO of Armscor.

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SA Firm Secures Tracking System Deal. African Armed Forces, pp 39-40, August 2000.  "Stellenbosch based Reutech Radar Systems has been awarded a contract for the supply of highly advanced radar and optronic tracking systems for the four German-manufactured naval patrol corvettes."

The SA National Defence Force. SALUT 7:24-25 December 2000.

The SAAF Heads for the Future. Military Technology 24,no.10:82-84+ 2000.
"Interview with Lt.Gen. R.J. Beukes, Chief of the South African Air Force."

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Smith, Charles. It Can Only Be Described as One Help of Inexperience. SALUT 7:26-27 August  2000
 South African helicopters sent to Mozambique.

South Africa. Military Technology 25:284-287 World Defence Almanac 2000-2001.
Force structure.

South Africa: Arms for Oblivion. Africa Confidential 42:6-7 February 9, 2001.
"Who should investigate the multi-billion arms deal with Western companies?"

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The South African Joint Air Defence Symposium 2001. African Armed Forces, p 13, June 2001.

The Stage Set for Deployment in the DRC. SALUT 7:12 August 2000.
"The SANDF is prepared and ready to deploy a contention of specialists to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Stemmet, Advocate A. The South African Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act. RUSI Journal 145:37-42 October 2000.

Turbomeca Secures South African Contract. African Armed Forces, p 42, August 2000. 
Turbomeca will supply 60 engines for the South Africa Air Force's Augusta A109M helicopter.

Under Fire for Target Practice. Navy Times 50:6 January 22, 2001.
Military unit under investigation for using a photograph of President Mbeki for target practice.

Van Nieuwkerk, Anthoni. The Reality of Stability in Africa: The Case of Angola and Namibia. SALUT 7:24-27 September 2000.

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Wrong Number, Again. Africa Confidential 42:2 February 23, 2001.
South Africa's hopes of selling G6 artillery pieces to Saudi Arabia appear to be dashed by the Saudi continued reliance on U.S. military support.

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