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Government of Uganda.
Available online at:


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An international treatment and training center will be set up in Kampala.

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"The final death toll in the doomsday cult massacre and mass suicide in March was 780."

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"Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has launched a two-year anti-corruption campaign."

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Uganda is hit by Ebola.

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World Bank praises Uganda's economic success, but author accuses Uganda of looting the resources from Congo.

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Boys as young as 10 are being recruited to fight in the Congo by Uganda and Rwanda.

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Allegations that money given for schools is being mismanaged.

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UN Panel urges strong measures against looters of natural resources in Congo.

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"President Museveni faces popular opponents in the March election, but his hold on Ugandans' psyche remains strong."

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Mwalulu, Jackson. Now It's Personal. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 7:19 May 2001.
President Museveni continues to attack Kiiza Besigye, his opponent in recent elections.

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Official statement of the people's AIDS conference in Nkozi, Uganda.

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A referendum for a non-party democracy only wins half-heartedly.

Opposition Leader's Wife Charged with Sedition. West Africa No.4272:24 April 23, 2001.
"The wife of former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye has been charged with two counts of sedition for comments she made on Kenyan television."

Pain Without to Gain. New Internationalist No.333:8 April 2001.
Researchers from United States observed married couples in Uganda but provided no treatment for HIV.

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"Ugandan schools are looking to their English counterparts to show how model governors function."

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Box on page 25 has segment called how the poor have influenced the Uganda's poverty reduction strategy.

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Ebola in Uganda.

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President Museveni's reelection is questioned.

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Force structure.

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"President Museveni's crushing victory raises concerns about the return of personal rule."

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"The country's long-serving president is challenged by his former doctor."

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