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Africa - Military Aspects
Africa - Natural Resources

Africa - Military Aspects


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Aspects of Peacekeeping, edited by D. S. Gordon and F.H. Toase. Portland, OR, Frank Cass, 2001. 286 p. (The Sandhurst Conference Series, no. 2)
Regional Initiatives and Non-UN Forms of Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa by Edmund Yorke, pp 78-98.
Book call no.: 341.584 A838

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Book call no.: 341.584096 B516p

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Book call no.: 355.3096 C554e

Common Security and Civil Society in Africa, edited by Lennart Wohlgemuth and others. Stockholm, Sweden, Nordiska Afrikainstitutet, 1999. 216 p.
Book call no.: 327.17096 C734

Decalo, Samuel. Civil-Military Relations in Africa. Gainesville, FL, Florida Academic Press, 1998. 206 p. (African Studies Series, no.2)
Book call no.: 322.5096 D291c

Ethnicity Kills? The Politics of War, Peace and Ethnicity in SubSaharan Africa, edited by Einar Braathen and others. New York, St. Martin's Press, 2000. 223 p. (International Political Economy)
Book call no.: 967.04 E84

Gantzel, Klaus Jurgen and Schwinghammer, Torsten. Warfare since the Second World War. New Brunswick, NJ, Transaction Publishers, 2000. 554 p.
War Register 1945-1992 for Africa, pp 291-353.
Book call no.: 355.009045 G211w

The Military Balance 2000-2001. London, Oxford University Press for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2000. 320 p.
Discusses military developments in the regions of Africa, defense spending for the regions of Africa, and arms orders and deliveries in Sub-Saharan Africa from 1999-2000 for each country.
Book call no.: R 355 L847m 2000/2001

Peacebuilding: A Field Guide, edited by Luc Reychler and Thania Paffenholz. Boulder, CO, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2001. 573 p.
Undue Pressure: International Mediation in African Civil Wars by Laurie Nathan, pp 184-198.
Book call no.: 303.69 P355

Pfetsch, Frank R. and Rohloff, Christopher. National and International Conflicts, 1945-1995: New Empirical and Theoretical Approaches. New York, Routledge, 2000. 282 p. (Routledge Advance in International Relations and Politics, no. 11)
Appendix: KOSIMO Conflicts 1945-95 by Regions in Chronological Order (Sub-Saharan Africa), pp 240-244. Listing of applicable conflicts including start and end dates, issues and intensity.
Book call no.: 303.6 P528n

Politics and Economics of Africa, Volume I edited by Frank Columbus. Huntington, NY, Nova Science Publishers, 2001. 203 p.
Book call no.: 320.96 P7694

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Book call no.: 327.170967 P355

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Military Expenditure in Africa by Wuyi Omitoogun, pp 291-298.
Book call no.: 341.67 S864s 2000

Strategic Survey 2000/2001. London, Oxford University Press for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, 2000. 1 vol.
Africa, 223-263.
Book call no.: R 327 L8471s 2000/2001


African Center for Strategic Studies: Senior Leader Seminar, Academic Summary 1-12 November 1999. Dakar, Senegal, 1999. 45 p.
Doc. call no.: M-U 42764-413

Middle East and Africa Theatre Recognition Guide, Supplement 1. Washington, Defense Intelligence Agency, January 1997. 33 p.
Doc. call no.: M-U 41290-1572 no.57-25-131 pt1 1997 Jan. supplement 1.

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Doc. call no.: M-U 42022 P771a


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"The international community is at last taking action to end the illegal trade in diamonds that finances some of Africa's most vicious conflicts."

Asante, Ben. Summit to Solve Conflicts. West Africa 4279:24-25 June 11, 2001.
Lome, the capital of Togo was the site of a peace conference of African leaders under the auspices of the OAU to look for solutions to African conflicts.

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Peacekeeping in Africa.

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Children at War. U.S. News & World Report 130:10 June 25, 2001.
Table shows number of children after war in Burundi, Uganda, Angola, and Congo.

Corelli, Rae. 'Early in, Early out.' Maclean's 114:26-29 June 25, 2001.
Article includes information on Canadian peacekeepers in Africa.

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Engelbrecht, Leon. Reserves for Africa: Cost-Effective Force Multiplier. African Armed Forces, pp 25-26, February 2001. 
The Overberg Test Range (OTB) is near an ecologically sensitive area.

France/Africa: Recamping out. Africa Confidential 42:8 May 4, 2001.
France holds exercises in its peacekeeping programs for Africa.

France/Africa: The New Foreign Legion. Africa Confidential 42:1-2 May 18, 2001.
French initiative Recamp for peacekeeping in Africa.

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A workshop in Ghana discusses small arms and security.

International Community Takes a Close Look at Conflict Diamonds. UN Chronicle 37,no.3:64 2000.

Kamara, Jean. Peace Mechanism Not Working. West Africa No.4266:13 March 12, 2001.
Study investigates conflicts in Africa.

Lokongo, Antoine. Big Powers Double Game. New African No.392:15 January 2001.
Efforts to ban illegal diamonds from conflict areas.

Mbogo, Stephen. Call to Implement Landmine Treaty. West Africa No.4264:23 March 24, 2001.
African countries are being asked to implement the ban on landmines.

Mbogo, Stephen. Mercenaries Accused of Crimes. West Africa No.4272:22 April 23, 2001.
"A new report alleges that providers of private security services have contributed to gross human rights abuses in Africa."

A Mother-and-Child Reunion. Time 157:32-36 May 14, 2001.
"Africa's wars have dislocated thousands of children."

Nkiwane, Tandeka. The Future of Peacekeeping in Africa. Africa Insight 30:26-32 December 2000.
Questions the credibility of UN peacekeeping in Africa.

O'Brien, David. The Search for Subsidiarity: The UN, African Regional Organizations and Humanitarian Action. International Peacekeeping 7:57-83 Autumn 2000.

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Spears, Ian S. Building Confidence Amidst Africa's Civil Wars: The Opportunities and Constraints. Civil Wars 3:23-50 Summer 2000.

Tanzanite: French Support for African Bases: There Support Exercises. African Armed Forces, p 9, May 2001.
 "Tanzanite will be the third in a series of military exercises designed to develop abilities regarding peace-support operations."

Williams, Rocky. From Peacekeeping to Peacebuilding? South African Policy and Practice in Peace Missions. International Peacekeeping 7:84-104 Autumn 2000.

Zartman, I. William. Bordering on War: The Clear Marking of Boundaries Between African Nations Can Help Prevent Costly and Debilitating Border Conflicts. Foreign Policy No.124:66-67 May-June 2001.

Africa - Natural Resources


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

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Grove, A. T. The Changing Geography of Africa. New York, Oxford University Press, 1989. 242 p.
Book call no.: 916.09724 G883c

Politics and Economics of Africa, Volume I edited by Frank Columbus. Huntington, NY, Nova Science Publishers, 2001. 203 p.
African Minerals and Their Potential Roles in Economic Development Policy by Marc Humphries, pp 169-193.
Book call no.: 320.96 P7694

Sustaining the Future: Economic, Social, and Environmental Change in Sub-Saharan Africa, edited by George Benneh and others. New York, United Nations University Press, 1996. 365 p.
Environmental Issues and Futures, pp 123-200. 
Environment and Resource Management, pp 215-300.
Book call no.: 338.967 S964


Abraham, Kurt S. ExxonMobil Hits Milestone Offshore Angola. World Oil 222:33 May 2001.

Adoko, Krispin. Africa and GM Crops: Caution Advised. West Africa No.4286:30-32 July 30, 2001.
Disagreement over growing genetically modified crops in Africa.

Awuonda, Moussa. Banning Dangerous Chemicals. West Africa No.4281:24-25 June 25, 2001.

Balmford, Andrew and others. Conservation Conflicts across Africa. Science 291:2616-2619 March 30, 2001.

Balter, Michael. Paleontological Rift in the Rift Valley. Science 292:198-201 April 13, 2001.
"A bitter dispute over rights to hunt for fossils in the Tugen Hills indicates that the old way of regulating paleontology in Kenya is in flux."

Check, Erika. The Silence of the Woods. Newsweek 136:65 November 13, 2000.
Reports the possible extinction of a primate in the forests of western Africa.

Coghlan, Andy. Green Menace. New Scientist 170:6 June 9, 2001.
"Anti-biotech groups are blamed for holding back Africa's farmers."

Conway, Gordon and Sechler, Susan. Helping Africa Feed Itself. Science 289:1685 September 8, 2000.

FAO to Act on Illegal Fishing. West Africa No.4268:21 March 26, 2001.

Fisher, Daniel. One Tamed Wildcat. Forbes 166:76+ October 16, 2000.
Oil off the coast of West Africa comes to the aid of Triton Energy.

Gas Pipeline Scheme: Is It Environment Friendly? Maybe It Is...or Maybe It Isn't. West Africa No.4259:30-31 January 22, 2001.
Two articles about the West African Pipeline Project.

Holm, Per Annar. The Fish Filter of West Africa. World Press Review 47:43 September 2000.
Norway plans to fish off the West African coast.

Hotspots! New Internationalist No.335:22-23 June 2001.
Examines oil exploration in Sudan, Chad and Cameroon, and Nigeria.

The Incredible Shrinking Lake. Science Teacher 68:16 May 2001.
Comments on the declining size of Lake Chad.

Jetz, Walter and Rahbek, Carsten. Geometric Constraints Explain Much of the Species Richness Pattern in African Birds. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States Of America 98:5661-5666 May 8, 2001.

Jones, Nicola. The Monster in the Lake. The New Scientist 169:36-40 March 24, 2001.
Efforts to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in Lake Nyos.

Kamara, Jean. Closing in on Arms and Diamond Rackets. West Africa No.4258:17-18 January 15, 2001.
Reports efforts to disclose the means used to smuggle diamonds.

Kamara, Jean. The Wealth Plunderers. West Africa No.4273:23-24 April 30, 2001.
States that the participants in the conflict in the Congo are plundering the natural resources.

Kenety, Brian. Overfishing by EU Fleets to Be Curbed. West Africa No.4268:20 March 26, 2001.

'Killer Lake' Degassed. West Africa No.4262:25 February 12, 2001.
"An international team of scientists have begun siphoning toxic gas from Cameroon's toxic volcanic Lake Nyos."

Lodge, Nick. Rainforest Concerns. West Africa No.4265:20 March 5, 2001.

Machan, Dyan. The Bushmeat Crisis: Jane Goodall Has Devoted Her Life to Studying Chimps. Her New Mission Is to Save Them from an African's Dinner Plate. Forbes 166:130+ November 13, 2000.

Mbogo, Stephen. Africa's Water Problems. West Africa No.4286:16-17 July 30, 2001.

Moyela, Muyiwa. All Hands to the Pumps. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 6:34-36 December 2000.
Oil production in Nigeria.

Okpalaeke, Declan. The Curse of Black Gold. West Africa No.4270:10-14 April 9, 2001.

Otabil, Bernard. Africa and Global Warming. West Africa No.4286:11-12 July 30, 2001.

Pearce, Fred. Gotta Catch Them All: Europe Wants a License to Kill off One of the World's Last Great Fisheries. New Scientist 169:19 March 31, 2001.
"The European Union is demanding an increase of up to 60 percent in the amount of fish its trawlers are allowed to catch off West Africa."

Predators into Soup. Economist 359:48 June 16, 2001.
"Eastern promise is doing away with West Africa's sharks.

Raeburn, Paul. This Clean Oil Deal Is Already Tainted. Business Week No.3731:92 May 7, 2001.
Extraction of oil from Chad.

Snyder, Robert E. Western African Growth. World Oil 222:29 January 2001.
"West Africa is forecast to be the target of a huge surge in offshore oil/gas field investment."

Vergnani, Linda. Scientists Focus on Africa's Burning Environmental Problem. Chronicle of Higher Education 47:A20+ September 29, 2000.

Verheye, Willy H. Food Production or Food Aid? An African Challenge. Finance & Development 37:38-41 December 2000.

Vogel, Gretchen. New Easy Answers for Biodiversity in Africa. Science 291:2529-2530 March 30, 2001.

Waste Not, Want Not. Scientific American 284:54-55 February 2001.
Recycling wastewater for usage in Namibia.

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