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Sub-Saharan Africa
Western Africa 

Sub-Saharan Africa 


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Africa Contemporary Record, edited by Colin Legum. New York, Africana Publishing, 2000. 1 vol.
Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa by Vladimire B. Lordansky, pp A159-A166.
Book call no.: 960 A2584 v.24 1992/94

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Book call no.: 306.096 A258

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Regional Initiatives and Non-UN Forms of Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa by Edmund Yorke, pp 78-98.
Book call no.: 341.584 A838

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Book call no.: 327.17096 C734

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The Rationality and Irrationality of Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa by Mohamed Suliman, 25-44.
Book call no.: 363.7009 1724 E19

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Book call no.: 967.04 E84

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Book call no.: 363.2096 H655p

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Regional Economic Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa by Piet Konings and Henk Meilink, pp 128-145.
Book call no.: 337.47 F363r

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Book call no.: 338.96 P879

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Discusses military developments in the regions of Africa, defense spending for the regions of Africa, and arms orders and deliveries in Sub-Saharan Africa from 1999-2000 for each country.
Book call no.: R 355 L847m 2000/2001

The Political Economy of Tourism Development in Africa, edited by Peter U.C. Dieke. New York, Cognizant Communication Corporation, 2000. 355 p.
Tourism and Land Tenure in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Expansion of the Modern Space Economy by David B. Weaver, pp 260-273.
Book call no.: 338.4791 P769

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Book call no.: 320.96 P7694

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Book call no.: 320.967 R336

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"For Fear of Being Condemned as Old Fashioned": Liberal Democracy Versus Popular Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa by John S. Saul, pp 41-81.
Book call no.: 320.967 S747

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Book call no.: 338.967 S964

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Warlordism and Drug Trafficking: From Southeast Asia to Sub-Saharan Africa by Glen Segell, pp 38-51.
Book call no.: 327.16 W277

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Trade Integration and Sub-Saharan Africa, pp 75-84.
Book call no.: R 338.5 W927w 2001 May


Akpata-Ohohe, Bunmi. Libya: Anti-Black Africa. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 6:7 November 2000.
"The continued mass repatriation of black Africans from Libya is seen as a huge embarrassment to Colonel Muammar Qaddafi."

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The U.S. Export-Import Bank provides funding for Sub-Saharan Africa for medical equipment and services to fight AIDS.

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Reports on the formation of a the Community of Sahelo-Saharan States (Cen-Sad).

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A UN report shows the effect of AIDS on Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Western Africa 


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

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Book call no.: 341.584096662 A154e

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    Economic Community of Central African States, pp 201-206.
Book call no. 341.584096 B516p

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Nigeria and West Africa: From a Regional Security Complex to a Regional Security Community by Morten Boas, pp 141-162.
Book call no.: 967.04 E84

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The Tree of Forgetfulness, pp 192-229.
Book call no.: 960 G259w

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Book call no.: 320.967 R336

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Book call no.: R 327 L8471s 2000/2001

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Book call no.: 337.1 S941


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Doc. call no.: M-U 39080-537 M478e


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Akpata-Ohohe, Bunmi. Guinea/Liberia/Sierra Leone: Border Tensions. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 6:6 November 2000.

Akpata-Ohohe, Bunmi. Guinea: Refugees Attacked. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 6:6 October 2000.
"The Guinea government stands accused of inciting armed attacks against Sierra Leonean and the Liberian refugees who have fled ongoing civil conflicts in their respective countries."

Asante, Ben. Parliament Gets Down to Business. West Africa No.4261:18-19 February 5, 2001.
ECOWAS meets in its first business session of the community parliament.

Asante, Ben. Women Act to End the War. West Africa No.4280:23-24 June 18, 2001.
Women from the Manou River region met to work for peace.

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Peacekeeping in Africa.

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Reports the possible extinction of a primate in the forests of western Africa.

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Debt-Too Big a Load. African Agenda 4,no.3:8-17 2001.
Looks at the debt of the Western African countries: Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Togo, Senegal, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Mali.

Diamonds Are a War's Best Friend. Economist 359:51-52 May 12, 2001.
To stem the flow of diamonds from Sierra Leone, UN sanctions have been placed on Liberia.

Diamonds I: Masters of War. Africa Confidential 41:1-3 August 4, 2000.
"The UN's latest probe into the arms-for -gems trade is exposing the political and business networks behind West Africa's wars."

Does Britain Produce Diamonds? New African No.390:28-29 November 2000.

Fisher, Daniel. One Tamed Wildcat. Forbes 166:76+ October 16, 2000.
Oil off the coast of West Africa comes to the aid of Triton Energy.

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Economic considerations in Western Africa.

Guinea in Crisis as Area's Refugees Pour in. Migration World Magazine 29,no.3:9 2001.

Guinea: The War Moves North. Africa Confidential 42:3-5 January 26, 2001.
"Burkina and Liberia's warlords take aim at President Conte's rickety regime."

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"Sliding into chaos: Sierra Leone, Liberia, now Guinea."

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"Humanitarian organisations in Guinea and Sierra Leone were struggling to reach thousands of refugees stranded in the crossfire caused by renewed clashes between rebels and government forces."

Here Comes the Refugees. World Press Review 48:19 May 2001.
Refugees in western Africa.

Holm, Per Annar. The Fish Filter of West Africa. World Press Review 47:43 September 2000.
Norway plans to fish off the West African coast.

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Libya/West Africa: Racist Rage. Africa Confidential 41:8 October 13, 2000.
Libyans attack blacks.

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Refugees in West Africa.

The Manou River (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone). African Agenda 4,no.3:18-20 2001.
Examines the countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Moyela, Muyiwa. Building from a Low Base. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 7:46-47 February 2001.
"Members of the Economic Community of West African States, including some of the poorest countries on the continent, see the virtues of economic cooperation. But so far practice has fallen short of the ideal."

N'Diaye, Boubacar. The Military in West African Politics: A Selective Annotated Bibliography. Journal of Political and Military Sociology 28:356-359 Winter 2000.

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Discusses the plight of Sierra Leonean refugees.

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ECOWAS aims for closer economic integration.

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"The UN peacekeeping operation in Sierra Leone has been damaged by allegations by the force's Indian commander about corruption among some of its Nigerian officers."

Pearce, Fred. Gotta Catch Them All: Europe Wants a License to Kill off One of the World's Last Great Fisheries. New Scientist 169:19 March 31, 2001.
"The European Union is demanding an increase of up to 60 percent in the amount of fish its trawlers are allowed to catch off West Africa."

Pogrom. Economist 357:56 October 14, 2000.
Libyans attack and kill other African living within Libya.

Predators into Soup. Economist 359:48 June 16, 2001.
"Eastern promise is doing away with West Africa's sharks.

Radio Revolution as FM Stations Multiply. African Agenda 4,no.1&2:16-17 2001.
FM radio stations in West Africa.

Robinson, Simon. An Awful Human Trade. Time 157:40-41 April 30, 2001.
Child slavery in West Africa.

Sherman, Jason. Arm's Length: The Pentagon Hopes to Foster Good Changes in Difficult Places by Teaming up with Two Nations It Once Ignored. Armed Forces Journal International 138:30+ September 2000.

Slave-Ships in the 21st Century? Economist 358:41 April 21, 2001.
Discusses a ship from Benin that was thought to have child slaves on board. Also looks at child slavery in West Africa.

Snyder, Robert E. Western African Growth. World Oil 222:29 January 2001.
"West Africa is forecast to be the target of a huge surge in offshore oil/gas field investment."

The Spreading Battleground. Economist 358:48 April 7, 2001.
"A chunk of West Africa is in danger of being engulfed in Sierra Leone's war.

Too Many Boats for Too Few Fish. Economist 359:48 June 16, 2001.
The fish industry in western Africa.

The War That Spread. Economist 359:15-16 May 19, 2001.
"The UN is abreast of West Africa's complex war, but it does not have the resources to help end it."

West Africa at the Crossroads. African Agenda 4,no.3:4-7 2001.
Examines economics, politics, and Western involvement in West Africa.

West Africa: The Calabash Bubbles. Africa Confidential 41:7 November 10, 2000.
"Almost everything that could go wrong this year has contrived to do so. A new arc of crisis - Cote D'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - is the focus of escalating insurgencies and counter-insurgencies."

Who Is Responsible? World Press Review 48:19 May 2001.
Looks to place the blame for chaos in western Africa.

Yakpo, E. K. M. ECOWAS and Peacemaking. West Africa No.4275:14-16 May 14, 2001.

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