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South Africa-Natural Resources
South Africa-Politics and Government

South Africa - Natural Resources

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"Environmental management must be made an integral part of business strategy in South Africa."

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"Water disruptions in South Africa led to extreme flooding in neighboring Mozambique in 2000."

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"Seismic analysis of the lithosphere, undertaken as part of the Kaapvaal project, provide an unprecedented view of cratons-the earliest parts of continental land masses."

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"South African government's attempt to open up its mining industry to all and sundry through a new bill pits it against very powerful business groups."

Tewari, D. D. Sustainability of Commercial Forestry in a Changing Socioeconomic and Legal Environment: A Case Study of South Africa. Africa Today 48:50-74 Spring 2001.

South Africa - Politics and Government 

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Dr. Basson found not guilty of all charges.

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President Mbeki's state of the nation address.

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The Democratic Alliance, the opposition party, is involved in a scandal.

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Dr. Wouter Basson's trial continues.

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"South African government's attempt to open up its mining industry to all and sundry through a new bill pits it against very powerful business groups."

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"The Zulu leader and some tough friends threaten to open Natal's wounds."

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Discusses the trial of Dr. Wouter Basson, also known as Dr. Death.

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"Squabbles and scandals are now destroying the only opposition which really mattered."

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"In a year of international negotiations and party elections, Mbeki will need loyal friends."

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"The former apartheid party negotiates its way to obscurity."

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The executive branch of government is assuming more power including usurping oversight of intelligence.

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"Ahead of a hectic six months of hosting world leaders and trying to write trade concessions from them, Mbeki changes course."

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"As President Mugabe tightens his grip on power, other African heads of state announce they intend to retire gracefully."

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Includes a discussion on truth commissions including those in South Africa and Sierra Leone.

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Discusses President Mbeki's interest in supply services.

University of Wiwatersrand's Medical School and Four Teaching Hospitals in Johannesburg Have Criticized What They Called the South African Government's Inaction in Response to the AIDS Epidemic. Chronicle of Higher Education 48:A42 December 14, 2001.

Want Them, Throw Them out. Economist 363:43 June 8, 2002.
Suggests that a new immigration policy will not solve labor shortages in South Africa.

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