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Economic repercussions of September 11 on Africa.

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Irish rock musician Bono, U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and actor Chris Tucker went on a 12-day fact finding tour to Africa.

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Reports on Paul O'Neill's trip in Africa.

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"U.S. moves in Somalia do not portend a major attack, according to sources in Washington."

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Several articles about the African-US relationship.

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Reports on the third U.S.-Africa Business Summit.

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"The slaughter in the USA creates economic and political problems for Africans."

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"Forget the broad principles, Bush's people prefer trade, practical details and anti-terrorism."

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"American policies towards Africa are unlikely to change despite the recent trip to the continent by a senior minister."



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Several articles about AIDS in Africa.

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Theaters in small communities in Kenya provide lessons for all about AIDS.

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Mutation protects some from malaria, but malaria is still a problem.

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"A new campaign to control the deadly tsetse fly in Africa, parasitic carrier of sleeping sickness, has been launched by the OAU to cope with the return of a menace that had been thought to be under control."

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"As the AIDS conference opens in Spain, scientists are finding new, potentially dangerous viruses in the monkeys of central Africa."

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Efforts to eradicate measles from Africa.

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"According to the Wall Street Journal, Tanzania's Department of Health is investigating whether a human trial of an experimental AIDS drug, Virodene PO58, was conducted without proper regulatory approval."

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"One in six monkeys eaten as Bushmeat in Cameroon are infected with the simian equivalent of HIV."

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Drug companies make low-cost drugs available to treat ancient diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.

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"An ambitious campaign to rid Africa of one of the greatest scourges, the tsetse fly, was launched this week by African countries with the support of U.N. agencies."

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Describes the life of a girl, orphaned by AIDS, living in Uganda.

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Several articles about combating malaria in Africa.

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Seeks better treatment to fight malaria especially in underdeveloped countries such as those in Africa.

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Clinical studies were performed in Nigeria and Mali.

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"Investigates how health sector reforms instituted by the Bretton Woods institutions are crippling low-income countries."

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"Researchers in Burkina Faso are seeking ways to control meningitis."

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"Carcinogenic chemical waste that is polluting the main port of the tiny East African country of Djibouti should be cleaned up and sent back to Britain, says a UN agency."

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"Taking the bite out of tsetse doesn't have to cost billions."

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Plan to rid Africa of Tsetse flies is criticized by an expert on insect pests.

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Study shows that evolution affects the birth rate of women in Mali.

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"A new campaign in Africa to control the deadly tsetse fly, the carrier of sleeping sickness, has been launched by the Organization of African Unity."

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"Doctors and pharmacists are concerned over the widespread sale of drugs, cheap but often defective, by ordinary traders."

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Article expresses hope that polio can be eradicated by 2005 however Africa is one of the difficulties.

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Catholic bishops are not united in condemning the use of condoms to fight AIDS.

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Discusses turuli ulcer disease.

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Burkina Faso's fight against AIDS.

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