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Natural Resources

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Biography of Michael Fay, conservation biologist, in Central Africa on pages 161-163.
Book call no.: R 920.02 2001


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Provides excerpts of the New Africa Initiative written by the African Union.

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"Examines the fishing crisis facing West African countries today because of foreign overfishing."

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Equatorial Guinea reaps a harvest of money from offshore oil drilling.

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"Western oil companys' power is vast and sometimes goes beyond controlling oil production and income to include interference in conflicts."

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Reports on preparations for the Africa in World Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in Johannesburg August 30 to September 5.

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Cites mining in Ghana for putting profit ahead of the environment.

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Discusses the Namib horses of Namibia.

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"Water disruptions in South Africa led to extreme flooding in neighboring Mozambique in 2000."

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"East African animals respond to abrupt climate change 2.8 million years ago, but climate effect on human ancestors remains unclear."

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Mining tanzanite.

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"A flood of new discoveries offshore Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, and onshore North Africa, has made this the world's leading exploration place."

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"How the Clinton Administration and its friends, who had publicly pledged to help Africa out of poverty, rigged the gold market to Africa's detriment."

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"Pollution from the West may have plunged Africa into drought."

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"Petroleum has been the subject of some controversy in Ghana lately."

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"Western concerns about instability in the Middle East send oil companies south."

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"Oil companies meet human rights and political challenges in Africa's new fields."

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"The activities of West African Rice Development Association (WARDA) and the global fight against hunger."

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Interviews Annette Lanjouw, a Dutch primatologist, about mountain gorillas in the Great Lakes region of central Africa.

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Discusses what it calls the myth of the desertification of Africa.

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Several articles about the effects of the second UN Earth Summit on Africa. Articles look at genetically modified crops and impending water crisis.

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Shell on Earth. Ecologist 31:18 September 2001.
"Blatantly disregarding the concerns of local communities, the Board of Directors of the International Finance Corporation; the World Bank's private lending arm, approved a $15 million loan in June that would benefit the Shell Petroleum Development Corp. of Nigeria."

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"Petroleum has been the subject of some controversy in Ghana lately."

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Efforts to build an oil pipeline between Chad and Cameroon.

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"Reports on a South African gold giants mining in Mali and exploration in Cote D'Ivoire and Senegal."

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Discusses the work of Kerry Bowman on behalf of the great apes of Cameroon.

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"Examines how African oil is bringing fortunes to oil companies but disruption and damage to many African communities."

Politics and Government


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Evaluates initiatives for continental unity.

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"Assesses the impact of reform programmes on Africa's development and growth."

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Several articles about the International Criminal Court.

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Briefly discusses the Raelian Movement.

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Two articles discussing the best form of democracy for Africa.

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"Much needs to be done to make effective unity and integration in Africa possible, including harmonisation of economic policies and improvement of transport links, an ECA report says."

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Discusses African political systems that work.

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Discusses the Third African Development Forum.

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Expresses concern over corruption in Africa, despite anti-corruption initiatives.

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"After a century of demise the traditional capacity in Africa to hold rural lands in common is seeing a wave of unexpected recognition in revised national land laws in eastern and southern Africa, a development which could signal a dramatic turning point in the future of common properties."


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