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Central Africa

Internet Resources

Space Agency Donates Satellites to Help Study Ebola. Lancet 363: January 10, 2004. 1 p.
Available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=11902904
"European space agency will use satellites to help study Ebola outbreaks in Africa."

Walter, William. Blurry Borders: Violet Conflict Threatens Zambia. Harvard International Review 25: Winter 2004. 2 p.
Available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=mth&an=11802210
"Looks at the violent conflict that threatens Zambia."


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Ethnicity As Myth: The View from Central Africa by Rene Lemarchard, pp 187-112.
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Book call no.: 967.6 C553g


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The Inter-Congolese Dialogue has failed to achieve peace in the Congo.
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=mth&an=12441096

Central Africa: No Warring but Warning. Africa Confidential 45:4-5 January 9, 2003.
Discusses possible peace in Central Africa.

Great Lakes: The Shape of Things to Come. New African No.427:28-29 March 2004.
"Previews the international conference on the Great Lakes Region to be held under UN and AU auspices in Tanzania in mid 2004 with the aim of finding lasting solutions to the multifaceted conflicts in the region."
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=12599267

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"Exposes the networks of arms dealers, smugglers, merchants, warlords and governments in the Great Lakes Region.
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=13108919

Wakabi, Wairagala. Niggling Problems. Africa Today: Voice of the Continent 10:28-29 February 2004.
"Peace efforts between the DR Congo and its neighbours continue to gather pace but there are still some obstacles to overcome."

Eastern Africa


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"The presidents of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have signed what has been termed an historical agreement, yet again, towards re-establishing the East African Common Market."

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Tensions between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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"Thirteen countries have grouped themselves to form the East African Standby Brigade."

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"Long the dominant region in Africa for oil exploration and production, west Africa may soon face some competition from east Africa."

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United States armed forces being sent to distant points such as the Horn of Africa.
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=10930924

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Ten African countries share the Nile Basin.
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=13108808

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"Three countries in the Nile Basin (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)...want their fair share of the Nile waters."
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=11481327

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Conflicts include those in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia.
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Overview of the conditions in Eastern Africa with relationship to terrorism and U.S. counter-terrorism policy in this area.

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"There is still some opposition to East African Community's customs union protocol from those who fear it will bring uneven development."

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"Old treaties signed by Britain and Egypt are being revisited by east African countries angling for a greater share of the waters of River Nile."

Northern Africa


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"Oil and gas producing countries in north Africa are experiencing a boom as they sink political differences to take advantage of the rewards of cooperation in the industry."

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North African countries are looking to trading partners in the South.
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Compares the economic performance of Tunisia with its neighbors including Algeria.
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"This paper examines the effects of internal and external rivals on extractive capacity in the context of state development in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa."

Southern Africa


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"South Africa bolsters its regional security role to foster the stability it views as the key to economic development."

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Famine has increased because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic especially in southern Africa.
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=12349779

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Discusses the Southern African Development Community Mutual Defense Pact.

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"South Africans will celebrate a decade of democracy but ask tough questions about their government's HIV-AIDS policy and diplomacy in Africa."

Wet Lesotho Has Not a Drop to Drink. New Scientist 181:4 February 21, 2004.
Water stored in reservoirs cannot be used for the drought in Lesotho because it is to be sold to South Africa.
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=12376408

Zambia to Export Surplus Maize. Ecologist 34:12-13 February 2004.
Zambia will be exporting surplus maize to neighboring countries that suffer from food shortages.
Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=12230202

Sub-Saharan Africa


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Growing morbidity from malaria especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.
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"Bad leadership has crippled Africa. But there are, at last, signs of recovery."
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Western Africa


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Some of the documents cited in this section are student papers written to fulfill PME school requirements.

Valentin, Dotonou Z. The Origins of ACRI and Its Relevance to West African Security Issues Today. Maxwell AFB, AL , Air Command and Staff College, April 2002. 20 p.
Doc. call no.: M-U 43122 V156a


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"It's a good idea that would help the economies of the participating countries. However, lack of progress on the final investment decision would delay for delivery the West African Gas Pipeline project."

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U.S. shows interest in Western Africa, both for its oil and as a platform to combat terrorism.
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"Africa's third longest river which runs across most of the west African states is threatened by climate change."

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"Little progress on the implementation of agreed protocol on economic integration slows free movement of goods between West African countries."

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Interviews Emmanuel Ekunno, vice president of Neimeth, a Nigerian drugs manufacturing company.

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Interviews Kofi Abutiate, managing director of Paracelsus Pharmacy and Marketing Company.

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Also available online at:,ip,url,uid&db=aph&an=12599683

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