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Resources for topics and regions studied at Air University.

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Aerospace Expeditionary Force see Current Military Issues.

Afghanistan.   May 2007.  71p

Afghanistan:  Current Issues.  July 2010.  46p

Africa, Central.   March 2008.   48p (Older Africa bibliographies are available in the "Archived section" below)

Africa Command see U.S. Africa Command.

Africa, Eastern.   March  2008.   108p

Africa, North.   September  2007.   25p

Africa, Southern.   June  2008.   129p

Africa, Western.   November  2007.   100p

Air Power 2020, 2025 see Current Military Issues.

Alcohol Use and Abuse see Current Military Issues.

The Arab-Israeli War, 1973 (Yom Kippur War).   November 2006.  34p

Arnold, Henry H.  ("Hap")  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2008  10p

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Balanced Scorecard.   March 2006.   7p

The Balkans.  April 2012.  56 p

Battle of Khafji.   June 2012.  3p

Boer War see Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902 (in the "Archived" section).

Bong, Richard Ira (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   October 2000.   5p

Boyd, John R.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   January 2012.   5p

Bradley, Omar  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   October 2000.   6p

Brodie, Bernard  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   August 2000.   4p

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The Caucasus.  June 2013.  26p

Causes of War.  December 2009.   18p

Central Asia.  April 2007.  51p

Centralized Control of Air Assets see Current Military Issues.

Chechnya Insurgency.   December 2005.   23p

Chemical, Biological, & Radiological Weapons of Mass Destruction.   October 2010.   36p

China.  (Special Bibliography No. 318, Supp. No. 2)  March 2008.  85p

Churchill, Winston S.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  December 2000.   13p

Clausewitz, Carl von and His Principles of War.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  September 2009.   13p

Climate Change and National Security.  April 2008.  13p

Colombia.  May 2008.  35p

Computers in Future Warfare see Current Military Issues.

Conflict Termination.   March 2010.   86p

Conflict Termination in the Afghanistan Crisis.   March 2005.   9p

Conflict Termination in the Iraqi War 2003.   February 2005.   15p

Corbett, Julian Stafford (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  September 2010.  6p

Counterspace see Space (Space Control & Counterspace section).   June 2006.   64p

Cuba after Castro.   April 2008.   10p

Cultural Awareness and the Military.   March 2010.   29p

Cyberspace and National Security.   September 2010.   29p

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Desert Storm, Coalition Air Campaign January-February 1991.   September 2002.   3p

De Seversky, Alexander  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   January 2001.   4p

Differences in Online and Traditional Classrooms.   April 2012.   18p

Distance Learning in the Military.   March 2007.   21p

Diversity and Inclusiveness see Current Military Issues.

Drugs:  Military Interdiction see Military Role in Drug Interdiction.

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Eastern Africa.   March  2008.   108p

Effective Writing Resources.   December 2012.   4p

Effects Based Operations.   January  2008.   53p

Eisenhower, Dwight D.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   June 2008.   25p

Environmental Responsibilities vs. Military Ops see Current Military Issues.

Europe:  Coalition Air Power Strategy in World War II.   July 2002.   11p

European Union.   April 2010.   333p

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Fairchild, Muir Stephen  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   August 2007.   8p

Fit to Fight Program and Wellness see Current Military Issues.

Flag Burning see Current Military Issues.

Followership see Current Military Issues.

Foreign Arms Sales see Current Military Issues.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2013.   7p

Foulois, Benjamin D.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   December 2000.   5p

France:  Airpower 1919-1945.   November 2001.   4p

Fraternization see Current Military Issues.

Fratricide Prevention (Identification Friend or Foe) see Current Military Issues.

Fuller, John Frederick Charles  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   September 2010  9p

The Future.  (Special Bibliography No. 185, Supp. No. 12)   November 2006.  77p  ("Future" bibliographies prior to 2006 are located in the "Archived" section below)

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Gender Restrictions in Military Combat see Current Military Issues.

Goddard, Robert H.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2013.   5p

Grant, Ulysses  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   December 2000.   8p

Great Warriors/Leaders/Thinkers.   (Selected leaders from Arnold to Yeager).

Guderian, Heinz W.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2000.   5p

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Harris, Arthur T.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   January 2001.  4p

Historical Map Bibliographies.   July 1999 - December 2002.

Holm, Jeanne M.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   October 2010.   5p

Homeland Security Defense.   July 2002.   6p

Horner, Charles A.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2012.   6p

Humanitarian Assistance in Iraq.   July  2003.   7p

Humanitarian Intervention and Assistance.   January 2011.   67p

Humanitarian Operations & Coalitions see Current Military Issues.

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Illegal Immigration and U.S. Border Security.   May 2006.   21p

Information Operations.   March 2010.   37p

Intelligence (Includes ISR).  January 2013.   101p

Iran.   November 2008.   43p

Iran's Military Strategy.   June 2007.   15p

Iran:  Nuclear Issues.   February 2010.   18p

Iran Nuclear Program:  U.S. Options.   February 2008.   34p

Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission:  Operation Eagleclaw.   August 2001.   6p

Iraq.   March 2003.   7p

Iraq:  1991-March 17, 2003.    May 2003.   21p

Iraq Reconstruction.  August 2010.  37p

Irregular Warfare.    May 2010.   25p (See also the older "Assymmetric Warfare" bibliography in the "Archival" section).

Islam 2008.  April 2008.   65p

Islam:  The People, Culture and Politics.   March 2012.   85p

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.   June 2002.   15p

Italy:  Airpower 1919-1945.   November 2001.   2p

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Jackson, Thomas J. (Stonewall)  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   January 2001.   11p

James, Daniel (Chappie), Jr.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   September 2000.   4p

Japan.   January 2009.   50p

Japan:  Airpower 1919-1945.   November 2001.   4p

Joint Forces/Operations.   April 2013.   27p

Jomini, Antoine  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   September 2009.   6p

Jumper, John P.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2013.   5p

Just War Theory.   April 2009.   31p

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Kahn, Herman  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   August 2000.   3p

Kenney, George C.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2013.   6p

Kissinger, Henry  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   August 2000.   3p

Korea, South see South Korea.

Kosovo.   May 2008.   35p

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Latin America.   (Special Bibliography No. 331)  September 2007.   199p 
("Latin America" bibliographies prior to 2007 are located in the "Archival" section below)

Law of Armed Conflict see Current Military Issues.

Law of Armed Conflict in Air and Space Operations.   June 2009.   23p

Leadership.   September 2007.   67p

Leadership Accountability and Responsibility.   June 2006.   6p

Leadership vs. Management see Current Military Issues.

Lee, Robert E.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2000.   10p

LeMay, Curtis E.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2003.   5p

The Libya Raid, April 1986 (Operation El Dorado Canyon).   June 2012.   14p

Liddell Hart, Sir Basil H.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   September 2010.   10p

Life Skills (Mental Health) see Current Military Issues.

Linebacker I and II (Vietnam 1972).  September 2010.   8p

Logistics Lift / Airlift Capabilities see Current Military Issues.

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MacArthur, Douglas.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   December 2000.  14p

Mahan, Alfred Thayer.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  August 2009.  14p

Mao Tse-tung.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   December 2000.   6p

Maps, Historical see Historical Map Bibliographies.

Marshall, George C.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   October 2000.   6p

Media Coverage of 9/11 and Its Aftermath.   June 2003.   10p

Middle East.  January 2008.  48p

Middle East Peace Process for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.   November 2005.   10p

Military Operations Other Than War.   May 2004.   18p

Military Role in Drug Interdiction.   May 2004.   15p

Military Role in Terrorist Reprisals see Current Military Issues.

Military Transformation.   April 2007.   29p

Mitchell, William, "Billy"  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   October 2010.   12p

Moltke, Helmuth von, The Elder  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2000.   5p

Momyer, William W.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2000.   3p

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Napoleon  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   January 2001.   10p

Narco-Terrorism.   July 2003.   6p

Nation Building - Post Conflict Reconstruction.   September 2005.   19p

National Military Strategy & National Security Strategy.   July 2006.   14p

National Security.   April 2009.   41p

National Security Act of 1947.  August 2007.  11p

Negotiation 2009.  September 2009.  65p

Negotiation.  October 2007.  79p

Nimitz, Chester W.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).    February 2001.   6p

Non-Lethal Weapons.   June 2008.   26p

North Africa.   September 2007.   25p

North Atlantic Treaty Organization.   September 2006.   79p

North Korea.   September 2009.   48p

North Korea:  Nuclear Issues.   May 2009.   26p

Nuclear/Biological Weapons and the Military see Current Military Issues.

Nuclear Weapons.   November 2010.   61p

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Olds, Robin  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2000.   5p

Operation Allied Force:  The Air Campaign.   July 2005.   25p

Operation Deliberate Force (Bosnia 1995).   March 2000.   3p

Operation Deny Flight (Bosnia).   March 2000.   5p

Operation Eagleclaw:  The Iranian Hostage Rescue Mission.   August 2001.   6p

Operation El Dorado Canyon (Libya Raid, 1986).   June 2012.   14p

Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).   April 2005.   47p

Operation Iraqi Freedom and U.S. International Relations.   April 2007.   13p

Operation Iraqi Freedom - Lessons Learned.   December 2004.   26p
      see also Post Operation Iraqi Freedom:  Lessons Learned.  March 2007

Operation Iraqi Freedom:  Special Operations.   March 2005.   7p

Operation Just Cause (Panama).   June 2011.   22p

Operations Linebacker I and II (Vietnam 1972).   September 2010.   8p

Operations Odyssey Dawn and Unified Protector.   March 2013.   15p

Operation Restore Hope (Somalia 1992/1993).   November 2009.   19p

Operation Provide Promise (Bosnia).   March 2000.   3p

Operation Restore Hope (Somalia 1992/1993).   November 2009.   19p

Operation Restore (Uphold) Democracy -- Haiti.   December  2001.   16p

(Operation) Rolling Thunder:  Air Strategy.  (Vietnam)   May 2003.   5p

Operation Southern Watch (Iraq).   April 2001.   6p

Operation Tidal Wave: 1943 and Raids on Ploesti.   June 2005.  5 p

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Pakistan.  July 2009.  42p

Patton, George S.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   July 2006.   12p

Peace Operations for Commanders.   April 2000.   17p

Peace and Stability Operations.   November 2006.   70p

Peacekeeping see Current Military Issues.

Persian Gulf.   February 2008.   23p

Physical Fitness Standards & Gender Issues see Current Military Issues.

Ploesti, see Operation Tidal Wave: 1943 and Raids on Ploesti.

Politics in Central Europe Since 1945.   September 2004.   10p

Posse Comitatus.   May 2009.   15p

Post Operation Iraqi Freedom:  Lessons Learned.   March 2007.   28p

Precision-Guided Munitions & Stealth Technology see Current Military Issues.

Prisoners of War - Missing in Action.   September 2002.   5p

Private Military Companies.  March 2008.  13p

Privatization & Outsourcing in the Armed Forces see Current Military Issues.

Psychological Warfare.   March 2005.   11p

Public Diplomacy.   September 2003.   8p

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Quesada, Elwood R.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2013.   4p


Resolving Ill-Defined Problems / Critical Thinking see Current Military Issues.

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   August 2007.   9p

Risner, Robinson  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2013.   3p

Roles and Missions of the U.S. Air Force.   October 2004.   10p

Rolling Thunder:  Air Strategy.   May 2003.   5p

Russia 2011.  (Special Bibliography No. 327, Supp. 4)  June 2011.   68p
(Russia bibliographies prior to 2011 are located in the Archival section below)

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Saudi Arabia.   January 2006.   13p

Schriever, Bernard A.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   September 2009.   13p

Schwarzkopf, H.  Norman  (Great Warrior/ Leader/Thinker).   January 2001.   7p

Separate Space Force see Current Military Issues.

Sexual Assault see Current Military Issues.

Six Day War (1967):  Air Strategy.   February 2006.   12p

Somali Piracy.   September 2010.   16p

South Korea.   November 2009.   35p

Southern Africa.   June 2008.   129p

Soviet Union:  Airpower 1919-1945.   November 2001.   3p

Spaatz, Carl  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker)   August 2007.  8p

Space (2012).  (Special Bibliography No. 329, Supp. No. 3)   October 2012.  80p

Space (2009).  (Special Bibliography No. 329, Supp. No. 2)   March 2009.  47p

(Space bibliographies prior to 2009 are located in the "Archival" section below).

Special Operations: Airpower Aspects see Current Military Issues.

Special Operations 2010.  (Special Bibliography No. 328, Supp. No. 1)   June 2010.  64p
(Special Operations bibliographies prior to 2010 are located in the "Archival" section below).

Spratly Islands Dispute.   July 2003.  8p

Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction (SSTR) Operations.  March 2013.  21p

Strategy.  February 2011.  52p

Suicide Prevention see Current Military Issues.

Suicide Terrorism.   July 2004.   9p

Sun Tzu  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   December 2009.  7p

Syria.   June 2003.   8p

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Taiwan 2010.   March 2010.   34p

Taiwan 2006.   March 2006.   37p

Technology and the Military.  September 2008.   74p

Terrorism and the United States.  March 2010.  56p

Terrorism -- Current Regional Issues.  February 2011.  30p

Terrorism -- Groups and Methods 2010.  January 2010.  42p

Theater Missile Defense see Current Military Issues.

Theus, Lucius  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2012.  2p

Tibbets, Paul W., Jr.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2012.  4p

Total Force Concept see Current Military Issues.

Total Force Policy of the Air Force.   February 2009.   50p

Tunner, William H.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2012.  3p

Turkey.   September 2007.   170p

Tuskegee Airmen.   February 2003.   14p

Twining, Nathan F.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   September 2011.   5p

Two Conflict / Capabilities-Based Force Planning see Current Military Issues.

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U.S. Africa Command.  May 2011.  28p

USAF Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Programs and Platforms.   August 2003.   11p

United States and Northeast Asia.   October 2004.   9p

Unmanned Systems.  January 2009.   35p

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Vandenberg, Hoyt S.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   October 2000.   3p

Venezuela.   April 2008.   30p

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Walker, Kenneth N.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   November 2012.  4p

War Termination see Conflict Termination.

Warden, John A., III.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   April 2013.   6p

Warfare in the Twenty-First Century.   June  2009.   30p

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Chemical, Biological, Radiological.   October 2010.   36p

Western Africa.   November  2007.   100p

White, Thomas D.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   March 2013.   4p

Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).   February 2013.   10p

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Yom Kippur War see Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1973 (Yom Kippur War). November 2006.

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Accountability and Responsibility see Leadership Accountability and Responsibility.   June 2006.   6p

Afghanistan (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 70, Supp. No. 2) 199037p

Africa. (Special Bibliography No. 159, Supp. No. 38)  August 2006.   360p

Africa. (Special Bibliography No. 159, Supp. No. 37)  December 2004.  251p

Africa. (Special Bibliography No. 159, Supp. No. 36)  July 2003.  272p

Africa. (Special Bibliography No. 159, Supp. No. 35)  July 2002304p

Africa. (Special Bibliography No. 159, Supp. No. 34)  July 2001.  322p

African-Americans in Military History.  February 1999.  33p

Air Campaing Planning (pdf format).   (Special Bibliography No. 302) august 1992.   9p

Air-Land Battle (pdf format).  June 1989.  20p

Airpower Doctrine.   (Special Bibliography No. 317 Update) October 2004.   88p

al-Aqsa Intifada 2000.   November 2004.   16p

The American Revolution: Military History.  July 1996.  14p

Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902.   April 2001.   11p

Anthrax Vaccine and Biological Weapons Issues.   June 2000.   8p

Arms Sales.   July 2006.   21p

Arms Sales.   (Special Bibliography No. 313, Supp. No. 1) March 2002.   50p

Arms Sales.  (Special Bibliography No. 313) October 1997 34p

Asia, Southeastern.  (Special Bibliography No. 156, Supp. No. 21) June 1998.  69p

Asia, Southern.  (Special Bibliography No. 192, Supp. No. 3) January 1998.  50p

Asymmetric Warfare.   July 2006.   25p

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Base Realignment and Closures.   March 2004.   11p

Battle of Britain: Summer 1940.  (Special Bibliography No. 308) August 1995.  26p

Battle of Cannae 216 B.C.  September 1998.  3p

Battle of Midway (pdf format).  September 1993.  8p

Blue Force Tracking.  (ACSC Research Topic)  March 2005.   5p

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Strategic Environment Study.  September 1997.  10p

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Canada (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 163, Supp. No. 1) March 1991.  22p

The Caucasus.  February 2008.  34p

Causes of Military Unrest:  Mutiny, Desertion & Insubordination.   January 2005.   8p

Chamberlain, Joshua L.   (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  March 1998.  2p

Chennault, Claire L.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  June 1998.  4p

China.   (Special Bibliography No. 318, Supp. 1)   November 2003.   31p

China.   (Special Bibliography No. 318)   April 2001.

China:  Global Regional Power.   November 2006.   23p

China (People's Republic): Excluding Military Capabilities (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 226, Supp. No. 3) February 1997.  83p

China (People's Republic): Excluding Military Capabilities (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 226, Supp. No. 2) February 1993.   57p

China (People's Republic): Military Capabilities (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 207, Supp. No. 6) February 1997.  55p

Civil Military Relations (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 305) July 1993.  46p

Civil War Maps (United States).  August 1999.  19p

Close Air Support.   (ACSC Research Topic)  April 2005.   7p

Coalition Operations.   April 2006.   12p

Cochran, Jacqueline  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  March 1998.  3p

Composite Air Wings (pdf format).  January 1992.  6p

Conventional Weapons Proliferation.  March 1999.  3p

Core Values For Military Leadership.   October 2005.   24p

Crisis in the Congo:  1960-1965.   December 2002.   5p

Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 (pdf format).  August 1989.  10p

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Davis, Benjamin O., Jr.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  March 1998.  4p

Deception in Warfare.  (Special Bibliography No. 275, Supp. No. 1)  January 1996.  40p

Desert Storm Maps.  July 1999.  6p

Doolittle, James H.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  February 1998.  6p

Douhet, Giulio  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  February 1998.  4p

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Eaker, Ira C.  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  February 1998.  5p

El Salvador (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 303) January 1993.  41p

Energy/Environmental Security.  November 2006.  7p

Environmental Security.  (Special Bibliography No.310, Supp. 1) December 1998.  38p

Ethics and the Military.   November 2004.   6p

Europe, Eastern (Excluding U.S.S.R.) (pdf format).  (Special Bibliography No. 214, Supp. No. 4) August 1995.  22p

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Force Protection.   June 2003.   11p

The Future.  (Special Bibliography No. 185, Supp. No. 11)  November 2005.   158p

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Gays in the Military (pdf format).  March 1996.  12p

Generational Differences in the Military.   December 2003.   5p

Grenada (pdf version).  (Special Bibliography No. 285) August 1988.  47p

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Haiti: The American Intervention, 1994-1995 see Operation Restore (Uphold) Democracy.

Halsey, William F.   (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  June 1998.  3p

Hannibal, 247-183 BC  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  November 1998.  6p
see also Battle of Cannae, 216 BC.

Hong Kong.   December 1997.  26p

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India/Pakistan: Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.   August 1999.  7p

Information Warfare.  (Special Bibliography No. 312) December 1996. 62p

Intelligence.  (Special Bibliography No. 326).   October 2005.   81p

Intelligence:  History and Role in American Society.   April 2001.   11p

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Programs.   April 2005.  9p

Irregular Warfare.    March 2007.   14p

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Japan. (Special Bibliography No. 316) May 1999.  90p

Japan: Allied Strategy Air and Sea Campaign in World War II (pdf format).  September 1993.  5p

Joint Forces/Operations.   April 2005.   14p

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Korean War, 1950-1953. (Special Bibliography No. 290) December 1995.  93p

Korean War Maps.  September 1999.  7p

The Koreas. (Special Bibliography No. 277, Supp. No. 3) June 1998.  105p

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Latin America.   March 2002.   150p

Latin America -- Economic Issues. (ACSC Research Topic) September 1997.   11p

Leadership and the Military. (Special Bibliography No. 324) July 2005.   25p

Leadership/Military Leadership. (Special Bibliography No. 281, Supp. No. 3)  May 2000.   85p

Leadership/Military Leadership (pdf format). (Special Bibliography No. 281, Supp. No. 2)  August 1995.   79p

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Mass Media. (Special Bibliography No. 273, Supp. No. 2) April 1997.  18p

Middle East. (Special Bibliography No. 162, Supp. No. 6) December 1999.  118p

Middle East and North Africa: Natural Resources / Water Controversy.  October 1998.  8p

Military Families (pdf format). (Special Bibliography No. 259, Supp. No. 1) January 1990.  95p

Military Operations Other Than War.  January 1999.  11p

Military Role in Drug Interdiction.  August 1998.  15p

Military Role in Drug Interdiction (pdf format).  May 1992.  22p

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Nonlethal Weapons.  June 1995.  6p

Non Lethal Weapons.   July 2005.   26p

North Atlantic Treaty Organization. (ACSC Research Topic) March 2005.  12p

North Korea 2006.   August 2006.   44p

Nuclear Biological Chemical.   October 2001.   22p

Nuclear Biological Chemical.   January 1998.  68 p

Nuclear Survival (pdf format).  June 1996.  7p

Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and Arms Control Initiatives:  SOS Issues.   March 2000.   6p

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Operation Matterhorn (pdf format).  August 1994.  4p


Peacekeeping.   October 2005.   58p

Peacekeeping (pdf format). (Special Bibliography No. 304) June 1993.  55p

Peacekeeping, Peacemaking and Humanitarian Operations.  July 1997.  2p

Peloponnesian War (pdf format).  July 1991.  2p

Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991: Desert Shield/Desert Storm. (Special Bibliography No. 297, Supp. No. 1) September 1994.  210p

Persian Gulf War, 1990-1991: Desert Shield/Desert Storm. (Special Bibliography No. 297) November 1991.  183p

Persian Gulf War: The Air War.  October 1997.  25p

Pilot Retention.  June 1998.  7p

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Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces.  December 1999.  2p

Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces (pdf format). (Special Bibliography No. 309) October 1995.  43p

Roles and Missions of the U.S. Air Force.   December 1999.  4p

Rommel, Erwin J., 1891-1944  (Great Warrior/Leader/Thinker).  November 1998.  9p

Russia. (Special Bibliography No. 327, Supp. 3) March 2009.   52p

Russia. (Special Bibliography No. 327, Supp. 2) June 2008.  68p

Russia. (Special Bibliography No. 327, Supp. 1) July 2007.  76p

Russia. (Special Bibliography No. 327) February 2006.   91p

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Schlieffen Plan.  August 1996.  4p

Sexual Harassment (pdf format).  August 1992.  7p

Sexual Harassment in the Military.  June 1997.  5p

South Korea.  April 2007.   37p

Space (2008).  (Special Bibliography No. 329, Supp. No. 1)   February 2008.  57p

Space. (Special Bibliography No. 329) June 2006.   64p

Space - Military Aspects. (Special Bibliography No. 294, Supp. No. 6) December 2000.   14p

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. June 1997.  11p

Special Operations 2006. (Special Bibliography No. 328) May 2006.   54p

Special Operations. (Special Bibliography No. 307 revised) September 1997.  64p

Strategic Mobility. (Special Bibliography No. 229,Supp. No. 6) December 2000.   15p

Strategic Mobility (pdf format). (Special Bibliography No. 229, Supp. No. 5) January 1995.  13p

Strategic Weapons Systems (pdf format). (Special Bibliography No. 298) March 1991.  52p

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