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The Anglo-Boer War Centenary.
Available at:
Offered by the League of Researchers of South African Battlefields.

The Anglo-Boer War Museum.
Available at:
Site offers separate sections on Photographs, Concentration Camps, Prisoners of War, Important Figures, etc.

The Boer War: South Africa, 1899-1902.
Available at:
Lengthy article offers internal links, three period poems, a map, and additional related links at the end.

Canadian Military Heritage Project: Links -- Boer (South African) War.
Available at:
Lengthy list of links provides access to information on historical overview of the war, various battles, biographies, muster rolls, databases, and more. (Scroll down to Boer War. List of wars is arranged in chronological order).

Concentration Camps During the Boer War.
Available at:
Discusses the concentration camps using links to historical British documents available online.

The Military History Journal.
Available at:
Produced by the South African Military History Society, this site offers information on 31 years (1967-present) of the journal. Many of the articles listed are available fulltext and many of these online articles concern aspects of the Anglo-Boer War.

Perspectives: The South African War Original and Contemporary Sources.
Available at:
Site offers a lengthy article with links to numerous newspaper and book accounts of the war including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book The Great Boer War, Richard Davis' With Both Armies in South Africa, Baden-Powell's Lessons from the Varsity of Life, and more.

The Second Boer War: Why Did Australia Become Involved?
Available at:
Australian site offers information on Australia's participation in the Boer War.

The Siege of Elands River Post, 1900.
Available at:
Online article with several photographs.

The South African War.
Available at:
Online article by Encyclopaedia Britannica with several links.


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Book call no.: 968.048 F454f

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The Boer War: Relief of Kimberly, pp 196-218.
Paardeberg, pp 219-243.
Capture of Cronje, pp 244-262.
Advance on Bloemfontein, pp 263-272.
Johannesburg and Pretoria, pp 273-301.
Close of Great Operations in Africa, pp 302-323.
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Discusses the siege of Mafeking during the Boer War.
Book call no.: 968.2 G226m

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Book call no.: 968.2 G443d

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Book call no.: 355.0215 G786

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Also includes basic information on the war and information on the Battle of Elandslaagte.
Book call no.: 968.4 G853t

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The Milner Papers, edited by Cecil Headlam. London, Cassell, 1931. 2 vols.
Sir Alfred Milner was the British Governor of the Cape Colony and High Commissioner of South Africa during the second Boer War.
Volume 2--South Africa 1899-1905 contains numerous papers concerned with the Boer War.
Book call no.: 968 M659m

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Very different from the 718 page 1979 edition.
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See index under "Anglo-Boer War" for specific references
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Prepared by the Historical Section of the Great General Staff, Berlin for armed forces training purposes. Also known as the German Official Account of the War in South Africa.
Book call no.: 968.2 P95w

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Prepared by the Historical Section of the Great General Staff, Berlin.
Book call no.: 968.2 P972w

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Causes of the South African War, pp 238-243.
South African War: The Formal War, pp 244-253.
South African War: The Informal War, pp 254-261.
Book call no.: 968 R286

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Book call no.: 968.2 R379c 1993

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Based on Sir Aubrey Wools-Sampson's Boer War experiences. Includes information and maps on the Battle of Elandslaagte 1899, action at Roodewal 1902, the siege of Ladysmith, and decisions of various commanders.
Book call no.: 92 W916s

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Discusses Churchill as a journalist during the South African War.
Book call no.: 92 C563ci

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Offers detailed information on the Boer War from two American military attaches in South Africa at the time. Reports Nos.1-4 cover the operations of the British Army.
Report No.1 covers from Nov 1899 to Jan 1990 and includes details of the Battle of Colenso, pp 9-20.
Report No.2 covers Jan to Mar 1900 and the battles of Paardeberg, Driefontein, Lord Roberts forces, etc, pp 21-54.
Report No.3 covers Mar-Apr 1900, pp 54-64.
Report No.4 covers the advance from Bloemfontein to Pretoria, pp 65-92.
Report on the Operations of the Boer Army, pp 93-259.
Brief Summary of Military Operations in South Africa, pp 261-325.
Book call no.: 968.2 U58r

United States. War Dept. General Staff. Selected Translations Pertaining to the Boer War. Washington, GPO, 1905. 243 p.
Includes essays on various aspects such as: The Late South African War and Its Lessons, Tactical Deductions from the Boer War, German Tactical Ideas: The Influence of the South African War, etc.
Book call no.: 968.2 Un3 no.244

Wilkinson, Spenser. War and Policy. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1900. 443 p.
Part V: South African War, pp 347-436 (includes chapters on the military aspects, moral factors, surprise in war, a comparision of the Boer War to the American Civil War, etc).
Book call no.: 355 W686w

Young, Peter and Calvert, Michael. A Dictionary of Battles, 1816-1976. New York, Mayflower Books, 1977. 604 p.
This fourth volume in a set offers brief descriptions of various South African battles (Colenso, Kimberley, Ladysmith, Mafeking, etc). Each battle description includes the strength, aim, and results.
Book call no.: R 904 Y75d v.4

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Video call no.: 791.45658 B828

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