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Foreign Relations - Taiwan


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

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Also available online at:
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Also available online at:
Book call no.: 327.51051249 W585t


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Reprinted by permission from the China Journal, Issue 36, July 1996.
Doc. call no.: M-U 30352-73 no.618


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Examines the PRC's dialectial negotiation process.

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Also available online at:

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Also available online at:

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Foreign Relations - Tibet


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Barnett, Robert. Cutting Off the Serpent's Head: Tightening Control in Tibet, 1994-1995, researched by members of the Tibet Information Network. New York, Human Rights Watch, 1996. 192 p.
Book call no.: 323.490515 C991

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Book call no.: 951.505 G624s

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Book call no.: 951.505 K67o

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Book call no.: 951.5 S657t


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Also available online at:

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Short article mentioning the defection of the 17th Karmapa to India.

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