Congo Crisis: 1960-1965

December 2002

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Internet Sites

U.S. Army Center of Military History. The Congolese Rescue Operation (November 1964).
Available online at:

FAS: Military Analysis Network. Operation Red Dragon.
Available online at:
U.S.-Belgian Rescue of European Hostages.

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Available online at:
See Chapter 2: The Congo (1960-1964): .

McGill, Alexander. An African Rapid-Deployment Force for Peace Operations on the African Continent. July 1995.
Available online at:
Overview of Operation Red Dragon and peacekeeping in Africa.

Past Humanitarian Interventions.
Available online at:,%2520Section%2520B.pdf+Past+Humanitarian+Interventions.&hl=en&ie=UTF-8
See Section - Belgium’s Intervention in the Congo, 1960.


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Also available online at:

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Part One, 5:1-4 September 1,1965 
Part Two, 5:1-4 September 16, 1965

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