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Bradley, Omar N.


U.S. Army general who was one of the prominent commanders during World War II.  

October 2000

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Internet Resources

Bradley, Omar N.
Available at:
Brittanica Online site offers photo and brief profile.

Creative Quotations from Omar Bradley.
Available at:

Omar Nelson Bradley.
Available at:
Biographical article, with several photos.

Speech in Honor of General of the Army Omar Nelson Bradley.
Available at:
Delivered by U. S. Congressman Kenny Hulshof, November 1999.


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Combat Action: The Fighting Generals. Santa Monica, CA, Ferde Grofe Films, [1985?]. 1 videocassette, 120 min.
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General Omar Bradley. New York, A&E Home Video, 1994. 1 videocassette, 50 min.
Salute to the general who George Marshall called "the finest Group Commander in any nation's ground forces."
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Masters of War. Blitzkrieg: The Battle for France. New York, A&E Home Video, 1994. 1 videocassette, 50 min.
German General Heinz Guderian conquers France in 1940 with his blitzkrieg of tank warfare. Four years later, Omar Bradley expands on Guderian's methods to liberate the country with a massive blitzkrieg of mechanized armored divisions.
Video call no.: 940.54214 M423

Masters of War. D-Day: Day of Decision. New York, A&E Home Video, 1994. 1 videocassette, 50 min.
WWII's most momentous battle pits the great leaders of the Allied forces, including Bradley, against their Axis rivals.
Video call no.: 940.5421 M423

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