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1942 - Present

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Internet Resources

Air Force Association.  AFA National Symposia: General Ronald R. Fogleman, CSAF.  July 17, 1997.
Available online at:
Speech presented by General Fogleman at the 1997 Dayton AFA National Symposia, "Opening the Door to the 21st Century".

Military Times: Hall of Valor.  Ronald Robert Fogleman. 
Available online at:
Citations for awards presented to General Fogleman.

U.S. Air Force Biography.  General Ronald R. Fogleman. 
Available online at:


The Air Force, edited by James McCarthy.  Andrews AFB, MD, Air Force Historical Foundation, 2002.  368 p.
See pp 352-362, Fogleman's "A Vision of the Future."
Book call no.: 358.400973 A298

Fogleman, Ronald Robert.  Air and Space Power in the 21st Century.  Colorado Springs, CO, U.S. Air Force Academy, 1995.  17 p.
Book call no.: 358.4 F655a

Fogleman, Ronald Robert.  General Ronald R. Fogleman, Commander in Chief, United States Transportation Command and Commander, Air Mobility Command: An Oral History.  Scott AFB, IL, United States Transportation Command, Air Mobility Command, 1995.  82 p.
Book call no.: 358.44 F656g


Fogleman, Ronald Robert.  The Development of Ground Attack Aviation in the United States Army Air Arm: Evolution of a Doctrine, 1908-1926.  Durham, NC, Duke University, 1971.  101 leaves.
Doc. call no.: M-U 43567-676

Documents (Student Research)

Almind, John P.  General Fogleman's Resignation: A Case Study in "Doing the Right Thing" Based on Air Force Core Values.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air Command and Staff College, 1998.  31 leaves.
Doc. call no.: M-U 43122 A449g

Sproul, John W.  CSAF v. CNO: Core Values and Their Career Ending Impact.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air Command and Staff College, 1998.  39 leaves.
Paper focuses on General Ronald R. Fogleman (CSAF) and Admiral Jeremy M. Boorda (CNO).
Also available online at:
Doc. call no.: M-U 43122 S771c


Bird, Julie.  The Chief's Vision.  Air Force Times  57:12-14  December 2, 1996.
Discusses General Ronald Fogleman's "Global Engagement" vision for the future of the Air Force.

Bird, Julie.  (Gen) Fogleman Defends Mechanics' Prosecution (in Fatal Crash of F-15 Eagle).  Air Force Times  57:6  January 20, 1997.

Bird, Julie.  (Gen) Fogleman Prepares to Leave Office: Vice Chief of Staff Eberhart Takes on Day-to-Day Tasks.  Air Force Times  58:6  August 18, 1997.

Bird, Julie.  A New Era: What to Expect from the Next Chief.  Air Force Times  55:12-13+  September 12, 1994.

Bird, Julie.  Why He Did It: For (Gen) Fogleman, Principle Outweighed the Power and the Perks: Includes Text of Gen Fogleman's Message to the Men and Women of the Air Force.  Air Force Times  58:12-14  August 11, 1997.

Boatman, John.  Interview (with) General Ronald R. Fogleman, US Air Force Chief of Staff.  Jane's Defence Weekly  23:32  July 1, 1995.

Boatman, John.  Succession Question: How the USAF Chose Its New Chief.  Jane's Defence Weekly  22:25  September 17, 1994.

Chumby, Robyn A.  We're in Good Hands.  Airman  39:2-7  January 1995.

Clinton, Bill.  Statement on the Retirement of General Ronald R. Fogleman as Air Force Chief of Staff.  Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents  33:1153  August 4, 1997.
Also available online at:

Correll, John T.  The New American Way of War.  Air Force Magazine  79:20-23  April 1996.
Also available online at:

Evers, Stacey.  Interview (with) General Ronald Fogleman, US Air Force Chief of Staff.  Jane's Defence Weekly  26:40  September 18, 1996.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Air Force Direction: Team Within a Team Speech to the Air Force Association Symposium, Los Angeles.  Defense  No. 1:24-29  1995.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Air Mobility.  Vital Speeches of the Day  59:418-421  May 1993.
"Speech delivered at the Air Force Association Symposium in Orlando, Florida on February 5, 1993, which suggests that air mobility is one of the keys to success in joint warfare." - Abstract from EbscoHost.
Also available online at:

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Balanced Surface, Airlift, Sealift.  Defense  No. 6:35-50  1994.
Based on a Statement to a Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, April 1994.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Core Competencies - New Missions: The Air Force in Operations Other than War.  Airman  39:2-9  April 1995.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  CSAF Professional Reading Program.  Airpower Journal  11:63-65  Spring 1997.
Development of the CSAF Professional Reading Program.
Also available online at:

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Getting the Air Force into the 21st Century.  Vital Speeches of the Day  61:434-438  May 1995.
"Speech given at the Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Florida on February 24, 1995 dealing with the ability to model and simulate combat." - Abstract from EbscoHost.
Also available online at:

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Golden Legacy, Boundless Future.  Flying Safety  53:8-11  September 1997.
Also available online at:

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Information Revolution: The Changing Nature of Warfare.  Aviation Week & Space Technology  146:31-33  April 16, 1997.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Information Technology's Role in 21st Century Air Power.  Aviation Week & Space Technology  146:74  February 17, 1997.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Leadership Philosophy and the Inspector General.  TIG Brief  47:2-3  January-February 1995.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Not a 'One Mistake Air Force'.  Airman  40:28-29  July 1996.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  The Profession of Arms.  Airpower Journal  9:4-5  Fall 1995.
Also available online at:

Fogleman, Ronald R.  SICOFAA.  Airpower Journal  10:53-58  Winter 1996.
"Overview of the US System of Cooperation among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA)." - Abstract from EbscoHost.
Also available online at:

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Strategic Vision and Core Competencies.  Vital Speeches of the Day  63:98-100  December 1996.
Also available online at:

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Supplementary Speeches.  Air Force Update  entire issue  1997.
Contains six speeches delivered by Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Toward Fusion of Air and Space Power.  Military Technology  23, no.5, Israel Air Force Supplement:15-19  1999.

Fogleman, Ronald R.  Winning Combination: Quality, Combat Capability, and Leadership.  Combat Edge  4:4-5  June 1995.

General Fogleman (New Air Force Chief of Staff) Sends Message to Troops.  Airman  38:8-9  December 1994.

Gieringer, Mark W.  From the Top!: Interview with Gen Ronald R. Fogleman, Including Speech Excerpts.  Mobility Forum  2:21-26  November-December 1993.

Grier, Peter.  Fogleman: Exit Was 'Early Retirement,' Not Protest ... and Cohen's Actions Were 'Purely Political'.  Air Force Magazine  84:22-23  May 2001.
See Aerospace World section, pp 22-23.
Also available online at:

Hollis, Patrecia S.  Making the Most of Air Power: Interview with Gen Ronald R. Fogleman, Chief of Staff of the Air Force.  Field Artillery, pp 3-5, September-October 1996.

How the Total Air Force Works.  National Guard  51:20-21  August 1997.
"Fogleman explains the philosophy that has made the Total Force Air Force work in an interview." - Abstract.
Also available online at:

Jordan, Bryant.  Leadership: How the (Air Force) Chief (of Staff) is Faring.  Air Force Times  56:12  January 1, 1996.

Kohn, Richard H.  The Early Retirement of Gen Ronald R. Fogleman, Chief of Staff, United States Air Force.  Aerospace Power Journal  15:6-23  Spring 2001.
Also available online at:

Minami, Wayde.  Back Talk: Embellishment, Exaggeration Common in Current Inflated Evaluation System.  Air Force Times  62:46  August 27, 2001.
Discusses Gen. Fogleman's emphasis on accountability.
Also available online at:

Modern in Action Heroes: 24 Stories of Uncommon Valor (World War II to Somalia).  Air Force Times  62:Supplement, pp 18-19  September 17, 2001.

Naylor, Sean D.  Service Chiefs Disagree over Defense Plans.  Air Force Times  57:8  January 20, 1997.

Newman, Richard J.  A General Salutes by Quitting.  U.S. News & World Report  123:5  August 11, 1997.
General Fogleman's circumstances and reasoning behind his resignation.
Also available online at:

Schmitt, Eric.  Criticism over Blast Leads Top Air Force General to Retire.  New York Times, p A13  July 29, 1997.
Also available online at:

Silverberg, David.  Deviousness Deficit?  Despite Seeming Setbacks the Air Force Chief Says His Program's on Track.  Armed Forces Journal International  133:10+  September 1995.

Tirpak, John A.  First Force.  Air Force Magazine  79:34-41  September 1996.
"The USAF Chief of Staff talks about airpower, the Air Force, and the future." - Article.
Also available online at:

Tirpak, John A.  Fogleman Begins His Mission.  Air Force Magazine  78:22-26  March 1995.

Tirpak, John A.  Future Engagement: USAF Foresees an Increased Role for Space in an Air Force That Will Be the Nation's "Strategic Instrument of Choice".  Air Force Magazine  80:18-23  January 1997.
General Fogleman discusses Global Engagement and the future of the U.S. Air Force.
Also available online at:

Watkins, Steven.  Emphasizing Core Values: Fogleman Forges Onward to Change the Ethical Climate.  Air Force Times  57:23  January 6, 1997.

Widnall, Sheila E. and Fogleman, Ronald R.  Global Presence: The Air Force White Paper.  Joint Force Quarterly  7:94-99  Spring 1995.
Also available online at:

Wilson, George C.  Fogleman Faults Today's War Plans.  Air Force Times  58:62  May 25, 1998.

Wolffe, Jim.  Slowing Down: Fogleman Plans Steps to Reduce Operations Tempo.  Air Force Times  57:3  May 12, 1997.


Fogleman, Ronald Robert.  Air Force Standards and Accountability.  Maxwell AFB, AL, AUTV, 1995.  1 videocassette, 16 mins.
Speech given by General Robert R. Fogleman.
Documents Video M-U 42992-239

Fogleman, Ronald Robert.  Global Engagement: A Vision for the 21st Century Air Force.  Maxwell AFB, AL, AUTV, 1997.  1 videocassette, 21 mins.
General Fogleman introduces the new Air Force vision and discusses core competencies.
Documents Video M-U 37097-49

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