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Click on a name below to view a bibliography of Fairchild Research Information Center resources, compiled by the Center's Bibliography Branch.  Whenever possible, the bibliographies offer links to full-text online material and other internet resources.

Arnold, Henry H. ("Hap")
Bong, Richard Ira
Boyd, John R.
Bradley, Omar N.
Brodie, Bernard
Chamberlain, Joshua L.
Chennault, Clair L.
Churchill, Winston S.
Clausewitz, Carl von
Cochran, Jacqueline
Corbett, Julian S.
Davis, Benjamin O., Jr.
De Seversky, Alexander
Doolittle, James H.
Douhet, Giulio
Eaker, Ira C.
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Fairchild, Muir S.
Fogleman, Ronald R.
Foulois, Benjamin D.
Fuller, John Frederick Charles
Goddard, Robert H.
Grant, Ulysses
Guderian, Heinz W.
Halsey, William F.
Harris, Arthur T.
Holm, Jeanne M.
Horner, Charles A.
Jackson, Thomas J. (Stonewall)
James, Daniel (Chappie), Jr.
Jomini, Antoine Henri
Jumper, John P.
Kahn, Herman
Kenney, George C.
Kissinger, Henry
Lee, Robert E.
LeMay, Curtis E.
Liddell Hart, Basil Henry
MacArthur, Douglas
Mahan, Alfred Thayer
Mao Tse-tung
Marshall, George C.
Mitchell, William (Billy)
Moltke, Helmuth von (The Elder)
Momyer, William W.
Nimitz, Chester W.
Olds, Robin
Patton, George S.
Quesada, Elwood R.
Rickenbacker, Edward V.
Risner, Robinson
Rommel, Erwin J.
Schriever, Bernard
Schwarzkopf, H. Norman
Spaatz, Carl
Sun Tzu
Theus, Lucius
Tibbets, Paul W., Jr.
Trenchard, Hugh Montague
Tunner, William H.
Twining, Nathan F.
Vandenberg, Hoyt S.
Walker, Kenneth N.
White, Thomas D.
Warden, John A.
Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur
Yeager, Charles E.

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