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Lee, Robert E.


Distinguished General-in-Chief of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

November 2000

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Robert E. Lee Commander, The Army of Northern Virginia.
Available at:
Includes documents, biography and discussion.

Robert E. Lee.
Available at:
Includes time line of Lee's life, letter from Lee to Jefferson Davis, and farewell to the Army of Northern Virginia.

Lee, Robert E. from the Encyclopedia Britannica.
Available at:,5716,48711+4+47596,00.html

Robert Edward Lee 1807-1870.
Available at:

General Robert E. Lee (USMA, 1828).
Available at:

Robert E. Lee (1-19-1807 / 10-12-1870) Beloved General of the South.
Available at:


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Tape 1 Robert E. Lee
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Lee at Gettysburg. North Hollywood, CA, Greystone Communications, 1998. 1 videocassette, 60 min.
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