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MacArthur, Douglas

General of the Army. Allied supreme commander in the S.W. Pacific in WWII and of the occupation forces in Japan. Supreme commander of UN Forces, Korea (1950-1951).

December  2000

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Internet Resources

Creative Quotations from Douglas MacArthur.
Available at:
Offers five quotations from MacArthur and related links.

Douglas MacArthur.
Available at:

Provides an audio of two of MacArthur's speeches: "Officiates at Japan Surrender" and "Old Soldiers Never Die..."

Douglas MacArthur.
Available at:

Offers three photographs and one painting including the National Portrait Gallery painting, the signing of the Japanese surrender, and striding ashore in World War II. Also provides related links.

General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964).
Available at:

PBS site provides a short biography with links to related maps and timelines.

MacArthur, Douglas.
Available at:

Encarta Reference Encyclopedia offers a biographical article and photograph.

"Today the Guns Are Silent" September 2, 1945.
Available at:

Speech made by MacArthur from the USS Missouri after the Japanese surrender. Also provides comments by Mr. Toshikazu Kase, a member of the Japanese surrender party.

U.S. General Douglas MacArthur.
Available at:

Simon Weisenthal Center provides information on MacArthur's Philippine experiences and his rivalry with Admiral Nimitz.


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