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Marshall, George C.


General of the Army and statesman, Marshall's achievements were many. Best remembered for his leadership during WWII and for the Marshall Plan for European economic recovery after the war.

October 2000

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Internet Sites

Friends of George C. Marshall, Inc.
Available at:
Pictorial only; has painting of Gen. Marshall, photo, and Marshall Plan stamp.

George C. Marshall: A Study in Character.
Available at:
Paper presented at the 1999 Joint Services Conference on Professional Ethics (JSCOPE).

George C. Marshall Lecture
Available at:
Speech given by David Abshire on April 17, 1997, at Pennsylvania State University, Fayette Campus
Uniontown, Pennsylvania (Birthplace of General George C. Marshall).

Marshall, George C.
Available at:
Article from Encyclopedia Brittanica by Forrest Pogue.

Marshall Plan Speech.
Available at:
Speech given in June 1947 at Harvard University, outlining a program of economic assistance to wartorn Europe.

Remembering the Man and His Plan.
Available at:
Transcript of a June 5, 1997 PBS NewsHour program looks briefly at Marshall's life and accomplishments.


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Famous Generals: Marshall. [Palm Beach, CA], Big Picture Historical Film and Video, [1993].
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General George C. Marshall: Soldier and Statesman. [New York], A&E Home Video, 1996. 1 videocassette, 50 min.
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Masters of War. D-Day: Day of Decision. New York, A&E Home Video, 1994. 1 videocassette, 50 min.
World War II's most momentous battle pits the great leaders of the Allied forces: Eisenhower, Marshall, Bradley, and Montgomery against their Axis rivals.
Video call no.: 940.5421 M423

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