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February 2006

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Full-Text Articles, Books & Documents

Frisbee, John L.  The Battle of Bunker Hill 10.  Air Force Magazine Online, January 1985.
Available online:  http://www.afa.org/magazine/valor/0185valor.asp

Momyer, William W.  The Lessons of Vietnam:  The Evolution of Fighter Tactics in SE Asia.  Air Force Magazine Online, July 1983.
Available online:  http://www.afa.org/magazine/perspectives/Vietnam/0773vietnam.asp

Other AUL Bibliographies

The 2004 bibliography is an update to the 1998 bibliography cited below.  All material referenced in both bibliographies is available at AUL.

Great Warrior Leaders/Thinkers Momyer, William W., November 2000
Available online:  http://www.au.af.mil/au/aul/bibs/great/momyer.htm


General William W. Momyer, biography United States Air Force. 
Retired Sep. 30, 1973.
Available online:  http://www.af.mil/bios/bio.asp?bioID=6504

Official Air Force Biographical Information on Lt. General William W. Momyer 
Available online:  http://www.aetc.randolph.af.mil/ho/cc_bios/momyer.htm

OTS Reserve Books and Documents

The following materials are located on the OTS Reserve Shelf and cannot be checked out.  Photocopy portions from the books you need. Check online catalog https://sisko.au.af.mil/ for availability of additional copies which may be checked out.

Air Power in Three Wars.  William W. Momyer, managing editor.  Washington, Department of the Air Force, 1978.  358 p.
Book call no.:  358.4 M733a

Air Superiority in World War II and Korea:  An Interview with Gen. James Ferguson, Gen. Robert M. Lee, Gen. William Momyer, and Lt. Gen. Elwood R. Quesada.  Edited with an introduction by Richard H. Kohn and Joseph P. Harahan.  Washington, Office of Air Force History, 1983.  116 p.
Book call no.:  940.544973 A2983

Momyer, William W.  A Concept of Tactical Air Operations.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air War College, April 1950.  42 p.
Document call no.:  M-U 32983 M733c


Momyer, William W.  The Vietnamese Air Force, 1951-1975:  An Analysis of its Role in Combat.  And, Fourteen Hours at Koh Tang.  Washington, Office of Air Force History, 1985.  161 p.
Book call no.:  959 A2981u 1985 v.3 no. 4-5


Periodicals 2000 and earlier are located in the Older Periodicals Section (take the elevator at Circulation Desk). All other periodicals are located on the first floor in the Periodicals Section.

Shulimson, Jack.  The Single Manager Air Controversy of 1968Marine Corps Gazette 80:66-71, May 1996.

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