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Olds, Robin

Air Ace in World War II and Vietnam.

November 2000

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Internet Resources

Brigadier General Robin Olds.
Available at:
Official USAF biography found in AUL/OTS "Airpower Leaders" Reserves, provides career assignment chronology and other details omitted from current edition.
Last accessed: November 1, 2000.


Please note: A call number beginning with "R" denotes a reference book.

Drendel, Lou.  ... And Kill MIGS: Air-to-Air Combat in the Vietnam War. Rev ed. Carrollton, TX, Squadron/Signal Publications, 1984. 80 p. 
See pp 12-14 for Col Olds' description of combat action.
Book call no.: 959.7 D772aa 1984

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Olds, pp 5-8.
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Picture of Col Olds being carried off by his men after completing his 100th mission over North Vietnam, p 140. 
Brief account of Operation Bolo, pp 142-143. 
Picture of Col Olds, commander of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, and other airmen on the occasion of the unit's 15th air victory over enemy MIG's, p 156.
Book call no.: 959.704348 G981v

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Year of Strategic Persuasion: Operation Bolo (Colonel Robin Olds assigned as mission leader), pp 144-146. 
Book call no.: 959.704348 M883t  (SOS/OTS Reserve)

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Book Call no.: R 940.44 P571f

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Olds' Story, pp 73-84.
Book call no.: 959.704348 S437w

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See Chapter 1, "Old Lionheart: Robin Olds and the Eight Tactical Fighter Wing, 1966-1967," pp. 1-38.
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Colonel Robin Olds (military biography), pp 176-178.
Book call no.: 358.4 S559a

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General Robin Olds' views on fighter tactics and strategy, and qualifications of an outstanding fighter pilot, pp 239-247.  See index for other reference.
Book call no.: 358.4 SC14f

The Tale of Two Bridges and the Battle for the Skies over North Vietnam,
edited by A.J.C. Lavalle. Washington, GPO, 1976, 193 p. (USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series, Volume I, Monographs 1 and 2).
Col Robin Olds' description of Operation Bolo, pp 142-145.
See index for other references.
A copy of this book is also located at the reference desk.
Book call no.: 959 A2981u  v.1 no.l-2

Toliver, Raymond F. and Constable, Trevor J. Fighter Aces.  New York, Macmillan, 1965. 354 p.
USAAF Aces of European Theater: Colonel Robin Olds, pp 149-150.
Victory statistics, p 325.
Book call no.: 940.544 T649f

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See also pages 174-175; 191.
Book call no.: R 923.573 T649f

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Consult index for references to Col Robin Olds.
Book call no.: 358.43 U36f 1986

U.S. Air Force. Office of Air Force History. The United States Air Force in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973: An Illustrated Account, edited by Carl Berger.
Rev ed.  Washington, GPO, 1984. 383 p.
Col Robin Olds, pp 81-82, 96.
Book call no.: R 959.7 U582 1985


Olds, Robin.  End of Tour Report. Thailand, 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, October 1967. 39 p.
Doc. call no.: M-U 42193-247


Air Ace (Col Robin Olds) Says Enemy Has Improved 'a Lot' in Year (in his report to President Johnson at the White House). New York Times, p 4, col 3, October 3, 1967.

Boyne, Walter J. MiG Sweep. Air Force Magazine 81:46-51 November 1998.
Recap of Operation Bolo in the air war in Southeast Asia in which Olds devised and executed a plan to lure MiGs into air-to-air combat.
Also available online at:

Brigadier General Robin Olds New Director of Aerospace Safety. Aerospace Safety 27:1 March 1971.
Short military biography.

Correll, John T.  MIG Sweep--It Was a Trap; The MIGs Expected F-10s, but Instead the Sky Was Full of Phantoms. Airman 19:41-43+ June 1975.
"... it was to be called "Operation Bolo," and there had been little debate about who should plan and lead it. We gave it to Olds, of course."

Dorr, Robert F. Fighter Ace Robin Olds Led American Pilots Through Four Decades. World War Il 8:12+ July 1993.

Kuhn, Tom. Robins Olds: An Unconventional Man's Fight for Conventional Warfare. Airman 40:16-19 December 1996.
Reviews Olds career and thoughts on tactical air power beginning with his proposal that P-51s were better suited for prescision bombing than B-17s and B-24s.
Also available online at:

MacSorley, Frank R., Jr. F-4 Shoot-Out (for the Wolf Pack commanded by Col Robin S. Olds). American Aviation Historical Society Journal 14:197-198 Fall 1969.
In reference note 2 at end of article, Col Olds' comments on the accreditation of victories over enemy aircraft and also the assigning of specific aircraft to aircraft commanders.

Man in the News; Robin Olds--' Utterly Devoted' Pilot. New York Times, p 4, col 3, May 23, 1967.
Reprinted in Air Force and Space Digest 50:41 July 1967.

Wetterhahn, Ralph F. Change of Command. Air & Space Smithsonian 12:62-69 August/September 1997.
Recollections of Olds' career as commander of the 8th TFW in Southeast Asia and the effect of his leadership style on morale and operational results.

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Interview by Ted R. Sturm.

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Address given by Brig Gen Olds before the 2nd Annual Western Aerospace. Historical Symposium  October 4, 1968.

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Olds, 8 0thers to Retire. Air Force Times 33:3 January 1973.

Olds to Shift from Big Job at Academy, Air Force Times 31:4  December 16, 1970.
Olds becomes USAF Director of Aerospace Safety, Norton AFB, CA. 

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Note of Robin Olds' record along with picture, pp 113-114.

World War II Ace (Col Robin Olds) Downs 3rd MIG. New York Times, p 16 col 4, May 22, 1967.

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