Top scoring American Ace of World War I

August 2007

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Internet Resources

Rickenbacker, Eddie.  Fighting the Flying Circus.
Available at:  http://richthofen.com/rickenbacker/
Electronic version of the 1919 edition of Rickenbacker's World War One memoirs.

American Aces of WWI - Edward Rickenbacker - from WWIAviation.com.
Available online at:  http://www.wwiaviation.com/aces/ace_Rickenbacker.shtml

Capt Edward V. Rickenbacker - from the USAF Museum.
Available online at:  http://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=715

Edward Rickenbacker - from the aerodrome.com site
Available online at:  http://www.theaerodrome.com/aces/usa/rickenbacker.html

Contains black & white photo & lists of medals, decorations, biographical information and victories.

Eddie Rickenbacker
Available online at:  http://www.lib.auburn.edu/archive/flyhy/101/eddie.htm

Offers a collection of photos and biographical information from the Auburn University archives.

Eddie Rickenbacker - Photos and Images
Available online at:  http://images.google.com/images?q=%22eddie+rickenbacker%22+-guitar+-bar&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2&svnum=10&um=1&hl=en

Tuvalu - Lost at Sea - The Rescue of  Eddie Rickenbacker - from Jane's Tuvalu page.
Available online at:  http://www.janeresture.com/rickenbacker/

Who's Who Eddie Rickenbacker - First World War.com.
Available online at:  http://www.firstworldwar.com/bio/rickenbacker.htm


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Book call no.:  92 R5391a

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Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, pp 93-96.
Book call no.: 926.2913 R649a

American National Biography.  New York, Oxford University Press, 1999.  24 vols.
Volume 18: Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, pp 474-476.
Book call no.: R 920.073 A512 v.18

Anders, Curt.  Fighting Airmen.  New York, Putnam, 1966.  287 p.
Edward V. Rickenbacker: The Indestructible Captain pp 58-90
Book call no.:  923.573 A544fa

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Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, pp 133-135.
Book call no.: 940.4 C187a

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Book call no.:  358.430922 W253

Current Biography, 1952.  New York, H. W. Wilson, 1953.  684 p.
Rickenbacker, Edward Vernon, pp 496-499.
Book call no.: R 920.02 C976 1952

Dupre, Flint Q.  U.S. Air Force Biographical Dictionary.  New York, Franklin Watts, 1965.  273 p.
Rickenbacker, Edward Vernon, pp 199-200.
Book call no.: R 923.573 D942u

Early Air Pioneers, 1862-1935, edited by James F. Sunderman.  New York, Franklin Watts, 1961.  272 p.
A Victory and a Narrow Escape, by Edward V. Rickenbacker, pp 126-131.
Book call no.: 629.1309 S958e

Farr, Finis.  Rickenbacker's Luck:  An American Life.  Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1979.  366 p.
Book call no.:  92 R5391fa

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Book call no.:  926.29 F841f 1942

French, Joseph Lewis.  Aces of the Air.  Springfield, MA, McLoughlin Bros., Inc., 1930.  316 p.
Introduction by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.
Book call no.:  629.13 F874a

Gurney, Gene.  Flying Aces of World War I.  New York, Random House, 1965.  185 p.
Eddie Rickenbacker Throws His Hat into the Ring, pp 148-171.
Book call no.: 926.2913 G981f

Heinmuller, John Paul Virgil.  Man's Fight to Fly; Famous World-Record flights and a Chronology of Aviation.  New York, Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1944.  366 p.
Foreword by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.
Book call no.:  629.1309 H36m

Jackson, Robert.  Fighter Pilots of World War I.  New York, St. Martin's Press, 1977.  152 p.
Eddie Rickenbacker:  America's Top-Scorer, pp 110-117.
Book call no.: 923.573 J13fa

Jeffers, H. Paul.  Ace of Aces:  The Life of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.  New York, Ballantine Books, 2003.  343 p.
Book call no.:  92 R5391j

Lewis, W. David.  Eddie Rickenbacker:  An American Hero in the Twentieth Century.  Baltimore, MD, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.  668 p.
Book call no.:  92 R5391L

Leyson, Burr Watkins.  American Wings:  Modern Aviation for Everyone.  New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc. 1940.  214 p.
Foreword by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker.
Book call no.:  629.13 L59am

Medal of Honor Recipients, 1863-1994.  Facts on File, 1995.  2 vols.
Volume I:  Rickenbacker, Edward V., p 424.
Book call no.:  R355.1342 L269m vol. 1

Men in the Air, edited by Brandt Aymar.  New York, Crown, 1990.  557 p.
Downing My First Hun, by Eddie Rickenbacker, pp 243-247.
Book call no.:  629.1309 M534

National Aviation Hall of Fame (U.S.). Enshrinee Album -- The First Twenty-one Years, by James W. Jacobs.  Dayton, OH, National Aviation Hall of Fame, 1984.  230 p.
Rickenbacker, pp 156-157, includes portrait.
Book call no.:  R 926.2913 N227e

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  From Father to Son:  The Letters of Captain Eddie Rickenbacker to His Son William:  From Boyhood to Manhood, edited by William F. Rickenbacker.  New York, Walker, 1970.  204 p.
Book call no.:  92 R5391f

Rickenbacker, Eddie.  Rickenbacker.  Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice-Hall, 1967.  458 p.
Book call no.:  92 R5391r

Rickenbacker, Eddie.  Seven Came Through; Rickenbacker's Full Story.  Garden City, NY, Doubleday, Doran, 1943.  118 p.
Book call no.:  940.548173 R42s

Rickenbacker, Eddie and Lewis, W. David.  Fighting the Flying Circus.  Chicago, Lakeside Press, R. R. Donnelley & Son, 1997.  435 p.
Book call no.:  940.48173 R53f

Shores, Christopher F.  Air Aces.  Novato, CA, Presidio Press, 1983.  192 p.
Book call no.:  358.4 S559a

Sims, Edward H.  Fighter Tactics and Strategy, 1914-1970.  Fallbrook, CA, Aero, 1972.  266 p.
See pages 59-61, 63, 70.
Book call no.:  358.4 S614f 1980

Toliver, Raymond F. and Constable, Trevor J.  Fighter Aces.  New York, Macmillan, 1965.  1 vol.
See pages 52-54.
Book call.:  940.544 T649f

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See pages 46-48, 68, 71.
Book call no.:  R 923.573 T649f

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Rickenbacker, Edward Vernon, p 349.
Book call no.:  R 923.5 W385

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See index for appropriate page references.
Book call no.:  940.44 W593y

Whittaker, James C.  We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing:  The Complete Story of the Ordeal and Rescue of Those Who Were with Eddie Rickenbacker on the Plane Lost in the Pacific.  New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1943.  139 p.
Book call no.:  940.548173 w61w

Document (Student Research)

Johnson, Robert S.  Edward Vernon Rickenbacker.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air Command and Staff College, June 1966.  64 p.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 35582-7 J682e


5 Aces.  Forbes  156:10:74-75 October 1995.
Also available online at:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&AN=9510267642&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv

Profiles five United States fighter pilots who also did well on the ground. Eddie Rickenbacker, World War I; Joe Foss, World War II; Chuck Yeager, World War II; Frank Gabreski, Korea; Randy Cunningham, Vietnam; What each man did after his military career ended.

Ace of Aces.  Airman 1:11 August 1957.

Fighter Ace Passes Away.  FDCH Regulatory Intelligence Database, February 1, 2002.
Also available online at: http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mth&AN=32W3948849398&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv

Boyne, Walter J.  Rickenbacker:  He Volunteered at Sergeant's Pay and Became This Nation's "Ace of Aces."   Air Force Magazine 83:68-74 September 2000.
Also available online at:  http://www.afa.org/magazine/sept2000/0900ricken.asp

Callander, Bruce.  Eddie Rickenbacker Dies at 82.  Air Force Times 34:13 August 8, 1973.

Captain Eddie (Obituary).  Newsweek 82:67-68 August 6,1973.

Capt Eddie Rickenbacker Is Dead at 82.  New York Times, p 1+, col 1, July 24, 1973.
Also available online at:  http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=90457518&sid=1&Fmt=10&clientId=417&RQT=309&VName=HNP

A Century to Flight:  Military Pioneers Who Made History.  Air Force Times 63:(55 p insert) June 9, 2003.

Durable Man.  Time 55:24-27 April 17, 1950.
Abridged in Reader's Digest 57:4549 September 1950.

Eddie Rickenbacker, 1890-1973 (Obituary).  Time 102:66 August 6,1973.

Fleming, Thomas.  Flying Aces of World War I.  Boys' Life  December 1993.
Also available online at:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=f5h&AN=9312027584&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv

Surveys the pilots, or flying aces, of World War I. Origin of the term `ace'; Why the early planes were a danger to their own pilots; The daring battle tactics of pilots Max Immelmann, Albert Ball, Billy Bishop and others; Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the `Red Baron'; Eddie Rickenbacker; Dogfights.

Fredette, Raymond H.  Rickenbacker: "Most Natural Leader I Ever Saw."  Air Force Magazine 57:65-71 April 1974.

Frisbee, John L.  Courage, Heroism, ValorAir Force Magazine 71:109 December 1988.

Glines, C. V.  Charmed Life of Captain Eddie RickenbackerAviation History Magazine 9:42-49 January 1999.
Also available online at:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&AN=1317666&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv
Pays tribute to American airman Edward Vernon Rickenbacker. Brief biographical background; His career in military aeronautics; Background of his career on commercial aviation.

Hoffman, Frank.  Eddie Rickenbacker.  Air Force Times 63:14-16 June 2, 2003 Supplement.

In the Name of Congress........October 1958.  Airman 2:15 October 1958.
How Captain Rickenbacker earned the Medal of Honor.

Kaplan, H. R.  America's Ace of Aces.  Sergeants 21:28-30 November 1982.

Kinkade, Mark.  Pushing the Envelope.  Airman 47:1-6 June 2003.
Also available online at:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mth&AN=18265352&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv

Presents the series of momentous occasions in the U.S. Air Force. Honor received by Eddie Rickenbacker; Role of the Air Force in the development of powered airplanes; Link between powered flight and the Air Force.

Lewis, W. David.  The Rescue of Eddie Rickenbacker.  Air & Space Smithsonian 13:64:72 August-September 1998.
Presents information on the Boeing B-17 which went missing on October 21, 1942, highlighting the rescue mission of pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and crew members. How information on the ordeal of Rickenbacker and crew members were obtained; Information on the challenges which Rickenbacker faced; Views of Rickenbacker's associates on his attitude; Detailed information on the events leading up to the crash of the Boeing B-17.

Lockbourne AFB (Ohio) Renamed for Rickenbacker.  Air Force Magazine 57:43 July 1974.

Manning, Stephen O., III.  The Man from Ohio.  Airman 18:24-29 November 1974.

Maurer, Maurer.  Another Victory for Rickenbacker.  Air Power Historian 7:117-124 April 1960.

Miller, Anthony.  Ace of Aces.  American Legion 144:26+ February 1998.

Rickenbacker, Eddie.  America Must Return to Fundamentals.  Vital Speeches of the Day  13:210-214 January 15, 1947.
Also available online at:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mth&AN=9751491&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv

Presents the text of a speech given by Eddie Rickenbacker, president of Eastern Air Lines, on December 12, 1946, which deals with the economy and progress in the U.S.

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  Bailing Wire and Fabric Crates.  Airman 1:8-10 August 1957.

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  It's Not Too Late!  Quartermaster Review 33:17+ November-December 1953.

Rickenbacker, Eddie.  Let's Appreciate Our Heritage.  Vital Speeches of the Day  16:166-169 January 1, 1950.
Also available online at:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mth&AN=9764120&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv

Presents the text of a speech given by Eastern Air Lines Inc. President and General Manager Eddie Rickenbacker on November 3, 1949, which deals with liberty.

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  Nine Lives of Eddie Rickenbacker.  Reader's Digest  92:245-248+ May 1968.
Condensed from the book entitled Rickenbacker: An Autobiography.

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  Our World of Tomorrow; Progress Will Be Limited Only by the Limits of Human Imagination.  U.S. Air Services 41:9-11+ November 1956.

Rickenbacker, Eddie.  There Is No Absenteeism on the Battle Front.  Vital Speeches of the Day  9:326-331 March 15, 1943.
Also available online at:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mth&AN=9760778&site=ehost-live&custid=airuniv

Presents the text of a speech given by Eastern Air Lines president Eddie Rickenbacker on February 22, 1943, which deals with justice and public decency in the U.S.

Videos and Audio Books

Markham, Monte.  The War Aces U.S. News Video.  Clifton, NJ, U.S. News Video, 1992.  1 videocassette (50 minutes).
Relive dog-fight with WWI great Eddie Rickenbacker, and the "Red Baron."
Video call no.:  358.4383 W253

Medal of Honor.  Palm Springs, CA, Big Picture, Historical Film and Video, 1993.  1 videocassette (20 minutes).
Video call no.:  355.1342 M488

Mikaelian, Allen and others.  Medal of Honor Profiles of America's Military Heroes from the Civil War to the Present.  New York, Hyperion Audiobooks, 2002.  4 sound cassettes (6 hours).
Audio call no.:  355.13420922 M636ma

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