Sun Tzu
544-496 BC

A Chinese general who lived around the 5th century BC.  He wrote The Art of War, one of the oldest textbooks on military warfare known to man.  

December 2009

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Internet Resources

"The Art of War" by Sun Tzu
Available online at:
Maintained by the BBC.  Provides a good recap of Sun Tzu "The Art of War".

Available online at:
A website for Sun Tzu's Art of War and is the gathering place of authors, scholars, and readers around the world, joined together by a common interest:  Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Sun Tzu (or Sunzi) & more.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air War College.
Available online at:
Excellent links to guides to study Sun Tzu and related writings via Air War College Gateway.

Watson, John.  Sun Tzu's Art of War.  2009.
Available online at:
This site is based on the English translation by Lionel Giles first published in 1910.  The site can be searched, browsed, and referenced for individual passages that can quickly and easily be use in a bibliography.


Chu-ko, Liang.  Mastering the Art of War.  Boston, Shambhala Publications, 1989.  134 p.
Discusses Sun Tzu's theories.
Book call no.:  355.02 C559m

The Complete Art of War.  Boulder, CO, Westview Press, 1996.  304 p.
Translated, with historical introduction and commentary by Ralph D. Sawyer; with collaboration of Mei-Chun Lee Sawyer.
Book call no.:  355.02 S958c

The Essence of War:  Leadership and Strategy from the Chinese Military Classics, edited by Ralph D. Sawyer.  Boulder, CO, Westview Press, 2004.  312 p.
Translated by Ralph D. Sawyer.  Selections from the seven military classics of ancient China.  Includes bibliographical references (pp 309-312) and index.
Book call no.:  355.02 E78

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Book call no.:  355.02 H2362m 2001

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Book call no.:  355.020931 K16a

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Book call no.:  355.02 M169s

Richards, Chester W.  A Swift, Elusive Sword:  What If Sun Tzu and John Boyd Did a National Defense Review?  Washington, DC, Center for Defense Information, 2001.  84 p.
Also available online at:  (If link does not open, copy & paste into browser address line).
Book call no.:  355.033573 R514s

Roots of Strategy:  A Collection of Military Classics, edited by Thomas R. Phillips.  Harrisburg, PA , Military Service Publishing Co., 1940.  448 p.
Sun Tzu on the Art of War, by Lionel Giles, pp 11-63.
Book call no.:  355 S57a 1963

Sun Tzu.  The Art of War.  Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1963.  197 p.
Translated and with an introduction by Samuel B. Griffith.
Book call no.:  355 S57a 1963

Sun Tzu.  The Art of War.  New York, Delacorte Press, 1983.  82 p.
Edited and with a forward by James Clavell.
Book call no.:  355 S57a 1983

Sun-Tzu:  The Art of Warfare.  New York, Ballantine Books, 1993.  321 p.
Translated by Ames, Roger T.  The first English translation incorporating the recently discovered Yin-Chueh-Shan texts, with an introduction and commentary, by Roger T. Ames.
Book call no.:  355.02 S958s

Sun-Tzu:  The New Translation.  New York, Morrow, 1993.  229 p.
Research and reinterpretation by J. H. Huang.  Includes bibliographical references (pp 283-288) and index.
Book call no.:  355.02 S958s 1993

Tao, Hanzhang.  Sun Tzu's Art of War:  The Modern Chinese Interpretation, translated by Yuan Shibing.  New York, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc, 1987.  128 p.
Translated by Yuan Shibing.
Book call no.:  355 T171s

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Sun-Wu, China's greatest teacher of war, pp 92-100.
Book call no.:  181.1 W246c

War:  A Matter of Principles, edited by David Evans.  RAAF Base, Fairbairn ACT:  Aerospace Centre, 2000.  183 p.
Includes bibliographical references (pp. 168-173) and index.
Book call no.:  355.02 W25310

Documents (Student Research)

Borik, Frank C.  Sun Tzu and the Art of Submarine Warfare.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air War College, April, 1995.  40 p.
Defense analytical study.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 43117 B734s

Cook, Patricia J.  Applying Sun Tzu's Ancient "Art of War" to the Future.  Carlisle, PA, Army War College, 1999.  32 p.
Also available online at:
Doc. call no.:  M-U 39080-537 C7713a

Jeong, Kook Bohn.  The Legacy of Sun Tzu:  The Role of the "Unconventional" in Military Studies.  Fort Leavenworth, KS, Army Command and General Staff College, 1981.  70 p.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 42002 J54L

Johnson, Eric N.  Sun Tzu in the Age of Technology.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air War College, 1992.  19 p.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 43117 M5381b

Mendez, Anthony W.  The Gettysburg Campaign:  "Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself".  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air War College, April 1995.  41 p.
Discusses the Battle of Gettysburg in light of Sun Tzu's principles of war.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 43117 M5381b

Mixon, Benjamin R.  Concentration of Military Forces in Joint Operations:  Applying Theory to Reality.  Fort Leavenworth, KS, Army Command and General Staff College, March 1988.  40 p.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 42022-2 M685e

Phelps, Lawrence P.  East Meets West:  A Combined Approach to Studying War and Strategy in the 21st Century.  Carlisle, PA, Army War College, 2006.  14 p.
Also available online at:
Book call no.:  M-U 39080-537 P539s

Rice, Sean P.  Sun Tzu:  Ancient Theories for a Strategy Against Islamic Extremism.  Carlisle Barracks, PA, Army War College, 2006.  22 p.
Includes bibligraphical references (pp 19-22).
Also available online at:
Book call no.:  M-U 39080-537 R497s

Senenko, Christopher M.  Network Centric Warfare and the Principles of War.  Norfolk, VA, Joint Forces Staff College, Joint Advanced Warfighting School, 2007.  62 p.
Specific Sun Tzu's principles are mentioned throughout the paper.
Also available online at:
Doc. call no.:  M-U 36185-37 S475n

Sprayberry, William J.  Synopsis of:  The Art of War.  Maxwell AFB, AL, Air Command and Staff College, April 1985.  23 p.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 43122 S767s

Thompson, Philip S.  U. S. Army Deception at the Operational Level of War.  Fort Leavenworth, KS, Army Command and Staff College, March 1991.  45 p.
Examines the deception theories of Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, and Liddell Hart and offers historical examples of their applications.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 42022-2 T475u

Welch, Mark S.  What Will Be the Character of the Next War?  Newport, RI, Navel War College, March 1995.  15 p.
Discusses the Sun Tzu and Clausewitz theories in relation to the probable strategy and character of the next war.
Doc. call no.:  M-U 41662 W441w


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Also available online at:

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Book review of translation by Samuel B. Griffith.

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Book Review.

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The aim of this article is to discuss the principles of the indirect approach as described by Liddell Hart and Sun Tzu.

Kumble, Stephen.  Sun Tzu:  "C4ISR+NCW (network-centric warfare) = Total Victory.  Asian Defence Journal 1:32-33 January-February 2004.

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Also available online at:

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Also available online at:

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Also available online at:

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Straight, Mike.  Sun Tzu at Mach 2.  USAF Fighter Weapons Review 38 :2-4 Spring 1990.


The Art of War.  Chagrin Falls, OH, Findaway World, 2007.  1 media player (Playaway), 2 hrs.
Audio book format digital; Playaway.
Audio call no.:  355.02 S958ad Play

The Art of War.  Solon, OH, Playaway Digital Audio, 2008.  1 media player (Playaway), 60 min.
Translated by Thomas Cleary.
Audio call no.:  355.02 S958ac Play

The Art of War.  Old Saybrook, CT, Tantor Media , 2008.  4 CDs digital; 4 3/4 in.; 2 hrs.
Translated and a historical introduction by Ralph Sawyer. 
Audio call no:  355.02 S958aa Audio

Sun Tzu:  The Art of War.  Bethesda, MD, Discovery Communications, Inc, 1994.  1 Videocassette, 50 min.
Videorecording on Sun Tzu's Art of War.
Video call no.:  355 S57ad

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