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March 1997

Compiled by Diana Simpson
Bibliographer, Air University Library
Maxwell AFB, AL



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Book call no.: 174.9355 G118t One copy on SOS reserve; others available for checkout.

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Book call no.: 301.155 M667p AUL's only copy is on SOS reserve.

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Book call no.: 174.4 W238m


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Doc. call no.: M-U 36185-28 D921m

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Doc. call no.: M-U 43122 P613p


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Sixteen, including two generals, are targeted in the CT-43 crash.

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Sending a message that leaders will be held accountable, NY's Adjutant General has removed two commanders for not attempting to stop sexual discrimination against one of the National Guard's first female fighter pilots.

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In order to correct current shortcomings in leaderership, the Air Force must change the way it develops officers. This can best be done by improving the continuity of commanders serving in key positions and developing an effective mentoring program.
Doc. call no.: M-U 43117 G223c

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Col William Pellerin, former operations group commander for the 92nd Bomb Wing at Fairchild AFB, pleads guilty to dereliction of duty in June 1994 B-52 crash.

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