Operations Linebacker I and II:  Air Strategy

Operations Linebacker I and II were aerial bombing campaigns conducted in 1972 against targets in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) during the final period of the Vietnam War.

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Internet Resources

GlobalSecurity.org:  Operation Linebacker II.
Available online at:  http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/linebacker-2.htm

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Available online at:  http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=23629235&sid=1&Fmt=4&clientId=417&RQT=309&VName=PQD
Hemingway describes Operation Linebacker II, the largest bombing raid in the Vietnam War that resulted from the collapse of the Paris peace talks.  The operation made use of the B-52 as a strategic bomber for the first time.

Operation Linebacker I.  Air Force History Support Office,
Available online at:  http://www.airforcehistory.hq.af.mil/PopTopics/linebacker1.htm

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Available online at:  http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/events/2002_Symposium/2002Papers_files/linebacker.htm

U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission:  Linebacker II Bombing Raids.
Available online at:  http://www.centennialofflight.gov/essay/Air_Power/Linebacker/AP41.htm


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Documents (Student Research)

Clark, Gregory S.  Linebacker II:  Achieving Strategic Surprise.  Newport, RI, Naval War College, 2002.  20 p.
Also available online at: http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA401178
Doc. call no.: M-U 41662 C593L

Clodfelter, R. Mark A.  Air Power and Limited War:  An Analysis of the Air Campaigns Against North Vietnam as Instruments of National Policy.  Chapel Hill, NC, University of North Carolina, 1987.  304 p.  (Doctoral Thesis)
A Clausewitzian evaluation of the three American air campaigns against North Vietnam (Rolling Thunder March 1965--October 1986; Linebacker I, May-- October 1972; and Linebacker II, December 1972) reveals that they differed significantly in their effectiveness as political instruments.
Also available online at: http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA187025
Doc. call no.: M-U 43567-280

Harris, Warren L. The Linebacker Campaigns:  An Analysis.  Maxwell AFB, Al, Air War College, 1987.  30 p.
This report provides a general description of some of the key events which preceded the execution of the Linebacker bombing campaigns in the Vietnam War.  The report analyzes the policy options available to President Nixon in his attempt to conclude the war.  Further, the report assesses the two Linebacker operations from a political and military view, including their planning, execution, and impact on the North Vietnamese government.
Also available online at: http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA186661
Doc. call no.: M-U 43117 H317L

Littrell, Dennis R.  Linebacker II, the December 1972 Vietnam War Air Campaign.  Carlisle Barracks, PA, U.S. Army War College, 1999.  43 p.
This paper is an objective evaluation of the December 1972 Vietnam War air campaign, Linebacker II.  It describes the evolution of the strategy, examines the campaign itself, and evaluates the results.
Also available online at: http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA363835
Doc. call no.: M-U 39080-537 L782L

Michael, Philip S.  The Strategic Significance of Linebacker II:  Political, Military and Beyond.  Carlisle Barracks, PA, U.S. Army War College, April 2003.  24 p. (USAWC strategy research project)
Conducted 30 years ago, Linebacker II offers an excellent case study on how the Air Force incorporates historical experience into its air power doctrine.  Two opposing interpretations of the success of Linebacker II have influenced Air Force Doctrine.
Also available online at: http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA414163
Doc. call no.: M-U 39080-537 M621s

Teixeira, Leonard D. G.  Linebacker II:  A Strategic and Tactical Case Study.  Maxwell AFB, AL, April 1990.  32 p.
Also available online at:  http://www.au.af.mil/au/aul/srp/linebacker%20II.pdf
Doc. call no.:  M-U 43117 T266L

Williams, Gary H.  Operation Linebacker II:  An Analysis in Operational Design.  Newport, RI, Naval War College, 1997.  21 p.
Although Linebacker 2 is universally considered to have been a successful operation, this case study highlights the problems associated when operational planners failed to adequately apply proper operational design.
Also available online at: http://handle.dtic.mil/100.2/ADA325082
Doc. call no.: M-U 41662 W7231o



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See also: Tragedy of Linebacker II: The USAF ResponseArmed Forces Journal International  114:24-25 August 1977.

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Operation Linebacker II was one of the most concentrated bombing campaigns in history and was carried out against military targets in Hanoi and Haiphong in North Vietnam.  This article examines the basic air power doctrine of the campaign and the U.S. Air Force's interpretation of this campaign as successful.
Also available online at:  http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=000000057578584&Fmt=4&clientId=417&RQT=309&VName=PQD

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