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All sites listed were last accessed on March 11, 2003.

Internet Resources

Country Information on Lebanon.
Available at:
Provides a country profile, a government contacts list, private sector listings, import-export statistics with the U.S., articles about Lebanon, and links to related sites.

Embassy of Lebanon (Washington, DC).
Available at:
Official site provides access to general information (government, parliament members, economy, etc.), statistical data, consular affairs and a section on Doing Business in Lebanon.

Available at:
Article from the World Factbook with a map and information on the geography, people, government, economy, military and transnational issues.

Lebanon: A Country Study.
Available at:
Library of Congress web site offers an extensive online report with information on the history, geography, population, social organization, economy, government, foreign relations, security issues, current military structure, etc. Also offers an internal search feature for the site.

Lebanon (Republic of Lebanon).
Available at:
University of Texas at Austin's Middle East Network Information Center offers extensive links grouped by subject such as Arts and Culture, Business and Economy, Government and Politics, News and Current Events, etc.

News at
Available at:
Lebanese news.

--Sites were last accessed on December 31, 1999.
--Inclusion of a link to a web site does not imply endorsement by the Air University Library or the United States Air Force.

** For additional Internet sites, refer to the regional sites listed at the beginning of this bibliography.


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Also available at:
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Reports that Assad has selected army chief, Emile Lahoud, as president. Discusses the constitutional obstacles and the powers the general will have.

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The new Lebanese president is expected to introduce a series of reforms to fight corruption and modernize the administration.

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Discusses the situation following President Lahoud's first year.

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Discusses Hariri's refusal to serve as prime minister of the new government.

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Discusses the future of Lebanon with Syria biding its time before taking control and Iran challenging Syria's authority.

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Examines Israel's situation in southern Lebanon including its efforts to create diplomatic ties with Syria and the factors that could affect those ties.

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Discusses Lebanon's search for a new balance of power. Insert reviews Lebanon's budget deficit.

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Discusses the success of the securities issued by the Lebanese Treasury from 1993-1997 and indepth information on the economic situation between 1992-1997.

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Comments on Hariri's refusal to form a government in Lebanon. Notes Hariri's accomplishments and speculates on the reasons for the refusal.

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Israeli bombing for Hezbollah targets hits UN base near Qana, Lebanon.

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Israel's bombing of Lebanon (Operation Grapes of Wrath) kills over 100 civilians.

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Reviews the political situation in Lebanon since the end of the civil war, Syria's role, and possibilities for the future.

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A survey of the situation in Lebanon with short articles on various topics: Outside Influence (Syrianese presence in Lebanon), A War with Many Losers (Palestine's role in the Lebanese civil war), Changing the Game (information on Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri), From the Ashes (economic growth), A Question of Faith (religion in Lebanese politics), and Peace at Last.

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Examines the impact of the new reformist government on the country's economy.

"The Syrian Track and the Lebanese Track Should Move in Tandem". Middle East Insight 14:31-35 September-October 1999.
Summer forum with H. E. Farid Abboud, Lebanon's Ambassador to the United States, discusses how Lebanon views the peace process.

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Examines military relations between Israel and Lebanon.

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The problems that face Lebanon's agricultural sector are discussed.

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