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Internet Resources

Country Information on Yemen.
Available at:
Provides a country profile, a government contacts list, private sector listings, import-export statistics with the U.S., articles about Yemen, and links to related sites.

Embassy of the Republic of Yemen.
Available at:
Official site provides information on the history, current news summaries, brief overview of the government, brief economic overview, and description of the country with pictures.

Available at:
Article from the World Factbook with a map and information on the geography, people, government, economy, military and transnational issues.

Yemen (Republic of Yemen).
Available at:
University of Texas at Austin's Middle East Network Information Center offers extensive links grouped by subject such as Arts and Culture, Business and Economy, Government and Politics, News and Current Events, etc.

--Sites were last accessed on December 30, 1999.
--Inclusion of a link to a web site does not imply endorsement by the Air University Library or the United States Air Force.

** For additional Internet sites, refer to the regional sites listed at the beginning of this bibliography.


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Offers a 22 page report with background on Yemen's social & economic conditions, political actors, international relationships, sources of power, eighteen months forcasts concerning stability, turmoil, economic problems, etc.
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Also available at:
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Angry in Aden. Economist 350:58-59 February 6-12, 1999.
Discusses the 1999 bombing in Aden, the involvement of Abu Hamza al-Masn, Hamza's training camp for militants, and Britain's relationship to Hamza.

Bin Laden's Revenge. World Press Review 46:19-20 March 1999.
Reviews the kidnapping of 16 tourists in Yemen, profiles the kidnappers, and discusses the controversial rescue mission launched by Yemeni authorities.

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Democratic Steps. World Press Review 44:22-23 July 1997.
Discusses the results of Yemen's first parliamentary elections since the civil war.

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Examines the political party of Islah, its historical progress, public identity, and its general adviser.

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Yemen alleges that Israel backed the Eritrean troops who captured three Red Sea islands from Yemen.

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Examines the Eritrea-Yemen conflict over the Hanish Islands and its impact on the security of the Red Sea region.

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Describes the suspected role of Yemen in international terrorism.

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Discusses social and political conditions in Yemen through the recollections of a Yemeni boy born into a sayyid family renowned for its scholarship for more than a millennium.

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Despite his military victory in the 1994 civil war, President Saleh continues to experience difficulties. The National Front for the Opposition is discussed.

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Crisis with Britain continues with trial of five Britons accused of terrorism.

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Discusses the kidnapping of Western tourists.

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Yemen-Eritrea Dispute. UN Chronicle 33:93-94 Spring 1996.
Discusses UN Secretary General's mediation of the Hanish Islands dispute.

Yemen Holds Vote; First since '94 Strife. New York Times, p A9, col 1, April 28, 1997.
Discusses the election and the reported violence.

Yemen's Ruling Party. Wall Street Journal, p A1, col 3, May 1, 1997.
Yemen's ruling party wins an overwhelming majority in April elections.

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