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July 1999

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The Fog of War.
Available at:
An interactive map of Baghdad showing 42 targets hit by the U.S. military with links to photographs of individual targets.

Iraq Maps.
Available at:
Produced by the Central Intelligence Agency. Includes maps of Iraq, Baghdad, regional maps, tactical pilotage charts, and topical maps. Provides links to Iraq maps on other web sites.

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Atkinson, Rick. Crusade: The Untold Story of the Persian Gulf War. Boston, MA, Houghton Mifflin, 1993. 575 p.
Also available at:
The following maps are found after p 511:
The Kuwait Theater of Operations.
Initial Air Attacks, January 17, 1991.
Iraqi Land & Sea Minefields.
Iraqi & Allied Forces on Eve of Ground War.
Allied Ground Assaults.
VII Corps Attack.
Battle of 73 Easting.
Book call no.: 956.70442 A877c

Bellamy, Chris. Expert Witness: A Defence Correspondent's Gulf War, 1990-91. New York, Brassey's, 1993. 252 p.
Maps indexed, pp xi-xii.
Targets, pp 70-71.
Ground Battle, p 117.
Situational Maps, pp 134-135.
Final Allied Dispositions, p 169.
Allied Order of Battle, p 169.
Book call no.: 956.7004428 B435e

Conduct of the Persian Gulf War. Washington, Department of Defense, 1992. 824 p.
Numerous maps throughout include:
Iraqi Assault Operations, 2 August 1990, p 4.
Iraqi Missile Capabilities, p 14.
Iraqi Force Disposition, January 1991, p 83.
Disposition of Coalition Aircraft, p 106+.
Carrier Operation Areas, 21 January 1991, p 110.
Book call no.: R 956.70442 C7462

Desert Storm: The War in the Persian Gulf, by the editors of Time Magazine. Boston, Little Brown, 1991. 232 p.
Maps of weekly war action and 100-hour war 24-28 February 1991, pp 99-112.
Book call no.: 956.7043 D4513

Gordon, Michael R. and Trainor, Bernard E. The Generals War: The Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf. Boston, Little Brown, 1995. 551 p.
Maps include the following:
Principal Targets in Iraq, p 87.
Iraqi Air Defense System, p 109.
Coalition & Iraqi Found Force Deployment in KTO, p 340.
Marine/JFCE Attack 24-27 February 1991, p 358.
Army Attack, p 378.
Iraqi Retreat to the West 26-27 February 1991, p 388.
Situation at Cease-Fire 28 February 1991, p 428.
Road to Baghdad, p 452.
Book call no.: 956.70442 G664g

Gulf War Air Power Survey Summary Report, by Thomas A. Keaney and Eliot A. Cohen. Washington, GPO, 1993. 276 p.
Maps indexed on page vi include the following:
Map of the Region, p 3.
Shift to the West by U.S. XVIII Corps and VII Corps, p 8.
Coalition Plan for Ground Attack, p 9.
Iraqi Deployment in KTO on 17 January 1991, p 11.
Attacks of the Iraqi III Corps, 29-31 January 1991, p 20.
Chokepoints for Retreating Iraqi Troops in the Kuwait Theater, p 25.
Status of Bridges on Baghdad-to-KTO Routes, 28 February 1991, p 94.
Prewar Baghdad-to-KTO Route Capabilities, p 95.
Baghdad-to-KTO Route Capabilities, 28 February 1991, p 96.
Fixed-Site Iraqi Naval Targets, p 100.
Strikes Targeted by Kill Box, 17 January-28 February 1991, p 104.
Chokepoints for Retreating Iraqi Troops in the Kuwait Theater, p 114.
Relative Distances in the Area of Operations, p 168.
Formation of a "Package" for Attacks into Iraq, p 169.
Map of Iraq and Kuwait, p 171.
Map of Region Depicting Major Air Bases Used by Coalition Air Forces during Desert Storm, p 174.
Book call no.: R 956.70442 G9712 Summary

Marolda, Edward J. and Schneller, Robert J. Jr. Shield and Sword: The United States Navy and the Persian Gulf War. Washington, U.S. Navy. Naval Historical Center, 1998. 517 p.
Maps indexed on page ix include:
UN Naval Forces & Operations in the Persian Gulf.
Air Assault on Iraq.
Mine Clearance Operations.
Kill Boxes in KTO.
Ground Assault on Kuwait.
Iraqi Air Attack in Gulf.
Book call no.: 956.7044245 M354s

Murray, Williamson. Air War in the Persian Gulf. Baltimore, MD, Nautical & Aviation Publishing Company of America, 1995. 338 p.
Forty-seven maps are indexed, pp ix-x. Maps detail Iraqi air bases, daily activity, troop dispositions, sorties, and much more.
Book call no.: 956.7044248 M984a

Scales, Robert H., Jr. Certain Victory. Washington, U.S. Army. Office of the Chief of Staff, 1993. 435 p. (United States Army in the Gulf War)
Numerous excellent, colored maps are indexed, pp x-xiii. Maps in the back showing ground operations, 24-28 February 1991 are particularly good.
Book call no.: 956.70442 S281c

Schwarzkopf, H. Norman and Petre, Peter. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf: The Autobiography: It Doesn't Take a Hero.. New York, Bantam Books, 1992. 530 p.
Maps listed on page vii include:
Initial Defense Plan, p 333.
Bases Used by Allied Forces, p 347.
Final Defense Plan, p 349.
High-Risk Offensive Plan, p 357.
Iraqi and Allied Positions on January 17, pp 410-111.
Iraqi and Allied Positions on February 23, pp 448-449.
Evening of February 24 and 25, p 458.
Evening of February 26 and 27, p 459.
Post Cease-Fire: Allied Positions and Demarcation Line, pp 486-487.
Book call no.: 92 S4111g

Summers, Harry G., Jr. Persian Gulf War Almanac. New York, Facts on File, 1995. 301 p.
Twenty maps indexed on page viii include:
Operation Desert Storm Aircraft Carrier Operating Areas, 21 January 1991, p 46.
Ground Offensive Campaign, pp 149-152.
Joint Forces Command-North: Plan of Attack, p 169.
Maritime Interception Force Sector Assignments, p 187.
Iraqi Missile Capabilities, p 226.
Book call no.: R 956.70442 S955p

Triumph Without Victory: The Unreported History of the Persian Gulf Conflict. New York, Times Books, 1992. 477 p.
Maps include:
Iraqi Invasion, p 11.
Air Raids fromTurkey, p 241.
Targets, p 269.
Disposition of Troops, p 289.
First Day of Ground War, p 305.
VII Corps 26 February 1991, p 337.
Battle of Easting, p 341.
Capt Davies Alpha Troop, p 353.
Objective Norfolk, p 365.
End of the 4th Day, p 375.
Troops Disposition & Assaults, p 381.
Book call no.: 956.7043 T839

U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991: Anthology and Annotated Bibliography, compiled by Charles D. Melson and others. Washington, U.S. Marine Corps. History and Museums Division, 1992. 258 p. (U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991)
Assorted maps show force deployments and air control zones during the air campaign. Maps are not indexed.
Book call no.: 956.70442 U582

The Whirlwind War: The United States Army in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, edited by Frank N. Schubert and Theresa L. Kraus. Washington, U.S. Army. Center of Military History, 1995. 312 p.
Sixteen excellent maps indexed on page xiv include:
Iraqi Troop Dispositions, Late September 1990, p 103.
Iraqi Troop Dispositions, Mid-February 1991, p 136.
Preparing for the Ground War, 17 January-17 February 1991, p 144.
Jump Off Locations, 23 February 1991, p 168.
Ground War, Situation 23-27 February 1991, p 168, p 180, p 184, p 190, and p 198, respectively.
Book call no.: 956.70442373 W575

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Periodicals 1995 and earlier are located in the Older Periodicals Section (take the elevator at Circulation Desk). All other periodicals are located on the first floor in the Periodicals Section.

Air Strikes Spearhead Mideast War. Aviation Week & Space Technology 134:18-19 January 21, 1991.
Map of the war region shows aircraft carriers and includes an inset of Iraq and part of Kuwait pinpointing ballistic missile related facilities; chemical & biological warfare related facilities; nuclear related facilities; forward airfields; airfields; and cities.

Cochran, Darrell. Destruction in the Desert. Soldiers 47:40-41 February 1992.
Also available at:
Map of Operation Desert Storm, 24-28 February 1991, Allied Advance, Phases 1-4.

Desert Storm. Soldier of Fortune 16:49-52 April 1991.
Foldout map of the war region shows in detail allied ships, deployed divisions by country, Republican Guard divisions, and numbers and types of Coalition and Iraqi weapon systems.

Eldridge, Bo. Desert Storm: Mother of All Battles. Command Magazine, pp 12-25+, November-December 1991.
Detailed maps include:
The Preparation by Coalition and Iraqi Units, p 13.
The Air Campaign and Airstrike Targets, p 16.
The Advance, both Ground and Airborne; Frontlines, February 24-28, p 21.
Battle of 73 Easting, p 29.
A J-STARS Snapshot of the KTO, p 34.

Newsweek January 21, 1991-March 11, 1991.
Each issue during this period shows weekly maps of theater action, troop distribution and movement, major targets, ground assaults, oilfields on fire, and more.

Operation Desert Storm Air Force Times 51:28E January 28, 1991.
Map shows nuclear/chemical sites; air fields, SCUD missile sites; possible mobile SCUD launch sites;oil refinery sites; key U.S. weapons; and describes the sequence of battle January 17-18, 1991.

Reading, R. W. Could Iraq Have Made Better Use of Its Air Force and Missile Technology During the Air WAr. Australian Defence Force Journal, pp 39-63, May-June 1992.
Maps at the end of the article include:
Iraqi Air Threat; p 56.
Iraqi Army Deployment, February 24, 1991, p 57.
Iraqi Airfields, p 58.
Iraqi Strategic Targets, p 59.
H-Hour Attacks, p 60.
Isolated & Incapacitated Iraqi Command Structure, p 61.
Operational Procedures for SCUD Chasing, p 62.
Follow-On Attacks, p 62.

Schwarzkopf, H. Norman. Central Command Briefing: Riyahd, Saudi Arabia, Wednesday, 27 February 1991. Military Review 71:96-108 September 1991.
Small maps include:
The Buildup, 3 August-17 January, by Allied and Iraq Forces, p 96.
Air War, 17 January-23 February, p 97.
Ground War, 24-27 February, pp 98-100.

Time January 28, 1991-March 11, 1991.
Maps of war action are included in each weekly issue.
The March 11, 1991 issue has a foldout map preceding page 20 of allied movements each day. The inset shows the buildup from August 7, 1990-February 27, 1991.

U.S. News & World Report January 14, 1991-March 11, 1991.
Maps of war action in each weekly issue include:
Troop Deployment, January 14.
Theater of War,January 28.
Ground Assault, February 4.
Troop Locations, Muslim Holy sites, SCUD Launch Sites, Number of SCUD Launches Against Israel and Saudi Arabia, Oil Spill Information, February 18.
Hail Mary Graphics, March 11.

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