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**Additional information on other international terrorist networks and/or supporters can be found under the "International/ Transnational Terrorists" section.

Internet Resources

Al- Qa'ida (the Base).
Available at:
Site maintained by the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism. Under the 'International Terrorism' section choose 'Terrorist Organization Profiles' then 'Al-Qa'ida'. Offers sections titled: History, Ideology and Strategy, Terrorist Activity, Articles, Documents, Links, Updates, and Attacks. Also note the 'ICT Special Coverage' section with the material on 'Osama bin Ladin and the U.S. Embassy Bombings'

FBI Websites Document Evidence Against Bin Laden.
Available at:
Offers links to two FBI websites providing documentation of bin Laden's activities.

Frontline: Hunting Bin Laden.
Available at:
PBS site offers his life story, video interviews with bin Laden, his fatwahs and writings, information on the U.S. Embassy bombings and the U.S. retaliatory missile strikes, reports from the New York Times, etc.

Osama bin Laden.
Available at:
A 'Backgrounder' article is offered by the Anti-Defamation League. Provides threat quotes by bin Laden from 1996-1998.

Overview of State-Sponsored Terrorism 1998.
Available at:
Article offered by the International Association of Counterterrorism and Security Professionals. The first section deals with Bin Laden and Al-Qaida.

Usama bin Laden Page (Emergency Response and Research Institute).
Available at:
Offers access to various reports and news articles concerning Bin Laden and Al-Qaida.

** For additional internet sites, refer to the "General Internet Resources" section at the beginning of this bibliography.


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Book call no.: 92 B612b

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The Contagion Spreads: The Assault on America, pp 215-241.
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Facts on File, 1999. New York, Facts on File, 1999. 1 vol.
See index under 'Bin Laden, Osama' for numerous references.
Book call no.: R 909.82 F11 1999

The Future of Terrorism: Violence in the New Millenium, edited by Harvey W. Kushner. London, Sage Publications, 1998. 278 p.
The New Terrorism, pp 3-20.
Armed Prophets and Extremists: Islamic Fundamentalism, pp 21-32.
Terrorism in America: The Threat of Militant Islamic Fundamentalism, pp 33-54.
Book call no.: 363.32 F996

Hoffman, Bruce. Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: An Analysis of Trends and Motivations. Santa Monica, CA, Rand, 1999. 66 p.
Case Study: The Embassy Bombings, bin Laden and WMD, pp 29-33.
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Group Leaders: Osama bin Laden, p 290.
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See index under 'bin Laden' for specific references.
Book call no.: 303.625 C855

Mawsilili, Ahmad. Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalist Movements in the Arab World, Iran, and Turkey. Lanham, MD, Scarecrow Press, 1999. 401 p.
Bin Laden, Usama, pp 41-42.
Book call no.: 297.09 M462h

Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1999. Washington, U.S. Dept of State, April 2000. 107 p.
Usama Bin Ladin, p 31.
Al-Qaida, pp 84-85.
Also available online at:
Book call no.: R 303.625 P316 1999

Reeve, Simon. The New Jackals: Ramzi Yousef, Osama Bin Laden and the Future of Terrorism. Boston, MA, Northeastern University Press, 1999. 294 p.
Book call no.: 364.1097471 R331n

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Africa: Bombing of U.S. Embassies, pp 16-22.
Book call no.: 362.88 S578 1998


Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service. Terrorism: Middle Eastern Groups and State Sponsors, 1999, by Kenneth Katzman. Washington, GPO, August 1999. 37 p.
Al-Qaida (Usama bin Ladin Network), pp 12-17.
Doc. call no.: M-U 42953-1 no.99-RL30277

Stoker, Joseph M. Asssassination: A Tool to Counter Osama Bin Laden and Other Transnational Terrorists?. Carlisle Barracks, PA, U.S. Army War College, 1999. 24 p.
Doc. call no.: M-U 39080-537 S874a


Abu Sayyaf's Afghan Link. Asiaweek 25:10 January 29, 1999.
Very brief article discussing bin Laden's link to Abu Sayyaf.

Auster, Bruce B. and others. An Inside Look at Terror Inc. U.S. News & World Report 125:34-35+ October 19, 1998.
Analyzes the work and activities, funding and history of Al-Qaida.

Barry, John and others. Making a Symbol of Terror. Newsweek 133:40-43 March 1, 1999.
Profiles Osama bin Laden with biographical details and discussion of his connection with the U.S. Embassy bombings.

Cameron, Gavin. Multi-Track Microproliferation: Lessons from Aum Shinrikyo and Al Qaida. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 22:277-309 October-December 1999.

Clay, James. The U.S. and the Bin Laden Bogey. Middle East International No.620:22-23 March 10, 2000.

Clinton, William. The Fight Against Terrorism. Vital Speeches of the Day 64:706-707 September 15, 1998.
Speech to the nation August 20, 1998 on the reasoning behind the Afghanistan and Sudan air strikes.

Cooperman, Alan. Terror Strikes Again (U.S. embassy bombings). U.S. News & World Report 125:8-13+ August 17-24, 1998.
Offers a graphic inset of the buildings and placement of the two embassy bombs in Tanzania and Kenya that led to the air strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan.

Davis, Anthony. Targeting Bin Laden. Asiaweek 24:32-35 September 4, 1998.
Discusses the U.S. bombings in Afghanistan in retaliation for the embassy bombings.
Also available online at:

Dickey, Christopher and others. Saddam + Bin Laden? Newsweek 133:34-36 January 11, 1999.

Emerson, Steven. Inside the Osama Bin Laden Investigation. Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International 5:16-26 Fall 1998.

Emerson, Steven. Osama Bin Laden's Special Operations Man. Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International 5:28-29 Fall 1998.

Emerson, Steven. The Tucson Connection. Journal of Counterterrorism & Security International 5:22 Fall 1998.
Osama bin Laden, Hamas, and the World Trade Center bombing all have connections to Tucson.

Evidence Is Seen Linking Bin Laden to Algerian Group. New York Times,, p A1, January 27, 2000.

Howard, Roger. Entertaining Osama: Testing the Limits of Taliban Hospitality. Jane's Intelligence Review 10:14-16 November 1998.

Ismail, Jamal. "I Am Not Afraid of Death". Newsweek 133:36-37 January 11, 1999.
Presents excerpts from a 1998 interview with bin Laden.

Leader, Stefan. Osama bin Laden and the Terrorist Search for WMD (weapons of mass destruction). Jane's Intelligence Review 11:34-37 June 1999.

Lewis, Bernard. License to Kill: Usama bin Ladin's Declaration of Jihad. Foreign Affairs 77:14-19 November-December 1998.

Loeb, Vernon. Has the U.S. Blunted Bin Laden? Yes and No, Terrorists Fighters Say. Washington Post, p A4 February 17, 1999.

Miller, John. Greetings, America. My Name Is Osama bin Laden. Now That I Have Your Attention. Esquire 131:96-103+ February 1999.
Presents information from an interview with bin Laden including his personal background and his reasons for hating the United States.

Newman, Richard J. and others. America Fights Back. U.S. News & World Report 125:38+ August 31, 1998.
Discusses the missile strikes against Afghanistan and Sudan to damage Bin Laden's network.

Ranstorp, Magnus. Interpreting the Broader Context and Meaning of Bin-Laden's 'Fatwa'. Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 21:321-330 October-December 1998.

Rashid, Ahmed. Epicentre of Terror. Far Eastern Economic Review 163:16-18 May 11, 2000.
Focuses on the emergence of Afghanistan as a breeding ground for global terrorism. Includes information on links with bin Laden.

Sappenfield, Mark. What Cruise Missiles Accomplished. Christian Science Monitor, p 4 August 28, 1998.
Examines the impact and success of the U.S. missile strikes against Afghanistan and Sudan.

Simon, Steven and Benjamin, Daniel. America and the New Terrorism. Survival 42:59-75 Spring 2000.
Discusses the bin Laden network, the state sponsors of terrorism, the organization and skills of religious motivated terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, etc.

Smyth, Frank. Culture Clash: Bin Laden, Khartoum and the War Against the West. Jane's Intelligence Review 10:22-25 October 1998.

Smyth, Frank and others. One Man's Private Jihad. Village Voice 43:54-58+ August 25, 1998.
Available at Air University Library only on Proquest CD-Rom #GPO98-09-10.

Terror Times Two. Newsweek 132:22-28 August 17, 1998.
Discusses the two U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.

Terrorism. For Your Eyes Only No.481:10+ February 2000.
Jordan Charges Bin Laden Followers, p 10.
Bin Laden All over Jordan, p 31.

United States: More Arrests in 'Algerian Case'. Pinkerton Global Intelligence Services 2000. 17:1 January 7, 2000.

Watson, Barry and Barry, John. Our Target Was Terror. Newsweek 132:24-29 August 31, 2000.
Discusses the bin Laden network and the U.S. missile strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan in retaliation for the U.S. embassy bombings.

Weaver, Mary Anne. The Real Bin Laden. New Yorker 75:32-38 January 24, 2000.

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