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Internet Resources

Hizballah (Party of God).
Available at:
Site maintained by the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism. Under the 'International Terrorism' section choose 'Terrorist Organization Profiles' then 'Hizballah'. Offers sections titled: History, Ideology and Strategy, Terrorist Activity, Articles, Documents, Links, Updates, and Attacks.

Available at:
Hezbollah organization web site.

Hizbullah - The Party of God.
Available at:
Offers sections on the group's Statement of Purpose, Views and Concepts, Electoral Platform, etc.

Islamic Resistance Support Association (Lebanon).
Available at:
Provides information on the conflict in South Lebanon including an archive of Daily Rsports, Articles, Background, Military Operations, Hostages, etc.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Available at:
Offers various news items and reports concerning Israeli foreign affairs with Lebanon, Palestine, etc. Includes an internal search engine.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
Available at:
Homepage of the General Secretary of Hizbullah. Available in English.

** For additional internet sites, refer to the General Internet Resources section at the beginning of this bibliography.


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See index under 'HizbAllah' for specific references.
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See index under 'Hizbollah' for specific references.
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Amayreh, Khalid. Hizbullah vs Arafat. Middle East International No.626:9 June 2, 2000.

Baktiari, Bahman and Norton, Augustus Richard. Lebanon End-Game. Middle East Insight 15:23-28 March-April 2000.
Discusses Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. Also reviews impact on Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah.

Bartholet, Jefferey. Retreat, Regret, Relief. Newsweek 135:36 June 5, 2000.
Discusses the retreat of Israel from Lebanon and Hezbollah's reaction.

Blanche, Ed. A Bizarre Yet Bloody Conflict Drags on in South Lebanon. Jane's Intelligence Review.
Part One. 9:411-415 September 1997.
Part Two. 9:457-462 October 1997.

Blanche, Ed. Israel's "Human Sandbags" Set to Collapse in South Lebanon. Jane's Intelligence Review 11:24-26 August 1999.
"The South Lebanon Army (SLA), Israel's surrogate militia in Lebanon, is on the verge of collapse".

Blanford, Nicholas. Hizbollah Opens Its Doors to All. Middle East No.273:17-18 December 1997.
Discusses a series of political manuevers by Hizbollah which are likely to improve its public profile and respectability image.

Blanford, Nicholas. Hizbullah Attacks Force Israel to Take a Hard Look at Lebanon. Jane's Intelligence Review 11:32-37 April 1999.

Blanford, Nicholas. Hizbullah: Lebanon's Heir Apparent? Jane's Intelligence Review 11:28-33 November 1999.
Reports on the prospects of Hizbullah changing its role and actions if the IDF withdraws from south Lebanon.

Casey, John. 'Do You Admire Thomas Carlyle?' Spectator 278:17-19 May 3, 1997.
Discusses an interview with a leading Hezbollah intellectual and the 'new' Hezbollah which is politically active having elected 12 members in parliamentary elections.

Duffy, Brian. Talk Firmly and Send the Ships: A Grisly Videotape of Colonel Higgins and Threats to Other Hostages Plunge the President into a Whirl of Diplomacy and Consideration of Military Strikes. U.S. News & World Report 107:22-26 August 14, 1989.

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Discusses Hezbollah guerrilla tactics, terrain, and Israeli counter-guerrilla actions.

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Offers information on Hizballah tactics and strategy.

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Five Militiamen Killed in Hezbollah Ambush. Jane's Defence Weekly 33:6 March 8, 2000.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service Reports.
For up-to-date information on Hizballah, check the FBIS online database. Numerous articles are available for 1999 and 2000. (FBIS is a subscription service available in-house at the Air University Library).

Gambill, Gary C. The Balance of Terror: War by Other Means in the Contemporary Middle East. Journal of Palestine Studies 28:51-66 Autumn 1998.
Especially note pages 60-64 for an analysis of the conflict between Israel and Hizballah.

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Harik, Judith Palmer. Syrian Foreign Policy and State/Resistance Dynamics in Lebanon. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 20, no.3:249-265 July-September 1997.
Refers throughout to Hizballah and its relationship with Syria and Lebanon.

Helping Hizbullah. Economist 354:19-20 March 4, 2000.
Comments on Hezbollah's role in military relations between Israel and Lebanon, Syria's role in Lebanese politics, etc.

Hizballah. Counterterrorism & Security Reports 6, no.2:8 July-August 1997.
Offers a group profile.

Israel. For Your Eyes Only No.480:1+ January 2000.
Senior Militia Leader Killed (and Hezbollah operations), p 1.
Hezbollah Kidnaps Witnesses, p 7.
Syrian Peace Talks Stalled, p 26.

Israel. For Your Eyes Only No.481:2+ February 2000.
More Weapons for Hezbollah, p 2.
Hezbollah Fires into Israel, p 3.
1996 Agreement (with Hezbollah) Holds, p 23.
Hezbollah Holds Fire, p 24.
Bombs over Lebanon, p 25.
War with Hezbollah Escalates, p 26.

Israel and Lebanon: Back to Bombs and Rockets. Economist 354:42 February 12, 2000.

Israel/ Lebanon. Pinkerton Global Intelligence Services 2000.
Hezbollah Guerrilla Attacks. 17:8 January 28, 2000.
Barak Links Peace Talks with Syrian Reigning in Islamist Guerrillas. 17:7 February 4, 2000.
Islamist Guerrilla Leader Promises More Killing of Israelis. 17:8 February 18, 2000.
More Israeli Jet Raids Retaliate for Continuing Guerrilla Attacks. 17:7 March 17, 2000.
Air & Artillery Strikes on Islamist Guerrilla Positions. 17:8 April 28, 2000.

Jansen, Michael. Countdown to a Lebanon Pull-Out. Middle East International No.620:4-6 March 10, 2000.
Includes "Hizbullah Targets the SLA".

Jansen, Michael. Failure of "Grapes of Wrath". Middle East International No.524:6-7 April 26, 1996.
Discusses Israel's operation against Hezbollah in the south of Lebanon.

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Especially note section 'Hizbullah States Its Terms', p 11.

Jansen, Michael. Lebanon's Finest Hour. Middle East International No.626:4-6 June 2, 2000.
Discusses the withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon official May 24. Includes information on Hezbollah.

Jones, Clive. Israeli Counter-Insurgency Strategy and the War in South Lebanon 1985-1997. Small Wars & Insurgencies 8:82-108 Winter 1997.

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Discusses Hezbollah's activities and the United States policy toward Hezbollah.

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Discusses the Israeli naval commando raid into south Lebanon September 1997. The unit walked into a Hezbollah ambush that left 12 of the 16 operatives dead.

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Leenders, Reinoud. Lebanon: Hizbullah's Baalbek Reversal. Middle East International No.577:8-9 June 19, 1998.
Discusses the results of the recent elections.

Nelan, Bruce W. Dark with Blood. Time 147:52-57 April 29, 1996.
Israel's bombing of Lebanon


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Discusses the situation in south Lebanon.

"Peace Requires Departure of Palestinians". Middle East Insight 15:29-34 March-April 2000.
Interview with Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, head of Lebanon's Hezbollah since 1992.

Peterson, Scott. Hizbullah a Key Player in Syrian-Israeli Talks. Christian Science Monitor, p 6, January 21, 2000.

Prusher, Ilene R. Through Charity, Hizbullah Charms Lebanon. Christian Science Monitor, p 1, April 19, 2000.
Describes the network of social services set up by Hizbullah.

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Focuses on Israel's withdrawal plans with an overview of the Arab-Israel conflict, the military strengths of Hezbollah, sponsorship by Syria, etc.

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Part One. 7:34-36 January 1995.
Part Two. 7:81-83 February 1995.

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Sachs, Susan. Helping Hand of Hezbollah Emerging in South Lebanon. New York Times, p A1, May 31, 2000.
Focuses on Hezbollah's efforts to resume order in Lebanon including activities of its reconstruction arm and takeover of the administration of a regional hospital.

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Venter, Al J. Lebanon: A Pawn in the Power Struggle. Jane's Intelligence Review 10:18-23 June 1998.
Reports on "the strategic and political implications of a possible Israeli withdrawal". Refers throughout to Hezbollah.

Wege, Carl Anthony. Hizbollah Organization. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 17, no.2:151-164 1994.
Examines the development of Hizbollah in the context of the Lebanese civil war, its emergence in Amal, and its split between Hizbollah and a marginalized Islamic Resistance.

Zanini, Michele. Middle Eastern Terrorism and Netwar. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 22:247-256 July-September 1999.


The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs. Boston, PBS Home Video, 1999. 2 videocassettes, 300 min.
Video call no.: 956.94 F469

Wars in Peace: Terrorism, Lebanon. New York, Central Park Media, 1995. 1 videocassette, 80 min.
Video call no.: 341.773 T328

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