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Fouquet, David. Training and Simulation Report: High Profile for Warrior Trainer. Jane's Defence Weekly 11:1076 Jun 3 '89.
"As costs and public irritation concerning military training in West Germany rise, a little-known U.S. computer war-gaming facility in that country is receiving additional emphasis as an option in the military's search for new means of training".

Fuchs, Ron (Capt, USAF). Where Commanders Duel (at Warrior Preparation Center, Einsledlerhof AS, West Germany). Airman 29:12-15 Nov '85.

Galvin, John R. (Gen, USA). Warrior Preparation Center: Air Force and Army Hammer Out a Close Cooperation. Field Artillery Journal 53:48-50 Mar-Apr '85.
Reprinted from Armed Forces Journal International 122:98-99+ Aug '84.

Goodman, Glenn W., Jr. and Ropelewski, Robert R. NATO Plans Simulation War Game for Its Central Region Commanders (ACE-89 under the auspices of NATO's Warrior Preparation Center). Armed Forces Journal International 126:16 Apr '89.

Marcus, Daniel J. Wargame System Trains Against 'Thinking' Opponent (Distributed Wargaming System). Defense News 4:16 Jul 17 '89.

Vesely, David L. Col USAF. Warrior Preparation Center: Training Battle Commanders. Defense '91, 13-16, Jul-Aug '91.

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