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The Reference Collection contains fact books, atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and bibliographies, as well as general and specific information tools. MSFRIC policy restricts circulation of reference materials to use in-house.

The Reference Desk is staffed by librarians to answer your questions and provide information about Air University, the Air Force, MSFRIC collections, the on-line catalog,  resources and services. The Reference Desk is staffed during all hours of operation and is located near the main entrance on the first floor.

You may want to ask reference questions or verify facts. For more information, call the Reference Desk at 334-953-2888. We'll be happy to assist you.



      For quick, factual questions, the library offers electronic reference services. Air University students, staff members, or faculty members receive first priority on questions received. Your request will be sent to an e-mail box that will be checked twice daily, Monday through Friday. Answers to questions will be provided as time permits. To submit an electronic reference question, click BACK TO TOP


        The Air University Outreach Network was established for research and collaboration and does not interfere with the military network. Anyone with a personal laptop, pda or other Internet capable device may connect to Outreach. Connection instructions are available at the Information Desk. The Outreach connection radius extends to the areas immediately outside the center. MSFRIC also has five MiFi (Mobile Wi-Fi) hotspots where users may connect their personal devices to the Internet. School issued laptops or other government issued devices should not be connected to the Internet through MiFi.

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            The major user categories are:

            • Active duty military and family members assigned to Maxwell AFB or Gunter AFB.
            • DOD civilians and family members assigned to Maxwell AFB or Gunter AFB.
            • Retired military and family members living within a 50 mile radius of Maxwell AFB.
            • National Guard and Reservists living within a 50 mile radius of Maxwell AFB.
            • For other eligible user categories contact the Circulation desk at 953-2230.

            LOAN PERIODS

            • Books --3 weeks 
            • Videos--1 week
            • Varying Loan Periods for Reserve Shelf Items
            • Faculty & Academic Instructors --90 days


            • Renew by phone or in person. Contact the Circulation Desk at 953-2230.
            • Items requested by another patron may not be renewed.


            • Patrons who have outstanding overdue items are prohibited from borrowing other library materials until the overdue items are either paid for or returned.


            • The person to whom an item is charged is responsible for the return of that item. Check with Circulation Staff if you have lost or damaged center materials. Replacement charges are based on current replacement prices.


            • Contact the Circulation Staff if you wish to place a "hold" on a title that the AU center owns. AU center staff cannot place holds on materials located at the SNCO Academy Library, or the Maxwell or Gunter Community libraries.
            • The Circulation Staff will contact you when an item you placed on hold is available for pick up. The item will be held for you for three work days

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                The Cartographic Information Section of MSFRIC is responsible for all cartographic information support for Air University. This section enhances the educational function of Air University by providing maps and charts to students, faculty, and staff in residence at Maxwell/Gunter. Map support is also provided to AFJROTC and AFROTC detachments throughout the United States as coordinated through HQ AFROTC.  To access the Map room's website, click here.

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                  LOAN OF MATERIALS

                  • Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center (MSFRIC) extends limited extramural services to the libraries of other military schools, agencies and commands. Where possible, these services are also provided to the libraries of U.S. governmental agencies, research institutions and organizations, and, under certain conditions, to non-governmental libraries. Demand bibliographies or extensive research in response to non-AU requests cannot be provided. If extensive library research is required, personnel are invited to visit MSFRIC where guidance and assistance in use of the collection can be provided. The specific provisions of the National Interlibrary Loan Code and the following general guidelines apply to the extramural loan of MSFRIC materials. NOTE: If you are a member of the Air University community and need to request an item that is not in our collection, you should visit the Interlibrary Loan Office or fill out the online request form.


                  • Subject to demand at MSFRIC
                  • Available for 15 days loan from date of receipt of materials by borrower.


                  • Photocopies of articles from current and bound periodicals are provided when possible and within the limits of copyright law. This service is normally limited to five articles per request.


                  • Unclassified items are available for a seven-day loan and are renewable -- local demand and extra copies permitting.
                  • Air University student research papers are available when local demand and extra copies permit, and are limited to five per request. Papers are sent for 15 days loan (extensions not normally allowed).
                  • Retention copies of student papers cannot be provided, however, permission to reproduce these papers is granted to military organizations upon request.
                  • Organizations wishing to review large numbers of student papers should consider sending representatives to MSFRIC.
                  • Security classified items require "need-to-know" justification and assurance of proper handling, as well as the required security clearance through the security office.

                  Request for loans should be addressed to:

                  600 Chennault Circle
                  Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6424
                  TELEPHONES: Commercial: 334-953-7223/2888 
                  FAX: Commercial: 334-953-5103/2329 

                  AU ROOM
                  • The locked cabinets in this room house the center's collection of rare books, autographed copies, and Air University school publications. These materials may be used only in the center. Ask a staff member for access.
                  • Students may also use the AU room for group discussions.  The AU room is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved.

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                    CLOSING PROCEDURES

                    Closing the building is a complex security procedure begun fifteen minutes in advance of actual closing time. Warning bells at 15 minutes before the hour signal the beginning of the closing process. Patrons should charge out any materials they wish to take with them at this time.

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                      USING CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS

                      Proper identification is required each time a patron wishes to use a classified document. Upon signing for such materials, the borrower assumes responsibility for their protection under AFI 31-401. Patrons may use the East Wing Document Reading Room to review classified documents. Classified documents must be returned in person to the Document Loan Desk. Wait for their discharge by the assistant to insure that your responsibility is cleared.   Consult MSFRIC's Chief of Administration & Security on all matters related to classified center materials.

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                        DOCUMENT LOAN COLLECTION

                        This desk, located down the hall from the Security Office, is where classified and unclassified documents may be obtained.

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                          AUTHORITY COLLECTION

                          New Air Force Policy Directives and Instructions and a current and historical collection of Air Force regulations, manuals, and pamphlets are located just opposite the Document Loan Desk.

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                            Practice speaking to perfect speech delivery may be performed in the MSFRIC auditorium, Room 127.  Reservations for special use areas may be made in the Chief of Administration's Office, Room 150 (ext. 3-2800).

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