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The following MSFRIC resources support this area of study:


MSFRIC's subject specialists have compiled over 300 bibliographies on various defense and geographical topics.  Each bibliography includes books, articles, and internet resources, with full-text links whenever possible.  A complete list is here

Cultural Awareness and the Military
Islam 2008 -- includes separate sections on "Beliefs" and "Culture and Society"
Islam:  The People, Culture, and Politics
Negotiation 2009

Regional Study: (several of the regional bibliographies include separate sections on "Culture" or list cultural items under "General Information")
Afghanistan 2007

Afghanistan: Current Issues
Latin America and the Caribbean
Middle East
North Africa
North Korea
Southern Africa
South Korea
Taiwan 2010

Culture and Language Collection

MSFRIC's Cultural Awareness and Language Studies Collection includes more than 500 titles.  A list of titles is available here.  These books may be checked out.


These subscription databases are available to Air University students and faculty.  If you cannot gain access, contact your local library for availability.  AU students and faculty can contact the Center's Web Maintainer for a password.


MSFRIC's Cartographic Information Section contains over 400,000 current maps and charts, in both print and digital formats.  The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), are the primary sources.  Links to many digital regional and country map sources are available at:

Maps, charts and other cartographic information are issued to students and staff of Air University for official use.  Telephone and E-mail requests are accepted from qualified users.  AU students and staff may click here to request cartographic assistance.


Air Force Culture and Language Center

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

Subject Specialists

          Each of MSFRIC's subject specialists is assigned to a specific geographic area.  Contact information is available here.

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