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Fighter Pilot Aces List

17 May 99

A co-authored list by:
Al Bowers        
David Lednicer   

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IntroductionBack to Top This list has surfaced still more problems (of course! If it was easy, someone else would have done it!). Much of the dispute lies in the accuracy of claims and credits. WWI was a mish-mash and will require substantial work before the results are comparable to later works. There were at least THREE different victory systems in use, and none correspond to our modern "decimal" system (for more on this, see Barrett Tillman's excellent piece in "Flight Journal" magazine, Jun 99, pg 66, Air Age, Ridgefield CT USA). In the case of the Americans, note that some aces are alphabetical by last name (hand sorted) and some are by first name (machine sorted), apologies for that. I also have to take responsibility for all typos and errors. Several sources were used to compile this list, notably the works of Tolliver, Costable, Shores, Jackson, Tillman, the American Fighter Aces Association and several others. Scores are as recognized by the certifying agency of the time and country (eg: the USA system in WWI was the same as the French, but was later changed). No single scoring system could be used for all names in the list. There also remains the question of scores themselves, and some variation has been found in recognized authorities. In these cases, where most of a single list are given in a single recognized system, and possible scores are listed in parens. That said, we believe the list is complete in the following ways: all American aces all Austro-Hungarian aces (WWI) all Finish aces all Italian aces (WWII, I am missing two names from WWI) all Norweigian aces all Belgian aces all Dutch aces all Icelandic aces all Danish aces all Polish aces (WWII) all Slovak aces all New Zealand aces (WWII, coutesy New Zealand Fighter Pilot's Museum*) all women aces (USSR, WWII) all German (WWI) aces with scores greater than 10 all Luftwaffe (WWII) aces with scores over 150 all USSR (WWII) aces with scores over 20 all Korean War aces (USSR, USA, Canada, China and North Korea) all North Vietnamese aces all Egyptian aces all Syrian aces * see their home page at: For the best WWII Luftwaffe numbers, Toliver & Constable's work of "Horrido!: Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe" (Aero 1968) is superb. Also see for info on Levi Chase. Thanks to all with contributors, it would not be possible without you. In WWI France, Belgium, Italy, Russia and the US used the term ace. It was first used to describe the exploits of Roland Garros, who when he was captured had 5 "victories" (in reality Garros had only destroyed three opponents at that time; but had claimed 5), which became the standard by which "acedom" was achieved. The Germans used the word kanone and used ten victories to signify this title. In WWI there were 550 British men who qualified for the word `ace', 160 French aces, 45 Italians, 5 Belgians, three Russians, and one Romanian. America had 108 aces from WWI (some sources give as high as 120 American aces). And I expect some of the numbers to generate some controversy (especially the WWII Luftwaffe numbers), but the numbers are as accurate as possible (references available). Also in the WWII era, the names of two women appear, Lily Litvak and Katya Budanova, the only two women I know of that have downed 5 or more opponents. Keep in mind that there is some dispute about the accuracy of the numbers, John Lundstrom, Christopher Shores, Barrett Tillman and Frank Olynyck have done considerable research and I would not presuppose to believe my work is as anywhere near as accurate as theirs are. Kills from a particular conflict are listed, and totals (if any additional kills made) in parens with additional conflict listed. Note that WWII German aces also have parens for jet and rocket victories (this release of the list is improved over previous versions with respect to Lufwaffe aces). The Japanese list is woefully poor (both in accuracy because of Japanese scoring, and in it's present condition, my apologies; anyone with pointers for help in this regard, please contact me). Americans also credited some aircraft on the ground during WWII, the authors have attempted to use only air-to-air credits. Immediately below is a list by conflict, country and numbers of aces. I believe that the total number of aces in the world are about 10,000 names. This list is about one-third of that. Here is a breakdown by country and conflict: WWI: Germany 363 France 158 British Commonwealth 550(850?)(+110 bomber pilots and crew) Russia 18 Belgium 5 Austro-Hungary 56 Italy 45 USA 110 (120?) Greece 1 WWII (includes Sino-Japanese and Spanish Civil wars): USA 1283 (1284?) Belgium 9 (Thanks Serge Bonge!) British Commonwealth 1200+ Bulgaria 2 (6?) China 9 Czech 29 Slovakia 14 (15?) Denmark 2 Netherlands 1 (assigned homeland defense, many V-1/Fi-103 `aces') Finland 92 France 21? Germany 882 (967 scores of 20 or more, probable 5000+ total aces) Greece 1 Hungary 10 (30?) Iceland 1 Italy 121 (126?) Japan 28? (certainly more) Norway 15 Poland 42 (43?) Romania 4 (11?) USSR 203+ (20 victories or more) Spain 15? Croatia 14 (18?) Yugoslavia 1 Korea: USA 38 USSR 52 China 6 Canada 2 (additions to WWII scores) North Korea 2 Vietnam: PRV 16 (17?) USA 2 Others: Israel 39 Egypt 5? Syyria 3 Pakistan 2 Iran 1? TOTAL 5470 (10,035+?) My heartfelt thanks to those who have taken the time to correct the errors, and make additions to the list. The list will never be definitive, as the actual numbers and names will always be in dispute. I hope the list is as interesting for you as it has been for me. Al Bowers World War IBack to Top Name Victories Conflict Country Manfred von Richthofen 80 WWI Germany Ernst Udet 62 WWI Germany Erich Loewenhardt 53 WWI Germany Werner Voss 48 WWI Germany Fritz Rumey 45 WWI Germany Rudolph Berthold 44 WWI Germany Paul Baumer 43 WWI Germany Josef Jacobs 41 WWI Germany Bruno Loerzer 41 WWI Germany Oswald Boelcke 40 WWI Germany Franz Buchner 40 WWI Germany Lothar von Richthofen 40 WWI Germany Karl Menckhoff 39 WWI Germany Heinrich Gontermann 39 WWI Germany Max Muller 36 WWI Germany Julius Buckler 35 WWI Germany Gustav Dorr 35 WWI Germany Eduard von Schleich 35 WWI Germany Josef Veltjens 34(35?) WWI Germany Otto Koennecke 33 WWI Germany Kurt Wolff 33 WWI Germany Heinrich Bongartz 33 WWI Germany Theo Osterkamp 32(+6 WWII) WWI Germany Emil Thuy 32 WWI Germany Paul Billik 31 WWI Germany Karl Bolle 31 WWI Germany Gotthard Sachsenberg 31 WWI Germany Karl Allmenroder 30 WWI Germany Karl Degelow 30 WWI Germany Heinrich Kroll 30 WWI Germany Josef Mai 30 WWI Germany Ulrich Neckel 30 WWI Germany Karl Schaefer 30 WWI Germany Hermann Frommerz 29 WWI Germany Walter von Bulow 28 WWI Germany Walter Blume 28 WWI Germany Fritz von Roth 28 WWI Germany Fritz Bernert 27 WWI Germany Otto Fruhner 27 WWI Germany Hans Kirschstein 27 WWI Germany Karl Thom 27 WWI Germany AdoIf von Tutschek 27 WWI Germany Kurt Wusthoff 27 WWI Germany Harald Auffahrt 26 WWI Germany Oscar von Boenigk 26 WWI Germany Eduard Dostler 26 WWI Germany Arthur Laumann 26 WWI Germany O. von Beaulieu-Marconnay 25(26?) WWI Germany Robert von Greim 25 WWI Germany Georg von Hantelmann 25(27?) WWI Germany Max Nather 25 WWI Germany Fritz Putter 25 WWI Germany Erwin Bohme 24 WWI Germany Hermann Becker 23 WWI Germany Georg Meyer 23 WWI Germany Hermann Goering 22 WWI Germany Hans Klein 22 WWI Germany Hans Pippart 22 WWI Germany Werner Preuss 22 WWI Germany Karl Schlegel 22 WWI Germany Rudolph Windisch 22 WWI Germany Hans Adam 21 WWI Germany Friedrich Christiansen 21 WWI Germany Fritz Friedrichs 21 WWI Germany Fritz Hohn 21 WWI Germany Friedrich Altemeir 20 WWI Germany Hans Bethge 20 WWI Germany Rudolph von Eschwege 20 WWI Germany Walter Goettsch 20 WWI Germany Friedrich Noltenius 20 WWI Germany Wilhelm Reinhard 20 WWI Germany Gerhard Fieseler 19 WWI Germany Wilhelm Frankl 19 WWI Germany Otto Kissenberth 19 WWI Germany Otto Schmidt 19 WWI Germany Hartmuth Baldamus 18 WWI Germany Franz Hemer 18 WWI Germany Oskar Hennrich 18 WWI Germany Kurt Wintgens 18 WWI Germany Waiter Boning 17 WWI Germany Ernst Hess 17 WWI Germany Franz Ray 17 WWI Germany Hans Rolfes 17 WWI Germany Josef Schwendemann 16 WWI Germany Hans Boehning 16 WWI Germany Hans von Freden 16 WWI Germany Ludwig Hantstein 16 WWI Germany Rudolf Klimke 16 WWI Germany Karl Odebrett 16 WWI Germany Hans Weiss 15 WWI Germany Albert Dossenbach 15 WWI Germany Christian Donhauser 15 WWI Germany Albert Haussmann 15 WWI Germany Aloys Heldmann 15 WWI Germany Max Immelmann 15 WWI Germany Johannes Klein 15(17?) WWI Germany Otto Loffler 15 WWI Germany Victor von Pressentin 15 WWI Germany Theodor Quandt 15 WWI Germany Julius Schmidt 15 WWI Germany Kurt Schneider 14 WWI Germany Ernst Bormann 14(16?) WWI Germany Rudolf Francke 14 WWI Germany Edmund Nathanael 14 WWI Germany Franz Piechurek 14 WWI Germany Karl Plauth 14 WWI Germany Wilhelm Seitz 14 WWI Germany Emil Schape 14 WWI Germany George Schlenker 14 WWI Germany Paul Straehle 14 WWI Germany Rudolf Wendelmuth 14 WWI Germany Karl Bohnenkamp 13 WWI Germany Hans-Joachim Buddecke 13 WWI Germany Siegfried Buttner 13 WWI Germany Hemrich Geigl 13 WWI Germany Robert Heibert 13 WWI Germany Reinhold Jorke 13 WWI Germany Johann Janzen 13 WWI Germany Christel Mesch 13 WWI Germany Otto Rosenfeld 13 WWI Germany Kurt Schoenfelder 13 WWI Germany Erich Rudiger von Wedel 13 WWI Germany Erich Buder 12 WWI Germany Diether Coilin 12 WWI Germany Theodor Cammann 12 WWI Germany Gottfried Ehmann 12 WWI Germany Otto Esswein 12 WWI Germany Sebastian Festner 12 WWI Germany Walter Hohndorf 12 WWI Germany Max Kuhn 12 WWI Germany Hans Mueller 12(13?) WWI Germany Friedrich Manschott 12 WWI Germany Franz Sehleiff 12 WWI Germany Richard Wenzl 12 WWI Germany Heinrich Arntzen 11 WWI Germany Joachim von Busse 11 WWI Germany Raven von Barnekow 11 WWI Germany Kurt von Doering 11 WWI Germany Xaver Dannhuber 11 WWI Germany Heinz Dreckmann 11 WWI Germany Willi Gabriel 11 WWI Germany Stephan Kirmaier 11 WWI Germany Hans von Keudell 11 WWI Germany Alfred Lindenberger 11 WWI Germany Fritz Loerzer 11 WWI Germany Hans Karl Muller 11 WWI Germany Hermann Pfeiffer 11 WWI Germany Hugo Schaefer 11 WWI Germany Renatus Theiller 11 WWI Germany Paul Aue 10 WWI Germany Dietrich Averes 10 WWI Germany Hans Berr 10 WWI Germany Franz Brandt 10 WWI Germany Fritz Classen 10 WWI Germany Martin Dehmisch 10 WWI Germany Wilhelm Frickart 10 WWI Germany Justus Grassman 10 WWI Germany Max Mulzer 10 WWI Germany Rudolf Matthaei 10 WWI Germany Alfons Nagler 10 WWI Germany Wilhelm Neuenhofen 10 WWI Germany Hans Schuez 10 WWI Germany Werner Steinhauser 10 WWI Germany Paul Turck 10 WWI Germany Erich Thomas 10 WWI Germany Bernhard Ultsch 10 WWI Germany Paul Wenzel 10 WWI Germany Joachim Wolff 10 WWI Germany Ernst von Althaus 9 WWI Germany Arno Bezler 9 WWI Germany Otto Brauneck 9 WWI Germany Albert Dietlen 9 WWI Germany Otto Fitzner 9 WWI Germany KarlGallwitz 9 WWI Germany Friedrich Huffzky 9 WWI Germany Egon Koepssch 9 WWI Germany Herbert Knappe 9 WWI Germany Fritz Kosmahl 9 WWI Germany Walter Kypke 9 WWI Germany Gustav Leffer 9 WWI Germany Paul Lotz 9 WWI Germany Herbert Mahn 9 WWI Germany Hans von der Marwitz 9 WWI Germany Eberhardt Mohicke 9 WWI Germany Hans Muller 9 WWI Germany Hans Nulle 9 WWI Germany Karl Pech 9 WWI Germany Karl Schattauer 9 WWI Germany Leopold Anslinger 8 WWI Germany Aloys Brandenstein 8 WWI Germany Konrad Brendle 8 WWI Germany Gunther Dobberke 8 WWI Germany Friedrich Ehmann 8 WWI Germany Walter Evers 8 WWI Germany Max Gossner 8 WWI Germany Wolfgang Guttler 8 WWI Germany Willi Hippert 8 WWI Germany Hans Hoyer 8 WWI Germany Paul Huttenrauch 8 WWI Germany Willi Kampe 8 WWI Germany Artur Korff 8 WWI Germany Fritz Kieckhaefer 8 WWI Germany Albert Mendel 8 WWI Germany Kurt Monnington 8 WWI Germany Otto Parschau 8 WWI Germany Friedrick Puschke 8 WWI Germany Wolfram von Richthofen 8 WWI Germany Karl Ritscherle 8 WWI Germany Richard Runge 8 WWI Germany Karl von Schnebeck 8 WWI Germany Hans Schilling 8 WWI Germany Viktor Schobinger 8 WWI Germany D. R. Wilhelm Schwartz 8 WWI Germany Fritz Thiede 8 WWI Germany Georg Weiner 8 WWI Germany Gustav Klaudat 7 WWI Germany Franz Walz 7 WWI Germany Gerhard Anders 7 WWI Germany Karl Bohng 7 WWI Germany Gerhard Bassenge 7 WWI Germany Helmut Brunig 7 WWI Germany LudwigBeckman 7 WWI Germany Otto Creutzmann 7 WWI Germany Helmut Diltheg 7 WWI Germany Hans Gandert 7 WWI Germany Hans von Haebler 7 WWI Germany Otto Hartmann 7 WWI Germany Herman Habich 7 WWI Germany Kurt Jacob 7 WWI Germany Martin Johns 7 WWI Germany Max Kahlow 7 WWI Germany Franz Kirchfeld 7 WWI Germany Emil Koch 7 WWI Germany Wilhelm Kuhne 7 WWI Germany Hans Kummetz 7 WWI Germany Helmut Lange 7 WWI Germany Hermann Leptien 7 WWI Germany Albert Lux 7 WWI Germany Heinrich Maushake 7 WWI Germany Albert Mendel 7 WWI Germany Kurt Monnington 7 WWI Germany Alfred Niederhoff 7 WWI Germany Hennig von Osteroth 7 WWI Germany Richard Plange 7 WWI Germany Johann Putz 7 WWI Germany Fritz Riemer 7 WWI Germany Willi Rosentein 7 WWI Germany Gustav Scneidewind 7 WWI Germany Edgar Scholz 7 WWI Germany Georg Strasser 7 WWI Germany Franz Walz 7 WWI Germany Hans Werner 7 WWI Germany Wilhelm Zorn 7 WWI Germany Karl Arnold 6 WWI Germany Johann Baur 6 WWI Germany M-W. Bretschneider-Bodener 6 WWI Germany Paul Bona 6 WWI Germany Adolf Borchers 6 WWI Germany Harry von Bulow-Bothcamp 6(+18 WWII) WWI Germany Hermann Dahlmann 6 WWI Germany Karl Deilmann 6 WWI Germany Julius Fichter 6 WWI Germany Gustav Fradrich 6 WWI Germany Friedrich Gille 6 WWI Germany Hermann Gilly 6 WWI Germany Gisbert-Wilhelm Groos 6 WWI Germany Fritz Grosch 6 WWI Germany Adolf Gutknecht 6 WWI Germany Heinrich Haase 6 WWI Germany Erich Hahn 6 WWI Germany Georg Hengl 6 WWI Germany Heinrich Heinkel 6 WWI Germany Albert Hets 6 WWI Germany Robert Hildebrandt 6 WWI Germany Josef Hohlg 6 WWI Germany Otto Hohne 6 WWI Germany Michael Hutterer 6 WWI Germany Johaness Jensen 6 WWI Germany Erich Just 6 WWI Germany Hans Imelmann 6 WWI Germany Gustav Claudat 6 WWI Germany Erich Koenig 6 WWI Germany Hans Korner 6 WWI Germany Fritz Krebs 6 WWI Germany Hermann Kunz 6 WWI Germany Alfred Lenz 6 WWI Germany Ludwig Luer 6 WWI Germany Friedrich Mallinkckrodt 6 WWI Germany Hans Mettlich 6 WWI Germany Alfred Mohr 6 WWI Germany Werner Niethammer 6 WWI Germany Hans Oberlander 6 WWI Germany Arthur Rahn 6 WWI Germany Rudolph Rienau 6 WWI Germany Karl Schmukle 6 WWI Germany Willi Schulz 6 WWI Germany Gunther Schuster 6 WWI Germany Heinrich Seywald 6 WWI Germany Erich Sonneck 6 WWI Germany Hermann Sonntag 6 WWI Germany Otto Splitgerber 6 WWI Germany Rudolf Stark 6 WWI Germany Georg Staudacher 6 WWI Germany Karl Treiber 6 WWI Germany Reinhard Treptow 6 WWI Germany Kurt Ungewitter 6 WWI Germany Hans Waldhausen 6 WWI Germany Erich Mix 3(+13 WWII) WWI Germany Rene Paul Fonck 75 WWI France Georges M.L.J. Guynemer 54 WWI France Charles E.J.M. Nungesser 45 WWI France Georges F. Madon 41 WWI France Maurice Boyau 35 WWI France Michel Coiffard 34 WWI France J.P. Leon Bourjade 28 WWI France Armand Pinsard 27 WWI France Rene Dorme 23 WWI France Gabriel Guerin 23 WWI France Claude M. Haegelan 23 WWI France Pierre Marinovitch 22 WWI France Alfred Heurtaux 21 WWI France Albert Deullin 20 WWI France Henri J.H. de Slade 19 WWI France Jacques L. Ehrlich 19 WWI France Bernard de Romanet 18 WWI France Jean Chaput 16 WWI France Armand O. de Turenne 15 WWI France Paul V. d'Argueeff 15 WWI France Gilbert Sardier 15 WWI France Marc Ambrogi 14 WWI France Omer Demeuldre 13 WWI France Hector Garaud 13 WWI France Marcel Nogues 13 WWI France Bernard Artigau 12 WWI France Jean H. Casale 12 WWI France Gustave Daladier 12 WWI France Xavier de Sevin 12 WWI France Fernand Guyou 12 WWI France Marcel Hugues 12 WWI France Lucien Jailler 12 WWI France Jacques Leps 12 WWI France Jean M.D. Navarre 12 WWI France Paul A.P. Tarascon 12 WWI France Armand Berthelot 11 WWI France Jean Bouyer 11 WWI France Benjamen Bozon-Verduraz 11 WWI France William Herisson 11 WWI France Maxime Lenoir 11 WWI France Ernest Maunoury 11 WWI France Rene Montrion 11 WWI France Leon Nuville 11 WWI France Jacques Georges Ortoli 11 WWI France Maurice Bizot 10 WWI France Andre Chainat 10 WWI France Marcel Gasser 10 WWI France Andre R. Herbelin 10 WWI France Auguste Lahoulle 10 WWI France Charles Mace 10 WWI France Jean Pezon 10 WWI France Charles Quette 10 WWI France Robert Waddington 10 WWI France Deiudonn` Costes 8 WWI France Roland Garros 5 WWI France William Bishop 72 WWI Canada Raymond Collishaw 62 WWI Canada Edward Mannock 61(73?) WWI England James McCudden 57 WWI England A. Beauchamp-Proctor 54 WWI South Africa Donald MacLaren 54 WWI Canada Philip F. Fullard 52(46?) WWI UK R. S. Dallas 51(39?) WWI Australia William Barker 50(53? 52?) WWI Canada G. E. H McElroy 47(46?) WWI Ireland R. A. Little 47 WWI Australia Albert Ball 44(47?) WWI UK T. F. Hazell 41 WWI Ireland J. Gilmour 40(44?) WWI Scotland Ira Jones 40 WWI UK A. C. Atkey 38 WWI Canada F. R. McCall 37 WWI Canada William G. Claxton 36(40?) WWI Canada J. S. T. Fall 36 WWI Canada Henry Woollett 36(35?) WWI UK S. M. Kinkead 35(40?) WWI South Africa F. G. Quigley 34 WWI UK G. H. Bowman 32 WWI UK A. D. "Nick" Carter 31 WWI Canada J. L. M. White 31 WWI UK M. B. Frew 30 WWI UK S. M. Kinkead 30 WWI UK A. E. McKeever 30 WWI Canada A. H. Cobby 29 WWI UK W. L. Jordon 29 WWI UK J. E. Gurdon 27 WWI UK R. T. C. Hoidge 27 WWI UK H. G. E. Luchford 27 WWI UK W. C. Campbell 26 WWI UK William E. Staton 26(27?) WWI UK K. L. Caldwell 25 WWI UK R. J. O. Compston 25 WWI UK J. Leacroft 25 WWI UK R. A. Mayberry 25 WWI UK J. O. Andrews 24 WWI UK W. E. Shields 24 WWI UK J. S. T. Fall 23 WWI UK A. Hepburn 23 WWI UK D. Latimer 23 WWI UK E. J. K. McLoughry 23 WWI UK A. P. F. Rhys-Davies 23 WWI UK S. W. Rosevear 23 WWI UK H. A. Whistler 23 WWI UK C. D. Booker 22 WWI UK W. J. C. K. Cochrane-Patrick 22 WWI UK R. King 22 WWI UK McK. Thomson 22 WWI UK C. J. Venter 22 WWI UK P. J. Clayson 21 WWI UK G. J. C. Maxwell 21(27?) WWI UK R. P. Minifie 21 WWI UK G. E. Thompson 21 WWI UK D. J. Bell 20 WWI UK T. S. Harrison 20 WWI UK W. L. Harrison 20 WWI UK E. C. Johnston 20 WWI UK C. F. King 20 WWI UK J. J. Malone 20 WWI UK I. D. R. McDonald 20 WWI UK C. M. MacEwen 20 WWI UK G. W. Murlis-Green 20 WWI UK Keith R. Park 20 WWI UK D. A. Stewart 20 WWI UK W. Beaver 19 WWI UK H. B. Bell-Irving 19 WWI UK W. MacLanachan 19 WWI UK S. M. Miles 19 WWI UK H. W. L. Saunders 19 WWI UK A. M. Wilkinson 19 WWI UK L. M. Barlow 18 WWI UK C. F. Collett 18 WWI UK A. K. Cowper 18 WWI UK F. R. Cubbon 18 WWI UK E. Dickson 18 WWI UK A. J. Enstone 18 WWI UK F. L. Hale 18 WWI UK E. V. Reid 18 WWI UK F. A. Thayre 18 WWI UK J. L. Trollope 18 WWI UK W. B. Wood 18 WWI UK J. H. Burden 17 WWI UK G. H. Cock 17 WWI UK L. F. Jenkins 17 WWI UK M. A. Nounhouse 17 WWI UK Edwin Swale 17 WWI UK O. M. Baldwin 16 WWI UK W. Gillette 16 WWI UK C. R. R. Hickey 16 WWI UK H. T. Mellings 16 WWI UK T. P. Middleton 16 WWI UK S. A. Oades 16 WWI UK K. Oxspring 16 WWI UK S. F. Pender 16 WWI UK B. Roxburgh-Smith 16 WWI UK P. C. Carpenter 15 WWI UK M. H. Findley 15 WWI UK R. A. Grosvenor 15 WWI UK H. B. Richardson 15 WWI UK J. H. Tudhope 15 WWI UK W. A. Tyrrel 15 WWI UK C. T. Warman 15 WWI UK M. Galbraith 14 WWI UK G. E. Gibbs 14 WWI UK S. W. Highwood 14 WWI UK F. Libby 14 WWI UK N. F. K. McEwan 14 WWI UK R. T. Mark 14 WWI UK C. P. Brown 13 WWI UK R. A. Delhaye 13 WWI UK J. H. Hedley 13 WWI UK A. G. Jones-Williams 13 WWI UK C. H. R. Lagesse 13 WWI UK N. W. R. Mawle 13 WWI UK G. P. Olley 13 WWI UK H. G. Reeves 13 WWI UK C. G. Ross 13 WWI UK A. J. L. Scott 13 WWI UK F. R. Smith 13 WWI UK O. H. D. Vickers 13 WWI UK L. B. Bennit 12 WWI UK Arthur R. Brown 13(12?) WWI Canada R. W. Chappell 12 WWI UK E. S. Coler 12 WWI UK C. M. Crowe 12 WWI UK C. Draper 12 WWI UK H. F. S. Drewitt 12 WWI UK Alan Gerrard 12 WWI UK F. D. Gillete 12 WWI UK P. Huskinson 12 WWI UK H. P. Lale 12 WWI UK M. E. Mealing 12 WWI UK K. B. Montgomery 12 WWI UK R. H. Mulock 12 WWI UK R. C. Phillips 12 WWI UK L. H. Rochford 12 WWI UK W. A. Southey 12 WWI UK L. T. E. Taplin 12 WWI UK F. D. Travers 12 WWI UK N. W. W. Webb 12 WWI UK J. T. Whittaker 12 WWI UK P. Wilson 12 WWI UK S. Carlin 11 WWI UK R. E. Dodds 11 WWI UK G. B. Gates 11 WWI UK H. A. Hamersley 11 WWI UK S. C. Joseph 11 WWI UK A. C. Kiddie 11 WWI UK K. M. St. C. G. Leaske 11 WWI UK C. N. Lowe 11 WWI UK A. McCudden 11 WWI UK R. W. McKenzie 11 WWI UK N. McMillan 11 WWI UK A. J. Morgan 11 WWI UK W. R. G. Pearson 11 WWI UK A. E. Reed 11 WWI UK W. W. Rogers 11 WWI UK M. D. C. Scott 11 WWI UK J. E. Sharman 11 WWI UK S. F. H. Thompson 11 WWI UK B. E. Baker 10 WWI UK G. B. A. Baker 10 WWI UK C. C. Banks 10 WWI UK A. J. Boswell 10 WWI UK G. L. Graham 10 WWI UK E. T. Hayne 10 WWI UK T. S. Horry 10 WWI UK W. H. Hubbard 10 WWI UK V. Kearley 10 WWI UK D. V. MacGregor 10 WWI UK R. M. Makepeace 10 WWI UK R. F. S. Maudit 10 WWI UK J. W. Pinder 10 WWI UK H. B. Redler 10 WWI UK L. L. Richardson 10 WWI UK T. Rose 10 WWI UK J. Scott 10 WWI UK S. P. Smith 10 WWI UK A. T. B. Tonks 10 WWI UK K. R. Unger 10 WWI UK G. M. Vaucour 10 WWI UK H. G. Watson 10 WWI UK W. L. Wells 10 WWI UK W. E. Young 10 WWI UK C. G. Boothroyd 9 WWI UK D. C. Cunnell 9 WWI UK H. Edwards 9 WWI UK J. C. B. Firth 9 WWI UK J. Fritzmaurice 9 WWI UK T. M. Harries 9 WWI UK Lanoe Hawker 9 WWI UK J. A. Hone 9 WWI UK W. R. Irwin 9 WWI UK M. R. James 9 WWI UK F. Johnson 9 WWI UK E. J. Lussier 9 WWI UK F. McQuistan 9 WWI UK W. E. G. Mann 9 WWI UK R. Manzer 9 WWI UK J. F. W. Mellersh 9 WWI UK O. J. Rose 9 WWI UK R. M. Ross Smith 9 WWI UK W. Sidebottom 9 WWI UK G. Thomson 9 WWI UK J. Todd 9 WWI UK M. Trevethan 9 WWI UK H. L. Waddington 9 WWI UK E. D. Atkinson 8 WWI UK T. C. R. Baker 8 WWI UK E. B. C. Betts 8 WWI UK B. S. Breadner 8 WWI UK W. H. Brown 8 WWI UK G. W. Bulmer 8 WWI UK H. Daniel 8 WWI UK H. Dolan 8 WWI UK J. O. Donaldson 8 WWI UK A. Dover-Atkinson 8 WWI UK T. Durrant 8 WWI UK J. H. Forman 8 WWI UK C. V. Gardiner 8 WWI UK G. E. Gibbons 8 WWI UK F. Godfrey 8 WWI UK H. K. Goode 8 WWI UK R. I. McGordon 8 WWI UK J. S. Griffith 8 WWI UK J. D. I. Harman 8 WWI UK W. F. J. Harvey 8 WWI UK A. S. Heming 8 WWI UK O. A. P. Heron 8 WWI UK F. Holliday 8 WWI UK D. C. Inglis 8 WWI UK W. S. Jenkins 8 WWI UK K. W. Junor 8 WWI UK Alan Jerrard 8 WWI UK N. Keeble 8 WWI UK D. I. Lamb 8 WWI UK P. A. Langan-Byrne 8 WWI UK C. A. Lewis 8 WWI UK P. A. McDougal 8 WWI UK Alan A. McLeod 8 WWI UK J. A. Mann 8 WWI UK R. L. Manuel 8 WWI UK A. Mussared 8 WWI UK J. E. Nash 8 WWI UK E. C. Pashley 8 WWI UK C. W. Payton 8 WWI UK L. F. Powell 8 WWI UK C. R. Richards 8 WWI UK A. S. Sheperd 8 WWI UK J. W. Warner 8 WWI UK J. B. White 8 WWI UK A. M. Wilkinson 8 WWI UK Sholto Douglas 6 WWI UK Stanley Vincent 3(2 WWII) WWI UK Godwin Brumowski 35(40?) WWI Austro-Hungary Julius Arigi 32 WWI Austro-Hungary Benno Fiala Ritter von Fernbrugg 28(29?) WWI Austro-Hungary Frank Linke-Crawford 27(30?) WWI Austro-Hungary Kiss Jozsef 19 WWI Austro-Hungary Fejes Istvan 18(15?) WWI Austro-Hungary Graeser Ferenc 18(16?) WWI Austro-Hungary Eugen Boensch 16(15?) WWI Austro-Hungary Ernst Strohschneider 15(14?) WWI Austro-Hungary Adolf Heyrowski 12(10?) WWI Austro-Hungary Franz Rudorfer 11(12?) WWI Austro-Hungary Kurt Gruber 11(14?) WWI Austro-Hungary Raoul Stojsavljaic 10(12?) WWI Austro-Hungary Friedrich Navratil 10 WWI Austro-Hungary Kaszala Karoly 10 WWI Austro-Hungary von Maier Jozsef (Modory) 9(10?) WWI Austro-Hungary Georg Kenzian 9 WWI Austro-Hungary Ristics Janos 9 WWI Austro-Hungary Gotfried Frhr von Banfield 9 WWI Austro-Hungary Stefan S. Stec 9 WWI Austro-Hungary Otto Jindra 9 WWI Austro-Hungary Richard Mueller 9 WWI Austro-Hungary Heinrich Kostrba 8 WWI Austro-Hungary Udvardy Nandor 8 WWI Austro-Hungary von Tahy Sandor 8 WWI Austro-Hungary Josef Friedrich 7 WWI Austro-Hungary Otto Jaeger 7 WWI Austro-Hungary Josef Puerer 7 WWI Austro-Hungary Hautzmayer Lajos 7 WWI Austro-Hungary Johann Frint 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Kasza Sandor 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Franz Oberst 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Andreas Dombrowski 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Karl Nikitisch 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Franz Lahner 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Franz Peter 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Roman Schmidt 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Franz Wognar 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Rudolf Weber 6 WWI Austro-Hungary Ujvary Laszlo 6(1 in Red Army 1919) WWI Austro-Hungary Hefty Frigyes 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Augustin Nowak 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Karl Patzelt 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Josef Siegel 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Alois Rodlauer 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Macourek Bela 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Rudolf Szepessy-Sokoll 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Benko Karoly 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Julius Busa 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Johann Lasi 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Karl Teichmann 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Kurt Nachod 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Karl Urban 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Julius Kowalczik 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Friedrich Lang 5 WWI Austro-Hungary Francesco Baracca 34(36?) WWI Italy Silvio Scaroni 26 WWI Italy Ruggiero Piccio 24 WWI Italy Flavia Torello Baracchini 21 WWI Italy Fulco Ruffo di Calabria 20 WWI Italy Marziale Cerutti 17 WWI Italy Ferruccio Ranza 17 WWI Italy Luigi Olivari 12 WWI Italy Giovanni Ancillotto 11 WWI Italy Antonio Reali 11 WWI Italy Flaminio Avet 8 WWI Italy Ernesto Cabruna 8 WWI Italy Alvaro Leonardi 8 WWI Italy Carlo Lombardi 8 WWI Italy Giovanni Nicelli 8 WWI Italy Gastone Novelli 8 WWI Italy Leopoldo Eleuteri 7 WWI Italy Guglielmo Fornagiari 7 WWI Italy Mario Fucini 7 WWI Italy Orazio Pierozzi 7 WWI Italy Cosimo Renella 7 WWI Italy Antonio Riva 7 WWI Italy Aldo Bocchese 6 WWI Italy Bortolo Constantini 6 WWI Italy Attilio Imolesi 6 WWI Italy Cesare Magistrini 6 WWI Italy Guido Nardini 6 WWI Italy Luigi Olivi 6 WWI Italy Giuliano Parvis 6 WWI Italy Cosimo Rizzotoo 6 WWI Italy Mario Stoppani 6 WWI Italy Romolo Ticconi 6 WWI Italy Michele Allasia 5 WWI Italy Antonio Amantea 5 WWI Italy Sebastiano Bedendo 5 WWI Italy Alessandro Buzio 5 WWI Italy Antonio Chiri 5 WWI Italy Giulio Lega 5 WWI Italy Guido Masiero 5 WWI Italy Amedeo Mecozzi 5 WWI Italy Giorgio Michetti 5 WWI Italy Alessandro Resch 5 WWI Italy Giovanni Sabelli 5 WWI Italy Willy Coppens 37 WWI Belgium Andre de Meulemeester 11 WWI Belgium Edmond Thieffry 10 WWI Belgium Fernand Jacquest 7 WWI Belgium Jan Olieslagers 6 WWI Belgium Edward V. Rickenbacker 26(24.33?) WWI USA S. C. Rosevear 23 WWI USA (UK) William C. Lambert 22 WWI USA (UK) Frederick W. Gillette 20 WWI USA (UK) John J. Malone 20 WWI USA (UK) Alan M. Wilkinson 19 WWI USA (UK) Frank Luke 18(15.83?)(21?)WWI USA Frank L. Hale 18 WWI USA (UK) Paul Thayer Iaccaci 18 WWI USA (UK) Raoul G. Lufbery 17 WWI USA (France) Harold A. Kullberg 16 WWI USA (UK) Oren J. Rose 16 WWI USA (UK) William McGovern 15 WWI USA (France) C. T. Warman 15 WWI USA (UK) Fredrick Libby 14 WWI USA (UK) George A. Vaughn 13(9.5?) WWI USA (UK) Field E. Kindley 12(11?) WWI USA (UK) Elliot White Springs 12(10.75?) WWI USA (UK) Frank L. Baylies 12 WWI USA (France) Louis B. Bennett 12 WWI USA (UK) Thayer A. Iaccaci 11 WWI USA (UK) Jacques M. Swaab 10(8.5?) WWI USA Reed G. Landis 10 WWI USA (UK) Paul F. Baer 9(7.75?) WWI USA (France) Lloyd A. Hamilton 9(6.83?) WWI USA (UK) Thomas G. Cassady 9(6.63?) WWI USA (France) Chester E. Wright 9(6.33?) WWI USA John S. Griffith 9 WWI USA (UK) Henry R. Clay 8(7?) WWI USA Jesse O. Creech 8(6?) WWI USA Wilbur W. White 8(6.66?) WWI USA Frank O. D. Hunter 8(6.5?) WWI USA Clinton Jones 8(6.16?) WWI USA James A. Meissner 8(5.66?) WWI USA Hamilton Coolidge 8(5.58?) WWI USA William P. Erwin 8(3.75?) WWI USA G. DeFreest Larner 8(3.33?) WWI USA Edwin C. Parsons 8 WWI USA (France) James A. Connelly 8 WWI USA (France) John Owen Donaldson 8 WWI USA (UK) Howard R. Burdick 7(6?) WWI USA Reed M. Chambers 7(6?) WWI USA Lansing C. Holden 7(6.5?) WWI USA Harvey Weir Cook 7(5.66?) WWI USA Leslie J. Rummel 7(5.16?) WWI USA Sumner Sewall 7(4.53?) WWI USA William H. Stovall 7(3.83?) WWI USA Charles J. Biddle 7(3.16?) WWI USA (France) Wendel A. Robertson 7(2.94?) WWI USA Karl J. Schoen 7(1.92?) WWI USA E. M. Roberts 7 WWI USA (UK) John W. F. M. Huffer 7 WWI USA (France) David E. Putnam 6(12?) WWI USA (France) Martinus Stenseth 6(6.47?) WWI USA Douglas Campbell 6(5.5?) WWI USA Howard C. Knotts 6(5.5?) WWI USA Edgar G. Tobin 6(4.83?) WWI USA Jerry C. Vasconcells 6(4.66?) WWI USA Remington D. B. Vernam 6(4.5?) WWI USA David M. McClure 6(3?) WWI USA Errol H. Zistell 6(3?) WWI USA (UK) James D. Beane 6(3.83?) WWI USA Murray K. Guthrie 6(3.66?) WWI USA Frank K. Hayes 6(3.1?) WWI USA John K. McArthur 6(3.15?) WWI USA Edward P. Curtis 6(2.91?) WWI USA Arthur R. Brooks 6(2.66?) WWI USA James A. Keating 6(2.5?) WWI USA (UK) Donald Hudson 6(2.48?) WWI USA Robert O. Lindsey 6(2.44?) WWI USA Kenneth L. Porter 6(2.15?) WWI USA James Norman Hall 6(1.83?) WWI USA (France) Frank A. Robertson 6 WWI USA (UK) Harold Evans Hartney 6 WWI USA William T. Ponder 6(5?) WWI USA (France) William Thaw 5.83(1.83?) WWI USA (France) Charles R. D'Olive 5(4?) WWI USA David M. Peterson 5(4?) WWI USA (France) Zenes R. Miller 5(4?) WWI USA James Knowles Jr. 5(4.2?) WWI USA Orville A. Ralston 5(4.25?) WWI USA (UK) William D. Tipton 5(3?) WWI USA (UK) Hilbert L. Bair 5(3.88?) WWI USA (UK) Robert M. Todd 5(3.83?) WWI USA Joseph F. Wehner 5(3.5?) WWI USA Rodney D. Williams 5(3.5?) WWI USA Lawrence K. Calahan 5(2?) WWI USA (UK) Victor H. Strahm 5(2?) WWI USA James A. Healy 5(2.9?) WWI USA Charles G. Grey 5(2.8?) WWI USA Geroge W. Furlow 5(2.66?) WWI USA Edward M. Haight 5(2.49?) WWI USA Harold H. George 5(2.49?) WWI USA Harold R. Buckley 5(2.36?) WWI USA Ralph A. O'Neill 5(1.39?) WWI USA Everett R. Cook 5(1.23?) WWI USA John J. Seerley 5(1.1?) WWI USA J. Sidney Owens 5(1.1?) WWI USA Alexandre Matthews 5 WWI USA (UK) Bogart Rogers 5 WWI USA (UK) Charles H. Veil 5 WWI USA (France) Clayton L. Bissell 5 WWI USA David Sinton Ingalls 5 WWI USA(USN) Dean I. Lamb 5 WWI USA (UK) Ewart S. Miller 5 WWI USA Francis P. Magoun 5 WWI USA (UK) Fredrick E. Luff 5 WWI USA (UK) F. Westing 5 WWI USA (UK) Norman Prince 5 WWI USA (France) W. J. Pace 5 WWI USA (UK) Alexander A. Kazakov 17(32?) WWI Russia P.V. d'Argueeff 15 WWI Russia Alexander P. Seversky 13 WWI Russia I.W. Smirnoff 12 WWI Russia M. Safonov 11 WWI Russia Boris Sergievsky 11 WWI Russia Eduard M. Tomson 11 WWI Russia E. N. Kruten 7 WWI Russia G. E. Suk 7 WWI Russia I. A. Orlov 6 WWI Russia O. J. Teter 6 WWI Russia I. M. Bagrovnikov 5 WWI Russia V. G. Fedorov 5 WWI Russia J. M. Mahlapuu 5 WWI Russia Basilov Ivan Yanchenko 5 WWI Russia A. M. Pishvanov 5 WWI Russia ? Pulpe 5 WWI Russia Indra Lal Roy 9(10?) WWI India Sino-Japanese WarBack to Top Liu Chi-Sun 11.33 Sino-Japanese China Wang Kuang-Fu 8.5 Sino-Japanese China Kao Yu-hsin 8 Sino-Japanese China Kuan Tan 8 Sino-Japanese China Yuan Pao-Kang 8 Sino-Japanese China Chow Che-Kei 6 Sino-Japanese China Chen Chi-Wei 5 Sino-Japanese China Tsang S-L. 5 Sino-Japanese China Spanish Civil WarBack to Top Joaquin Garcia Morato y Castano 40 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Julio Salvador Diaz Benzumea 24 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Julio Salvador Diaz 23 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Angel Salas Larrazabal 22 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Manuel Vazquez Sagaztizobal 22 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Aristides Garcia Lopez 17 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Carlos Bayo Alexandri 13 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Miguel Guerrero Garcia 13 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Gonzalo Hevia 12 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Miguel Garcia Pardo 12 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Joaquin Velasco Fernandez 11 Spanish Civil Spain(Na) Andres Garcia La Calle 21(11?) Spanish Civil Spain(Re) Manuel Aguirre Lopez 16 Spanish Civil Spain(Re) Jose Bravo Fernandez 10 Spanish Civil Spain(Re) Manuel Zarauza Clavier 10 Spanish Civil Spain(Re) Miguel Zamudio Martinez 10 Spanish Civil Spain(Re) ??? Ramirez 10 Spanish Civil Spain(Re) Albert J. Baumler 8(5 WWII) Spanish Civil USA(Re) Frank Tinker 8 Spanish Civil USA(Re) Werner Moelders 14(101 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Wolfgang Schellmann 12(26 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Harro Harder 11(22 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Reinhard Seiler 9(109 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Otto Bertram 8(21 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Hans-Karl Mayer 8(38 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Walter Oesau 8(125 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Wilhelm Balthasar 7(47 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Herbert Ihlefeld 7(130 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Horst Tietzen 7(27 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Hermann Grabmann 6(12 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Herbert Schob 6(28 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Guenther Luetzow 5(108 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Joachim Schlichting 5(8 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Hubertus von Bonin 4(77 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Wolfgang Lippert 4(29 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Robert Menge 4(18 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Rudolf Pingel 4(26 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Hannes Trautloft 4(57 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Josef Foezoe 3(27 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Heinz Bretnuetz 2(37 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Karl-Wolfgang Redlich 2(43 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Walter Adolph 1(28 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Wolfgang Ewald 1(78 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Guenther Radusch 1(64 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Rudolf Resch 1(94 WWII) Spanish Civil Germany(Re) Stepan Suprun 15 Spanish Civil USSR(Re) Vladimir I. Bobrov 13(30 WWII) Spanish Civil USSR(Re) Rodolphe de Hemicourt de Grunne 10(3 WWII) Spanish Civil Belgium(Re) World War IIBack to Top Erich Hartmann 352 WWII Germany Gerhard Barkhorn 301 WWII Germany Guenther Rall 275 WWII Germany Otto Kittel 267 WWII Germany Walter Nowotny 258(2) WWII Germany Wilhelm Batz 237 WWII Germany Erich Rudorffer 222(12) WWII Germany Heinrich Baer 220(16) WWII Germany Hermann Graf 212 WWII Germany Heinrich Ehrler 209(5, 220?) WWII Germany Theodore Weissenburger 209(8, 252?) WWII Germany Hans Philip 206 WWII Germany Walter Schuck 206(8) WWII Germany Anton Hafner 204 WWII Germany Helmut Lipfert 203 WWII Germany Walter Krupinski 197 WWII Germany Anton Hackl 192 WWII Germany Maximilian Stotz 189 WWII Germany Joachim Brendel 189 WWII Germany Joachim Kirschner 188 WWII Germany Kurt Hans Friedrich Brandle 180 WWII Germany Guenther Josten 178 WWII Germany Johannes Steinhoff 176(6) WWII Germany Ernst-Wilhelm Reinert 174 WWII Germany Gunther Schack 174 WWII Germany Heinz "Johnny" Schmidt 173 WWII Germany Emil Lang 173 WWII Germany Horst Adameit 166 WWII Germany Wolf-Dietrich Wilke 162(161?) WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Marseille 158 WWII Germany Heinrich Sturm 158(157?) WWII Germany Gerhard Thyben 157 WWII Germany Hans Beiswenger 152 WWII Germany Peter Duettmann 152 WWII Germany Gordon Gollob 150 WWII Germany Fritz Tegtmeier 146 WWII Germany Albin Wolf 144(176?) WWII Germany Kurt Tanzer 143 WWII Germany Friedrich-Karl "Tutti" Mueller 140 WWII Germany Karl Gratz 138 WWII Germany Heinrich Setz 138 WWII Germany Rudolf Trenkel 138 WWII Germany Horst-Guenther von Fassong 137 WWII Germany Herbert Ihlefeld 137(7 Spain) WWII Germany Franz Schall 137(14) WWII Germany Walter Wolfrum 137 WWII Germany Adolf Dickfeld 136 WWII Germany Otto Foennekold 136 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Weber 136 WWII Germany Joachim Muencheberg 135 WWII Germany Hans Waldmann 134(2) WWII Germany Alfred Grislawski 133 WWII Germany Walter Oesau 133(8 Spain) WWII Germany Johannes Weise 133(208?) WWII Germany Adolf Borchers 132 WWII Germany Erwin Clausen 132 WWII Germany Wilhelm Lemke 131 WWII Germany Heinrich "Bazi" Sterr 130 WWII Germany Franz Eisenach 129 WWII Germany Walter Dahl 128 WWII Germany Franz Doerr 128 WWII Germany Friedrich Obleser 127 WWII Germany Rudolf Rademacher 126(8) WWII Germany Josef "Jupp" Zwernemann 126 WWII Germany Gerhard Hoffman 125 WWII Germany Dietrich Hrabak 125 WWII Germany Wolf-Udo Ettel 124 WWII Germany Wolfgang Tonne 122 WWII Germany Heinz Marquardt 121 WWII Germany Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer 121(night) WWII Germany Robert Weiss 121 WWII Germany Erich Leie 118 WWII Germany Guenther Luetzow 113(5 Spain) WWII Germany Reinhard Seiler 118(9 Spain) WWII Germany Hans Beerenbrock 117 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Birkner 117(Hartmann) WWII Germany Jakob Norz 117 WWII Germany Heinz "Piepl" Wernicke 117 WWII Germany August Lambert 116 WWII Germany Werner Moelders 115(14 Spain) WWII Germany Wilhelm Crinius 114 WWII Germany Werner Schroer 114 WWII Germany Hans Dammers 113 WWII Germany Berthold Korts 113 WWII Germany Kurt Buhlingen 112 WWII Germany Helmut Lent 110(102 night) WWII Germany Kurt Ubben 110 WWII Germany Franz Woidich 110 WWII Germany Emil Bitsch 108 WWII Germany Hans "Assi" Hahn 108 WWII Germany Bernard Vechtel 108 WWII Germany Viktor Bauer 106 WWII Germany Werner Lucas 106 WWII Germany Adolf Galland 104(7) WWII Germany Heinz Sachsenberg 104 WWII Germany Hartmann Grasser 103 WWII Germany Seigfried Freytag 102 WWII Germany Friedrich Geisshardt 102 WWII Germany Egon Mayer 102 WWII Germany Max-Hellmuth Ostermann 102 WWII Germany Josef Wurmheller 102 WWII Germany Herbert Rollwage 102 WWII Germany Rudolf Miethig 101 WWII Germany Rudolf Mueller 101 WWII Germany Josef "Pips" Priller 101 WWII Germany Ulrich Wernitz 101 WWII Germany Paul-Heinrich Daehne 100 WWII Germany Heinrich Bartels 99 WWII Germany Wolfgang Spaate 99(5,5?) WWII Germany Leopold Steinbatz 99 WWII Germany Horst Hannig 98 WWII Germany Gustav Roedel 98 WWII Germany Hans Schleef 98 WWII Germany Helmut Mertens 97 WWII Germany Dieter von Eichel-Streiber 96 WWII Germany Heinrich Hoefmeier 96 WWII Germany Franz Hrdlicka 96(45?) WWII Germany Siegfried Lemke 96 WWII Germany Hermann Schleinghege 96 WWII Germany Leopold Muenster 95 WWII Germany Rudolf Resch 95(1 Spain) WWII Germany Siegfried Simsch 95 WWII Germany Anton Doebele 94 WWII Germany Heinrich Kloepper 94 WWII Germany Edmund Rossmann 93 WWII Germany Siegfried Schnell 93 WWII Germany Helmut Bennemann 92 WWII Germany Gerhard Loos 92 WWII Germany Oskar Romm 92 WWII Germany Anton Resch 91 WWII Germany Ebberhard von Boremski 90 WWII Germany Guenther Heeger 90 WWII Germany Lothar Mai 90 WWII Germany Georg Schentke 90 WWII Germany Heinz Kemethmueller 89 WWII Germany Josef Jennewein 86 WWII Germany Anton Mader 86 WWII Germany Freidrich Wachowiak 86(126?) WWII Germany Ulrich Woehnert 86 WWII Germany Gerhard Koeppen 85 WWII Germany Heinz Ewald 85(Barkhorn) WWII Germany Gerhard Koeppen 85 WWII Germany Walter Zellot 85 WWII Germany Peter Kalden 84 WWII Germany Werner Quast 84 WWII Germany Heinrich Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein 83(night) WWII Germany Walter Ohlrogge 83 WWII Germany Otto Wessling 83 WWII Germany Hans Gruenberg 82(5) WWII Germany Emil Darjes 82 WWII Germany Hans Goetz 82 WWII Germany Horst Hasse 82 WWII Germany Helmut Missner 82 WWII Germany Franz Beyer 81 WWII Germany Hubertus von Bonin 81(4 Spain) WWII Germany Hugo Broch 81 WWII Germany Max-Hermann Luecke 81 WWII Germany Willi Nemitz 81 WWII Germany Wilhelm Philipp 81 WWII Germany Rudolf Wagner 81 WWII Germany Herbert Bachnick 80 WWII Germany Wolfgang Ewald 79(1 Spain) WWII Germany Otto Wuerfel 79 WWII Germany Georg-Peter Eder 78(12) WWII Germany Heinrich Krafft 78 WWII Germany Karl-Gottfried Nordmann 78 WWII Germany Josef Haiboeck 77 WWII Germany Johannes-Hermann Meier 77 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Kroschinski 76 WWII Germany Maximilian Mayerl 76 WWII Germany Alexander Preinfalk 76 WWII Germany Alfred Teumer 76 WWII Germany Edwin Theil 76 WWII Germany Johannes Bunzek 75 WWII Germany Helmut Grollmus 75 WWII Germany Karl Neumann 75 WWII Germany Johannes Pilcher 75 WWII Germany Hans Roehrig 75 WWII Germany Joachim Wandel 75 WWII Germany Gustav Fielinghaus 74 WWII Germany Otto Gaiser 74 WWII Germany Friedrich Haas 74 WWII Germany Anton Lindner 73 WWII Germany Gerhard Michalski 73 WWII Germany Otto Schultz 73 WWII Germany Adolf Glunz 72(71?) WWII Germany Wilhelm Herget 72(57 night) WWII Germany Klaus Mietusch 72 WWII Germany Wilhelm Mink 72 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Schnell 72 WWII Germany Hans Fuss 71 WWII Germany Alfred Heckmann 71 WWII Germany Wilhelm Herget 71(57 night) WWII Germany Guenther Scheel 71 WWII Germany Hans-Heinrich Doebrich 70 WWII Germany Heinz Gossow 70 WWII Germany Karl Hoffmann 70 WWII Germany Hermann-Friedrick Joppien 70 WWII Germany Herbert Lange 70 WWII Germany Rudolf Linz 70 WWII Germany Emil Omert 70 WWII Germany Rudolf Richter 70 WWII Germany Helmut Rueffler 70 WWII Germany Ernst Suss 70 WWII Germany Armin Koehler 69 WWII Germany Ernst Weissmann 69 WWII Germany Eugen-Ludwig Zweigart 69 WWII Germany Kurt Dombacher 68 WWII Germany Walter Hoeckner 68 WWII Germany Herbert Huppertz 68(76?) WWII Germany Heinrich Jung 68 WWII Germany Herbert Kaiser 68 WWII Germany Richard Lepple 68 WWII Germany Fritz Losigkeit 68 WWII Germany Guenther von Maltzahn 68 WWII Germany Hans Streloew 68 WWII Germany Otto Tange 68 WWII Germany Gustav Denk 67 WWII Germany Fritz Dinger 67 WWII Germany Herbert Findeisen 67 WWII Germany Karl Fuchs 67 WWII Germany Erbo Graf von Kageneck 67 WWII Germany Franz Scheiss 67 WWII Germany Franz Schwaiger 67 WWII Germany Hubert Strassl 67 WWII Germany Erwin Fleig 66(Moelders) WWII Germany Reinhold Hoffmann 66 WWII Germany Werner Streib 66(night) WWII Germany Franz Czech 65 WWII Germany Heinrich Fuellgrabe 65 WWII Germany Berthold Grassmuck 65 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Kempf 65 WWII Germany Manfred Meurer 65(night) WWII Germany Guenther Radusch 65(63 night, 1 Spain) WWII Germany Waldemar Semelka 65 WWII Germany Bernd Gallowitsch 64 WWII Germany Juergen Harder 64 WWII Germany Rolf Hermichen 64 WWII Germany Walter Lindner 64 WWII Germany Viktor Petermann 64 WWII Germany Heinz Roekker 64(63 night) WWII Germany Franz Ruhl 64 WWII Germany Rudolf Schoenert 64(night) WWII Germany Walter Borchers 63 WWII Germany Franz Goetz 63 WWII Germany Karl Hammerl 63 WWII Germany Heinrich Hoffmann 63 WWII Germany Gerhard Homuth 63 WWII Germany Hermann Staiger 63 WWII Germany Wilhelm Hubner 62 WWII Germany Helmut Neumann 62 WWII Germany Hannes Trautloft 61(4 Spain) WWII Germany Hans-Ekkehard Bob 60(59?) WWII Germany Gerhard Beutin 60 WWII Germany Werner Streib 60 WWII Germany Horst Carganico 60 WWII Germany Kurt Kelter 60 WWII Germany August Mors 60 WWII Germany Karl "Fox" Munz 60 WWII Germany Alfred Rauch 60 WWII Germany Kurt Tangermann 60 WWII Germany Kurt Welter 60 WWII Germany Walter Wever 60 WWII Germany Franz Eckerle 59 WWII Germany Alfred Franke 59 WWII Germany Georg Michalek 59 WWII Germany Hans Stahlschmidt 59 WWII Germany Karl Steffen 59 WWII Germany Paul Zorner 59(night) WWII Germany Hermann Buchner 58(12) WWII Germany Lutz-Wilhelm Burckhardt 58 WWII Germany Siegfried Engfer 58 WWII Germany Wilhelm Freuworth 58 WWII Germany Herbert Friebel 58 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Langer 58 WWII Germany Gerhard Raht 58(night) WWII Germany Heinz-Wilhelm Ahnert 57 WWII Germany Mertin Becker 57(night) WWII Germany Walter Brandt 57 WWII Germany Herbert Broennle 57 WWII Germany Hugo Dahmer 57 WWII Germany Heinrich Dittlmann 57 WWII Germany Kurt Ebener 57 WWII Germany Adolf Kalkum 57 WWII Germany Johannes Seifurt 57 WWII Germany Edmund Wagner 57 WWII Germany Hermann Wolf 57 WWII Germany Herbert Bareuter 56 WWII Germany Helmut-Felix Bolz 56 WWII Germany Alfred Burk 56 WWII Germany Manfred Eberwein 56 WWII Germany Gustav Fransci 56(night) WWII Germany Heinrich Hackler 56 WWII Germany Isken Herrmann 56 WWII Germany Helmut Holtz 56 WWII Germany Eduard Isken 56 WWII Germany Josef Kraft 56(night) WWII Germany Helmut Schoenfelder 56 WWII Germany Guenther Seeger 56 WWII Germany Heinz Struening 56(night) WWII Germany Helmut Wick 56 WWII Germany Hans-Deiter Frank 55(night) WWII Germany Wilhelm-Ferdinand Galland 55 WWII Germany Erich Hohagen 55 WWII Germany Gabriel Tautscher 55 WWII Germany Johann Badum 54 WWII Germany Wilhelm Balthasar 54(7 Spain) WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Bendert 54 WWII Germany Wilhelm Hauswirth 54 WWII Germany Kurt Knappe 54 WWII Germany Heinz Leber 54 WWII Germany Herbert Puschmann 54 WWII Germany Heinz Vinke 54(night) WWII Germany Franz-K Barten 53 WWII Germany Heinz-Edgar Berres 53 WWII Germany Albert Brunner 53 WWII Germany August Geiger 53(night) WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Heyer 53 WWII Germany Herbert Luetje 53(51 night) WWII Germany Julius Meimberg 53 WWII Germany Friedrich Rupp 53 WWII Germany Karl Sattig 53 WWII Germany Heine Cordes 52 WWII Germany Martin Drewes 52(43 night) WWII Germany Hans Ehlers 52 WWII Germany Alfred Gross 52 WWII Germany Willi Kientsch 52 WWII Germany Ludwig Hafner 52 WWII Germany Werner Hoffmann 52(night) WWII Germany Rudolf Pflanz 52 WWII Germany Heinrich Wefers 52 WWII Germany Egmont Prinz zu Lippe-Weissenfeld 51(night) WWII Germany Rudolf Schmidt 51 WWII Germany Otto Schultz 51 WWII Germany Walter Duellberg 50 WWII Germany Hermann Greiner 50(46 night) WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Jabs 50 WWII Germany Emil Knittel 50 WWII Germany Frank Lisendahl 50 WWII Germany Fritz Lueddecke 50 WWII Germany Wilhelm Schilling 50 WWII Germany Fritz Schroeter 50 WWII Germany Kurt Welter 50(night) WWII Germany Karl Willius 50 WWII Germany Rudolf Ehrenberger 49 WWII Germany Reinhard Kollack 49(night) WWII Germany Klaus Quaet-Faslem 49 WWII Germany Fredrich Beckh 48 WWII Germany Paul Gildner 48(44 night) WWII Germany Johannes Hager 48(47 night) WWII Germany ??? Reiff 48 WWII Germany Peter Seigler 48 WWII Germany Heinz-Gerhard Vogt 48 WWII Germany Oskar Zimmermann 48 WWII Germany Heinz Golinski 47 WWII Germany Guenther Hannack 47 WWII Germany Eckhard Hubner 47 WWII Germany Fritz Karch 47 WWII Germany Herbert Kutscha 47 WWII Germany Guenther Ruebell 47 WWII Germany Erich Schmidt 47 WWII Germany Werner Stumpf 47 WWII Germany Hans-Hermann Augenstein 46(night) WWII Germany Ludwig Becker 46(night) WWII Germany Wolfgang Boewing-Trueding 46 WWII Germany Guenther Fink 46 WWII Germany Rudiger Kirchmayr 46 WWII Germany Erwin Laskowski 46 WWII Germany Hans-Karl Mayer 46(8 Spain) WWII Germany Guenther Rammelt 46 WWII Germany Karl "Quax" Schnoerrer 46 WWII Germany Franz Schulte 46 WWII Germany Paul Semrau 46(night) WWII Germany Alfred Surau 46 WWII Germany Ernst Borngen 45 WWII Germany Ernst Druenkler 45 WWII Germany Juergen Brocke 45 WWII Germany Rudolf Frank 45(night) WWII Germany Ernst-Erich Hirschfeld 45 WWII Germany ??? Kuken 45 WWII Germany Lothar May (Mai?) 45(90?) WWII Germany Karl-Wolfgang Redlich 45(2 Spain) WWII Germany Gerhard Schopfel 45 WWII Germany ??? Frese 44 WWII Germany Juergen Hoerschelmann 44 WWII Germany Wilhelm Hofmann 44 WWII Germany Reinhold Knacke 44 WWII Germany Heinz Knoke 44(52?) WWII Germany Walter Matoni 44 WWII Germany Wilhelm Moritz 44 WWII Germany Richard Quante 44 WWII Germany Wilhelm Steinmann 44 WWII Germany Otto Vinzent 44 WWII Germany Karl Boris 43 WWII Germany Ludwig Franzisket 43 WWII Germany Kurt Goltzsch 43 WWII Germany Alois Lechner 43 WWII Germany Hubert Muetherich 43 WWII Germany Josef "Josi" Pohs 43 WWII Germany Paul Stolte 43 WWII Germany Rudolf Klemm 42 WWII Germany Emil Reinhard 42 WWII Germany Herbert Schramm 42 WWII Germany Werner Baake 41(night) WWII Germany Heinz Bretnuetz 39(2 Spain) WWII Germany Leopold Fellerer 41(39 night) WWII Germany Ludwig Meister 41(night) WWII Germany Robert Olejnik 41 WWII Germany Johannes Schmidt 41 WWII Germany Gerhard Schneider 41 WWII Germany Heinz Arnold 40 WWII Germany Karl Boehm-Fettelbach 40 WWII Germany Peter Bremer 40 WWII Germany Klaus Bretschneider 40(14 night) WWII Germany Wolf-Dietrich Huy 40 WWII Germany Wolfgang Neuhoff 40 WWII Germany Gerhard Schoepfel 40 WWII Germany Georg Seckel 40 WWII Germany Guenther Steinhausen 40 WWII Germany Eckart-Wilhelm von Bonin 39 WWII Germany Alfons Klein 39 WWII Germany Kurt Lasse 39 WWII Germany Bernhard Lausch 39 WWII Germany Dietrich Schmidt 39 WWII Germany Georg Seelmann 39 WWII Germany Rudolf Sinner 39 WWII Germany Fritz Stendel 39 WWII Germany Hans Dortenmann 38 WWII Germany Pepi Gabl 38 WWII Germany Walter Loos 38 WWII Germany Stefan Litjens 38 WWII Germany Theodore Osterkamp 38(32 WWI) WWII Germany Detler Rohwer 38 WWII Germany Erwin Sawallisch 38 WWII Germany Wolfgang Schellmann 38(12 Spain) WWII Germany Kurt Sochatzky 38 WWII Germany Guenther Bahr 37(36 night) WWII Germany Gerhard Koall 37 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Leesmann 37 WWII Germany Klaus Neumann 37(5) WWII Germany Wolfgang Traft 37 WWII Germany Wilhelm Beier 36(night) WWII Germany Helmut Belser 36 WWII Germany Helmut Bergmann 36 WWII Germany Walter Ehle 36(33 night) WWII Germany Georg Keil 36 WWII Germany Friedrich Koerner 36 WWII Germany Elias Kuehlein 36 WWII Germany Waldemar Radener 36 WWII Germany Herbert Wehnelt 36 WWII Germany Hans Weik 36 WWII Germany Fuelbert Zink 36 WWII Germany Guenther Bertram 35 WWII Germany Graf Heinrich von Einsiedel 35 WWII Germany August Luy 35 WWII Germany ??? Meltzer 35 WWII Germany Bruno Stolle 35 WWII Germany Paul Brandt 34 WWII Germany Hans von Hahn 34 WWII Germany Heinz-Horst Hissbach 34 WWII Germany Wilhelm Johnen 34 WWII Germany Karl Kennel 34 WWII Germany Johannes Naumann 34 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Plucker 34 WWII Germany Herbert Schob 34(6 Spain) WWII Germany Walter Stengel 34 WWII Germany Horst Tietzen 34(7 Spain) WWII Germany Helmut Wettstein 34 WWII Germany Heinz Beyer 33 WWII Germany Heinz-Martin Hadeball 33(night) WWII Germany Harro Harder 33(11 Spain) WWII Germany Josef Kociok 33(21 night) WWII Germany Erwin Leykauf 33 WWII Germany Wolfgang Lippert 33(4 Spain) WWII Germany Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow 33(night) WWII Germany Waldemar Soffing 33 WWII Germany Hans Stechmann 33 WWII Germany ??? Ulbrich 33 WWII Germany Ferdinand Vogel 33 WWII Germany Hugo Frey 32 WWII Germany Rudolf Glockner 32 WWII Germany Joachim Hacker 32 WWII Germany Werner Husemann 32 WWII Germany Werner Machold 32 WWII Germany Guenther Specht 32 WWII Germany Gerhard Weigand 32 WWII Germany Martin "Tino" Becker 31(night) WWII Germany Peter Crump 31 WWII Germany Carl von Lieres 31 WWII Germany Hubert Rauh 31(night) WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Scherfling 31(night) WWII Germany Hermann Seegatz 31 WWII Germany Hermann Segatz(?) 31 WWII Germany Gustav Sprick 31 WWII Germany Erich Bartz 30 WWII Germany Max Bucholz 30 WWII Germany Gerhard Friedrich 30 WWII Germany Josef Foezoe 30(3 Spain) WWII Germany ??? Furch 30 WWII Germany Werner Gerth 30 WWII Germany ??? Hamer 30 WWII Germany Friedrich Heimann 30 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Langer 30(68?) WWII Germany Friedrich "Nose" Mueller 30(night) WWII Germany Hans Mueller 30(night) WWII Germany Rudolf Pingel 30(4 Spain) WWII Germany Emil Pusch 30(night) WWII Germany Walter Adolph 29(1 Spain) WWII Germany Otto Bertram 29(8 Spain) WWII Germany Franz Blazytko 29 WWII Germany ??? Leiste 29 WWII Germany Paul Szameitat 29 WWII Germany Heinrich Wohlers 29 WWII Germany Ernst Andres 28 WWII Germany Anton Benning 28 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Heinecke 28 WWII Germany Hans Krause 28(night) WWII Germany Fritz Lau 28(night) WWII Germany Lothar Linke 28(25 night) WWII Germany August Luebking 28 WWII Germany Helmut Pfueller 28 WWII Germany Willi Reschke 28 WWII Germany Rudolf Sigmund 28(26 night) WWII Germany Franz Stigler 28 WWII Germany Hermann Wischniewski 28 WWII Germany Guenther Bleckmann 27 WWII Germany Emil Claude 27 WWII Germany Kurt Ebersberger 27 WWII Germany Heinz Grimm 27(26 night) WWII Germany Fritz Gromotka 27 WWII Germany Anton Hoerwick 27 WWII Germany Hans Kolbow 27 WWII Germany Wilhelm Mayer 27 WWII Germany Horst Petzchler 27 WWII Germany Otto Russ 27 WWII Germany Werner Thierfelder 27 WWII Germany Friedrich Dahn 26 WWII Germany Hans Knauth 26 WWII Germany Anton-Rudolf Piffer 26 WWII Germany Dietrich Putzkuhl 26(night) WWII Germany Hans Remmer 26 WWII Germany Willi Reschke 26 WWII Germany Peter Werfft 26 WWII Germany Franz-Josef Zoufahl 26 WWII Germany Egon Albrecht 25 WWII Germany ??? Bellof 25 WWII Germany Walter Engel 25 WWII Germany ??? Flogel 25 WWII Germany August Kayser 25 WWII Germany Alfons Koester 25(29?, night) WWII Germany Alfred Kuhn 25(night) WWII Germany Fritz Liebelt 25 WWII Germany Arnold Lignitz 25 WWII Germany Helmut Merkel 25(50?) WWII Germany Emil Schact 25 WWII Germany Helmut Schulte 25(night) WWII Germany Karl Stadek 25 WWII Germany Guenther Stedtfeld 25 WWII Germany Eckehard Tichy 25 WWII Germany Horst Walter 25 WWII Germany Karl Wuensch 25 WWII Germany Rudi Zwesken 25 WWII Germany Emil Babenz 24 WWII Germany Harry von Bulow-Bothcamp 24(6 WWI) WWII Germany Helmut Dahms 24 WWII Germany Helmut Hoppe 24 WWII Germany Karl Hulshoff 24 WWII Germany Hannes Keller 24 WWII Germany Hans-Heinrich Koenig 24 WWII Germany Florian Salwender 24 WWII Germany Klaus Scheer 24 WWII Germany Wolfgang Thimmig 24 WWII Germany Arnold Doering 23 WWII Germany Horst Patuschka 23(night) WWII Germany Hans Pragen 23 WWII Germany August Schneider 23 WWII Germany Leo Schumacher 23 WWII Germany Horst Sternberg 23 WWII Germany Helmut Viedebantt 23 WWII Germany Artur Beese 22 WWII Germany Heinz Busse 22 WWII Germany Rudolf Dassow 22 WWII Germany Reinhold Eckardt 22 WWII Germany ??? Fuchs 22 WWII Germany Herbert Kroh 22 WWII Germany Otto Mayer 22 WWII Germany Robert Menge 22(4 Spain) WWII Germany Erhard Peters 22 WWII Germany Rolf-Peter Pringle 22 WWII Germany Hans Richter 22 WWII Germany Guenter Scholz 22 WWII Germany ??? Simon 22 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Steffens 22 WWII Germany Willi Unger 22 WWII Germany Hans-Juergen Westphal 22 WWII Germany Rolf Kaldrack 21 WWII Germany Horst Reuter 21 WWII Germany Johannes Schalk 21 WWII Germany Robert Spreckles 21 WWII Germany Heinrich Steis 21 WWII Germany Franz von Werra 21 WWII Germany Maximilian Winkler 21 WWII Germany Robert Wolf 21 WWII Germany David Wollmann 21 WWII Germany Rudolf Artner 20 WWII Germany Paul Becker 20 WWII Germany ??? Busch 20 WWII Germany Erich Gerlitz 20 WWII Germany Hans Hahn 20 WWII Germany Gotthard Handrick 20 WWII Germany Werner Haugk 20 WWII Germany Guenther Heckmann 20 WWII Germany Harald Jung 20 WWII Germany Lothar Keller 20 WWII Germany Johannes Kiel 20 WWII Germany Georg Munderloh 20 WWII Germany Willi Roth 20 WWII Germany Gerhard Schaschke 20 WWII Germany Paul Schauder 20 WWII Germany Erich Scheyda 20 WWII Germany Walter Schneider 20 WWII Germany Gerhard Schwartz 20 WWII Germany ??? Seidel 20 WWII Germany Gerhard Sommer 20 WWII Germany Wilhelm Spiess 20 WWII Germany Hans Tetzner 20 WWII Germany Hans Udet 20 WWII Germany Georg Christl 19 WWII Germany Hans Dipple 19 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Krahl 19 WWII Germany Peter Reischer 19 WWII Germany Winifried Schmidt 19 WWII Germany Hermann Sommer 19 WWII Germany Fritz Stritzel 19 WWII Germany Oscar Boesch 18 WWII Germany ??? Brewes 18 WWII Germany Rudi Dueding 18 WWII Germany Heinz Ebeling 18 WWII Germany Hannes Gentzen 18 WWII Germany Guenther Gerhard 18 WWII Germany Hermann Grabmann 18(6 Spain) WWII Germany Erich Groth 18 WWII Germany Helmut Haugk 18 WWII Germany Kurt Holler 18 WWII Germany Kurt Matzak 18 WWII Germany Eduard Meyer 18 WWII Germany Walter Meyer 18 WWII Germany Josef Nabrich 18(17 night) WWII Germany Hans Peterburs 18 WWII Germany Wolfgang Schenk 18 WWII Germany Ernst Scheufele 18 WWII Germany Heinz Schumann 18 WWII Germany Friedrich-Wilhelm Stakejahn 18 WWII Germany Alfred Wehmeyer 18 WWII Germany Dietrich Weinitschke 18 WWII Germany Joachim Blechschmidt 17 WWII Germany Paul Galland 17 WWII Germany Peter Jenne 17 WWII Germany Theodore Rossiwall 17 WWII Germany Wolfgang Schneeweis 17(night) WWII Germany Horst Ulenberg 17 WWII Germany Arthur Beth 16 WWII Germany Erich Demuth 16 WWII Germany Heinrich Dreisbach 16 WWII Germany Georg Fengler 16 WWII Germany Wutz Galland 16 WWII Germany Hans-D Hartwein 16 WWII Germany Rudolf Huebl 16 WWII Germany Heinz Mahikuch 16 WWII Germany Conny Meyer 16 WWII Germany Erich Mix 16(3 WWI) WWII Germany Karl Wenschelmeyer 16 WWII Germany ??? Conter 15 WWII Germany Ulrich Diesing 15 WWII Germany Hermann Guhl 15 WWII Germany Richard Heller 15 WWII Germany Josef Kunz 15 WWII Germany Fritz Sengschmidt 15 WWII Germany Guenther Tonne 15(20?) WWII Germany Waldemar Wuebke 15 WWII Germany Sophuu Baagoe 14 WWII Germany Heinz Birk 14 WWII Germany Walter Blume 14 WWII Germany Felix-M Brandis 14 WWII Germany Wendelin Bruekel 14 WWII Germany Albert Espenlaub 14 WWII Germany Wilhelm Gath 14 WWII Germany Georg "Schorsch" Kraft 14 WWII Germany Hans Witzel 14 WWII Germany Hermann Foerster 13 WWII Germany Werner Gayko 13 WWII Germany Werner Gerhard 13 WWII Germany Heinz Halstrick 13 WWII Germany Emil Kaiser 13 WWII Germany Guenther Kelch 13 WWII Germany Harry Koch 13 WWII Germany Willi Kothmann 13 WWII Germany Eduard Neumann 13 WWII Germany Joachim Schlichting 13(5 Spain) WWII Germany Johann Aistleitner 12 WWII Germany Xaver Ellenrieder 12 WWII Germany Gerhard Gleuwitz 12 WWII Germany Heinz Gomann 12 WWII Germany Erich Javer 12 WWII Germany Gerhard Kepler 12 WWII Germany Eduard Koslowski 12 WWII Germany Erich Krainik 12 WWII Germany Franz Kunz 12 WWII Germany Johannes Lutter 12 WWII Germany Ernst Maak 12 WWII Germany Karl-Heinrich Matern 12 WWII Germany Erhardt Meek 12 WWII Germany Heinz Nacke 12 WWII Germany Wolfgang Neu 12 WWII Germany Hans niederhoefer 12 WWII Germany Heinrich Rosenberg 12 WWII Germany Wolfgang Rost 12 WWII Germany Ludwig Scharf 12 WWII Germany Johannes Schmidt 12 WWII Germany Erich Schoefbock 12 WWII Germany Franz Weinhausen 12 WWII Germany Peter Ahrens 11 WWII Germany Walter Fieser 11 WWII Germany Joachim Guenther 11 WWII Germany Wilhelm Hachfeld 11 WWII Germany ??? Hartl 11 WWII Germany Engelbert Heiner 11 WWII Germany Freidrich Hoffman 11 WWII Germany Georg Kiefner 11 WWII Germany Wolfgang Kosse 11 WWII Germany Herbert Krenz 11 WWII Germany Erwin Leibold 11 WWII Germany Siegfried Ney 11 WWII Germany Guenther Reubell 11 WWII Germany August Schneider 11 WWII Germany Erich Schwarz 11 WWII Germany Waldemar Teige 11(9 night) WWII Germany Hans Vollett 11 WWII Germany Joseph Buerschgens 10 WWII Germany Hans Berschwinger 10 WWII Germany Guenther Bloemertz 10 WWII Germany Josef Burschgens 10 WWII Germany August Fischer 10 WWII Germany Heinz de Fries 10 WWII Germany Eugen von Geinanth 10 WWII Germany Viktor Gruber 10 WWII Germany Gerhard Guttmann 10 WWII Germany Ludwig Hartmann 10 WWII Germany Alfred Jacobi 10 WWII Germany Eberhard Kaross 10 WWII Germany Ernst Klager 10 WWII Germany Hans Klein 10 WWII Germany Wilhelm Mueller 10 WWII Germany Karl Pfeiffer 10 WWII Germany Werner Schumacher 10 WWII Germany Guenther Schwanecke 10 WWII Germany Alfred Seidel 10 WWII Germany Hans Stolinberger 10 WWII Germany Karl Strohecker 10 WWII Germany Franz Stuckler 10 WWII Germany Robert Unzeitig 10 WWII Germany Siegfried Wandam 10 WWII Germany Emil Woltersdorf 10 WWII Germany Bruno Buzzi 9 WWII Germany Ernst Christof 9 WWII Germany Edgar Doerre 9 WWII Germany Heinz Hanke 9 WWII Germany Kurt Hermann 9 WWII Germany Hajo Herrmann 9 WWII Germany Kurt Jenisch 9 WWII Germany ??? Koch 9 WWII Germany Heinz Krug 9 WWII Germany Rudolf Leuschel 9 WWII Germany Wilhelm Makrocki 9 WWII Germany Arthur Mendl 9 WWII Germany Horst Oberlander 9 WWII Germany Hugo Schneider 9 WWII Germany Gerhard Schulwitz 9 WWII Germany Willi Szuggar 9 WWII Germany ??? Weneckers 9 WWII Germany Heinfried Wiegand 9 WWII Germany Alexander von Winterfelt 9(0 WWI) WWII Germany Josef Zirngibl 9 WWII Germany Lorenz Andreson 8(8) WWII Germany ??? Bahnsen 8 WWII Germany Georg Beyer 8 WWII Germany Heinrich Beirwirth 8 WWII Germany Erwin Busch 8 WWII Germany ??? Buttner 8(8) WWII Germany Wolfgang Falck 8(night) WWII Germany Deiter Gerhard 8 WWII Germany Alfred Heidl 8 WWII Germany Kurt Hein 8 WWII Germany Hermann Hoffmann 8 WWII Germany Ernst Jackel 8 WWII Germany Hans Johanssen 8 WWII Germany Friedrich Lang 8 WWII Germany Heinz Lennartz 8(8) WWII Germany Heinrich Lesch 8 WWII Germany Werner Methfessel 8 WWII Germany Karl Metnich 8 WWII Germany Rudolf Rademacher 8(8) WWII Germany Ralph von Rettberg 8 WWII Germany Martin Rysayy 8 WWII Germany Karl-F Schlossstein 8 WWII Germany Gottfried Schmidt 8 WWII Germany Hans Schubert 8 WWII Germany Otto Stammberger 8 WWII Germany Guenther Wegman 8(8) WWII Germany Theodore Weissenberger 8(8) WWII Germany Heinz-Guenther Adam 7 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Bahr 7 WWII Germany Erich Beulich 7 WWII Germany Max Clerico 7 WWII Germany Karl Ebbinghausen 7 WWII Germany Helmut Eberspaecher 7 WWII Germany Karl-Heinz Ehlen 7 WWII Germany Guenther Eichhorn 7 WWII Germany Walter Gruenlinger 7 WWII Germany Gerhard Grzymalla 7 WWII Germany Eberhard Henrici 7 WWII Germany Walter Holl 7 WWII Germany Walter Horten 7(Galland) WWII Germany Werner Huebner 7 WWII Germany Herbert Kaminski 7 WWII Germany Karl Laub 7 WWII Germany Theodore Lindemann 7 WWII Germany Bruno Mischkot 7 WWII Germany Rudolf Scheffel 7 WWII Germany Otto Stammberger 7 WWII Germany Joachim Zeller 7 WWII Germany Peter Andel 6 WWII Germany Sigfried Benz 6 WWII Germany Josef Gartner 6 WWII Germany Heinz Gottlob 6 WWII Germany Hans Hartigs 6 WWII Germany Bodo Helms 6 WWII Germany Otto-Heinrich Hilleke 6 WWII Germany ??? Hoehn 6 WWII Germany Heinrich Jessen 6 WWII Germany Dietrich Kehl 6 WWII Germany Rolf von Lillenhoff 6 WWII Germany Friedrich Luedecke 6 WWII Germany Rudolf Lueder 6 WWII Germany Willi Makenstedt 6 WWII Germany Fritz Mueller 6(6) WWII Germany Bela Preisler 6 WWII Germany Heinz Schmidt 6 WWII Germany Heinrich Vandeweerd 6 WWII Germany ??? Baudach 5(5) WWII Germany Kurt Bohn 5 WWII Germany Paul Bohn 5 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Borreck 5 WWII Germany Franz Bozicek 5 WWII Germany Gottfried Dietze 5 WWII Germany Hans Dirksen 5 WWII Germany Johannes Edmann 5 WWII Germany ??? Eickhoff 5 WWII Germany Franz Elles 5 WWII Germany Hans-Joachim Fast 5 WWII Germany Hans-Juergen Frolich 5 WWII Germany Erich Fuhrmann 5 WWII Germany Josef Grumm 5 WWII Germany August Hachtel 5 WWII Germany Hubert Heckman 5 WWII Germany Horst Hennig 5 WWII Germany ??? Heim 5(5) WWII Germany Heinrich Heuser 5 WWII Germany Erich Klein 5 WWII Germany Herbert Kowalski 5 WWII Germany Gerhard Lang 5 WWII Germany Friedrich Lindelaub 5 WWII Germany Franz Leuders 5 WWII Germany ??? Lutzka 5 WWII Germany Kurt Mueller 5 WWII Germany Gerhard Mueller-Duhe 5 WWII Germany Wolfgang Polster 5 WWII Germany Emil Puttfargen 5 WWII Germany Eckhard Roch 5 WWII Germany ??? Schrieber 5(5) WWII Germany Paul-August Stolte 5 WWII Germany Adolph Tabbat 5 WWII Germany Hiroyoshi Nishizawa 113(87-174?) WWII Japan Tetsuzo Iwamoto 80(80-182?) WWII Japan Shoichi Sugita 70 WWII Japan Saburo Sakai 64(32-64?) WWII Japan Junichi Sasai 60(27?) WWII Japan Hinomichi Shinohara 58 WWII Japan Takeo Okumura 54-98 WWII Japan Satoshi Anobuki 51-96 WWII Japan Sadaaki Akamatsu 50(27?) WWII Japan Isamu Sasaki 38-75 WWII Japan Mitsuyohi Tarui 38-76 WWII Japan Toshio Ota 34-68 WWII Japan Moritsugu Kanai 34 WWII Japan Kazuo Sugino 32-64 WWII Japan Yasuhiko Kuroe 30-60 WWII Japan Shizuo Ishi 29 WWII Japan Kaneyoshi Muto 28 WWII Japan Goichi Sumino 27 WWII Japan Kenji Shimada 27 WWII Japan Isamu Hosono 26 WWII Japan Shogo Saito 26 WWII Japan Naoshi Kano 25 WWII Japan Tomio Hanada 25 WWII Japan Nobuo Ogiya 24 WWII Japan Shigeo Sugio 20 WWII Japan Masajiro Kawamoto 19 WWII Japan Satoshi Yoshino 15 WWII Japan Teruhiko Kobayashi 8 WWII Japan Tsutomo Iwei 5+? WWII Japan Juutilainen, Eino Ilmari 94.17 WWII Finland Wind, Hans Henrik 75 WWII Finland Luukkanen, Eino Antero 56 WWII Finland Lehtovaara, Urho Sakari 44.5 WWII Finland Tuominen, Oiva Emil Kalervo 44 WWII Finland Puhakka, Risto Olli Petter 42 WWII Finland Puro, Olavi Kauko 36 WWII Finland Katajainen, Nils Edvard 35.5 WWII Finland Nissinen, Lauri Vilhelm 32.33 WWII Finland Karhila, Kysti Keijo Ensio 32.25 WWII Finland Karhunen, Jorma 31.5 WWII Finland Vesa, Emil Onerva 29.5 WWII Finland Jrvi, Turo Tapio 28.5 WWII Finland Alakoski, Klaus Jalmari 26 WWII Finland Tervo, Altto Kalevi 23.25 WWII Finland Saarinen, Jorma Kalevi 23 WWII Finland Kinnunen, Eero Aulis 22.5 WWII Finland Tani, Antti Johannes 21.5 WWII Finland Myllyl, Urho Paavo Johannes 21 WWII Finland Suhonen, Vin Ilmari 19.5 WWII Finland Pytsi, Viktor 19.5 WWII Finland Teromaa, Erik Uolevi 19 WWII Finland Pekuri, Lauri Olavi 18.5 WWII Finland Huotari, Jouko Armas Antero 17.5 WWII Finland Turkka, Yrj Olavi 17.5 WWII Finland Sarvanto, Jorma Kalevi 16.83 WWII Finland Lumme, Aulis 16.5 WWII Finland Riihikallio, Eero Juhani 16.5 WWII Finland Halonen, Eero Martti Olavi 16 WWII Finland Alho, Martti Aslak 15 WWII Finland Nuorala, Aaro Eerikki 14.5 WWII Finland Lampi, Heimo Olavi 13.5 WWII Finland Kokko, Pekka Johannes 13.33 WWII Finland Pallasvuo, Yrj Armas 12.83 WWII Finland Sovelius, Per Erik 12.75 WWII Finland Aaltonen, Lasse Erik 12.67 WWII Finland Sarjamo, Urho Kaarlo 12.5 WWII Finland Paronen, Onni Kullervo 12.5 WWII Finland Koskinen, Eino Eero Sakeus 12.5 WWII Finland Laitinen, Ahti Tauno Ilmari 12 WWII Finland Ahokas, Leo 12 WWII Finland Trrnen, Iikka Veikko 11.25 WWII Finland Nieminen, Urho Abraham 11 WWII Finland Leino, Hemmo Kullervo 11 WWII Finland Erkinheimo, Niilo Johannes 10.75 WWII Finland Kalima, Martti Tauno Johannes 10.5 WWII Finland Metsola, Kai Kalevi Johannes 10.5 WWII Finland Peltola, Eino Iisakki 10.5 WWII Finland Lahtela, Kullervo 10.25 WWII Finland Karu, Veikko Johannes 10 WWII Finland Pasila, Mikko 10 WWII Finland Kirjonen, Mauno Ilmari 9.75 WWII Finland Berg, Paavo David 9.5 WWII Finland Kauppinen, Viljo Ilmari 9.5 WWII Finland Hillo, Jaakko Juho 8 WWII Finland Mattila, Ture Allan Nestor 8 WWII Finland Savonen, Joel Adiel 8 WWII Finland Inehmo, Martti Olavi Kalervo 8 WWII Finland Lyly, Erik Edvard 8 WWII Finland Bremer, Aulis Nathanael 7.5 WWII Finland Porvari, Valio Valfrid 7.5 WWII Finland Jutila, Lauri Olavi 7.5 WWII Finland Trontti, Nils Rudolf 7 WWII Finland Virtanen, Vin Johannes 7 WWII Finland Tomminen, Toivo 6.5 WWII Finland Huhanantti, Tatu Mauri 6 WWII Finland Linnamaa, Aarre Pivi 6 WWII Finland Salminen, Pauli Erik 6 WWII Finland Virta, Kelpo Jalmari Taimi 6 WWII Finland Avikainen, Onni Ilmari 6 WWII Finland Hattinen, Lars Paul Erich 6 WWII Finland Durchman, Matti Ensio 6 WWII Finland Nurminen, Pentti Emil 5.83 WWII Finland Gerdt, Aimo Emil 5.83 WWII Finland Ikonen, Sakari Heikki 5.75 WWII Finland Magnusson, Gustaf Erik 5.5 WWII Finland Kauppinen, Osmo Kalervo 5.5 WWII Finland Lautamki, Lauri Johannes 5.5 WWII Finland Frntil, Mauno Mikael 5.5 WWII Finland Keskinummi, Kosti Rauni 5.5 WWII Finland Mellin, Paavo Kullervo 5.5 WWII Finland Rimminen, Veikko Toivo 5.33 WWII Finland Kiljunen, Aaro Jaakko 5.33 WWII Finland Tilli, Pentti Teodor 5.17 WWII Finland Ehrnrooth, Erkki Olavi 5 WWII Finland Myllymki, Jouko Jalo 5 WWII Finland Evinen, Veikko Arvid 5 WWII Finland Lakio, Vilppu Mikael 5 WWII Finland Lindberg, Kim Konrad 5 WWII Finland Massinen, Pauli Aatos 5 WWII Finland Nyman, Atte Eirik Olavi 5 WWII Finland Pokela, Vin Nikolai 5 WWII Finland Kajanto, Jaakko Olavi 5 WWII Finland Koskelainen, Arvo Ilmari 5 WWII Finland Ivan N. Kozuhedub 62 WWII USSR Aleksandr I. Pokryshkin 59 WWII USSR Grigori A. Rechkalov 58 WWII USSR Nikolai Gulayev 57(56?) WWII USSR Arsenii V. Vorozheikin 52(46?) WWII USSR Kirill A. Yevstigneev 52 WWII USSR Aleksandr F. Klubov 50 WWII USSR Dimitriy B. Glinka 50(56?) WWII USSR Ivan M. Pilipenko 48 WWII USSR Nikolai M. Skomorokov 46 WWII USSR Georgi D. Kostilev 43(40?) WWII USSR Vladimir I. Bobrov 43(13 Spain) WWII USSR Sergi Morgunov 42 WWII USSR Vitalii I. Popkov 41(40?) WWII USSR Aleksi V. Alelyukin 40 WWII USSR Lapanskii 40 WWII USSR Viktor F. Golubev 39 WWII USSR Vasilii F. Golubev 38 WWII USSR Mikhail Y. Pivovarov 37 WWII USSR Sergi D. Luganskii 37 WWII USSR Aleksandr I. Koldunov 36(46?) WWII USSR Anatoli G. Dolgikh 36 WWII USSR Grigorii K. Gul'tyaev 36 WWII USSR Nikolai F. Kuznetsov 36 WWII USSR Ivan I. Babak 35 WWII USSR Nikolai S. Pavlushkin 35 WWII USSR Pavel M. Kamozin 35(46?) WWII USSR Vladmir D. Lavrinenkov 35 WWII USSR Aleksandr M. Chislov 34 WWII USSR Aleksandr V. Kotchekov 34 WWII USSR Fedor M. Chubkob 34 WWII USSR Ivan N. Sytov 34 WWII USSR Petr A. Gnido 34 WWII USSR Sergi I. Lukyanov 34 WWII USSR Andreii Y. Borovykh 32 WWII USSR Mikhail S. Komelkov 32 WWII USSR Nikolai F. Krasnov 32 WWII USSR Vasilii N. Kubarev 32(46?) WWII USSR Aleksei K. Ryazanov 32 WWII USSR Ivan N. Stepanenko 32 WWII USSR Mikhail M. Zelenkin 32 WWII USSR Pavel Y. Gololvavchev 31 WWII USSR Victor V. Kirilyuk 31 WWII USSR Aleksei S. Khobystov 30 WWII USSR Boris B. Glinka 30 WWII USSR Fedor F. Arkhipenko 30 WWII USSR Ivan D. Likhobabiyi 30 WWII USSR Petr A. Pokryshev 30 WWII USSR Petr Y. Likholetov 30 WWII USSR Sultan Akmet-khan 30 WWII USSR Velentin N. Makharov 30 WWII USSR Boris F. Safnov 22 WWII USSR Lily Litvak (f) 12 WWII USSR Katya Budanova (f) 11(6?) WWII USSR G. U. Ohay 6(11 Korea) WWII USSR Richard I. Bong 40 WWII USA Thomas B. McGuire Jr. 38 WWII USA David McCampbell 34 WWII USA Francis S. Gabreski 28(6.5 Korea) WWII USA Robert S. Johnson 28 WWII USA Charles H. MacDonald 27 WWII USA George E. Preddy Jr. 26.83 WWII USA Joseph Jacob Foss 26 WWII USA Lance C. Wade 25 WWII USA(UK) Robert Murray Hanson 25 WWII USA Gregory Boyington 24 WWII USA John C. Meyer 24(2 Korea) WWII USA Cecil E. Harris 24 WWII USA Eugene A. Valencia 23 WWII USA Ray S. Wetmore 22.59 WWII USA David C. Schilling 22.5 WWII USA Gerald R. Johnson 22 WWII USA Jay T. Robbins 22 WWII USA Neel E. Kearby 22 WWII USA Fred J. Christensen 21.5 WWII USA John J. Voll 21 WWII USA Kenneth A. Walsh 21 WWII USA Walker M. Mahurin 20.75(3.5 Korea)WWII USA Donald N. Aldrich 20 WWII USA Robert B. Westbrook 20 WWII USA Thomas J. Lynch 20 WWII USA Dominic S. Gentile 19.83 WWII USA Duane W. Beeson 19.33 WWII USA Alexander Vraciu 19 WWII USA Cornelius N. Nooy 19 WWII USA Glenn E. Duncan 19 WWII USA John L. Smith 19 WWII USA Patrick D. Fleming 19 WWII USA Glenn T. Eagleston 18.5(2 Korea) WWII USA Charles H. Older 18.5 WWII USA Leonard K. Carson 18.5 WWII USA Marion Eugene Carl 18.5 WWII USA Wilbur J. Thomas 18.5 WWII USA Albert J. Baumler 18(13 Spain) WWII USA Herschel H. Green 18 WWII USA John C. Herbst 18 WWII USA Walter C. Beckham 18 WWII USA Hubert Zemke 17.75 WWII USA John B. England 17.5 WWII USA William N. Reed 17.5 WWII USA David L. Hill 17.25 WWII USA John F. Thornell Jr. 17.25 WWII USA Henry William Brown 17.2 WWII USA Charles R. Stimpson 17 WWII USA Gerald W. Johnson 17 WWII USA Ira C. Kepford 17 WWII USA James S. Varnell Jr. 17 WWII USA Robert W. Foy 17 WWII USA Ralph K. Hofer 16.5 WWII USA John T. Godfrey 16.33 WWII USA Clarence E. Anderson 16.25 WWII USA Bill Harris 16 WWII USA Douglas Baker 16 WWII USA George S. Welch 16 WWII USA William D. Dunham 16 WWII USA William T. Whisner 15.5(5.5 Korea) WWII USA Donald J.M. Blakeslee 15.5 WWII USA Donald M. Beerbower 15.5 WWII USA James E. Swett 15.5 WWII USA Richard A. Peterson 15.5 WWII USA Robert H. Neale 15.5 WWII USA Cyril F. Homer 15 WWII USA Edward Cragg 15 WWII USA Harold L. Spears 15 WWII USA Jack T. Bradley 15 WWII USA James A. Goodson 15 WWII USA Samuel J. Brown 15 WWII USA Donald H. Bochkay 14.83 WWII USA Joe H. Powers Jr. 14.5 WWII USA John D. Landers 14.5 WWII USA Archie Glenn Donahue 14 WWII USA Arthur F. Jeffrey 14 WWII USA Arthur R. Hawkins 14 WWII USA Bruce W. Carr 14 WWII USA Daniel T. Roberts Jr. 14 WWII USA Ed O. McComas 14 WWII USA Elbert S. McCuskey 14 WWII USA John L. Wirth 14 WWII USA Kenneth H. Dahlberg 14 WWII USA Robert C. Curtis 14 WWII USA Robert M. Dehaven 14 WWII USA Wallace N. Emmer 14 WWII USA Claude Weaver III 13.5 WWII USA(UK) Donald J. Strait 13.5 WWII USA George C. Duncan 13.5 WWII USA Donald S. Bryan 13.33 WWII USA George Carpenter 13.33 WWII USA James H. Howard 13.33 WWII USA Roger W. Mehle 13.33 WWII USA Bruce K. Holloway 13 WWII USA Dan R. Rehm Jr. 13 WWII USA Daniel A. Carmichael Jr. 13 WWII USA Edward O. Shaw 13 WWII USA Felix D. Williamson 13 WWII USA Glennon T. Moran 13 WWII USA Harry A. Parker 13 WWII USA James L. Brooks 13 WWII USA James N. Cupp 13 WWII USA John F. Hampshire 13 WWII USA John J. Lynch 13 WWII USA(UK) John R. Strane 13 WWII USA Robert E. Galer 13 WWII USA Robert W. Stephens 13 WWII USA Roy W. Rushing 13 WWII USA Wendell V. Twelves 13 WWII USA Willard W. Millikan 13 WWII USA William P. Marontate 13 WWII USA Lowell K. Brueland 12.5(2 Korea) WWII USA David C. Fairbanks 12.5 WWII USA(UK) James C. Stewart 12.5 WWII USA Kenneth D. Frazier 12.5 WWII USA Paul A. Conger 12.5 WWII USA Quince L. Brown 12.33 WWII USA Robin Olds 13(4 Vietnam) WWII USA Levi R. Chase 12 WWII USA Clement M. Craig 12 WWII USA Clyde B. East 12 WWII USA Cotesworth B. Head Jr. 12 WWII USA Edward H. O'Hare 12 WWII USA Eugene A. Trowbridge 12 WWII USA George W. Gleason 12 WWII USA Hamilton McWhorter III 12 WWII USA Harold E. Segal 12 WWII USA Howard D. Hively 12 WWII USA James A. Shirley 12 WWII USA James A. Watkins 12 WWII USA Kenneth G. Ladd 12 WWII USA LeRoy A. Schreiber 12 WWII USA Leroy E. Harris 12 WWII USA Loran D. Everton 12 WWII USA Michael Brezas 12 WWII USA Michael J. Quirk 12 WWII USA Norman C. Skogstad 12 WWII USA Pierce W. McKennon 12 WWII USA Richard L. West 12 WWII USA Robert W. Moore 12 WWII USA Roger R. Hedrick 12 WWII USA William E. Henry 12 WWII USA William J. Masoner Jr. 12 WWII USA William J. Sloan 12 WWII USA Nicholas Megura 11.83 WWII USA Charles E. Yeager 11.5 WWII USA George R. Carr 11.5 WWII USA James Averell Clark Jr. 11.5 WWII USA John A. Kirla 11.5 WWII USA William N. Snider 11.5 WWII USA William T. Halton 11.5 WWII USA Louis H. Norley 11.33 WWII USA Philip Cunliffe De Long 11.17(2 Korea) WWII USA John W. Mitchell 11(4 Korea) WWII USA Carl M. Frantz 11 WWII USA Charles M. McCorkle 11 WWII USA Cornelius M. Smith Jr. 11 WWII USA Donald E. Runyon 11 WWII USA Donald H. Sapp 11 WWII USA Francis J. Lent 11 WWII USA Fred E. Bakutis 11 WWII USA Harold W. Bauer 11 WWII USA Harvey P. Picken 11 WWII USA James B. French 11 WWII USA James F. Rigg 11 WWII USA James V. Reber Jr. 11 WWII USA John B. Lawler 11 WWII USA John S. Loisel 11 WWII USA John Thomas Blackburn 11 WWII USA Kenneth C. Sparks 11 WWII USA Leland P. Molland 11 WWII USA Murray Shubin Jr. 11 WWII USA Norman L. McDonald 11 WWII USA Phillip L. Kirkwood 11 WWII USA Richard E. Stambook 11 WWII USA Richard E. Turner 11 WWII USA Robert H. Riddle 11 WWII USA Robert J. Goebel 11 WWII USA Stanley W. Vejtasa 11 WWII USA Wayne L. Lowry 11 WWII USA William A. Dean Jr. 11 WWII USA William L. Leverette 11 WWII USA Frank Q. O'Connor 10.75 WWII USA George T. Burgard 10.75 WWII USA William J. Hovde 10.5(1 Korea) WWII USA Albert O. Vorse 10.5 WWII USA Armistead B. Smith Jr. 10.5 WWII USA George A. Doersch 10.5 WWII USA George F. Ceuleers 10.5 WWII USA John A. Storch 10.5 WWII USA John C.C. Symmes 10.5 WWII USA John V. Newkirk 10.5 WWII USA Kenneth A. Jernstedt 10.5 WWII USA Marshall U. Beebe 10.5 WWII USA Raymond H. Littge 10.5 WWII USA Robert L. Little 10.5 WWII USA Rossell L. Reiserer 10.5 WWII USA William L. Turner 10.5 WWII USA Fred W. Glover 10.33 WWII USA Robert E. Murray 10.33 WWII USA William D. McGarry 10.25 WWII USA Alwin M. Jucheim 10 WWII USA Andrew J. Reynolds 10 WWII USA Arthur Singer Jr. 10 WWII USA Carl A. Brown Jr. 10 WWII USA Charles F. Anderson Jr. 10 WWII USA Elliott Summer 10 WWII USA Ernest A. Harris 10 WWII USA Harris E. Mitchell 10 WWII USA Herbert H. Long 10 WWII USA Jack E. Conger 10 WWII USA James J. England 10 WWII USA James S. Swope 10 WWII USA John Malcolm Smith 10 WWII USA Joseph E. Broadhead 10 WWII USA Michael Gladych 10 WWII USA Paul M. Stanch 10 WWII USA Richard L. Cormier 10 WWII USA Robert H. Anderson 10 WWII USA Robert J. Rankin 10 WWII USA Robert L. Scott 10(22?) WWII USA Robert W. Aschenbrener 10 WWII USA Spiros N. Pisanos 10 WWII USA Ted E. Lines 10 WWII USA Thaddeus T. Coleman 10 WWII USA Thomas H. Mann Jr. 10 WWII USA T. Hamil Reidy 10 WWII USA Walter J. Goehausen Jr. 10 WWII USA Wayne K. Blickenstaff 10 WWII USA William K. Giroux 10 WWII USA Dale F. Spencer 9.5 WWII USA Edward F. Rector 9.5 WWII USA Ernest C. Fiebelkorn 9.5 WWII USA Ernest E. Bankey Jr. 9.5 WWII USA Leonard J. Check 9.5 WWII USA Ralph E. Elliott 9.5 WWII USA Robert C. Coats 9.33 WWII USA Charles R. Bond 9.25 WWII USA Allen E. Hill 9 WWII USA Arthur Van Haren Jr. 9 WWII USA Charles M. Mallory 9 WWII USA Christopher Lyman Magee 9 WWII USA Doris C. Freeman 9 WWII USA Edgar R. Bassett 9 WWII USA Edmund F. Overend 9 WWII USA Edward L. Feightner 9 WWII USA Eugene D. Redmond 9 WWII USA Eugene H. Emmmons 9 WWII USA Eugene Paul Roberts 9 WWII USA Fletcher E. Adams 9 WWII USA Frank D. Hurlbut 9 WWII USA Frank J. Collins 9 WWII USA Franklin C. Thomas Jr. 9 WWII USA Fred R. Haviland Jr. 9 WWII USA Fredtic F. Champlin 9 WWII USA George E. Bostwick 9 WWII USA George E. Kiser 9 WWII USA Grover E. Fanning 9 WWII USA Henn A. Carey Jr. 9 WWII USA James B. Dalglish 9 WWII USA James S. Stewart 9 WWII USA Jefferson J. DeBlanc 9 WWII USA Joel B. Paris III 9 WWII USA John S. Stewart 9 WWII USA Joseph J. Lesicka 9 WWII USA Joseph M. Forster 9 WWII USA Judge E. Wolfe 9 WWII USA Kenneth W. Gallup 9 WWII USA Lloyd J. Overfield 9 WWII USA Louis A. Menard 9 WWII USA Louis E. Curdes 9 WWII USA Mark Kenneth Bright 9 WWII USA Marvin J. Franger 9 WWII USA Mervl M. Smith 9 WWII USA Norman R. Berree 9 WWII USA Paul D. Buie 9 WWII USA Perry J. Dahl 9 WWII USA Richard T. Eastmond 9 WWII USA Richard W. Dunkin 9 WWII USA Robert H. White 9 WWII USA Stanley B. Morrill 9 WWII USA Stephen W. Andrew 9 WWII USA Sylvan Feld 9 WWII USA Thomas S. Harris 9 WWII USA Virgil K. Meroney 9 WWII USA William M. Banks 9 WWII USA William M. Collins Jr. 9 WWII USA William R. Beyer 9 WWII USA Charles E. Watts 8.75 WWII USA Robert T. Smith 8.67 WWII USA Albert L. Schlegel 8.5 WWII USA Arthur G. Johnson Jr. 8.5 WWII USA Bernard L. McGrattan 8.5 WWII USA Carl C. Foster 8.5 WWII USA Carl J. Luksic 8.5 WWII USA Charles J. Cesky 8.5 WWII USA Claude W. Plant 8.5 WWII USA Donald McDowell 8.5 WWII USA Everett C. Hargreaves 8.5 WWII USA Frank A. Cutler 8.5 WWII USA Frank Lawler 8.5 WWII USA George W. Pigman Jr. 8.5 WWII USA Gregory. K. Loesch 8.5 WWII USA James B. Cain 8.5 WWII USA John H. Hoefker 8.5 WWII USA John L. Banks 8.5 WWII USA John L. Morgan Jr. 8.5 WWII USA Joseph H. Bennett 8.5 WWII USA Larry R. Self 8.5 WWII USA Oscar I. Chenoweth 8.5 WWII USA Otto D. Jenkins 8.5 WWII USA Robert A.M. Dibb 8.5 WWII USA Sanford K. Moats 8.5 WWII USA Thomas L. Hayes Jr. 8.5 WWII USA William E. Bryan Jr. 8.5 WWII USA Franklin T. Gabriel 8.25 WWII USA George B. McMillan 8.25 WWII USA John Floyd Gray 8.25 WWII USA Alva C. Murphy 8 WWII USA Arland Stanton 8 WWII USA Arthur C. Fiedler Jr. 8 WWII USA Arthur T. Warner 8 WWII USA Arthur W. Cruikshank 8 WWII USA Billy C. Edens 8 WWII USA Boyd D. Wagner 8 WWII USA Byron M. Johnson 8 WWII USA Carroll C. Smith 8 WWII USA Carroll W. McColpin 8 WWII USA(UK) Charles E. Weaver 8 WWII USA Charles MurDhv Kunz 8 WWII USA Claiborne H. Kinnard Jr. 8 WWII USA Clement D. Gile 8 WWII USA Dale E. Shafer 8 WWII USA David W. Allen 8 WWII USA Donald K. Yost 8 WWII USA Douglas W. Malcahy 8 WWII USA Douglas W. Mulcahy 8 WWII USA Earl May 8 WWII USA Edward F. Roddy 8 WWII USA Edward M. Owen 8 WWII USA Edwin James Hernan Jr. 8 WWII USA Elmer W. Richardson 8 WWII USA Elvin L. Lindsay 8 WWII USA Eric A. Evenson 8 WWII USA Fernley H. Damstrom 8 WWII USA Francis R. Gerard 8 WWII USA Frank L. Gaunt 8 WWII USA Fred E. Gutt 8 WWII USA Frederic A. Bardshar 8 WWII USA Frederick A. Harris 8 WWII USA Frederick J. Dorsch Jr. 8 WWII USA George L. Hollowell 8 WWII USA George P. Novotny 8 WWII USA Glenn D. Schiltz Jr. 8 WWII USA Gordon A. Stanley 8 WWII USA Jack M. Ilfrey 8 WWII USA James B. Tapp 8 WWII USA James M. Fowle 8 WWII USA James O. Tyler 8 WWII USA John Francis Dobbin 8 WWII USA John G. O'Neill 8 WWII USA John L. Eider 8 WWII USA John L. Jones 8 WWII USA John L. Sublett 8 WWII USA John M. Ainlay 8 WWII USA John M. Johnston 8 WWII USA John W. Vogt Jr. 8 WWII USA Johnnie G. Miller 8 WWII USA Joseph L. Narr 8 WWII USA Kenneth F. Hart 8 WWII USA Landis E. Doner 8 WWII USA LeRoy V. Grosshuesch 8 WWII USA Lloyd Glynn Barnard 8 WWII USA Luther D. Prater Jr. 8 WWII USA Maxwell H. Glenn 8 WWII USA Mayo A. Hadden Jr. 8 WWII USA Michael J. Jackson 8 WWII USA Nathan T. Post 8 WWII USA Philip E. Tovrea Jr. 8 WWII USA Philip Sangermano 8 WWII USA Richard J. Griffin 8 WWII USA Robert J. Booth 8 WWII USA Robert M. Shaw 8 WWII USA Robert R. Rowland 8 WWII USA Roy O. Burnett Jr. 8 WWII USA Theodore Hugh Winters Jr. 8 WWII USA Thomas E. Maloney 8 WWII USA Victor E. Warford 8 WWII USA Walter F. Duke 8 WWII USA Walter G. Benz Jr. 8 WWII USA Walter J. Carroll Jr. 8 WWII USA Walter V. Gresham 8 WWII USA William A. Gardner 8 WWII USA William A. Shomo 8 WWII USA William H. Lewis 8 WWII USA William J. Bonneau 8 WWII USA William Northrop Case 8 WWII USA William N. Leonard 8 WWII USA William W. Momyer 8 WWII USA W. Robert Maxwell 8 WWII USA Everett W. Stewart 7.83 WWII USA Joseph L. Lang 7.83 WWII USA Charles W. Lasko 7.5 WWII USA Daftell S. Cramer 7.5 WWII USA Dale E. Karger 7.5 WWII USA Edward E. Hunt 7.5 WWII USA Elwyn G. Righetti 7.5 WWII USA Francis M. Fleming 7.5 WWII USA Frederick R. Payne 7.5 WWII USA George M. Lamb 7.5 WWII USA Glendon V. Davis 7.5 WWII USA Henry J. Miklajcyk 7.5 WWII USA Howard M. Burriss 7.5 WWII USA John H. Lowell 7.5 WWII USA Kenneth J. Dahms 7.5 WWII USA MacArthur Powers 7.5 WWII USA Malcolm T. Wordell 7.5 WWII USA Myrvin E. Noble 7.5 WWII USA Paul O'Mara Jr. 7.5 WWII USA Ralph H. Davis 7.5 WWII USA William M. Knight 7.5 WWII USA Vermont Garrison 7.33(10 Korea) WWII USA James M. Morris 7.33 WWII USA Samuel B. Hibbard 7.33 WWII USA Albert J. Pope 7.25 WWII USA Melvin M. Prichard 7.25 WWII USA Robert E. Goodnight 7.25 WWII USA W.E. Bartling 7.25 WWII USA George A. Davis Jr. 7(14 Korea) WWII USA John J. Hockery 7(1 Korea) WWII USA Robert Wade 7(1 Korea) WWII USA Alfred J. Fecke 7 WWII USA Alfred Lerch 7 WWII USA Alvin J. Jensen 7 WWII USA Armand G. Manson 7 WWII USA Arnold E. Vinson 7 WWII USA Arthur J. Brassfield 7 WWII USA A. A. Harrington 7 WWII USA(UK) Ben Rimerman 7 WWII USA Benjamin H. King 7 WWII USA Bert D. Morris Jr. 7 WWII USA Bert W. Marshall Jr. 7 WWII USA Bruce W. Williams 7 WWII USA Burnell W. Adams 7 WWII USA Calvin C. Wire 7 WWII USA Calvin D. Allen Jr. 7 WWII USA Carl Eugene Smith 7 WWII USA Carl W. Payne 7 WWII USA Charles H. Ostrom 7 WWII USA Chesley G. Peterson 7 WWII USA Clarence O. Johnson 7 WWII USA Claude J. Crenshaw 7 WWII USA Claude R. Kinsey 7 WWII USA Daniel G. Cunningham 7 WWII USA Daniel J. Zoerb 7 WWII USA Danny O'Neill 7 WWII USA Dean Caswell 7 WWII USA Donald Gordon 7 WWII USA Dwaine R. Franklin 7 WWII USA Earl R. Fryer 7 WWII USA Edward B. Turner 7 WWII USA Edward S. Popek 7 WWII USA Edward T. Waters 7 WWII USA Edwin O. Fisher 7 WWII USA Elbert W. Parrish 7 WWII USA Elmer M. Wheadon 7 WWII USA Ernest Shipman 7 WWII USA Felix Michael Rogers 7 WWII USA Francis R. Register 7 WWII USA Frank A. Hill 7 WWII USA Frank C. Heath 7 WWII USA Frank E. Foltz 7 WWII USA Frank Schiel 7 WWII USA Frank W. Klibbe 7 WWII USA Frankam W. Troup 7 WWII USA Franklin N. Burley 7 WWII USA Fred L. Dungan 7 WWII USA George H. Davidson 7 WWII USA George N. Kirk 7 WWII USA Gerald E. Tyler 7 WWII USA Gerard M.H. Williams 7 WWII USA Gilbert L. Jamison 7 WWII USA Gilbert M. O'Brien 7 WWII USA Gordon M. Graham 7 WWII USA Gregory A. Daymond 7 WWII USA(UK) Harley C. Vaughn 7 WWII USA Harold N. Funk 7 WWII USA Harry E. Hill 7 WWII USA Harvey Odenbrett 7 WWII USA Henry B. Hamilton 7 WWII USA Herbert Eckard 7 WWII USA Herbert E. Ross 7 WWII USA Hugh N. Batten 7 WWII USA Irwin H. Dregne 7 WWII USA Jack A. Fisk 7 WWII USA Jack Pittman Jr. 7 WWII USA James B. Morehead 7 WWII USA James M. Jones 7 WWII USA James N. Poindexter 7 WWII USA James W. Browning 7 WWII USA James W. Wilkinson 7 WWII USA Jeremiah J. O'Keefe 7 WWII USA Jimmie E. Savage 7 WWII USA John E. Purdy 7 WWII USA John G. Bright 7 WWII USA John H. Truluck 7 WWII USA John Harvey Curry 7 WWII USA(UK) John M. Franks 7 WWII USA John M. Simmons 7 WWII USA John M. Wesolowski 7 WWII USA John R. Galvin 7 WWII USA John S. Dunaway 7 WWII USA John S. Thach 7 WWII USA John T. Moore 7 WWII USA John T. Wolf 7 WWII USA John W. Dear Jr. 7 WWII USA John W. Ruhsam 7 WWII USA Joseph F. Pierce 7 WWII USA Joseph Henry Griffin 7 WWII USA J. Hunter Reinburg 7 WWII USA Lawrence A. Clark 7 WWII USA Lawrence P. Liebers 7 WWII USA Leslie C. Smith 7 WWII USA Lucien B. Shuler 7 WWII USA Maidrum L. Sears 7 WWII USA Marvin E. Grant 7 WWII USA Murry D. McLaughlin 7 WWII USA Myron M. Truax 7 WWII USA Paul Cordray 7 WWII USA Paul P. Douglas Jr. 7 WWII USA PaW E. Whittaker 7 WWII USA Percy R. Barteft 7 WWII USA Philip G. Chapman 7 WWII USA Reade Franklin Tilley 7 WWII USA(UK) Richard E. Smith 7 WWII USA Ripley O. Jones 7 WWII USA(UK) Robert A. Clark 7 WWII USA Robert A. Lamb 7 WWII USA Robert Bruce Porter 7 WWII USA Robert C. Moss 7 WWII USA Robert E. Woody 7 WWII USA Robert G. Owens Jr. 7 WWII USA Robert Harold Brown 7 WWII USA Robert H. Becket 7 WWII USA Robert J. Stone 7 WWII USA Robert M. Baker 7 WWII USA Robert Reynolds 7 WWII USA Robert W. Duncan 7 WWII USA Robert W. McClurg 7 WWII USA Roger A. Haberman 7 WWII USA Roy M. Voris 7 WWII USA R.H. Jennings 7 WWII USA Sam L. Silber 7 WWII USA Sammy A. Pierce 7 WWII USA Samuel J. Wicker 7 WWII USA Samuel V. Blair 7 WWII USA Sidney S. Woods 7 WWII USA Thomas G. McClelland 7 WWII USA Thomas J. Conroy 7 WWII USA Thomas J. Rennemo 7 WWII USA Verl E. Jett 7 WWII USA Vincent T. Elliott 7 WWII USA Ward A. Kuentzel 7 WWII USA Warren A. Skon 7 WWII USA Warren R. Lewis 7 WWII USA Wilbur B. Webb 7 WWII USA William E. Crowe 7 WWII USA William H. Strand 7 WWII USA William J. Hennon 7 WWII USA William J. Maguire 7 WWII USA William Perry Brown Jr. 7 WWII USA William R. Kane 7 WWII USA William Y. Anderson 7 WWII USA Willie O. Jackson Jr. 7 WWII USA Willis E. Hardy 7 WWII USA Zach W. Dean 7 WWII USA John B. Murphy 6.75 WWII USA Leslie H. Kerr Jr. 6.75 WWII USA Robert K. Nelson 6.7 WWII USA Albert C. Slack 6.5 WWII USA Charles H. Haverland Jr. 6.5 WWII USA Charles H. Turner 6.5 WWII USA Charles W. Brewer 6.5 WWII USA Charles W. Koenig 6.5 WWII USA Donald M. Cummings 6.5 WWII USA Edward C. McGowan 6.5 WWII USA James E. Hoffman Jr. 6.5 WWII USA James H. Flatley Jr. 6.5 WWII USA John D. Stokes 6.5 WWII USA Mark E. Hubbard 6.5 WWII USA Mark L. Moseley 6.5 WWII USA Melvin Cozzens 6.5 WWII USA Michele A. Mazzocco 6.5 WWII USA Parker Dupouy 6.5 WWII USA Paul A. Mullen 6.5 WWII USA Paul S. Riley 6.5 WWII USA Ray A. Taylor Jr. 6.5 WWII USA Richard E. Fowler Jr. 6.5 WWII USA Robert H. Davis 6.5 WWII USA Robert H. Thelen 6.5 WWII USA Robert P. Fash 6.5 WWII USA Rockford V. Gray 6.5 WWII USA Valentine S. Rader 6.5 WWII USA Waiter A. Lundin 6.5 WWII USA Dewey F. Durnford 6.33(.5 Korea) WWII USA Joseph V. Dillard 6.33 WWII USA John R. Rossi 6.25 WWII USA Johnnie J. Bridges 6.25 WWII USA Robert D. Welden 6.25 WWII USA Richard F. Hurd 6.09 WWII USA Francis A. Terrill 6.08 WWII USA James P. Hagerstrom 6(8.5 Korea) WWII USA John F. Bolt Jr. 6(6 Korea) WWII USA Benjamin H. Emmert Jr. 6(1 Korea) WWII USA William E. Lamb 6(1 Korea) WWII USA Adolph Mencin 6 WWII USA Albert Seckel Jr. 6 WWII USA Alexander L. Anderson 6 WWII USA Alfred C. Froning 6 WWII USA Alfred L. Frendberg 6 WWII USA Andrew J. Evans 6 WWII USA Anthony J. Denman 6 WWII USA Armour C. Miller 6 WWII USA Arthur E. Wenige 6 WWII USA Arthur Roger Conant 6 WWII USA Arval J. Reberson 6 WWII USA Barrie S. Davis 6 WWII USA Bernard H. Howes 6 WWII USA Billy M. Gresham 6 WWII USA Byron A. Eberts 6 WWII USA Cameron M. Hart 6 WWII USA Carland E. Brunmier 6 WWII USA Carlton B. Starkes 6 WWII USA Cecil O. Dean 6 WWII USA Charles David Jones 6 WWII USA Charles E. Adams Jr. 6 WWII USA Charles F. Gumm 6 WWII USA Charles H. Carroll 6 WWII USA Charles J. Zubarik 6 WWII USA Charles S. Gallup 6 WWII USA Charles W. Huffman 6 WWII USA Chesley G. Peterson 6(5 RAF) WWII USA(UK) Clayton K. Gross 6 WWII USA Clinton D. Vincent 6 WWII USA Clinton L. Smith 6 WWII USA Courtney Shands 6 WWII USA Creighton Chandler 6 WWII USA Cyril W. Jones Jr. 6 WWII USA Daniel F. Smith Jr. 6 WWII USA David F. Thwaites 6 WWII USA David W. Howe 6 WWII USA Dean S. Laird 6 WWII USA Don Horns Fisher 6 WWII USA Donald A. Larson 6 WWII USA Donald C. McGee 6 WWII USA Donald David Kienholz 6 WWII USA Donald E. Umphres 6 WWII USA Donald F. Cronin 6 WWII USA Donald W. Meuten 6 WWII USA Edmund R. Goss 6 WWII USA Edward C. Outlaw 6 WWII USA Edward G. Wendorf 6 WWII USA Edward J. Czarnecki 6 WWII USA Edwin L. Degraffenreid 6 WWII USA Edwin Stanley Conants 6 WWII USA Elliott E. Dent Jr. 6 WWII USA Ellis C. Baker Jr. 6 WWII USA Ellis Win. Wright Jr. 6 WWII USA Eugene Dillow 6 WWII USA Eugene R. Hanks 6 WWII USA Francis E. Pierce Jr. 6 WWII USA Francis X. Bushner 6 WWII USA Frank C. Drury 6 WWII USA Frank H. Presley 6 WWII USA Fred F. Ohr 6 WWII USA F.W. Tracy 6 WWII USA George C. Axtell 6 WWII USA George F. Hall 6 WWII USA George T. Buck Jr. 6 WWII USA Gilbert Percy 6 WWII USA Gordon H. McDaniel 6 WWII USA Grant M. Mahoney 6 WWII USA Grant M. Turley 6 WWII USA Hampton E. Boggs 6 WWII USA Harlan I. Gustafson 6 WWII USA Harley L. Brown 6 WWII USA Harold E. Vita 6 WWII USA Harold Yeremain 6 WWII USA Harry C. Crim Jr. 6 WWII USA Hartell H. Scales 6 WWII USA Harvey W. Sturdevant 6 WWII USA Henry E. Mitchell 6 WWII USA Henry H. Meigs 6 WWII USA Henry L. Mills 6 WWII USA Henry S. Bille 6 WWII USA Henry. W. Balsinger 6 WWII USA Herbert J. Valentine 6 WWII USA Herman J. Rossi Jr. 6 WWII USA Hiram Clifford Pitts 6(7?) WWII USA Horace B. Moranville 6 WWII USA Horace B. Reeves 6 WWII USA Howard J. Finn 6 WWII USA Hoyt A. Eason 6 WWII USA Hugh V. Sherrill 6 WWII USA James C. Ince 6 WWII USA James D. Bare 6 WWII USA James D. Holloway 6 WWII USA James D. Mugavero 6 WWII USA James Eldridge Peck 6 WWII USA James J. Pascoe 6 WWII USA James L. Pearce 6 WWII USA James M. Barnes 6 WWII USA James M. Williams 6 WWII USA James R. Carter 6 WWII USA James R. Starnes 6 WWII USA James W. Griffis 6 WWII USA Jefferson D. Dorroh 6 WWII USA John C. Hundley 6 WWII USA John C. Smith 6 WWII USA John D. Lombard 6 WWII USA John Forrest Pugh 6 WWII USA John H. Lane 6 WWII USA John J. Sargent 6 WWII USA John McManus 6 WWII USA John Orth 6 WWII USA John Pietz Jr. 6 WWII USA John R. Alison 6 WWII USA John R. Montapert 6 WWII USA John T. Crosby 6 WWII USA John W. Fair 6 WWII USA Joseph J. Paskoski 6 WWII USA Joseph T. McKeon 6 WWII USA J.D. Collinsworth 6 WWII USA Kendall E. Carlson 6 WWII USA Kenneth B. Lake 6 WWII USA Laurence E. Blumer 6 WWII USA Lee O. Gregg 6 WWII USA Lee R. Everhart 6 WWII USA Leland A. Larson 6 WWII USA Leonard R. Reeves 6 WWII USA LeRoy W. Keith 6 WWII USA Leslie Decew 6 WWII USA Lewis W. Chick Jr. 6 WWII USA Lloyd P. Heinzen 6 WWII USA Louis R. Hamblin 6 WWII USA Lynn E. Witt Jr. 6 WWII USA Marvin W. Lubner 6 WWII USA Matthew S. Byrnes Jr. 6 WWII USA Meade M. Brown 6 WWII USA Merl W. Davenport 6 WWII USA Merriwell W. Vineyard 6 WWII USA Milton N. Vedder 6 WWII USA Nicholas J. Smith 6 WWII USA Norman E. Olson 6 WWII USA Norman W. Mollard 6 WWII USA Norval R. Quiel 6 WWII USA Paul C. Murphey Jr. 6 WWII USA Paul E. Drury 6 WWII USA Paul H.N. Beaudry 6 WWII USA Paul W. Lucas 6 WWII USA Perry L. Shuman 6 WWII USA Ralph G. Taylor Jr. 6 WWII USA Ralph H. Wandrey 6 WWII USA Ralph J. Rosen 6 WWII USA Ralston M. Pound Jr. 6 WWII USA Ray Crawford 6 WWII USA Raymond C. Care 6 WWII USA Raymond F. Harmeyer 6 WWII USA Raymond H. Callaway 6 WWII USA Richard A. Campbell 6 WWII USA Richard D. Cowger 6 WWII USA Richard G. Candelaria 6 WWII USA Richard Hobbs May 6 WWII USA Richard H. Fleischer 6 WWII USA Richard O. Devine 6 WWII USA Robert A. Karr 6 WWII USA Robert Baird 6 WWII USA Robert B. Fraser 6 WWII USA Robert C. Wilson 6 WWII USA Robert C. Woolverton 6 WWII USA Robert D. Johnston 6 WWII USA Robert E. Welch 6 WWII USA Robert F. Mulhollen 6 WWII USA Robert F. Stout 6 WWII USA Robert G. Schimanski 6 WWII USA Robert Hurst 6 WWII USA Robert J. Byrne 6 WWII USA Robert J. Keen 6 WWII USA Robert L. Baseler 6 WWII USA Robert L. Blyth 6 WWII USA Robert L. Coffey Jr. 6 WWII USA Robert L. Howard 6 WWII USA Robert L. Liles 6 WWII USA Robert Mims 6 WWII USA Robert M. Hamilton 6 WWII USA Robert W. Shackford 6 WWII USA Rodman C. Beatley 6 WWII USA Ronald W. Hoel 6 WWII USA Roy B. Hogg 6 WWII USA Roy F. Gillespie 6 WWII USA Roy W. Evans 6 WWII USA Samuel J. Brocato Jr. 6 WWII USA Sheldon O. Hall 6 WWII USA Stanley J. Lustic 6 WWII USA Stanley O. Andrews 6 WWII USA Thomas A. White 6 WWII USA Thomas H. Walker 6 WWII USA Tilman E. Pool 6 WWII USA Urban L. Drew 6 WWII USA Wallace E. Hopkins 6 WWII USA Wallace R. Jordan 6 WWII USA Walter A., Haas 6 WWII USA Walter E. Clark 6 WWII USA Walter E. Starck 6 WWII USA Walter V. Cook 6 WWII USA Warren M. Wesson 6 WWII USA Warren S. Emerson 6 WWII USA Wilbur R. Scheible 6 WWII USA Willard E. Eder 6 WWII USA William A. McCormick Jr. 6 WWII USA William B. Foulis Jr. 6 WWII USA William B. Freeman 6 WWII USA William C. Drier 6 WWII USA William C. Edwards Jr. 6 WWII USA William C. Moseley 6 WWII USA William E. Burckhalter 6 WWII USA William E. Copeland 6 WWII USA William E. Whalen 6 WWII USA William F. Hanes Jr. 6 WWII USA William G. Eccles 6 WWII USA William J. Cullerton 6 WWII USA William J. Dillard 6 WWII USA William J. Kingston Jr. 6 WWII USA William J. Schildt 6 WWII USA William J. Simmons 6 WWII USA William R. Dunn 6 WWII USA William T. Kemp 6 WWII USA Wilson M. Coleman 6 WWII USA Wyman D. Anderson 6 WWII USA Zenneth A. Pond 6 WWII USA Norman J. Fortier 5.83 WWII USA Edwin L. Heller 5.5(3.5 Korea) WWII USA Frederick J. Streig 5.56 WWII USA Walter J. Koraleski Jr. 5.53 WWII USA Carl G. Bickel 5.5 WWII USA Clinton D. Burdick 5.5 WWII USA Donovan F. Smith 5.5 WWII USA Dudley M . Amoss 5.5 WWII USA Earling W. Zaeske 5.5 WWII USA Edward B. Edwards Jr. 5.5 WWII USA Floyd C. Kirkpatrick 5.5 WWII USA Francis W. Horne 5.5 WWII USA Frank E. McCauley 5.5 WWII USA Frank L. Gailer Jr. 5.5 WWII USA Frederick O. Trafton Jr. 5.5 WWII USA George R. Vanden Heuval 5.5 WWII USA Glenn M. Revel 5.5 WWII USA Gordon B. Compton 5.5 WWII USA Herman Hansen Jr. 5.5 WWII USA James S. Gray 5.5 WWII USA Joe W. Waits 5.5 WWII USA John B. Maas Jr. 5.5 WWII USA Joseph J. Kruzel 5.5 WWII USA Joseph P. Lynch 5.5 WWII USA Kuan Fu Wang 5.5 WWII USA Lawrence A. Dewing 5.5 WWII USA LeRoy A. Ruder 5.5 WWII USA Leslie D. Minchew 5.5 WWII USA Lindol F. Graham 5.5 WWII USA Maurice G. Long 5.5 WWII USA Murray Winfield 5.5 WWII USA Oscar H. Coen 5.5 WWII USA Paul R. Hatala 5.5 WWII USA Peter E. Pompetti 5.5 WWII USA Raymond B. Myers 5.5 WWII USA Robert L. Buttke 5.5 WWII USA Robert L. Shoup 5.5 WWII USA Robert P. Ross 5.5 WWII USA Robert P. Winks 5.5 WWII USA Samuel W. Forrer 5.5 WWII USA William B. King 5.5 WWII USA William F. Tanner 5.5 WWII USA William L. Hood 5.5 WWII USA William M. Lundin 5.5 WWII USA William Paul Thayer 5.5 WWII USA William R. O'Brien 5.5 WWII USA William W. McLachlin 5.5 WWII USA Bernard Dunn 5.33 WWII USA Hipolitus T. Biel 5.33 WWII USA Julius W. Ireland 5.33 WWII USA Robert J. Humphrey 5.33 WWII USA Wallace E. Sigler 5.33 WWII USA Robert J. Sandell 5.33 WWII USA Charles W. Sawyer 5.25 WWII USA Harry W. Dorris 5.25 WWII USA James A. Bryce 5.25 WWII USA John E. Petach 5.25 WWII USA Millard Wooley Jr. 5.25 WWII USA Robert D. Thompson 5.25 WWII USA Robert H. Smith 5.25 WWII USA Robert W. Prescott 5.25 WWII USA Thomas C. Haywood 5.25 WWII USA Thomas F. Miller 5.25 WWII USA Walter A. Wood 5.25 WWII USA C.H. Laughlin 5.2 WWII USA H.A. Nelson 5.2 WWII USA James E. Duffy Jr. 5.2 WWII USA Lewis S. Bishop 5.2 WWII USA Hugh McJ. Elwood 5.17 WWII USA Eugene D. Axtell 5.09 WWII USA Harrison R. Thyng 5(5 Korea) WWII USA Philip E. Colman 5(4 Korea) WWII USA Van E. Chandler 5(3 Korea) WWII USA Herman W. Visscher 5(1 Korea) WWII USA James W. Little 5(1 Korea) WWII USA Aaron L. Bearden 5 WWII USA Abner M. Aust Jr. 5 WWII USA Albert C. Hacking Jr. 5 WWII USA Albert E. Martin Jr. 5 WWII USA Alexander F. Sears 5 WWII USA Alhert P. Wells 5 WWII USA Alvaro J. Hunter 5 WWII USA Andrew J. Ritchey 5 WWII USA Arthur B. Cleaveland 5 WWII USA Arthur Chen 5 WWII USA Arthur C. Cundy 5 WWII USA Arthur H. Munson 5 WWII USA Arthur P. Mollenhauer 5 WWII USA Austin LeRoy Olsen 5 WWII USA Ben I. Mayo Jr. 5 WWII USA Benjamin C. Amsden 5 WWII USA Besby F. Holmes 5 WWII USA Bruce MacD. Barackman 5 WWII USA Carl Van Stone 5 WWII USA Carroll S. Knott 5 WWII USA Cecil J. Doyle 5 WWII USA Charles A. Shields 5 WWII USA Charles B. Milton 5 WWII USA Charles D. Farmer 5 WWII USA Charles D. Hauver 5 WWII USA Charles H. Dubois 5 WWII USA Charles Kendrick 5 WWII USA Charles P. London 5 WWII USA Charles P. Sullivan 5 WWII USA Charles R. Fischette 5 WWII USA Charles W. Drake 5 WWII USA Charles W. King 5 WWII USA Charles W. Lenfest 5 WWII USA Cheatham W. Gupton 5 WWII USA Chester K. Maxwell 5 WWII USA Chris J. Hanseman 5 WWII USA Clarence A. Borley 5 WWII USA Clarence M. Jasper 5 WWII USA(UK) Claude E. Ford 5 WWII USA Clavton M. Isaacson 5 WWII USA Clayton E. Davis 5 WWII USA Clifford Louie 5 WWII USA Clifton H. Troxell 5 WWII USA Clyde P. Spitler 5 WWII USA Cullen J. Hoffman 5 WWII USA Curran L. Jones 5 WWII USA Cyrus R. Gladen 5 WWII USA C. B. Ray 5 WWII USA C. E. Davies 5 WWII USA Dallas A. Clinger 5 WWII USA Daniel B. Driscoll 5 WWII USA Daniel Kennedy 5 WWII USA Dartell G. Welch 5 WWII USA David Barnes Archibald 5 WWII USA David C. Wilhelm 5 WWII USA David L. King 5 WWII USA David P. Philips 5 WWII USA Donald A. Baccus 5 WWII USA Donald C. Clements 5 WWII USA Donald C. Owen 5 WWII USA Donald J. McKinley 5 WWII USA Donald Luther Balch 5 WWII USA Donald L. Quigley 5 WWII USA Donald M. McPherson 5 WWII USA Donald S. Lopez 5 WWII USA Donald E. Hillman 5 WWII USA Duerr H. Schuh 5 WWII USA Dwight B. Galt 5 WWII USA Earl R. Lazear Jr. 5 WWII USA Edgar E. Stebbins 5 WWII USA Edsel Paulk 5 WWII USA Edward A. Phillips 5 WWII USA Edward H. Beavers Jr. 5 WWII USA Edward H. Kopsel 5 WWII USA Edward L. Gimbel 5 WWII USA(UK) Edward M. Nollmeyer 5 WWII USA Edward R. Hoyt 5 WWII USA Edward W. Overton Jr. 5 WWII USA Edward W. Toaspern 5 WWII USA Edwin L. Olander 5 WWII USA Edwin W. Hiro 5 WWII USA Ernest A. Powell 5 WWII USA Ernest J. Ambort 5 WWII USA Ernest K. Osher 5 WWII USA Ernest O. Bostrom 5 WWII USA Eugene P. Townsend 5 WWII USA Eugene W. O'Neill 5 WWII USA Evan D. McMinn 5 WWII USA Evan M. Johnson 5 WWII USA Everett Miller 5 WWII USA Forrest F. Parham 5 WWII USA Foster J. Blair 5 WWII USA Francis E. Dubisher 5 WWII USA Frank B. Baldwin 5 WWII USA Frank C. Hearrell 5 WWII USA Frank C. Jones 5 WWII USA Frank R. Hayde 5 WWII USA Frank Sistrunk 5 WWII USA Franklin A. Nichols 5 WWII USA Franklin C. Lathrope 5 WWII USA Franklin H. Monk 5 WWII USA Franklin Rose Jr. 5 WWII USA Fred F. Ackerman 5 WWII USA Frederick E. Dick 5 WWII USA F. H. Michaelis 5 WWII USA Gene E. Markham 5 WWII USA George Della 5 WWII USA George E. Dawkins Jr. 5 WWII USA George Formanek Jr. 5 WWII USA George G. Loving Jr. 5 WWII USA George H. Poske 5 WWII USA George L. Merritt Jr. 5 WWII USA George L. Wrenn 5 WWII USA George T. Chandler 5 WWII USA George Weigel 5 WWII USA Gerald A. Brown 5 WWII USA Gerald L. Rounds 5 WWII USA Gilbert F. Talbot 5 WWII USA Gordon E. Schecter 5 WWII USA Gregory J. Weissenberger 5 WWII USA Grover D. Gholson 5 WWII USA Harold E. Comstock 5 WWII USA Harrison B. Tordoff 5 WWII USA Harry A. March Jr. 5 WWII USA Harry E. Fisk 5 WWII USA Harry T. Hanna 5 WWII USA Harry Winston Brown 5 WWII USA Harry W. Swinburne 5 WWII USA Hartwell V. Jr Scarborough 5 WWII USA Hayden A. Gregory 5 WWII USA Hayden M. Jensen 5 WWII USA Henry K. Champion 5 WWII USA Henry L. Ii Condon 5 WWII USA Henry S. Rudolph 5 WWII USA Henry S. White 5 WWII USA Herbert B. Hatch 5 WWII USA Herbert N. Houck 5 WWII USA Herman E. Ernst 5 WWII USA Hollis H. Hills 5(1 RCAF) WWII USA Horace Q. Waggoner 5 WWII USA Howard R. Hudson 5 WWII USA Hugh D. Lillie 5 WWII USA Hyde Phillips 5 WWII USA H. Allen McCartney Jr. 5 WWII USA Irl V. Sonner Jr. 5 WWII USA I. B. Jack Donaldson 5 WWII USA Jack A. Bade 5 WWII USA Jack C. Mankin 5 WWII USA Jack C. Price 5 WWII USA Jack J. Oberhansly 5 WWII USA Jack Lenox Jr. 5 WWII USA Jack R. Smith 5 WWII USA Jack R. Warren 5 WWII USA Jack S. Berkheimer 5 WWII USA Jack S. Daniell 5 WWII USA Jackson B. Mahon 5 WWII USA(UK) James D. Billo 5 WWII USA James E. Duffy 5 WWII USA James E. Peck 5(4 RAF) WWII USA(UK) James E. Fenex Jr. 5 WWII USA James E. Hill 5 WWII USA James J. Southerland 5 WWII USA James N. McElroy 5 WWII USA James W. Empey 5 WWII USA Jennings L. Myers 5 WWII USA Joe D. Robbins 5 WWII USA Joe L. Mason 5 WWII USA Joe W. Icard 5 WWII USA Joel A. Owens 5 WWII USA John A. Campbell 5 WWII USA(UK) John A. Leppla 5 WWII USA John A. MacKay 5 WWII USA John A. Tilley 5 WWII USA John A. Zink 5 WWII USA John B. Carder 5 WWII USA John B. Hoag 5 WWII USA John E. Vogt 5 WWII USA John F. Barrick 5 WWII USA(UK) John F. Luma 5 WWII USA(UK) John F. Sutherland 5 WWII USA John H. White 5 WWII USA John L. Bradley 5 WWII USA John L. McGinn 5 WWII USA John L. Wolford 5 WWII USA John R. Kincaid 5 WWII USA John W. Bolyard 5 WWII USA John W. McGuyrt 5 WWII USA John W. Topfill 5 WWII USA Johnnie C. Strange 5 WWII USA Joseph E. Miller Jr. 5 WWII USA Joseph E. Reulet 5 WWII USA Joseph L. Egan Jr. 5 WWII USA Joseph Z. Matte 5 WWII USA J. Danforth Brown 5 WWII USA J. Wayne Jorda 5 WWII USA J. L. Schell 5 WWII USA Keith Mahon 5 WWII USA Kenneth A. Flinn 5 WWII USA Kenneth D. Smith 5 WWII USA Kenneth G. Hippe 5 WWII USA Kenneth G. Smith 5 WWII USA Kenneth M. Ford 5 WWII USA Kenneth R. Martin 5 WWII USA Kenneth R. Pool 5 WWII USA Lawrence F. O'Neill 5 WWII USA Lee P. Mankin 5 WWII USA Lee V. Wiseman 5 WWII USA Leland B. Cornell 5 WWII USA Lenton F. Kirkland Jr. 5 WWII USA Leo B. McCuddin 5 WWII USA Leonard K. Davis 5 WWII USA Leroy W. Robinson 5 WWII USA Leslie E. Andersen 5 WWII USA Lester C. Marsh 5 WWII USA Lester H. Sipes 5 WWII USA Lester L. Arasmith 5 WWII USA Lindley W. Godson 5 WWII USA Louis Benne 5 WWII USA Louis Schriber 5 WWII USA Lowell C. Lutton 5 WWII USA Lynn F. Jones 5 WWII USA Lyttleton T. Ward 5 WWII USA L.A. Maberry 5 WWII USA Marion C. Felts 5 WWII USA Marion F. Kirby 5 WWII USA Marlow J. Leikness 5 WWII USA Marvin R. Novak 5 WWII USA Max J. Wright 5 WWII USA Melvyn R. Paisley 5 WWII USA Merle M. Coons 5 WWII USA Michael Dikovitsky 5 WWII USA Michael R. Yunck 5 WWII USA Milden E. Mathre 5 WWII USA Morris A. Stanley 5 WWII USA Morton D. Magoffin 5 WWII USA Myron M. Hnatio 5 WWII USA Ned W. Langdon 5 WWII USA Nelson D. Flack Jr. 5 WWII USA Newell O. Roberts 5 WWII USA Nial K. Castle 5 WWII USA Niven K. Cranfill 5 WWII USA Noel Gayler 5 WWII USA Norman D. Gould 5 WWII USA Oliver B. Taylor 5 WWII USA Oran S. Watts 5 WWII USA Orvin H. Ramlo 5 WWII USA Oscar C. Bailey 5 WWII USA Oscar F. Perdomo 5 WWII USA Owen Dewitt Young 5 WWII USA Paul A. Smith 5 WWII USA Paul G. McArthur 5 WWII USA Paul H. Wilkins 5 WWII USA Paul John Fontana 5 WWII USA Paul J. Bruneau 5 WWII USA Paul M. Henderson Jr. 5 WWII USA Paul R. Cochran 5 WWII USA Paul V. Morriss 5 WWII USA Peter J. Vander Linden 5 WWII USA Philip B. Porter 5 WWII USA Ralph E. Foltz 5 WWII USA Ralph J. Watson 5 WWII USA Ralph L. Cox 5 WWII USA Ralph L. Wire 5 WWII USA Randall W. Hendricks 5 WWII USA Raymond E. Hartley Jr. 5 WWII USA Raymond W. Bank 5 WWII USA Reuben H. Denoff 5 WWII USA Rex T. Barber 5 WWII USA Richard B. Blaydes 5 WWII USA Richard C. Lampe 5 WWII USA Richard C. Suehr 5 WWII USA Richard D. Faxon 5 WWII USA Richard E. Duffy 5 WWII USA Richard H. Anderson 5 WWII USA Richard J. Lee 5 WWII USA Richard Lane Braun 5 WWII USA Richard L. Alexander 5 WWII USA Richard L. Bertelson 5 WWII USA Richard S. Deakins 5 WWII USA Robert A. Elder 5 WWII USA Robert A. Farnsworth Jr. 5 WWII USA Robert A. Winston 5 WWII USA Robert Bruce Shoals 5 WWII USA Robert Byron See 5 WWII USA Robert C. Byrnes 5 WWII USA Robert C. Griffith 5 WWII USA Robert C. Milliken 5 WWII USA Robert C. Sutcliffe 5 WWII USA Robert D. Gibb 5 WWII USA Robert E. Clements 5 WWII USA Robert E. Tierney 5 WWII USA Robert F. Graham 5 WWII USA Robert F. Thomas 5 WWII USA Robert G. West 5 WWII USA Robert Hedman 5 WWII USA Robert H. Adams 5 WWII USA Robert H. Ammon 5 WWII USA Robert H. Kidwell 5 WWII USA Robert H. Knapp 5 WWII USA Robert H. Vaught 5 WWII USA Robert J. Nelson 5 WWII USA Robert J. Overcash 5 WWII USA Robert K. Seidman 5 WWII USA Robert L. Buchanan 5 WWII USA Robert M. Barkey 5 WWII USA Robert M. York 5 WWII USA Robert R. Yaeger 5 WWII USA Robert W. Abernathy 5 WWII USA Rodney W. Fisher 5 WWII USA Roger C. Pryor 5 WWII USA Ross E. Torkelson 5 WWII USA Ross F. Robinson 5 WWII USA Royce W. Priest 5 WWII USA Rudolph Daniel Van Dyke 5 WWII USA Russel D. Williams 5 WWII USA Russell C. Haworth 5 WWII USA R. "Red" McDonald 5 WWII USA R. A. Kincaid 5 WWII USA Samuel E. Hammer 5 WWII USA Selden R. Edner 5 WWII USA(UK) Selva E. McGinty 5 WWII USA Sidney W. Weatherford 5 WWII USA Stanley T. Synar 5 WWII USA Stephen J. Bonner Jr. 5 WWII USA Steven Gerick 5 WWII USA Stuart C. Alley Jr. 5 WWII USA Thomas D. Schank 5 WWII USA Thomas G. Lanphier 5 WWII USA Thomas L. Harris 5 WWII USA Thomas W. Rhodes 5 WWII USA Truman S. Barnes 5 WWII USA T.H. McArthur 5 WWII USA Vernon E. Graham 5 WWII USA Vincent A. Rieger 5 WWII USA Virgil C. Fields Jr. 5 WWII USA Virgil H. Smith 5 WWII USA Vivian A. Cloud 5 WWII USA Wallace R. Johnson 5 WWII USA Walter B. Walker Jr. 5 WWII USA Walter D. Bishop 5 WWII USA Walter R. Harman 5 WWII USA Warner F. Gardner 5 WWII USA Warren D. Curton 5 WWII USA Warren L. Jones 5 WWII USA Wayne W. Laird 5 WWII USA Will W. Taylor 5 WWII USA Willard J. Webb 5 WWII USA William A. Carlton 5 WWII USA William A. Daniel 5 WWII USA William A. Rynne 5 WWII USA William C. Day Jr. 5 WWII USA William C. Reese 5 WWII USA William E. Aron 5 WWII USA William E. Lamoreaux 5 WWII USA William Farrell 5 WWII USA William F. Fiedler Jr. 5 WWII USA William F. McDonough 5 WWII USA William F. Wilson 5 WWII USA William Grosvenor Jr. 5 WWII USA William H. Allen 5 WWII USA William H. Julian 5 WWII USA William H. Mathis 5 WWII USA William J. Kostick 5 WWII USA William J. Stangel 5 WWII USA William J. Sykes 5 WWII USA William K. Blair 5 WWII USA William R. Hodges 5 WWII USA William R. Dunn 5(4 RAF) WWII USA(UK) Willis G. Laney 5 WWII USA John W. Andre 4(5 Korea) WWII USA Royal N. Baker 3.5(13.5 Korea) WWII USA James Jabara 1.5(15 Korea) WWII USA James Johnson 1(9 Korea) WWII USA James E. Johnson 36.91(38?) WWII UK Brendon E. Finucane 32 WWII UK(Irish) Robert Braham 29 WWII UK Robert Stanford Tuck 29 WWII UK F. R. Carey 28 WWII UK J. H. Lacey 28(30?) WWII UK N. F. Duke 28 WWII UK E. G. Lock 25 WWII UK B. Drake 24.5 WWII UK G. Allard 23.8 WWII UK Douglas Bader 23(22.5?) WWII UK D. E. Kingaby 23(22.5?) WWII UK F. Boyd 22.5 WWII UK H. M. Stephen 22.5 WWII UK Michael Nicholson Crossley 22(18) WWII UK W. Vale 22 WWII UK H. J. L. Hallowes 21.33 WWII UK A. A. McKellar 21 WWII UK(Scot) B. A. Burbridge 21 WWII UK G. Gilroy 21 WWII UK(Scot) H. J. L. Hallowes 21 WWII UK J. E. Rankin 21 WWII UK(Scot) R. A. Harries 20.33 WWII UK(Welsh) John Cunningham 20 WWII UK R. H. Harries 20 WWII UK W. D. David 20 WWII UK D. A. P. McMullen 19 WWII UK Mark Henry Brown 18+ WWII UK Adrian Hope Boyd 18 WWII UK Andrew McDowall 18 WWII UK Newell Orton 17(18) WWII UK Geoffrey Allard 17 WWII UK E. S. Lock 16 WWII UK G. L. Nowell 16 WWII UK Ronald Berry 16 WWII UK Cristopher Frederick Currant 15 WWII UK F. W. Higginson 15 WWII UK Ian Richard Gleed 15 WWII UK J. T. Webster 15 WWII UK J. W. Villa 15 WWII UK Peter Malam Brothers 15 WWII UK Robert Francis Thomas Doe 15 WWII UK Roy Gilbert Dutton 15 WWII UK William Henry Franklin 14.5? WWII UK J. I. Kilmartin 14+ WWII UK John Elliss 14 WWII UK John Charles Dundas 13.5 WWII UK John Connell Freeborn 13.5 WWII UK Manfred Beckett Czernin 13+ WWII UK R. T. Llewellyn 13 WWII UK Stanley Dudley 12? WWII UK J. R. Kayll 12+ WWII UK Mike Lister Robinson 12 WWII UK Barker 12 WWII UK E. R. Thorne 12 WWII UK H. N. Howes 12 WWII UK J. E. Scoular 12 WWII UK Pierce Connors 12 WWII UK Stanley Dudley 12 WWII UK Geoge Harman Bennions 11 WWII UK Harold Derrick Atkinson 11 WWII UK Hugh Spencer Leslie Dundas 11 WWII UK J. F. C. More 11 WWII UK William Lawrence Dymond 11 WWII UK P. P. Woods-Scawen 10.5+ WWII UK A. R. R. McDonell 10.5 WWII UK Edward Mortlock Donaldson 10.5 WWII UK F. H. King 10.5 WWII UK P. A. Hunter 10.5 WWII UK R. D. G. Wight 10.5 WWII UK Albert Lippet 10 WWII UK G. C. Unwin 10 WWII UK James Michael Bazin 10 WWII UK Nicholas Gresham Cooke 10 WWII UK P. S. Turner 10 WWII UK J. E. Storrar 9+ WWII UK Henry Michael Ferriss 8+ WWII UK Dennis Crowley-Milling 8 WWII UK Ceasar Hull 5 WWII UK Stanley Vincent 5(2 WWI) WWII UK Clive Caldwell 28.5 WWII Australia C. C. Scherf 23.5 WWII Australia Keith Truscott 17 WWII Australia John Waddy 15.5 WWII Australia Patrick C. Hughes 15.17 WWII Australia Tony Gaze 12.5 WWII Australia Andrew Barr 12 WWII Australia Peter Turnbull 12 WWII Australia Bob Whittle 11 WWII Australia I. B. N. Russell 11+ WWII Australia Bobby Gibbes 10.5 WWII Australia Leslie Redford Clisby 10+ WWII Australia Wilfred Arthur 10 WWII Australia Ray Thorold-Smith 8 WWII Australia Keith Chisholm 6 WWII Australia Geoff Atherton 5 WWII Australia Les Jackson 5 WWII Australia Colin Falkland Gray 27.5 WWII New Zealand Alan Christopher Deere 22(21.5?) WWII New Zealand William Vernon Crawford-Compton 21.5(16.5?) WWII New Zealand Raymond Brown Hessylyn 21.5 WWII New Zealand Evan Dall Macjie 21.5(21?) WWII New Zealand Edgar James Kain 17(14?) WWII New Zealand Brian John George Carbury 15.5(12?) WWII New Zealand John Milne Checketts 14.5 WWII New Zealand John Donald Rae 13 WWII New Zealand Edward Preston Wells 13 WWII New Zealand Wilfrid Greville Clouston 12(8.5?) WWII New Zealand Warren Edward Schrader 12 WWII New Zealand Victor Bosanquet Strachan Verity 11.5 WWII New Zealand Geoffrey Bryson Fisken 11 WWII New Zealand John Albert Axel Gibson 11(8?) WWII New Zealand George Edmond Jameson 11 WWII New Zealand Derrick Fitzgerald Westebra 11 WWII New Zealand Gray Stenborg 10.5 WWII New Zealand Patrick Geraint Jameson 10 WWII New Zealand Ernest Leslie Joyce 10 WWII New Zealand Irving Stanley Smith 10 WWII New Zealand Minden Vaughan Blake 9.5 WWII New Zealand James Chilton Francis Hayter 9 WWII New Zealand Paul Watling Rabone 9 WWII New Zealand William Hector Stratton 9 WWII New Zealand Robert Lawrence Spurdle 8.5 WWII New Zealand Antonio Simmons Dini 8 WWII New Zealand Reginald Joseph Cowan Grant 8 WWII New Zealand Peter Francis Locker Hall 8 WWII New Zealand Bruce Ingram 8 WWII New Zealand John Arthur Houlton 8 WWII New Zealand Nigel Manfred Park 8 WWII New Zealand Robert Duncan Yule 8 WWII New Zealand Hansford Ward Chambers 7.5 WWII New Zealand Eric Steele Doherty 7.5 WWII New Zealand Stanley Franklin Browne 7 WWII New Zealand Basil Collyns 7 WWII New Zealand Owen Leslie Hardy 7 WWII New Zealand Michael James Herrick 7 WWII New Zealand John Noble MacKenzie 7 WWII New Zealand Richard Mackle Trousdale 6.5 WWII New Zealand Allen Edward Browne 6 WWII New Zealand Donald Carlson 6 WWII New Zealand Thomas Bernard Fitzgerald 6 WWII New Zealand William Henry Hodgson 6 WWII New Zealand David Franklin Livingstone 6 WWII New Zealand Sir Hector Douglas McGregor 6 WWII New Zealand John Howard Player 6 WWII New Zealand Kenneth William Stewart 6 WWII New Zealand Kenneth William Tait 6 WWII New Zealand Owen Vincent Tracey 6 WWII New Zealand Jeffery George West 6 WWII New Zealand Charles Roy Bush 5.5 WWII New Zealand Alan McGregor Peart 5.5 WWII New Zealand Cornelius James Sheddan 5.5(+8 V-1) WWII New Zealand Robert Hamish Balfour 5 WWII New Zealand Howard Perry Hill 5 WWII New Zealand Reginald Jack Hyde 5 WWII New Zealand Ivon Julian 5 WWII New Zealand John Rutherford Clark Kilian 5 WWII New Zealand Keith Ashley Lawrence 5 WWII New Zealand Roy Emile LeLong 5 WWII New Zealand Harold Watson Longley 5 WWII New Zealand Russell Merriman MacKenzie 5 WWII New Zealand Camille Enright Malfroy 5 WWII New Zealand Leighton John Montgomerie 5 WWII New Zealand Francis Murphy 5 WWII New Zealand Percival Guy Haig Newton 5 WWII New Zealand Harold Leslie North 5 WWII New Zealand Douglas Nevill Robinson 5 WWII New Zealand Desmond James Scott 5 WWII New Zealand John Harry Stafford 5(+8 V-1s) WWII New Zealand Harvey Nelson Sweetman 5(+10.5 V-1s) WWII New Zealand Keith Granville Taylor-Cannon 5(+1 V-1) WWII New Zealand Arthur Ernest Umbers 5 WWII New Zealand Derek Harland Ward 5 WWII New Zealand Eric William Whitley 5 WWII New Zealand Gordon Albert Williams 5 WWII New Zealand John Edwin Ashley Williams 5 WWII New Zealand Brian Wallace Woodman 5 WWII New Zealand George F. Beurling 31.5 WWII Canada Vernon C. Woodward 21.8 WWII Canada H. W. McLeod 21 WWII Canada Robert W. McNair 17 WWII Canada George Wittman 17 WWII Canada J. F. Edwards 16.5 WWII Canada W. L. McKnight 16.5 WWII Canada R. A. Barton 16 WWII Canada E. J. F. Charles 15.5 WWII Canada J. F. Edwards 15 WWII Canada D. C. Laubman 15 WWII Canada W. T. Klersy 14.5 WWII Canada G. U. Hill 14 WWII Canada R. I. A. Smith 13.5 WWII Canada R. C. Fumerton 13 WWII Canada G. C. Keefer 13 WWII Canada J. A. Kent 13 WWII Canada J. H. Turnbull 12.5 WWII Canada Lloyd Chadburn 12 WWII Canada P. S. Turner 11.5 WWII Canada John MacKay 11.2(12.2 Korea) WWII Canada Russ Bannock 11(+19 V-1) WWII Canada John F. McElroy 10.5(13.5 Middle East) WWII Canada R. J. Audet 10.5 WWII Canada R. A. Kipp 10.5 WWII Canada J. D. Mitchner 10.5 WWII Canada D. W. Schmidt 10.5 WWII Canada J. E. Walker 10.5 WWII Canada A. U. Houle 10 WWII Canada J. W. Williams 10 WWII Canada D. C. Gordon 10 WWII Canada I. F. Kennedy 10 WWII Canada J. Lindsey 7(2 Korea) WWII Canada James Henry Whalen 6 WWII Canada Peter Blatchford 5 WWII Canada Adolf Gysbert Malan 35(32?) WWII South Africa Marmaduke Pattle 34(51?62?) WWII South Africa C. LeRoux 23.5 WWII South Africa P. H. Hugo 22 WWII South Africa A. G. Lewis 18 WWII South Africa Pierre H. Closterman 26(33?19?) WWII France(Fr) Marcel Albert 23 WWII France(Fr) Jean Demozay 21 WWII France(Fr) Edmond Marin la Meslee 20 WWII France(Fr) Pierre LeGoan 20 WWII France(Fr&Vi) Roland de la Poype 17 WWII France(Fr) Jacques Andre 16 WWII France(Fr) Louis Delfino 16 WWII France(Fr) Michel Dorance 16 WWII France(Fr) Roger Sauvage 16 WWII France(Fr) Jean Accart 15(12?) WWII France(Fr) Edmond Le Nigen 12 WWII France(Vi) Abel Guides 10 WWII France(Fr) Francois Morel 10 WWII France Jeremie Bressieux 8 WWII France Roger Duval 8 WWII France William Laboussiere 8 WWII France(Vi) Reginald Sinclair 8 WWII France(US?) Roger Teillet 7 WWII France Robert Thollon 7 WWII France Germain Couteaud 6 WWII France Andre Deniau 6 WWII France Georges Garde 5 WWII France Regis Guieu 5 WWII France ? Houze 5 WWII France Rene Panhard 5(6?) WWII France Rodolphe de Hemicourt de Grunne 13(10 Spain) WWII Belgium Yvan Monceau de Bergendael 8 WWII Belgium Jean H. M. Offenberg 7 WWII Belgium Victor M. M. Ortmans 7 WWII Belgium Charles F. J. Detal 6.5 WWII Belgium Raymond Lallemant 6.5 WWII Belgium Remy van Lierde 6(+40 V-1s) WWII Belgium Jacques A. L. Philipart 5.5 WWII Belgium Daniel Leroy du Vivier 5 WWII Belgium Stoyan Stoyanov 14 WWII Bulgaria ? Toplodowski 8 WWII Bulgaria Mato Dubovak 40 WWII Croatia Cvitan Galic 38 WWII Croatia Mato Culinovic 18 WWII Croatia Dragutin Ivanic 18 WWII Croatia Ivan Jergovic 16 WWII Croatia Ljudevit Bencetic 16 WWII Croatia Josip Jelacic 16 WWII Croatia Franjo (Eivko?) Dzhal 13 WWII Croatia Stjepan Boshkic 13 WWII Croatia Zlatko Stipcic 12 WWII Croatia Josip Helebrant 12 WWII Croatia Eivko Dzhal 12 WWII Croatia Stjepan Martinashevic 11 WWII Croatia Zdenko Avdic 10 WWII Croatia Mato Culinovic 10 WWII Croatia Vladimir Ferencina 10 WWII Croatia Tomislav Kauzlavic 10 WWII Croatia Eduard Martinko 10 WWII Croatia Veco Mikovic 10 WWII Croatia Karel Miroslav Kuttelwascher 20 WWII Czech Josef Frantisek 17 WWII Czech Alois Vasatko 15 WWII Czech Frantisek Perina 12 WWII Czech Otto Smik 11(+3 V1) WWII Czech Josef Stehlik 10 WWII Czech Miroslav J. Mansfeld 10(+2 V1) WWII Czech Leopold Srom 8 WWII Czech Vaclav Cukr - Cooper 8 WWII Czech Otmar Kucera 7 WWII Czech Stanislav Plzak 7 WWII Czech Vaclav Jicha 7 WWII Czech Tomas Vybiral 7 WWII Czech Frantisek Dolezal 6 WWII Czech Stanislav B. Fejfar 6 WWII Czech Josef Dygryn - Ligoticky 6 WWII Czech Eduard M. Prchal 6 WWII Czech Frantisek Chabera 5 WWII Czech Jan Klan 5 WWII Czech Ladislav Svetlik 5 WWII Czech Josef Prihoda 5 WWII Czech Ladislav Bobek 5 WWII Czech Bohumil Furst 5 WWII Czech Bedrich Kratkoruky 5 WWII Czech Jiri V. Kucera 5 WWII Czech Josef G. Hanus 5 WWII Czech Svatopluk Janouch 5 WWII Czech Evzen Cizek 5 WWII Czech Rajmund Puda 5 WWII Czech Kaj Birksted 10.5 WWII Denmark(Fr) Paul Sommer 6 WWII Denmark(Na) Brasilios Vassiades 10 WWII Greece Dezso Szentgyorgyi 34 WWII Hungary Gyorgy Debrody 26 WWII Hungary Laszlo Molnar 25 WWII Hungary Lajos Toth 24 WWII Hungary Miklos Kenyeres 19 WWII Hungary Istvan Fabian 13 WWII Hungary Ferenc Malnasy 12 WWII Hungary Jozsef Malik 10 WWII Hungary Aladar Heppes 8 WWII Hungary Thorsteinn Jonsson 8 WWII Iceland Adriano Visconti 26 WWII Italy Teresio Martinoli 22 WWII Italy Leonardo Ferrulli 21(22?) WWII Italy Franco Lucchini 21(26?) WWII Italy Franco Bordoni Bisleri 19 WWII Italy Luigi Gorrini 19 WWII Italy Mario Visintini 16(17?) WWII Italy Ugo Drago 15(11?) WWII Italy Duilio Fanali 15 WWII Italy Mario Bonzano 15 WWII Italy Mario Bellagambi 14(11?) WWII Italy Luigi Baron 12 WWII Italy Luigi Giannella 12 WWII Italy Adriano Mantelli 12 WWII Italy Angelo Mastrogostino 11 WWII Italy Carlo Magnaghi 11 WWII Italy Vasco Magrini 11 WWII Italy Carlo Maurizio Ruspoli di Poggio Suasa 11 WWII Italy Giorgio Solaroli di Briona 11 WWII Italy Mario Veronesi 11 WWII Italy Amedeo Benati 10 WWII Italy Fernando Malvezzi 10 WWII Italy Giulio Reiner 10 WWII Italy Giuseppe Robetto 10 WWII Italy Claudio Solaro 10 WWII Italy Ennio Tarantola 10 WWII Italy Giulio Torresi 10 WWII Italy Adriano Visconti 10 WWII Italy Emanuele Annoni 9 WWII Italy Giovanni Barcaro 9 WWII Italy Walter Omiccioli 9 WWII Italy Natalino Stabile 9 WWII Italy Giovanni Bonet 8 WWII Italy Antonio Camaioni 8 WWII Italy Fausto Filippi 8 WWII Italy Orfeo Mazzitelli 8 WWII Italy Aroldo Soffritti 8 WWII Italy Tito Valtancoli 8 WWII Italy Bruno Biagini 7 WWII Italy Carlo Canella 7 WWII Italy Antonio Canfora 7 WWII Italy Vittorino Daffara 7 WWII Italy Luigi Filippi 7 WWII Italy Dino Forlani 7 WWII Italy Ettore Foschini 7 WWII Italy Roberto Gaucci 7 WWII Italy Filippo Guarnaccia 7 WWII Italy Lombardo Schiappacasse 7 WWII Italy Orlando Mandolini 7 WWII Italy Carlo Miani 7 WWII Italy Furio Niclot Doglio 7 WWII Italy Clizio Nioi 7 WWII Italy Giuseppe Oblach 7 WWII Italy Ranieri Piccolomini Clementini Adami 7 WWII Italy Massimo Salvatore 7 WWII Italy Angelo Savini 7 WWII Italy Ferruccio Serafini 7 WWII Italy Virgilio Vanzan 7 WWII Italy Osvaldo Bartolozzi 6 WWII Italy Livio Bassi 6 WWII Italy Piero Bonfatti 6 WWII Italy Aldo Buvoli 6 WWII Italy Agostino Celentano 6 WWII Italy Carlo Cucchi 6 WWII Italy Cesare Di Bert 6 WWII Italy Guido Fibbia 6 WWII Italy Amedeo Guidi 6 WWII Italy Domenico Laiolo 6 WWII Italy Antonio Longhini 6 WWII Italy Giuseppe Marconcini 6 WWII Italy Mario Mecatti 6 WWII Italy Amleto Monterumici 6 WWII Italy Luciano Perdoni 6 WWII Italy Alvaro Querci 6 WWII Italy Diego Rodoz 6 WWII Italy Attilio Sanson 6 WWII Italy Per Giuseppe Scarpetta 6 WWII Italy Alberto Spigaglia 6 WWII Italy Raffaele Valenzano 6 WWII Italy Alberto Veronese 6 WWII Italy Loris Baldi 5 WWII Italy Luigi Bandini 5 WWII Italy Lucio Biagini 5 WWII Italy Manfredo Bianchi 5 WWII Italy Pietro Bianchi 5 WWII Italy Giuseppe Biron 5 WWII Italy Alessandro Bladelli 5 WWII Italy Egidio Buogo 5 WWII Italy Guglielmo Chiarini 5 WWII Italy Tullio Covre 5 WWII Italy Francesco Cuscuna' 5 WWII Italy Rinaldo Damiani 5 WWII Italy Domenico Facchini 5 WWII Italy Giuseppe Ferazzani 5 WWII Italy Giuliano Fissore 5 WWII Italy Fausto Fornaci 5 WWII Italy Iacopo Frigerio 5 WWII Italy Antonio Giardina' 5 WWII Italy Eber Giudice 5 WWII Italy Giorgio Graffer 5 WWII Italy Mario Guerci 5 WWII Italy Felice Longhi 5 WWII Italy Luigi Mariotti 5 WWII Italy Sergio Maurer 5 WWII Italy Vittorio Minguzzi 5 WWII Italy Elio Miotto 5 WWII Italy Luigi Morosi 5 WWII Italy Dante Ocarso 5 WWII Italy Enzo Omiccioli 5 WWII Italy Antonio Palazzeschi 5 WWII Italy Francesco Pecchiari 5 WWII Italy Costantino Petrosellini 5 WWII Italy Mario Pinna 5 WWII Italy Giorgio Pocek 5 WWII Italy Riccardo Roveda 5 WWII Italy Giovanni Sajeva 5 WWII Italy Carlo Seganti 5 WWII Italy Olindo Simionato 5 WWII Italy Vittorio Squarcia 5 WWII Italy Annibale Sterzi 5 WWII Italy Renato Talamini 5 WWII Italy Luigi Torchio 5 WWII Italy Giorgio Tugnoli 5 WWII Italy Celso Zemella 5 WWII Italy Gerald A. Kesseler 16 WWII Netherlands J. L. Plesman 0(+12 V-1s) WWII Netherlands G. F. Joengbled 1(+8.5 V-1s) WWII Netherlands Christiaan Vlotman 4(+? V-1s) WWII Netherlands R. F. Burgwal 0(+21 V-1s) WWII Netherlands Sevin Heglund 14.5(16.3?) WWII Norway Werner Christie 11 WWII Norway Helner G. E. Grundt-Spang 10.33 WWII Norway Martin Y. Gran 9.5 WWII Norway Marius Eriksen 9 WWII Norway Nils Joerstad 6.33 WWII Norway Fredrik Fearnley 6.33 WWII Norway Ragnar Dogger 6 WWII Norway Helge Sognnaes 5.5 WWII Norway Rolf Arne Berg 5.5 WWII Norway Ole Aanjesen 5.5 WWII Norway Bjoern Bjoernstad 5.33 WWII Norway Helge Mehre 5 WWII Norway Arne Austeen 5 WWII Norway Olav Djoenne 5 WWII Norway Stanislaw Skalski 22 WWII Poland Witold Urbanowicz 18 WWII Poland Eugeniusz Horbaczewski 16.5(+4 V-1s) WWII Poland Boleslaw "Mike" Gladych 14 WWII Poland Jan Eugeniusz Zumbach 12.5 WWII Poland Marian Pisarek 11 WWII Poland Michal Maciejowski 9.5 WWII Poland Aleksander Gabszewicz 9.5 WWII Poland Waclaw Krol 9.5 WWII Poland Henryk Szczesny 9.5 WWII Poland Witold Lokuciewski 9 WWII Poland Aleksander Chudek 9 WWII Poland Jan Falkowski 9 WWII Poland Antoni Glowacki 8.5 WWII Poland Stanislaw Brzeski 8.5 WWII Poland Eugeniusz Miroslaw Szaposznikow 8.5 WWII Poland Miroslaw Feric 8.33 WWII Poland Zdzislaw Henneberg 8 WWII Poland Henryk Pietrzak 7.5 WWII Poland Jozef Jeka 7.5 WWII Poland Adolf Pietrasiak 7.5 WWII Poland Boleslaw Drobinski 7 WWII Poland Stanislaw Karubin 7 WWII Poland Karol Pniak 6.75 WWII Poland Stefan Janus 6.5 WWII Poland Waclaw Lapkowski 6.33 WWII Poland Marian Belc 6 WWII Poland Mieczyslaw Adamek 6 WWII Poland Mieczyslaw Mumler 6 WWII Poland Ludwik Witold Paszkiewicz 6 WWII Poland Czeslaw Glowczynski 5.5 WWII Poland Kazimierz Rutkowski 5.5 WWII Poland Stefan Witorzenc 5.5 WWII Poland Michal Cwynar 5.5 WWII Poland Franciszek Surma 5 WWII Poland Kazimierz Sporny 5 WWII Poland Stanislaw Blok 5 WWII Poland Grzegorz Sollogub 5 WWII Poland Jakub Bargielowski 5 WWII Poland Jerzy Poplawski 5 WWII Poland Boleslaw Wlasnowolski 5 WWII Poland Constantine Cantacuzine 60 WWII Romania Alexandre Serbanescu 53 WWII Romania Florian Budu 40 WWII Romania Mucenica 24 WWII Romania T. Greceanu 20 WWII Romania Ion Milu 18(32?) WWII Romania Vinca 16 WWII Romania Dan Vizanti 15 WWII Romania Ioan Micu 13 WWII Romania Ioan Dobran 12 WWII Romania Ciocanel Popescu 12 WWII Romania Trajan Darjan 11 WWII Romania Nicolae Polizu 10 WWII Romania Ion Galea 10 WWII Romania Pomut 7 WWII Romania Ion DiCesare 5 WWII Romania Jan Reznak 32 WWII Slovakia Izidor Kovarik 28 WWII Slovakia Jan Gerthoffer 23(33?) WWII Slovakia Rudolf Bozk 17.5 WWII Slovakia Frantisek Cyprich 16.3(21?) WWII Slovakia Jozef Stauder 13 WWII Slovakia Frantisek Brezina 13 WWII Slovakia Anton Matusek 11 WWII Slovakia Pavol Zelenak 11 WWII Slovakia Vladimr Krisko 9 WWII Slovakia Jozef Jancovic 7 WWII Slovakia Stefan Martis 6 WWII Slovakia Frantisek Hanovec 5 WWII Slovakia Juraj Puskar 5 WWII Slovakia Frantisek Melichac 3(5?) WWII Slovakia Bosko Petrovic 7 WWII Yugoslavia Korean WarBack to Top Nicolai V. Sutyagin 22 Korea USSR Yevgeny G. Pepelyaev 19(23?) Korea USSR Alexandr P. Smortzkow 15 Korea USSR L. K. Schukin 15 Korea USSR D. P. Oskin 14(11?) Korea USSR M. S. Ponomaryov 14(11?) Korea USSR S. M. Kramarenko 13 Korea USSR Sutzkow 12 Korea USSR N. K. Sheberotov 12 Korea USSR S. A. Bakhayev 11 Korea USSR N. G. Dokashenko 11 Korea USSR G. U. Ohay 17(6 WW2) Korea USSR Pomaz 11 Korea USSR D. A. Samoylov 10 Korea USSR M. S. Milaushkin 10 Korea USSR G. I. Pulov 10(8?) Korea USSR Mikhail I. Mihin 9 Korea USSR S. P. Subbotin 9 Korea USSR H. V. Zabelin 9 Korea USSR G. I. Ges 8(9?) Korea USSR S. A. Fedorets 7(8?) Korea USSR N. N. Babonin 7 Korea USSR I. M. Zaplavnev 7 Korea USSR L. M. Ivanov 7 Korea USSR A. S. Boitsov 6 Korea USSR B. V. Bokatz 6 Korea USSR V. M. Hvostontsev 6 Korea USSR Nikolai Ivanov 6 Korea USSR A. P. Nikolayev 6 Korea USSR P. F. Nikulin 6 Korea USSR F. A. Shebanov 6 Korea USSR S. F. Vesshnyakov 6 Korea USSR N. M. Zameskin 6 Korea USSR B. S. Abakumov 5 Korea USSR A. T. Bashman 5 Korea USSR V. I. Belousov 5 Korea USSR G. N. Berelidze 5 Korea USSR G. I. Bogdanov 5 Korea USSR N. I. Gerasimenko 5 Korea USSR S. D. Danilov 5 Korea USSR G. F. Dmitryuk 5 Korea USSR Anatoli M. Karelin 5 Korea USSR N. L. Korniyenko 5 Korea USSR A. M. Kochegarov 5 Korea USSR V. L. Lepikov 5 Korea USSR S. I. Naumenko 5 Korea USSR B. A. Obraztsov 5 Korea USSR Olenitsa 5 Korea USSR Prudnikov 5 Korea USSR B. N. Siskov 5 Korea USSR N. K. Shelamanov 5 Korea USSR N. I. Shkodin 5(3?) Korea USSR Joseph McConnell 16 Korea USA James Jabara 16.5(1.5 WWII) Korea USA Manuel J. Fernandez 14.5 Korea USA George Davis Jr. 21(7 WWII) Korea USA Royal N. Baker 16.5(3.5 WWII) Korea USA Fredrick Blesse 10 Korea USA Harold E. Fischer 10 Korea USA Vermont Garrison 17.33(7.33 WWII) Korea USA James Johnson 10(1 WWII) Korea USA Lonnie R. Moore 10 Korea USA Ralph S. Parr Jr. 10 Korea USA Cecil G. Foster 9 Korea USA James F. Low 9 Korea USA James P. Hagerstrom 14.5(6 WWII) Korea USA Robinson Risner 8 Korea USA George I. Ruddell 8 Korea USA Clifford D. Jolley 7 Korea USA Francis Gabreski 34.5(28 WWII) Korea USA Donald E. Adams 6.5 Korea USA Geroge L. Jones 6.5 Korea USA Winton W. Marshall 6.5 Korea USA John F. Bolt Jr. 12(6 WWII) Korea USA James H. Kasler 6 Korea USA Edwin L. Heller 9(3.5 WWII) Korea USA William T. Whisner 21(15.5 WWII) Korea USA Robert P. Baldwin 5 Korea USA Richard S. Becker 5 Korea USA Stephen L. Bettinger 5 Korea USA John F. Bolt 12(5 WWII) Korea USA Guy P. Bordelon 5 Korea USA Clyde A. Curtin 5 Korea USA Ralph D. Gibson 5 Korea USA Iven C. Kinchloe 5(10?) Korea USA Robert T. Latshaw 5 Korea USA Robert H. Moore 5 Korea USA Dolphin D. Overton III 5 Korea USA William H. Wescott 5 Korea USA Guy Bordelon 5 Korea USA Harrison R. Thyng 10(5 WWII) Korea USA Philip E. Colman 9(5 WWII) Korea USA Walker M. Mahurin 23.5(20 WWII) Korea USA Van E. Chandler 8(5 WWII) Korea USA John C. Meyer 26(24 WWII) Korea USA John W. Andre 5(4 WWII) Korea USA John W. Mitchell 11(7 WWII) Korea USA Glenn T. Eagleston 2(18.5 WWII) Korea USA Lowell K. Brueland 12.5(10.5 WWII) Korea USA Philip Cunliffe De Long 11.17(9.17 WWII) Korea USA William J. Hovde 10.5(9.5 WWII) Korea USA John J. Hockery 7(6 WWII) Korea USA Robert Wade 8(7.5 WWII) Korea USA Benjamin H. Emmert Jr. 6(5 WWII) Korea USA William E. Lamb 6(5 WWII) Korea USA James W. Little 6(5 WWII) Korea USA Herman W. Visscher 6(5 WWII) Korea USA Dewey F. Durnford 6.83(6.33 WWII) Korea USA John MacKay 12.2(11.2 WWII) Korea Canada J. Lindsay 9(7 WWII) Korea Canada Chszao Bao-tun 9 Korea China Van Hai 9 Korea China Lee Khan 8 Korea China Lu Min 8 Korea China Fan Vanchszou 8 Korea China Sun Shanku 6 Korea China Kam Den Dek 8 Korea North Korea Kim Di San 6 Korea North Korea Vietnam WarBack to Top Nguyen Toon (?) 13 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Van Coc 9 Vietnam PR Vietnam Mai Van Cuong 8 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Hong Nhi 8 Vietnam PR Vietnam Phan Thanh Ngan 8 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Van Bay 7 Vietnam PR Vietnam Dan Ngoc Ngu 7 Vietnam PR Vietnam Luu Huy Chao 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Vu Ngoc Dinh 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Le Hai 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Ngoc Do 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Nhat Chieu 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Le Thanh Dao 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Dang Kinh 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Ngueyn Doc Soat 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Van Nghia 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Nguyen Tiem Sam 6 Vietnam PR Vietnam Randy Cunningham 5 Vietnam USA Steve Ritchie 5 Vietnam USA Robin Olds 17(13 WWII) Vietnam USA Middle EastBack to Top Giora Aven (Epstein) 17 Middle East Israel Yiftah Spector 15 Middle East Israel Amir Nahumi 15 Middle East Israel Asher Snir 13.5 Middle East Israel Abraham Shalmon 13.5 Middle East Israel John F. McElroy 13.5(10.5 WWII)Middle East Israel(Canada) Ya'akov Richter 11.5 Middle East Israel Israel Baharav 11 Middle East Israel Dror Harish 11 Middle East Israel Oded Marom 11 Middle East Israel Shlomo Levi 10 Middle East Israel Yehuda Koren 9 Middle East Israel Eitan Carmi 9 Middle East Israel Shlomo Egozi 8 Middle East Israel Ilan Gonen 8 Middle East Israel Uri Gill 7.5 Middle East Israel Menachem Enian 7.5 Middle East Israel "Y"(Name Witheld) 7 Middle East Israel(USA) Yirmiahu Kadar 7 Middle East Israel Amos Amir 7 Middle East Israel Ran Ronen (Pecker) 7 Middle East Israel Rudy Augarten 6(2 WWII) Middle East Israel(USA) Moshe Hertz 6.5 Middle East Israel Ehud Hankin 6+ Middle East Israel Yoram Agmon 6 Middle East Israel Uri Even-Nir 6 Middle East Israel Aviem Sela 5+ Middle East Israel Herzl Bodinger 5+ Middle East Israel Ezra "Babban" Dotan 5 Middle East Israel Ben-Ami Peri 5 Middle East Israel Itamar Noiner 5 Middle East Israel Eitan Peled 5 Middle East Israel Ariel Cohen 5 Middle East Israel Giora Rom 5 Middle East Israel ?? 6 Middle East Egypt Ali Wajai? 5 Middle East Egypt ?? 5 Middle East Egypt ?? 5 Middle East Egypt ?? 5 Middle East Egypt Majid Zugbi 6 Middle East Syria Jur Abid Adib 5 Middle East Syria Majdat Halabi 5 Middle East Syria Indo-PakistaniBack to Top Mohammad M. Alam 9 Indo-Pakistani Pakistan Syed Saad Hatmi 5 Indo-Pakistani Pakistan