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U.S. Army War College
Guide to Strategy

Joseph R. Cerami
James F. Holcomb, Jr.

February 2001

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Table of Contents
Front matter

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Joseph R. Cerami

Chapter 2 - A Primer in Strategic Development
Robert H. Dorff

Chapter 3 - Ethical Issues in War: an Overview
Martin L. Cook

Chapter 4 - Some Basic Concepts and Approaches to the Study of International Politics
Robert H. Dorff

Chapter 5 - The Persistence of Credibility: Interests, Threats, and Planning for the Use of American Military Power
David Jablonsky

Chapter 6 - National Interest: from Abstraction to Strategy
Michael G. Roskin

Chapter 7 - Regional Studies and Global Strategy
R. Craig Nation

Chapter 8 - National Power
David Jablonsky

Chapter 9 - National Security and the Interagency Process: Forward into the 21st Century
Gabriel Marcella

Chapter 10 - The National Security Strategy: Documenting Strategic Vision
Don M. Snider and John A. Nagl

Chapter 11 - Why Is Strategy Difficult?
David Jablonsky

Chapter 12 - Force Planning and U.S. Defense Policy
John F. Troxell

Chapter 13 - Toward an Understanding of Military Strategy
Arthur F. Lykke, Jr.

Chapter 14 - Strategic Risk
James F. Holcomb, Jr.

Chapter 15 - Strategic Art: the New Discipline for 21st Century Leaders
Richard A. Chilcoat

Appendix I - Guidelines for Strategy

Appendix II - U.S. National Security and Strategy: a Bibliography
compiled by Jane E. Gibish