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The Investigation of Intelligence Activities at Abu Ghraib

The Army has concluded its investigation of intelligence activities at Abu Ghraib. Begun March 31 and concluded on August 6, it is a comprehensive review of the 205th MI Brigade, including contractor support, and higher chain of command through CJTF-7. The investigation determined that the primary causes of abuse at Abu Ghraib are misconduct by a small group of soldiers and civilian contractors who apparently failed to respect the dignity of those in their custody, a lack of discipline on the part of leaders and soldiers of the 205th MI Brigade, and a failure of leadership by multiple echelons within Combined Joint Task Force 7.

Twenty-seven (27) 205th MI Brigade personnel allegedly requested, encouraged, condoned or solicited MP personnel to abuse detainees and / or participated in detainee abuse and / or violated established interrogation procedures and applicable laws and regulations during interrogation operations at Abu Ghraib. Leaders bear responsibility for lack of oversight, failure to react to warnings and indications, such as the International Committee of the Red Cross report, and policy memos that failed to provide clear, consistent guidance for intelligence gathering execution at the tactical level. The 205th MI Brigade and 800th MP Brigade leaders at Abu Ghraib failed to supervise or provide direct oversight, to properly discipline their soldiers, to learn from prior mistakes, and to provide continued mission-specific training. Additionally, some allegations pertaining to “ghost detainees” were substantiated. Interrogation practices of other governmental agencies were a contributing factor to a loss of accountability at Abu Ghraib.

The abuses occurred in a dangerous place where young men and women faced hazards that many people cannot comprehend. Abuses, even under these conditions, are not excusable. Those allegations that indicate criminal activity on the part of U. S. Army Soldiers have been referred to the U. S. Army Criminal Investigation Command and to their respective chains of command. Allegations of abuse by civilian contractors have been referred through the Department of Defense to the Department of Justice.

The Army remains committed to ensuring abuses like those committed at Abu Ghraib never happen again, and that all Soldiers live up to the Army Values and the Laws of Land Warfare, regardless of the environment or circumstance.


Download the report -
The Investigation of Intelligence Activities at Abu Ghraib (1MB, .pdf)

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