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Military Guide to Terrorism
in the Twenty-First Century

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A Military Guide to Terrorism
in the Twenty-First Century

U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
DCSINT Handbook No.1
front matter
table of contents
chapter 1 - The Face of Terrorism Today
chapter 2 - Terrorist Motivations and Behaviors
chapter 3 - Terrorist Organizational Models
chapter 4 - Terrorist Targeting of U.S. Military Forces
chapter 5 - Terrorism of the Foreseeable Future
appendix a - Terrorist Planning Cycle
appendix b - Firearms
appendix c - Conventional Military Munitions
back cover
supplements 1.01-1.04 below are not included in the single file in upper left
handbook 1.01 - Terror Operations: Case Studies in Terrorism
handbook 1.02 - Critical Infrastructure Threats and Terrorism (2006)
handbook 1.03 - Suicide Bombing in the COE (2006, this is 2005 version)
handbook 1.04 - Terrorism and WMD in the Contemporary Operational Environment

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