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AU-18 Glossary

ABM antiballistic missile

ADCOM Aerospace Defense Command

ADTV Agena docking target vehicle

AEC Atomic Energy Commission

AFB Air Force base

AFEWC Air Force Electronic Warfare Center

AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central

AFIC Air Force Intelligence Command

AFS Air Force station

AFSATCOM Air Force Satellite Communications System

AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network

AFSPACECOM Air Force Space Command

AIS American Interplanetary Society

AMOS Air Force Maui Optical Station

ANMM AFSPACECOM National Mission Model

AO area of operations

ARDC Air Research and Development Command

ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency

ARS American Rocket Society

ARTS automated remote tracking station

ASAT antisatellite

ASSC Alternate Space Surveillance Center

ATBM antitactical ballistic missile

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System

BDA battle damage assessment

BE Brilliant Eyes

BM battle management

BMD ballistic missile defense

BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System

BoMi bomber missile

BP Brilliant Pebbles

C3 command, control, and communications

CACS command and control squadron

CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

CCC communications control complex

CCS command and control system

CENTCOM Central Command

CGS CONUS ground station

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

CIC Combat Intelligence Center

CMAFB Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base

CONUS continental United States

CROSS Combined RF/Optical Surveillance System

CS Constant Source

CSP contact support plan

CSTC Consolidated Space Test Center

CTS Colorado Tracking Station

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DDC Data Distribution Center

DE directed energy

DEW directed energy weapons

DLT data link terminal

DMA Defense Mapping Agency

DMCO Delta mission checkout

DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

DOD Department of Defense

DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System

DSIS Defense Communications System/Satellite Control Facility Interface System

DSMM DOD Spacelift Mission Model

DSP Defense Support Program

DSTS deep-space tracking system

E2I endo-exoatmospheric interceptors

EDC Earth Resources Observation System Data Center

EGS European ground station

EHF extremely high frequency

ER Eastern Range

EROS Earth Resources Observation System

EVA extra-vehicular activity

EW electronic warfare

FEWS Follow-on Early Warning System

FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications System

FNOC Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center

FOBS fractional orbit bombardment system

FSOC Fairchild Satellite Operations Center

GAO General Accounting Office

GBI ground-based interceptors

GBRT ground-based radar trackers

GC ground controller

GEM graphite epoxy motors

GEODSS ground-based electro-optical deep space surveillance

GHz gigahertz

GPALS global protection against limited strikes

GPS Global Positioning System

GSTS ground-based surveillance and tracking system

GT Gemini Titan

GTO geostationary transfer orbit

HEDI high-endoatmospheric defense interceptor

HPF horizontal processing facility

HPTF high pressure test facility

IA interim agreement

ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile

IDSCS Initial Defense Satellite Communications System

IGY International Geophysical Year

IOC initial operational capability

IR infrared

IRBM intermediate range ballistic missile

IRO interrange operations

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

J-STARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

KE kinetic energy

KMR Kwajalein Missile Range

KSC Kennedy Space Center

LASS low-altitude surveillance system

LCO lead communications operator

LEASAT Leased Satellite Communications System

LSO Launch Services Office

LWIR long wavelength infrared

MA Mercury Atlas

MCS master control station

MCT mission control team

MECO main engine cutoff

MHV miniature homing vehicle

MILSATCOM military satellite communications

Milstar military, strategic, and tactical relay satellite

MIRV multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle

MLV medium launch vehicle

MOL Manned Orbital Laboratory

MOTIF Maui Optical Tracking and Identification Facility

MPF multi-purpose facility

MPSOC Multi-Purpose Satellite Operations Center

MR Mercury Redstone

MSI multispectral imagery

MSR missile site radar

MSS multispectral scanner

MWS missile warning squadron

NACA National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASP national aerospace plane

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVSPASUR Naval Space Surveillance

NAVSTAR Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging

NCA National Command Authorities

NCS network control system

NFL new foreign launch

NICSCOA NATO Integrated Communications System Operating Agency

NLS national launch system

NMCC National Military Command Center

NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command

NPF Navstar Processing Facility

NRL Naval Research Laboratory

NRT near real time

NSC National Security Council

NSD National Security Directive

NSDD National Security Decision Directive

NSDM National Security Decision Memorandum

NSpC National Space Council

NSSF Navstar Satellite Storage Facility

NSPD national space policy directives

NUDET nuclear detonation

OC operations center

OGS overseas ground station

OIS orbit insertion system

OLS operational linescan system

OPS operations

OSMC Operational Software Maintenance Complex

P&A plans and analysis

PAR perimeter acquisition radar

PARCS Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System

PASS Passive Surveillance System

PBV post-boost vehicle

PD presidential directive

PMALS prototype miniature air launched system

PSF payload servicing facility

RADINT radar intelligence

RC resource controller

RCC resource control complex

RCS radar cross section

reaction control system

RC/TA remote communications/telemetry areas

R&D research and development

RF radio frequency

RS resource scheduling

RTS remote tracking station

RV reentry vehicle

SA selective availability

SAC Strategic Air Command

SAINT Air Force satellite interceptor

SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

SAM surface-to-air missile

SATCOM satellite communications

SBWAS space-based wide area surveillance

SCOUT Solid Controlled Orbital Utility Test

SCS satellite control squadron

SDIO Strategic Defense Initiative Organization

SDTL Software Development Test Laboratories

SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

SLAG Space Launch Advisory Group

SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile

SOC satellite operations center

SOG satellite operations group

SOI space object identification

SPADOC Space Defense Operations Center

SRB solid rocket booster

SRM solid rocket motor

SRMU solid rocket motor upgrade

SSC Space Surveillance Center

SSN space surveillance network

SSTO single stage to orbit

SSTS space-based surveillance and tracking system

STG Space Task Group

STS space transportation system

SV space vehicles

TACELINT tactical electronic intelligence

tacsat tactical satellite

TAF tactical air force

TBM tactical ballistic missile

TENCAP Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities Program

TEOB tactical elint order of battle

TERS Tactical Event Reporting System

TIP tracking impact prediction

TM thematic mapper

T/R transmit/receive

TRAP tactical and related applications

TRW Thompson-Ramo-Wooldridge

TT&C telemetry, tracking, and commanding

TW/AA tactical warning/attack assessment

UFO ultra high frequency follow-on

UHF ultra high frequency

UN United Nations

USCENTCOM United States Central Command

USCINCSPACE United States commander in chief Space Command

USSPACECOM United States Space Command

VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base

VTS Vandenberg Tracking Station

WCP wing command post

WR Western Range

WSMR White Sands Missile Test Range