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As with most work, many people are responsible for this project's success. There are many to thank--some for considerable help and a few for their superlative efforts--without whom I could not have completed this project! There are so many to acknowledge that I can list only their names. I hope they will forgive this brevity. They know what they have accomplished, how helpful they have been, and that I am truly grateful!

The following individuals made most meaningful contributions in many areas, including helping to: organize, provide information, consult, support, coordinate, edit, advise, approve, assist, empathize, suggest, and more.

Col Jack Harris        Col Sandy Mangold                
Col Rod Payne          Dr "Buck" Grinter
Ms Emily Adams         Capt Robert Freeman
Maj Ted Burgner        Capt Jim Wolf
Mr John Jordan         Maj Joe Squatrito
Maj Dale Madison       Maj Ron Del Gizzi
TSgt Dennis Sanchez    Maj Jerry Rand
Maj Dwight Rauhala     Lt Col Ken Henry
Maj Laurie Reh         Maj Jeff Walters
Maj Robin Squatrito    Maj Daryl Tomczyk

There were three standouts in terms of support on this effort. These three individuals kept pushing me onward and upward towards what I hope and believe is a useful document. These individuals helped in such areas as typing, coordinating, editing, correcting, cheerleading, admonishing, encouraging, consulting, listening, and advocating. My deepest and sincerest thanks go to my wife Shirley Hand and to my friends and coworkers Andrea Pollitt and Bonnie Houchen! I am forever indebted to you.

To any whom I may have omitted, my apologies, but thank you nonetheless.