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General ResourcesBack to Top

  • Leadership bibliographies from AU Library

  • Leadership Theories - many key concepts and terms

  • Big Dog's Leadership Page, an online book covering much of leadership theory in bite-size portions --

  • Mind Tools - variety of tools to build competencies

  • Classical Leadership, by Doyle and Smith - overview of development of leadership theory, including description of four "generations" of theory
    • trait approaches to leadership
    • behavioral approaches to leadership
    • situational or contingency approaches to leadership
    • transformational approaches to leadership

Leadership vs ManagementBack to Top
  • "Managers are people who do things right, while leaders are people who do the right thing."
      - Warren Bennis, Ph.D. On Becoming a Leader

  • Strategic Leadership vs. Strategic Management: Untying the Gordian Knot (local copy), by Murphy, US Army War College

      ... in each case the manager/commander and leader are trying to focus the energies of the people within their organization in order to achieve organizational goals. In the case of the leader, he or she goes a step beyond and gets the members of the group to take on the goals as a part of their own value and operating system, while commanders and managers use organizational power to effect compliance to stated goals.

      The position of this paper is that understanding the conceptual distinction between management and leadership is not just a semantic intellectual exercise, but rather an attempt to fine tune people’s understanding of concepts that critically affect the success of all organizations. It is analogous to a surgeon not knowing the difference between the skeletal system of a human body and the circulatory system.

  • Understanding the Difference Between Management and Leadership, by Maccoby

      Management is a function that must be exercised in any business,
      leadership is a relationship between leader and led that can energize an organization.

  • The Difference Between Management And Leadership
    • Leadership is a facet of management
    • Leadership is just one important component of the directing function
    • Managers think incrementally, whilst leaders think radically
    • Managers do things by the book and follow company policy, while leaders follow their own intuition, which may in turn be of more benefit to the company
    • When a natural leader emerges in a group containing a manager, conflict may arise
    • Groups are often more loyal to a leader than a manager
    • The Leader Is Followed. The Manager Rules
    • A manager knows how each layer of the system works
    • Managing and leading are two different ways of organising people. The manager uses a formal, rational method whilst the leader uses passion and stirs emotions

  • Are you a leader or a manager - take a self-test

  • Leadership or Management - a tutorial
    • Leadership is where an individual is the ‘hero’; the first to take action and the one to take the risks. The leader has vision, drive and enthusiasm - they are active in most tasks.
    • Management is where someone has ultimate authority and responsibility for the task but is not necessarily the person doing the task - they distribute the task to others in the team and act as advisor and facilitator.
    • Good managers are sometimes leaders; good leaders are sometimes managers. The distinction is primarily between action and enabling.

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