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Thanks to Col Ken Knapp for his help with all things logistical.

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  • Logistics quotes (local copy), posted by Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP)

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      Operational Sense and Respond Logistics: Coevolution of an Adaptive Enterprise Capability (local copy), concept paper posted at the Office of Force Transformation, 6 May 2004

    • AFMC Summer '02 Commander's Conference included discussion of the Capabilities Review and Risk Assessment (CRRA) concept, mentioned in the Feb Chief's Sight Picture, quoted below, and how it would figure into the PPBS system --

        ... Air Staff has designed a new review to replace the QAPR--we call this new approach a Capabilities Review and Risk Assessment (CRRA). The focus of the CRRA will shift from a program review to a review of how our programs contribute to warfighting capabilities and effects. As with all aspects of our transformation, CRRAs will be centered around Task Force CONOPS.

        Let me briefly describe the logic behind the CRRA construct. For our first time out of the chute, we’ll review the capabilities that support the GSTF. The CRRA will evaluate the health and risk of each of the required GSTF capabilities over the next 20 years. To accomplish this, we will review acquisition programs and discuss disconnects and prioritization in relation to how the programs support GSTF capabilities. The bottom-line goal for the CRRA is to give senior USAF leadership an operational, capabilities-based focus for acquisition program decisionmaking.

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    • Joint Publication 1-02, Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

        logistics - The science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces. In its most comprehensive sense, those aspects of military operations which deal with: a. design and development, acquisition, storage, movement, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition of materiel; b. movement, evacuation, and hospitalization of personnel; c. acquisition or construction, maintenance, operation, and disposition of facilities; and d. acquisition or furnishing of services.
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